Will We See Wake Forest Game Plan in Spring Game?

Nebraska travelled to Winston-Salem in 2007 to face the defending ACC champions.  The Demon Deacon offensive line was in no position to push around the Husker defensive line and they were playing without their starting quarterback.  So, they relied heavily on end-arounds to generate offense (to great effect).  Wake Forest wideouts carried the ball 11 times for 136 yards and a touchdown on the day.  With Taylor Martinez being protected from contact and Imani Cross the only scholarship running back available, might we something similar from Nebraska come April 6?


It's not like there's any shortage of talent at wide receiver, even if you split it two ways.  Kenny Bell and Jamal Turner have gotten the call most often when the Huskers have attempted end-arounds.  Quincy Enunwa is built like a running back and could certainly take the punishment.  The same appears true for Jordan Westerkamp.  Alonzo Moore is turning heads as a freshman and could similarly add an explosive dimension.  Moore and Brion Carnes could also display their throwing skills a la Mike Stuntz versus Oklahoma in 2001.

We're sure to see Cross, the fullbacks, and the walk-on I-backs get their share of carries.  But looking for a Percy Harvin or 1972 Orange Bowl Johnny Rodgers might make sense when the team is short-handed in an exhibition game.  

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It’s a practice, not a game.  You’ll see what the coaches want to look at.

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