Will Bo Punish Florida Atlantic for Firing His Brother?

With just over five months remaining until the college football season begins, there is plenty to wonder about.  Even the home opener for Nebraska against Florida Atlantic has some interesting elements.  Had Carl Pelini lasted another season as head coach of the Owls, the game would be a showdown of two brothers.  Not quite Super Bowl XLVII, but still fairly intriguing.  Now, that Carl is out, the question becomes whether Bo will seek to take it out on his sibling's former team.


Many will recall Bo Pelini taking issue with a late touchdown scored by Kansas State back in 2003.  Wildcat head man Bill Snyder left his starters in until the end of a game.  There may have been a little payback in 2010 when Nebraska kicked a 40-yard field goal with 4:30 remaining in a game his team already led 45-13.  NU had pulled their starters, but probably could have either gone for it on 4th and 6 or pooch-punted rather than put more points on the board.

Some question remains whether the Huskers will have an opportunity to run it up on Florida Atlantic.  The Owls finished last season on a four-game winning streak after Pelini left.  Quarterback Jaquez Johnson put up impressive numbers down the stretch as the kind of dual-threat quarterback that has perplexed Bo Pelini going all the way back to Ell Roberson.  Johnson averaged nearly 10 yards per pass attempt in the last four games of 2013 and almost six yards per carry.  He passed for six touchdowns against 3 picks and ran for four more scores over that span.

The Owls have some other standout pieces returning.  Big wideout William Dukes averages close to 16 yards per reception.  Cornerback D'Joun Smith intercepted 7 passes including one he returned 75 yards for a score.  He also had 34 tackles and deflected 13 passes.  Linebacker Andrae Kirk had 84 tackles, a pick, and four pass breakups.  Punter Sean Kelly averaged 42.7 yards per punt.    

So perhaps the question may not be whether NU piles on, but simply whether they avoid an upset at home.  Then again, the team passed over interim head coach Brian Wright who guided the team to a perfect 4-0 record and instead hired Charlie Partridge a former assist to Wisconsin and Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema.  So there will be some further adaptation to change necessary for the players, particularly on defense.  

But if the Huskers have the kind of outing they tend to against small conference schools at home early in the season, they could easily find themselves in position to pile on late in the game.  In that event, it will be interesting to see how aggressive Pelini is with his brother's former school.

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Well in my mind, to Bo’s credit, he has been honorable in the “running up the score” issue. There was times IMO he should have given the backup QB some reps earlier in games but other than QB he has subbed freely and quite a number of games he has knee’d at the end instead of adding points. I don’t think anyone can honestly blame Bo of ever leaving starters in so as to intentionally “run up the score”. I like that about Bo. Like TO before him I don’t think you should ever coach your backups to “not try”. If the score gets “run up” it should be done by backups.

Had Carl been fired for winning 9 games per year than I could see possibly of him wanting some revenge.  But for what Carl got fired for I think Bo is smart enough to not want to bring up any more than necessary in conversations about Carl.  I think the running up the score on teams is kind of a thing of the past, every team has good players you just hope the bigger conference schools have more of them.  Also when one team has nothing to lose and the other school starts to look past them anything can happen.  I think are defense will be more prepared and our offense will be simple and get more aggressive as the season goes along while the QB is getting situated.


Do you think Wisky intentionally “ran up the score” on the Huskers in the B1G championship game in 2012? I think it is still very much with us. Voters are always impressed with big scores.

My point was it isn’t as common as it use to be in the 90’s when the number of schollys were more.  The big schools had a bigger majority of the talent so when playing the smaller schools you seen the more lopsided scores.  I wouldn’t say they ran it up on us they ran the same play it is our job to stop it.  I don’t think any school will take a knee with 8-10 min to go in the game.  Now the year with Urby at OS i think the pass play for a touchdown is where I call running up the score.

Wisky didn’t run up the score in that game. The Huskers gave them those points.

Running up a score is probably the least of my concerns heading into 2014, NU has struggled against some relatively easy looking teams, (at least on paper), in the past.  I’ll be hoping for some clear and consise wins showcasing some of our talent and skills in all positions.

IMO, the entire piece is reaching for a story.  All’s quiet on spring break.

This is football! It is a game. And if “running up the score” hurts someone’s feelings, GOOD! It happens to both sides. I see nothing wrong with punishing your opponent. If anything, it will give them something to remember and hopefully something to improve upon. I think you’re a big fat baby if you complain about “running up the score” If I get the upper hand, you bet your ass I’m taking advantage, cause at the end of the day, you have to look out for yourself. Nobody else will.

Have you ever played football? Are you old enough to have watched one of your boys play football and have the opponent “run up the score”? If you aren’t worried about your opponents feelings you aren’t much of a human being. In our area of SE Nebraska there is great respect among the 8 man football schools. As soon as a team reaches the upper hand they insert their scrubs. Leaving in the starters to “run up the score” accomplishes nothing but bad feelings.

Big, big difference between 8 man and the college level. I’m not a fan of “running it up” but at any level, at any point in the game, the defense must stop the offense. The most important part of this article is that FAU’s QB is one of a type that NU has had trouble with stopping. It will be a good test for our D.

BOP ‘punish’ FAU?  Prolly not.  But he’s sure to give them his ‘mad face’:


IF, by some heretofore unseen reason NU gets in a position to run up a score by playing back up players, so be it.  I suspect that every opponent NU plays this year would be more than happy to bitch slap NU by scoring as many points against us as they possibly can.  It’s pointless to put in a back up QB, or receiver, or running back, or lineman, and not allow them to hone their skills by playing full out to score points and stop offenses.  Regardless of some folks willingness to accept mediocre results, most of the players want to be a Nationally recognized team known for it’s ability to score lots of points and stop offenses.  GBR


Yes I have played football.  6th thru 10th grade. I also head coach my sons middle school team. Sure we have been beat 48-6. You know what? You learn from that. We don’t hang our heads, pout and cry. Seems like you are the type to do that. Sucks to be you. Not everyone cries in the corner after receiving a beatdown. Instead you learn from it, improve and play another “game”.

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