Wide Receiver Decommits

Three-star wide receiver Spencer Tears has decommitted from Nebraska, though there's some talk that the decision may have been somewhat mutual between the coaching staff and Tears.  He attended a football camp where it appeared he may not have been a great fit for the program. 

Tears has good height at 6'3" but is still skinny at 170 lbs.  Other than Purdue and Indiana, his offer list is mostly smaller conference schools.  For those who follow recruiting rankings, he was probably next-to-last in terms of how he was evaluated when compared with other commits for Nebraska's class of 2015.

The recent transfer of Damore'ea Stringfellow could also be a factor.  While a couple of years older, Stringfellow was a highly touted recruit which makes the receiver position that much more crowded.  

A player like Bellevue West's C.J. Johnson could benefit from Tears' departure.  Currently considered a three-star prospect by Rivals, the son of former Husker Clester Johnson has drawn offers from the likes of Ohio and Wyoming and gotten interest from Wisconsin.  Johnson's a bit more solidly built at 6'2" and 181 lbs.  He's also been a more productive player.  Johnson has not yet been offered by Nebraska, but it may be just a matter of time.

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No use crying over it.

Hey, that String fellow once said his fav route is a half hitch….

Good luck in your future endeavors, Spencer.  We appreciate you letting us have a look at you.

TDogg - NICE!
So, a String Fellow goes into a bar and orders a drink - Bartender says, “sorry, we don’t serve strings.”  String Fellow goes outside, ties himself in a half hitch, frays the top of his string, frays the bottom of his string and goes back into the bar.  He orders a drink and the Bartender says “are you a string? because we don’t serve strings..”  The String Fellow says “No, I am AFRAID NOT”...  get it?  a frayed knot??  hahaha… oh man i crack myself up.


Yeah, I borrowed from that joke.

With him de-committing and Stringfellow committing, it actually raises our class a bit…exchanging one player for another when the one we get is better? What sayeth youeth?

You guys still have a site?.....

He’d face so much competition in Lincoln. He’d learn what guys like Evans, Allen and Moore already know. He’d have to beat out walkons like Burtch and Reilly, and a whole new crop next year, before he could compete for a starters job.

String was asked what is his 2nd fav route.  He says, “yo, yo….walk da dogg….”

Get it, “yoyo, dogg”, string?  Bah hahahaha…

They say String had to transfer from UDub cuz he got tied up w some Seattle secret society:  Illumi-KNOT-i!

You may want to write this down, T Dogg..  “An invisible RED (Huskers) THREAD (Stringfellow) connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break”  An old Chinese Proverb…..and we ALL know what that means.

(Puts a coin in the article dispensing machine)

Did someone restock this thing?  I haven’t seen an article
in 5 days?

(Starts rocking the machine back n forth)

Confucius say:  “Stling in everys’ing, all over da prace…”

In Mr. Hanway’s absence, I would now like to take this opportunity to celebrate the 19th anniversary of ’ The Unabomber Manifesto’—still pertinent to our times—with a recitation from memory.

The Industrial Revolution and it’s consequences have been a disaster for the human race…..

Triumph~Dogg sure glad you are a husker, wouldn’t want you against us.  GBR :)

Y’all should read the Unabomber Manifesto, its pretty dang good…

RE: Y’all should read the Unabomber Manifesto, its pretty dang good…

Mein Kampf was pretty interesting, too.  Doesn’t mean it needs promotion.


Its really better to state an opinion about domething if, when, and after you’ve given it a serious look.  Personally, I could only get about 1/3 the way thru Mein Kampf and could read no more as per it was insane and very disturbing.

The UB Manifesto, on the other hand, is an extremely well written commentary on midern technological society and the inhrrent coersive structures.  But you would have to actually read it to know that.

To imply a comparison between Hitler and Ted K is just plain bonkers.

To imply that neither one was deranged is also bonkers.

I will stick with the Bible.  It’s complete, it tells of struggle and enlightenment and the characters at the beginning of the book are different from the characters at the end of the book so you can’t just flip to the end to see how it all turns out.

I read the Kazynski Manifesto in real time as it was happening, I know the FBI agents that arrested the guy, and I know the PostMan that gave the Idiot rides to town in his USPS truck so he could send his bombs out to maim and kill people.  Ted was, and is, a madman who had no remorse for the innocent people he cowardly killed or maimed while hiding out in his 12 sq ft shed in the Mountains.  To say his Manifesto was in anything , but the most bizarre abstract ravings of a lunatic that should have been confined to an asylum, is crazy in itself.  Nothing to learn from his Manifest, except that there are a lot of truly insane people running around out there that are off their meds.

Huh, so by your ‘reasoning’ the USSA milirary is ‘insane’, ‘mad’, blah blah blah as per they bomb innocent people everyday of the week going way way back, like as a matter of systematic policy.  And a population that helps finance and politically condone such systematic murderi is also, by extension, mad.  I would absolutely agree that line of reasoning.  Lemme see, what Teds body count in the 20th century?  That would be 3.  What was the the USSAs body count in the 20th century?  Well, its in the many millions, of course.  One could say that that the collective insanity of the USSA is many millions times that of Ted K.

Also, many billions of burgers have been sold by McDonalds—says so on their signs—and many billions have eaten said burgers, mostly Muricans.  As it is factual knowledge that Micky Ds burgers are destructive to human health, again, it follows that billions of MD burger eating Muricans are to some extent insane or atbleast mildly masochistic since no sane person actively seeks to harm one’s own health.  An what about harming your kids health.
So, to take your’s or most other Muricans interpretation if ‘sanity’,  any sane persin has to do so with a large grain of salt since Murican society/mainstream culture is filled to the brim with countless forms of insanity, on many levels.

Clearly you and B78 have not actually read the UB manifesto and therefore your opinions on it are void until you do.  There are zero advocations or much of discussions of violent tactics on anything in the work.  Rather, it is about as cojent a discussion and analysis of industrial/technological society as you will find anywhere anytime.

So, you get back to your American Idols and Family Guy reruns and Mocks News reruns and leave the serious considerations to the informed adults with IQs far above your own.

So, Johnny de Heysus,

Would you say yer boy Heysus looked more like the Euro Italian—fair skinned, blue eyed, straight haired—version that was commisioned to Michelangelo in the 15th century or more the dreadlocked, bronze skinned, more ethnically culturally correct for Nazarene men.  What say you?

lso, did you know that that King James guy who redid yer Bible stories was gay as all get out?  Yea, he was, which is so ironic considering how much the Bible no likey gays.  I guess KJ hated women so much he killed his own momma.

No surprise the Bible is the book of choice for Micky D dining, war loving Muricans.  I mean El God-o was way way way more insanelely murderous that Hitler and Teddy K combined.  Way more, I mean at one point he just decides to kill off the entire world polulation cept for Noah and a buncha animals in pairs with RAIN!  Can you imagine that, God did global genocide by RAIN!  And mention of even onenrainbow in that time frame.  That be cold, yo!  He big time psycho, me thinks, but you’re right, the story has dramatic value—especially if you like psycho dramas.

Ted K and others while he was @ Harvard.  They never tell you that stuff, of course.

FBI also did COINTELPRO on the Black Panthers since they were ‘terrorizing’ the country by setting up free meal and medical programs for poor ghetto folk.

USSA, god bless em

Should read:

‘The CIA/FBI did MKULTRA style stress experiments on Ted K….’

Well, TDogg, I’ll say this much.  It’s easy to see you are indeed impressed by gibberish.  Take, and multiply.

Your logic is out of context on every point in the last three posts, but you already knew that, because you do it on purpose, and thrive on it, just for the reaction.  Kind of like the Unabomber.  At least your methods are not physically destructive.  You must be pretty bored if that’s all you’ve got to do.

“The latest Husker headlines. Updated constantly”.

TDogg ~ your efforts trying to be cute is tediously weary.  Obviously, you don’t work for a living, since your jibberish is time consuming to compose.  You embarrass yourself in the process.

Couldn’t agree more.
How someone can see things in the way he does in beyond me. Very un-American.
It’s odd how some races raise their children. Completely opposite of the ones who are successful, who built the system. Raised to hate and divide. Raised to be enslavened by the system. Raised to take instead of contribute. These are the types of people this country is in danger of…of slowly turning this country into a socialist state. Anything is preferable to working for it, right TDog?

Tdog I think you need to go to a room and write a book about all your thoughts and sale it or something, because I would guess that about 99.9% of us on this site have had our fill of it. I come here looking for Husker information and have to skip over all your junk just to find that most have given up on writing new articles or commenting on any of these because they get turned into garbage by this BS crap that you continue to write about.  Find someplace else to write your comments and let us know where it will be and if anyone is interested in reading them we know where to find them,
Thank you Please.

I come here to read the comments and have a good laugh. Keep it up guys!

larr - I completely support that. Self policing…what a concept!

I confess I thought some of TDogg’s String jokes were funny.  I don’t want him to go away, just lay off the extra curricular ramblings a bit.  It’s a football board.  Or, currently, football bored.

I should have been more clear on that, but I meant for his political views is what he needs to write about someplace else and leave this to NU athletics.

Nope…all the way! Cast out the intruder! Off with his head!

Ballfield is correct.  Stick to NU football and sports. 

Every team needs a few quality WRs.  I fear the QB situation at NU has fallen a bit behind due to the years of “ups and downs” with TMart.  NU had Frazier, Frost and then Crouch which all were a cut above the grade as they matured.  What is currently in the pipeline at NU for QB’s seems to be a huge question mark.  I am happy that ‘Stringbean’ decided to transfer to NU, despite the lack of a solid throwing QB in the pipeline right now.

Realista - I have the same feeling about the QB’s - What is your feeling about Stanton?  I am quite a few miles from the program so all i get information - wise is what i read on this and other sites.  When he was recruited and signed he was supposed to be the best since tommy.  Where is he at in his development and do you think he will make a serious push as the starter? 
Tommy seems like a solid, but not terrific, starter for now.  What are your thoughts on him?  What is the word around the program - are they totally sold on him?

Players are sold on Tommy for the moment.  Also, BOP tends to stick with his No. 1.  That is TA.  He isn’t any worse of a passer than Tommy Frazier.  He needs playing time.  Stanton, like some other QB’s we have recruited in the past with lots of expectations and hype, hasn’t been performing in practice as coaches had expected.  The transition from HS to college is huge!!!  More so for some.  If Stanton can’t elevate his play, he’ll be playing mop up (if NU has such games anymore) unless TA hurts himself or TA fills his performance with ‘no brainers’.  Everyone is speculating the team will be coached to its strengths this fall, which is run-baby-run, then compliment with the pass.  TE will be emphasized more.  BOP is going with TA come hell or high water!

How TA performs this year will have a lot to do with Beck

I understand that the spring game doesn’t really show you what players can fully be capable of, but from what I saw, I almost hope to see a bit of Ryker Fyfe this year. Throws his passes on a rope and a really quik release. He may not be a speed demon, but he can run too.

Not a clue WTF you are talking about, PE, other than Im pretty sure youve never built anything.

If yall peeps of the White Corn Nation dont like what I have to say, real simple solution:: dont read it.

Over the years many have cornplained about the T Dogg’s writin’, yet they just keep readin’ it—its the darndest thing.  Aint my fault they keep readin and arguin’ with me either.  Its a free world, well its not, but I do my best to make ir so.

If most of yall are generally uniformed because you got a glorified tech school degree in college instead of actually getting the type of broad education universities were originally intended to be, again, not my fault.  U’s are more and more glorified tech and business schools anyway, in this country.

Again, I welcome and encourage you to NOT read anything I have say.

Also, whilst I know yall are enamoured yo bad selves engaging in a group think heavy casting of aspersions @ the infamous T Dogg, we have yet to locate Hanway and for all we know he could be takin a permanent ‘dirt nap’, dig?  Either that or he got hisself preggy again.

So maybe Johnny De Heysus can get his buddy Heysus on speed dial or somerhing and find out whats going on.  Maybe SH fired himself, in which case, it says in the by laws that the one and only T Diggity Dogg is the new boss, so yall best brush up on your history.

Hey dude, I’ve got an idea…why don’t you just do us all a favor and leave? Your tripe is not wanted or agreed with.
You’ve obviously have nothing of merit to say, nobody likes your drivel, so why in the hell do you stay? Are you actually that pathetic?
I build stuff for a living in a business I own. Others have built things, like our society, of which some people just benefit from without contributing…such as yourself a most of your kind…completely worthless thugs.
OK, it’s agreed, nobody reads this guys crap and nobody answers any of it. If we ignore it maybe it will go away. Sure hope so. Bye t puppy.

PE ~ Ditto on ‘ConfusedDogg’.

@Triumph~Dogg - Just got around to reading the latest comments to this article. Sure wish you would stick to jokes and football commentary, because find your input there funny and insightful. Drop the political bullsh*t, because there you are a TOTAL Sh*t-for-Brains!

Hey korea,

Ill say whatever i choose.  You welcome to try and stop me.

Dogg - Find your political rants about as insightful and cogent as a skinhead white-power manifesto or deluge of Ayn Rand objectivist blather and as welcome as a poke in the eye.  Wish you would stick to football on this board, as your humorous and sports-related input is a welcome relief from some of the negative drivel and anti-Bo crap from nattering nabobs like Ridiculous RC Rick, White Trash, Halcyon Dazed and others of that ilk. Your political views on the other hand, which you are certainly welcome to, appear to be mostly narrow-minded, opinionated BS and have no place on a football message board. Bad enough some posters in the past strayed from sports-related input to inundate the board with mindless anti-Obama twaddle. If you and those other clowns can’t stick to football-related input, there should be a political-oriented message board somewhere for all of you to pollute with your contumacious crap.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that both Obama and Bo Pelini both stink at their ‘jobs’ , Kimchee breath.

There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name ain’t huskerinkorea.

Husker headlines, updated constantly

@OUClown - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Husker headlines, updated constantly.

Last time I was in Korea I got kicked outta the Seoul Food Cafe for orderin’ collards, black eyed peas and pig nuckles.

Hey Husker in Ikea ~ don’t get lost and wander into the DMZ.  The northies don’t smile back!

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