Three Visitors Expected

Coming down the home stretch, the Huskers are expected to host three visitors for the final weekend before signing day according to (as of early Friday morning).  Two names might have become familiar to NU fans, the other may be new.  Two have made soft verbal commits to other programs, the third is yet to give a commitment.


Texas defensive lineman DiMarya Mixon is a soft verbal to Missouri but will visit Lincoln this weekend.  He visited Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Arizona State back in September but at this point he seems to be choosing between Missouri and Nebraska.  He's listed at 6'3" and 265 lbs.  While calls him a defensive end he might also be able to play inside.  Defensive linemen are like pitchers.  You can never have too many, and NU could certainly use the help.

Louisiana wideout Devin Scott is a soft verbal to Louisiana (Lafayette) and will also make the trip this weekend.  It does not appear that he's made other visits despite a handful of offers from other schools (Colorado among them).  At 5'11" and 180 lbs., he's comparable in size to Husker defensive back Ciante Evans.  He might be considered a replacement for the departed Dominic Walker.

Maryland's Jacquille Veii has not yet made a commitment and appears identically-sized to Scott.  He appears likely to play cornerback though could be a receiver and might be used as a returner.  He visited Iowa last weekend and also appears to be considering the Terrapins.  

Conceivably, the Huskers could accept commitments from all three players.  Particularly, if safety D.J. Singleton is counted as part of the prior class.  Technically, they could also still sign offensive tackles Dwayne Johnson and/or Chongo Kondolo, who'd visited previously but then they might almost need to root for a player to either change their mind or not qualify academically before the fall.  Going five for five with this remaining group seems like a bit of a longshot though.    

It seems fairly likely that the class will grow however.  By how many will become apparent by the end of the day Wednesday.

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Really like that they have a line on a player like Dixon this late in the recruiting cycle.

I saw that one publication had him listed among the top 50 players in the state of Texas. And, he has the offers to back that ranking up. Getting another player to play along the LOS - either inside or outside - is always a good thing.

We’ve got to get Chongo Kondolo, just for the name.

” but then they might almost need to root for a player to either change their mind or not qualify academically before the fall”

Why in the hell would the coaching staff root for that??

We have room for 27 players in this class ,  Singleton is counted towards last years years class..

You also have the Scholarships opened from ASh, and Heard ( If he really is leaving) .. Not to mention there is probably another guy or two who will transfer .... Were good , we could use all the above..  But at a minimum we have 4 openings ..

GO BIG RED.. Finish this out !

I may have this wrong but as I understand it,

B1G allows some oversigning, understanding that it is common for some to not qualify, get injured, change their mind, etc., but NCAA final limit per season is still 25.

Heard counts toward the total cap of 80.  If 80 players transferred this year, NU could still only take 25 scholly recruits.  NU already had room within the 80 to accommodate the 25.  If someone grayshirts, that’s one way around the 25.  But I don’t think that’s in the plans.

As for Singleton counting toward last year, I really don’t know how that works.  I thought NU already signed their limit last year.  But that was less than the 25 max, because of the 80 cap.  So I guess it’s all good, as long as everything stays within 80?  So to get to 27, who is grayshirting, or who else counts toward last year?

No, of course the coaches would not “root” for bad things to happen.  That would be ridiculous.

The initial NCAA requirements say that a school is to sign 25 per recruiting year not class but there are Bylaws and ways around what that 25 actually means ( SEC does it every year) .. For example
Bylaw limits schools to signing 28 to fill all 85 scholarships.. 3 over that number..  HEREs the big reason the 25 dosnt matter..

As you stated there is a time frame when you can only sign three over the twenty five.. The time frame is from Signing day to MAy 31st .. THerefore you can only sign 25 players from the first weds in feb till May 31st..  Therefore early enrolles do not necissarily count towards that number.. Either do people signed after May 31st.. Essentially they might have to ask a kid to wait until the 2nd summer session before joining the program on scholarship as long as they stay under the 85 .. ( YOU CAN STILL Only bring in 25 new scholarships per ACADEMIC YEAR , BUT ACADEMIC YEAR IS FROM AUG- MAY ) .. Last year as an example we didnt bring in the full 25 new scholarships .. and since academic year is considered aug - may .. YOu can get around adding a kid such as Singleton in January , a past non qualifier or a JUCO as added to the previous classes 25 not this years if you have open scholarhships….

The Big Ten is harsher than most , were as a conference you are allowed to sign 3 over the amount of scholarships you have open and nothing more and you have to say why,,but Essentially your all good as long as your not kicking kids off the team to do this.. ( other conferences dont follow that guideline)

But even with the Big Tens harsher rules.. There are ways around the 85 limit.. A person with a Medical Hardship might be recieveing a scholarship by the said university without actually counting against their 85..

FOR NU as an Example we are now at 24 ( WITH KONDOLO - AWESOME NEWS BY THE WAY, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY).. .But only 23 will count against us because you can count SIngleton with the last class.. We are allowed to sign 28 by the NCAA but only 3 over the scholarships we have open by the big ten coincidently this year that number was 22 before our previous defections.. ASh(23)  not taking another year and supposedly Heard (24) as well as Fischer(25) .. So 25 plus up to three over that to hit our number.. which is 28.. But I think 27 is the number we hit in order to leave a space for Heard if they can talk him into staying.. .. that is not including Singleton who would be in last years class at being 28 coming in.. 

Now we would still have to be under 85 Scholarships but
bBy having as many 5th year seniors as we do expect some to graduate in the summer or attend grad school and we will be under the 85 scholarships by fall which is all that the big ten needs to have in order to sign the three over..

Thats a lot of words to say that the 25 limit isnt really worth the paper it was writin on .. Way to many loop holes—and that wasnt close to all of them..

Well THAT was a lot more complicated than I hoped for.
Thanks, Twauto, I am now fully educated and will promptly forget all the fine detail.  Good job explaining, though.  :-))

Haha no problem, I was trying to write it quick, but there are so many amedments and loopholds that I was even losing myself..  But yeah we should be able to sign up to 28 with Singleton ..

It dosnt mean we will, because Pelini has showed a knack for giving scholarships to walk-ons and such but we can if they see fit from my math..

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