Soundtrack for a Beatdown

On Saturday, we'll see Nebraska take the field against Wisconsin in alternate uniforms. While some old school fans are disgusted by the very thought, change is something you usually have to accept. In fact, as long as they're changing things up, why stop at the uniforms? Some of the music played in Memorial Stadium in recent years has become something of a tradition. For one night, though why not shake up the playlist? The band that comes to mind? Metallica. Here's why:


Hit the Lights

The lyrics are made for the juiced up environment of a night game in Memorial Stadium: "Gonna kick some a-- tonight...When our fans start screaming...When we start to rock...We never will stop again...Hit the lights...Our fans are insane...Gonna blow this b---- away...Volume higher...We got lethal (Husker) power...It's causing you sweet pain."


Enter Sandman

No, Broderick Thomas won't be making a special appearance in this one. But the opening line holds a message for Wisconsin's freshman quarterback. "Say your prayers little one". At 6'5" he may not be so little, but Joel Stave faces a tall task in trying to become the first opposing freshman quarterback to ever defeat the Huskers in a night game at Memorial Stadium.

Creeping Death

Staying with the theme of the doomed visiting freshman quarterback, NU goes old testament. The pharaoh son in this case is Stave. "So let it be written...So let it be done...To kill the first born pharaoh son...I'm creeping death".



Still on Stave here. "Can (he) survive the blitz(krieg)?"


Four Horsemen

Sure, Notre Dame may lay claim to this one historically. But Nebraska's I-back quartet of Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah, Braylon Heard, and Imani Cross have been running all over people this year. You could also use this as a reference to the devastating diamond backfield formation. "On through the dead of night...With the four Horsemen ride...Or choose your fate and die". The song also has a message for Wisconsin "There is nothing you can do".



This could refer to Wisconsin's one turnover gained on the year. "Nothing is real but pain now".



This is what another big game by pass rusher Eric Martin would mean, "Adrenaline starts to flow...You're thrashing all around...Acting like a maniac...Whiplash".


Seek and Destroy

This one screams linebacker Will Compton "Don't try running away...Cause you're the one we will find...Searching...Seek and Destroy"


No Remorse

After the game in Madison a year ago, NU head coach Bo Pelini might not be too quick to take his foot off the gas if this one gets out of hand. "No remorse for the helpless one".


Trapped Under Ice

If the Huskers have truly solved their tackling problems, this might become the refrain for Stave, Montee Ball, or James White. "Wrapped up tight, can't move, can't break free...Hand of doom has a tight grip on me".


Damage Inc.

A new nickname for the blackshirts? "Steamroller action crushing all...Victim is your name and you shall fall...We chew and spit you out...with fear you run...You'll know just where we come from".


Don't Tread on Me

This line says it all: "Settle the score".  Though it also can provide a rallying cry for the Husker run defense.


Sure this playlist might only appeal to those of us who were mullet-haired teens in the 1980's. But it sets the tone, doesn't it?

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I don’t see the uniform changes as only about tradition.  There is another aspect to this.  I’m a person who believes in evidence and the scientific method, and the evidence suggests that Nebraska does not do well in the all-red / all-white jersey combo.  The most prominent examples are the 1986 Oklahoma game, the 1992 Citrus Bowl against Georgia Tech, and the whole 2002 season.  I’ll admit the 2002 pants were a red-white combo, but still… 

Also, since when do we need gimmicks to recruit?  Aren’t the coaches, team, facilities, fifty years worth of sell-outs, and five national championships enough?

Ox: “Also, since when do we need gimmicks to recruit?  Aren’t the coaches, team, facilities, fifty years worth of sell-outs, and five national championships enough?”

Not when the kids being recruited were born in 1996 and certainly don’t remember Nebraska being worth a shit.

Bill…you are correct sir! We need all the gimmicks we can get. Every bit of help we can muster is what we need.
Some people simply don’t understand where kids heads are these days…no, 50 years of tradition don’t mean much when some other program has new duds. I hate to say it but it’s all about image and presentation. Not saying that’s good, just the reality. New uniforms in a nationally televisede game is where it’s at. Especially if we win big and look great doing it. Your automatically in the club so to speak. Unless of course your smack dab in the middle of recruiting hotbeds….last time I checked we weren’t. Speaks to how good Osborne was as a recruiter…think Saben or Meyer could of had the success they’ve had as far away from recruiting hotbeds as Osborne was? They haven’t yet.

87,000 chanting “Die by my hand!” (a la Creeping Death) would be something to see.  You could replace Whiplash with Fight Fire with Fire. 
If I remember correctly, the all White Jersey/Pants combo was worn throughout the entire 1991/1992 season for away games.

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