Petteway Produces as Nebraska Pounds Purdue

Nebraska improved its conference record to 8-6 Sunday with an easy 76-57 win over Purdue in Lincoln.  Terrran Petteway led the way with 29 points in just 29 minutes for the Huskers.  Shavon Shields added 18 points and 10 rebounds.  The win pushed NU to 16-10 overall with four games remaining. 


On Wednesday, the Huskers travel to face the Illini in Champaign.  They follow that with a home contest Saturday against Northwestern and a trip to face Indiana the following Wednesday.  Two wins in those three games (all against teams below them in the standings) would guarantee the Huskers a winning conference record.  The regular season finale would then come at home against an outstanding Wisconsin team.  

Running the table is not out of the question for NU.  In that event, the question wouldn't be whether Nebraska makes the NCAA tournament but how highly seeded they'd be and who they'd play.  Being one of the last teams selected could mean a "first-round" game which would actually feel like a play-in, so there's plenty of incentive to win enough to avoid that.

If the Huskers can hang onto their six seed heading into the Big Ten tournament, they'd get to play the 11th team in the first round before having to face a rested third seed which currently would be Wisconsin.

There's a lot of basketball between now and then and conference road games (even against inferior teams) can be extremely tough.  A win at Illinois on Wednesday would take a lot of pressure off NU.  By week's end, the Huskers could punch their ticket to the big dance.

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Frick’n unbelievable!!!  Shows us how competent coaching and the ability to develop players and schemes can be accomplished, without excuses.  Gee, wish we could say the same for the NU football program!  Go Miles, NU B Boys, and the quest for an NCAA seat at the table!!!  BOP - please attention to your underpaid counterpart!!!  No spitting allowed.

Comparing coaching Basketball to Football is straight up dumb….and it figures you’d be the one to to do it.

You should pay more attention to the differences between the two.

To dkdevine ~  same principles apply.  Only a matter of scale as the difference.  Are you denying that Miles is not an important factor in how improved NU BB is after his few years at the helm?  The ability of a coach like Miles to elelate his players’ level of performance does not mean college football coaches shouldn’t also be accomplishing same.  Once again, certain bloggers are in a state of denial and in the “excuses” business.  Reality sometimes SUX, but accept the truth, man!  Dew the Dew.

Apples and oranges.  No comparison can be made.

NU is there anyplace you can go where it doesn’t involve something about Bo.  You must have a Man crush on him or something because he takes up all your spare time thinking of him.  This team is playing hard and very good defense, and you have to give alot of credit to coach and the players.  These guys are all in and dedicated to getting better each and every day.  Keep up the hard work, all, you are a blast to watch.  GBR!!

First, being passionate about not accepting 6 years of 4 - loss seasons may seem ridiculous to you blog posters, but not to those of us who wish better for the team sooner rather than later.  The fact we now have a BB coach who really does bring out the best in his players may be an anathema to you all who accept the bigotry of low expectations concerning the FB program.  You all are like spouse abuse victims who make up excuses why they won’t do something about the ‘problem.’  For those who can’t see beyond their own nose, the BB coaching analogy at NU is offered as an example showing how certain HCs actually can coach players up.  Ding Dong!!!  Die-Hards—- it time for your daily dose of Kool Aide.  Drink up boys and be ignorantly happy!!!  Oh, be sure to keep attacking the messenger rather than dealing with the message.

NU I applaud you for being passionate, but why does every article that is posted on here turn from what the article was writen about into a Bo sucks blog 9 wins 4 losses and can’t coach up players.  The article about Keels I don’t think you even mention anything about the players and go into the same rant.  I don’t call that passionate I call that more obsessed with your disapproval of Bo.  Do you not recognize that we have some talented players here now and have had some really good ones go through our system into the NFL?  And that is what that article was about and you and a few others continually bash him.  I am sure if you wake up in the morning and there is no peanut butter in the jar, some how Bo will be to blame for that as well.  Beings we are talking about Basket ball answer me this. If a player misses a free throw who’s to blame the player or the coach?

If a player misses a free throw who’s to blame the player or the coach?

Obviously the graduate free throw technician assistant, who reports to the shot coach (assistant head coach), who reports to the head coach, who reports to Unrealist.

First, being passionate about not accepting 6 years of 4 - loss seasons may seem ridiculous to you blog posters

See I take issue with what you’re saying here.  You’re portraying things as having 2 choices.  Either you’re content with it and you’re an apologist or you’re NOT content with it and you’re in Realista’s court.

Here’s a shocker…real life isn’t black and white.  It’s not your way or the highway.  It’s not one way or the other.  I can still support Bo and not be happy with 4 losses each year.

So please, stop trying to define everyone.  Try keeping your opinions to yourself for a change and keep your eyes open to see where people actually fall instead of insisting they fall where you want the to.


(applause, applause)

Take a bow dear sir!

Keep it up dkdevine .. Agree with you 100%

dkdevine you nailed it!! Keep it up

I read that Kool Aide is on sale for those who are thirsty for more! Sugar highs can be addictive!

Go Miles and the Husker B Ballers!!!

Since your world is black and white, I think you’re peddling Tang instead of KoolAide.  So what’s the difference?

Personally I love the Black Cherry flavor, so if I don’t agree with what you say than I am a koolaid drinker. Here’s to you, chug chug


There is feeling passionately for something and then there is actually delivering.  The Basketball team does have losses.  However these losses have not kept them out of contention for the Conference Championship in the B1G.  Nebraska Football had losses, but those losses did not prevent Nebraska from competing in 3 conference championship games in the first 5 years of Bo Pelini’s coaching tenure.

I am glad that you are impressed with the NU Basketball team, and I would certainly be surprised if our first B1G Championship came in Basketball and not Football.  To say nothing of the fact that Creighton is storming through the Big East in a BIG way right now and is also on par to getting into the NCAA tourney. 

Would it not be absolutely Hillarious if the Basketball National Championship game came down to Nebraska vs Creighton?!!!!

Johnny ~ I liked the tone of your comments.  All the personal attacks by some other bloggers because of my “passion” for a new and improved NU football program under what I believe should be better head coach than we have, is appreciated.  NU BB team has only lost one game at home in new arena.  That was to MI by one point.  NU plays Wisconsin at home as last game of the regular season.  If NU can win against Wisconsin, and somehow beat Illinois or Indie on the road, they will get into the NCAA tournament.  What an accomplishment that would be!!!
Yes, there is a world of difference between coaching BB and FB.  Yet, the fundamental ability to elevate players’ game in either sport is an art and talent not all coaches excel in.  My problem with BOP is that I am not convinced he is able to achieve player development as we had hoped for earlier on in his career at NU.  We shall see this fall how it all unfolds for BOP and FB team.
In the meantime, perhaps NU will be the surprise of the B10 and end up in the NCAA.  That would take some of the sting out of the FB program disappointment last season.

My problem with BOP is that I am not convinced he is able to achieve player development as we had hoped for earlier on in his career at NU. 

You mean like developing Suh into a monster?  How about recognizing Amukamara wasn’t a RB like he was recruited and developing that 3 Star recruit into a lockdown Cornerback who is now one of the best in the NFL?  How about that 3 star running back we have now that’s developed into 5 star talent?

Yeah, Pelini sure can’t develop 3 stars into 5 star talent.  He sure sucks.  I’d say the facts are firmly stacked against you as far as Pelini being able to develop players.

Tim Miles only has to develop 5-9 players while Pelini gets to develop 22 with a punter and a kicker.  Apples to oranges.

As for the surprise, it’s going to be the football team this year…maybe then you’ll be able to stop your man crush on Pelini long enough to enjoy the success.

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