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Wisconsin's alternate look similar to Nebraska's

Today, Wisconsin unveiled the alternative uniforms they will wear on September 29th against Nebraska. For those of you who liked Nebraska's alternative jersey, this will come as good news. For those of you who didn't like NU's new duds, then things just got worse. Much worse. The Badgers' new look is basically the same as the Huskers' new look. The resulting clash of styles (or lack thereof) can make a fan either celebrate the progress of more modern design and marketing or mourn the loss of originality and tradition. 

Basically, the design elements are the same for both teams. Nebraska has an N on the front. Wisconsin has a W. My colleague Jason quipped that the game takes on a Sesame Street feel ("This game was brought to you by the letters N and W"). 

If it weren't for the addition of black to the Husker color palate ( it's still not a school color, by the way), the game might look like an intra squad scrimmage, with just the two letters differentiating the teams. Of course, considering the remarkable similarity between the uniforms already worn by Nebraska and Wisconsin, is that really surprising?

On the other hand, this is a woeful moment for the value of originality. God forbid Adidas make unique uniforms for each team. Nope, the duds need to be virtually identical in order to maximized the value of this pre-sloganed ("The Quick and the Red" What??), made-for-television marketing moment. Gotta sell those uniforms and t-shirts, folks.

Prior to today, I was okay with Nebraska's alternative look. Or at least it was starting to grow on me. Now, seeing the side-by-side similarity and just-look-at-the-letter design, I don't like this at all. Even as an "alternative" look, Nebraska deserves to get a uniform that appeals to its style, its tradition, its fans. The throw back look from a few years ago was great. And then, give Wisconsin that same approach. Put those two looks on TV. That would move the needle.

The fine folks at Adidas couldn't make it true to the schools and programs, not stupidly similar? Frankly, I'd prefer seeking corn and cheese themed uniforms. Ridiculous as that sounds, at least it won't be unoriginal.

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I HOPE that this “W” is a classic Wisconsin logo treatment… but I can’t seem to find anything to support that.

Nebraska’s “N” at least makes sense (I much prefer the classic helmet “N” from the block-type slab serif N that is used for promotion), but this “W” just strikes me as a lazy design decision. Couldn’t they have at LEAST used the 1960’s helmet “W”?


That link didn’t work. Sorry.

Something is going crazy. When I submit the link it gets shortened and doesn’t work.

Well, anyway… these throwback uniforms seem to tell the tale:

Lazy design…

Thank you, Bill. You just said in two words what took me a few hundred.

And you are right about the “W” they used, too. A throw-back 1960’s W vs Nebraska’s 1960’s “NU” look (appropriately placed on a modern uniform) would have been great. And, each team would be distinct!

It doesn’t matter what the badgers wear into Lincoln. The HUSKERS will b ready to beat them down. The HUSKERS will show the badgers who the real BIG RED are. HUSKERS 34 badgers 20 in the deed the glory.

I thought the alternate design uniform was bad when I first saw it and I think it is still a very bad design. Nothing on it tells me this is Nebraska. Like Greg Morrow stated, it looks like San Diego State. It’s horrible and I love the idea of an alternate uniform if it is better than the original. This is just not very creative. Just win some big freakin’ football games and the recruits will join.

Makes you wonder if we would not have released this alternate uniform, would they have? This is an exact copy! They’re trying to play one-upmanship with us. Time for Tom to give a little call to Barry. The only difference is there is a W instead of a N on the front…even the numbers in the upper right corner are there! Only white (travel squad) vs red (home team). I’ve never this done before and it makes them look like idiotts. Does anyone feel like this may be our new rivalry game? This is a travesty to be honest. Extremely class less. I think they actually have an identity crisis with Nebraska. They think they’re better because they’ve won one game? They’ve won nothing. Not even close. They totally copied our uniform, our play (emphasis on a strong O line and running game) and everything else they could through Barry Alverez. Kinda shitty if you ask me. Raining on our parade. They’re going to look awful stupid getting their butts kicked in these…how does blood look all splattered over white anyway?

Love the smak.
How bad would it suck to get beat by a team wearing those uniforms?
I bet Pelini is just hoping everyone would just chill because he remembers the red out video.
As David Bowie once said…‘under pressure’.

Being superstitious about all one color uni’s for Nebraska, I say we’re going to lose to Wisconsin. 

I give both programs credit for trying to generate buzz about both football teams.  Both these uniforms are mediocre.  They should complete the gimmick and have the game played on a red football football field. 

OU7 is right.  We lose on 29 Sep… you won’t see another Nebraska alt uniform being worn for 10,000 years.

I was excited about the alternate uni’s being worn until Wisconsin came out with the copy. Now the entire country gets to watch the B1G opener with matching little league uni’s, cool!

Boy, I’m sure glad we’ve now turned football into a fashion show.  I enjoy fashion so much more than this silly sport.  Maybe now we can finally have one of those fashion TV hosts call the game.  Or they could be on the sidelines.  I’d love to hear them ask Coach Pelini about how he feels the team looks in their new duds when he’s headed to the locker at halftime.  My dream come true.
(Sep 1 can’t come soon enough…)

Didnt care for the “new” uni since black is not a team color. Feel they look like a San Diego St. practice uni with an N on them. Then I saw the Badger “new” uni and blew some brew through my nose. What a joke. Somewhere at Nike design, they are cracking up at the lack of ANY creativity at Adidas.
Have to agree with a lot of the comments above. It will be humbling for either team to lose in those peejays. GBR

That shade of red is not our team color either. I support the black…I like it personaly. Not the uni mind you, but the use of black. I still can’t believe they came out with almost an exact copy. What classless ass does that? Man they must feel like the little brother or something…I think it makes them look aweful stupid. Don’t know how it’s going to look on the field but I think Bo should smack Bielma around a little after the game for that wise crack…right before the handshake! I say the players use this slap in teh face as motivation…we will not loose now! I see this team as a rivalry team…who in the heck do they think they are anyway? Appearently they have no idea who they’re messing with…

I wonder if the arrows should be directed more towards adidas than towards the football people. I usually don’t put negative comments on this site but these uniforms just plain suck. (Ours and theirs).

24 Days.



I completely include myself in this statement. I don’t think I have ever seen so many fans so anxious for football to start than this year. Must of been the dry and extra hot summer! GBR can’t wait!

That being said, I really don’t care what these uni’s look like as long as the players are excited to wear them and come out pumped to pound Wisconsin. Welcome to Nebraska, Big Ten.

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