Michigan Routs Nebraska in Ann Arbor

In order for the Huskers to have an opportunity to beat Michigan in Ann Arbor, they needed to do a few things.  They had to contain Denard Robinson and Fitzgerald Toussaint - the pair ran for 218 rushing yards and four touchdowns.  They had to avoid penalties - they were called for eight of them, some of them real killers.  The receivers needed to catch every ball - a number of catchable balls were dropped.  Alfonzo Dennard needed to be a shutdown corner - he gave up two big plays that led to the Wolverines' first touchdown.  They needed to play well on special teams - they botched two punts, fumbled two kickoff returns, and were duped on a faked field goal.  So it's not surprising given those facts that the outcome was a 45-17 Wolverine victory.

The Michigan defense was every bit as good as advertised.  The Wolverines held NU without a third down conversion for nearly three quarters.  They held Husker running back Rex Burkhead to 36 yards and the Husker offense to 256 total yards.  A 54-yard touchdown pass from Taylor Martinez to Brandon Kinnie in the first half was the only major offensive highlight.  Terrence Moore made a tipped ball interception to set up a Husker field goal that tied the score at 10-10 before a twelve play Michigan drive gave the Wolverines a 17-10 lead going into the half.

Michigan converted a Nebraska fumble to open the third quarter into a touchdown to pull out to a 24-10 lead.  They converted a blocked punt on Nebraska's ensuing drive into a 31-10 lead using a fake field goal.  The Huskers finally showed some life offensively as they engineered a 42-yard touchdown drive to capitalize on some good field position to pull within two scores.  But a very questionnable roughing the punter penalty kept Nebraska from stopping Michigan on the ensuing drive which ended with Denard Robinson throwing his second touchdown pass of the game.  Nebraska "answered" that score with a pair of lost fumbles which set up a Toussaint touchdown run.

Nebraska must get over this game quickly.  They host Iowa on Friday for senior day.  At stake for NU is a potential Capital One Bowl berth versus falling to the Insight Bowl.  Not to mention bragging rights for the neighboring states.  This was a disappointing effort for coaches, players and fans of Nebraska.  The season won't live up to expectations but a 10-3 record (the best since Frank Solich) is still obtainable.  There will be better days ahead, let's hope that Friday will be one of them.

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Papuchis must go.  Our special teams play is horrible.  We can’t cover on kick offs or punt returns and add to that not being able to hold on to the ball.  I can’t think of any defensive ends that have gotten better as the season unfolds.  Clean house and bring in someone that can actually coach these young players.  What makes this worse is my wife is from Michigan and now I have to hear her all year long singing the Michigan fight song.  Ugh!!

Today’s loss is very hard to digest, but I have high expectations for next season. Coaches should make big changes in their defensive schemes next year, and be better prepared to tackle heavy running schemes of BIG10. Our offense is so&so;, but its hard to watch our defense getting run-over by average teams. We badly need play makers in WR and secondary. Fishing off the season with a 9-3 is not bad, but we still have to get a W against Iowa(possible?).

Michigan held the ball for 40+ minutes and ran close to double the plays.
. Maybe we should huddle and try to hold on the ball longer then 19 seconds….

Haven’t seen a team so self destructive since the Iowa State loss a couple years ago.  In spite of the poor blocking, the bad tackling, the blown assignments, the penalties and the turnovers; we had a real chance to win even in the 4th quarter.  I thought the comeback was on untill the roughing the kicker.

I get the chance to watch a good amount of football every Saturday, in fact a lot of football.  And the thing that upsets me, and frankly makes me jealous of other teams at times, is watching other programs read their keys, play their assignments, tackle sound, don’t commit penalty after penalty, don’t drop ball after ball, and display all the hallmarks of a well coached team.  It is really frustrating to watch, in Year 4 of Coach Pelini’s tenure here, that we have ball security issues, that we drop numerous passes killing drives, that we still commit some of the most stupid, mind-blowing penalties I see on a week-by-week basis, that we’re regressing on defense in a lot of ways, that we have a hard time calling a solid game on offense, and to top it all off that we are now starting to get punched in the mouth up front. . .

Today was awful to watch: fumbles, missed keys, blown assignments, drops, mind-blowing mental breakdown penalties, horrible blocking, DB’s looking into the backfield (as they have all year).  I think that it is quite reasonable that substantial progress should’ve been made in these areas at this point in Coach Pelini’s tenure but this is not the case.  At this point it is either: (1) that our players are having to play faster than their natural comfort zone to play sound assignments (not fast enough), (2) they are not responding to their in-practice stressed technique and position coaches, or (3) they are just not a whole lot of smart football players on this roster. . .

I couldn’t help but be jealous when I heard one of the announcers say that (obviously in Year 1 of Coach Hoke’s tenure)
say that Michigan was 5th in penalties nationally, and to watch their defense respond to coaching and teaching to become what it is today.  One Spring Practice, one summer of workouts, one fall camp and assignment football became a staple of Michigan.  All it took for Michigan was good coaching to take a 7-6 team who was absolutely destroyed in their last bowl game, couldn’t stop anyone at all, to be 9-2 with a top 20 defense.  At the beginning of the season, I thought that we would be a serious player Nationally next year and the following 2 seasons.  We are a long, long, long ways from being the team to beat in our own Division.  Until we can play a complete football game for 60 minutes, what you have seen this season is all we are going to be.  I realize that you are just not going to win them all, sure that’s the goal, but my goodness these mental breakdowns are just too routine to casually look past.  It is beyond reasonable to expect that you can play a mentally sound game with fundamentals, but we have not done that. . .

We had pretty much all the stars align in our favor that game - We caught some HUGE breaks with unforced special team errors and WR drops; I’ll definitely take the win, though we’re not 28 pts better.  Good luck against Iowa and hope your fans enjoyed Ann Arbor aside from the game.  Was glad to see Maher was OK after that injury.  (was less glad to see his 70 yard punt next year.)  See you next year.  Lavonte David will be playing on Sundays - he seriously impressed me.

You hit the nail right on the head James. We score to get within 14 with what?? twelve minutes to go in the game. Hold them to a possible three and out at their 20 yardline and once again commit a penalty that cost us the game. That comes down to coaching. As far as defense goes it probably isn’t our strong point but, when your on the field for 40 minutes and give them the ball inside our own 50 time after time your going to give up points I don’t care who you are. I can’t believe how inconsistent we are from week to week it’s very frustrating to watch.

Glenn Baker at least you had the intelligence to marry a Michigan woman. GO BLUE!!

Hey husker nation…..........Welcome to the Big 10 conference.
Get used to playing in a tough conference week in and week out.

That was a pathetic effort!  NU, under the Pelini brothers, can’t even be competitive in the Big Ten.  When will all the Bo supporters wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.  This guy had no head coaching experience.  We could have done a lot better.  But we will suffer through several years like this in the Big Ten until the majority wake up and hire someone who can take this program to the next level.  Pelini and boys have had 4 years and they haven’t done it yet.  What’s worse is it’s headed in the wrong direction.  And as I stated last week, we won’t have to worry about Bo going to OSU.  He won’t get a sniff for that position.  They’re smarter than that!!!

Robinson’s just a great college player. He can put pressure on your whole team, and the offense wasn’t ready to answer.
It’s just that simple.

Nebraska is a flawed team, as most teams are. There’s been too big a gap, starters to backups, in talent or experience, at all the position groups. That’s a product of an unnaturally small senior class of scholarship players.
During this “Tour de B1G,” thats been a lot to overcome.
Now, the “rivalry game.”


Take a look at our old conference.  It’s pretty tough too, and it’s better than The Big 10 this year, and last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.  And I do remember the SEC West outscoring the state of Michigan 101-14 last January. There’s 5 Big 10 teams ranked, and 5 Big 12 teams.  Unlike The Big 10, there are 2 Big 12 teams in the top 10.  Three Big 12 teams played in a National Chapionship Game in this past decade, including us.  Only 1 Big 10 team has been in a National Championship Game, Ohio State, in the same span.  And honestly, honestly speaking, there are not that many good teams in the Big 10, including us.  We left the Big 12 not because of the conference members as a whole, but because of Texas wanted the whole world for itself.  The truth is, that Jim Delaney courted us.  The Big 10 really wanted us, badly.  There was not much we had to do make our case for membership.  And the truth is that The Big 10 is not that good this year, from top to bottom, and including us. . .

We have been in a tough conference before, and we didn’t play one Big 10 team this year that could win The Big 12.  Not a one.  And do remember this, by bringing us into the Big 10, the Big 10 powers-that-be though that our addition would go a long ways towards making The Big 10 competitive in January (which it has not been with the exception of Ohio State beating Oregon and Arkansas) in the years to come.  In the long run, we will be more than fine.  Get your licks in now. We have a pretty good shot at going 9-3 in our first spin around the block. . .

That roughing the kicker call was a joke, should have been the 5 yard running into the kicker penalty IF that.

Greg,  you’re correct in saying that NU is a flawed team just like many others.  But that’s the problem.  NU is one of the top ten programs/coaching positions in the country.  It justifies having someone who has the competency to take us to the next level.  This guy can’t even speak coherently at a press conference after we lose.
I’m sure his emotional disposition gets in the way of objective, problem-solving decisions.  He’s a great defensive coordinator, but he is only an average head coach.  He doesn’t have the attributes that you look for in a head coach for a program like NU’s.  He needs to take a defensive coordinator’s position in a top program or the NFL, and we need to find a competent head coach.  But it will take years to work through this as too many are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

I am a an outside observer with some ?‘s Every time I watch N it looks like boys(N) v. men. Is it a recruiting problem? Lots of frosh, walk-ons, lack of talent, confounding errors. I think the coaching is sound, they have a lot of heart and their defensive schemes are solid. But after four years with this coaching staff, and especially this time of year, football errors should be under control. And, I hope a coach didn’t call that blocked punt when we were gaining momentum…at the very least staff should have warned the players not to attemp it.

James Moore I don’t disagree with your assessment. Except remember Nebraska was not the Big Ten’s first choice to bring into the conference. But per your description of the Big Ten vs. the Big Twelve it is a good thing Nebraska got into the Big Ten. According to you Nebraska probably would not have won a game this year. So while I, for one am happy Nebraska is in the Big Ten, Nebraskan’s should be ecstatic considering that Nebraska would have finished last in the Big Twelve according to your analysis.

I gotta say the NU fans at the game were pure class.  Its good to have you all in the B1G.

Mahers ‘injury’ was pure vaudeville acting. Barely able to get off the field with 2 people ‘helping’. Poor guy, hope he is alright?
Love that stuff.

The huskers are a very poorly coached football team

THe Pelini’s are hostile, and act unprofessional and are short with media.  Its no wonder our team plays like they have no discipline.  I love Pelini’s fire but this team is regressing so fast.  Today Im embarrassed to be a husker fan.  Not because of the loss, but how we lost.

OU7times…why don’t you go to your own blogs? What part of Oklahoma do you live in anyway? You’re an idiott and need to leave. You are a puney person.
This is why we lost today…Bo Pelini’s ego.
He is not a head coach. A good defensive coordinator, yes, but not even a great one. Players that weren’t even his recruits made him look awfully good so far. He couldn’t recruit his way our of a paper bag. Look at what Brady Hoke did when he arrived at Michigan last year…he went out and got names…a proven defensive guy out of the NFL, an old guy to boot. And a proven offensive coordinator also. Big names. No ego problem there. What did Bo do? Hire “friends” and no-bodies; a receivers coach who was coaching high school and teaching golf last year; an offensive coordinator who hadn’t called a play in college football and a defensive backs coach who was coaching at some small college last year and who has no real experience either! But Bo knew him…like that’s a big deal. You don’t do that. Not at Nebraska you don’t. This is not a “proving ground”. This is what you get when you hire guys from your home town. It’s called nepitism and is rarely a good thing. Last year I was really hoping he’d go out and get top people, proven people. After all this is Nebraska, not Idaho for Gods sakea! But he didn’t. It would have been a great story with all these no names, but how often does that happen? Not very often.
Do that kind of hiring and this is what you get, plain and simple.
We were out coached today. And out played. And out scheemed. And out prepared. The game was won by the team who wanted it the most. We were not prepared and had no game plan and we certainly don’t have any kind of identity. And for $2.75 million a year I think we should have. For all those who think we should just give it some time, in the last 10-15 years, there have been several coaches (Stoops among them) who won National Championships while they were in their second years or slightly therafter.
I won’t even get into recruiting. That’s a complete joke. heads need to roll…a lot of heads.
BTW…why in the hell are we playing all these freshmen? He’s had 4 years to build this teams depth and he’s thin in how many areas? That’s not good coaching folks. This is what happens when you hire a guy who has no experience being a head coach. Bo’s teams are always undisciplined and inconsistent to say the least.
I think we ought to go out and get someone who is a proven commodity. Urban Meyer is available, Mike Leach is available. Lets get top talent! It’s not like we can’t afford it. These guys have no clue as to what they are doing. And TO’s office is right down the hall. Unbelievable.
I think Bo is a good man and a good coach. But I don’t think he is a great man or a great coach. And I’m just afraid he never will be.
What are we going to do next year without Lavonte David? Ouch!

People said the same thing about Tom Osborne during the 70’s and 80’s.

Let me get this straight, you said everything I said (and more) and I’m an idiot?
Welcome aboard…idiot!
I said it a long time ago when Callahan was coach, you (university) were settling for mediocrity.
A university that frivilously spends money (millions) on absolutely NOTHING and won’t pay for a head coach that’s proven. That’s a F’n slap in the face to everyone who spends a dollar at Nebraska. I mean try to follow up with a coach that will even come close to playing up to Tom Osborne’s legacy. Harvey Pearlman (mr. Milk toast) is your biggest problem. He is so clueless to the beings and operations at Nebraska. He’s the jackass that approved the contract extension to Steve Peterson just before he was fired AND he was involved in hiring Callahan! Wasted money! That’s your money at work.
I understand why you are pissed. You should be because no one in the front office takes this shit as serious as the fans.
Just keep settling for mediocrity, dude.

No offense Dwayne but Pelini could never, and should never, be confused with Tom Osborne.
But yes, you are right,  people did say similar things about Tom Osborne.

OU7times love that Baylor game. Outstanding game. Was that poor coaching or just poor execution on OU’s part tonight?

No, poor coaching and poor execution is more like 45-7.
Like I said before, you guys ran out at the right time because the Big 10 is not nearly as tough as the Big 12.
All credit goes to Baylor/RG3 and coach Briles. A super game plan.
Did someone crap in your chicken annies?

I don’t how much they pay Stoops but are you furious that they overpay him for the results he gets in games like this? I mean think about it… OSU lost, Oregon lost and OU had a chance to move right back into the BCS championship picture again. And yet OU gives a sub par defensive performance. Do you think OU was prepared to play Baylor?

OU7times 11/19/2011 said…

“No, poor coaching and poor execution is more like 45-7.
Like I said before, you guys ran out at the right time…”

You must have me confused with someone else, I’m a Michigan fan. Who are the “you guys” you are referring too?

OU7times said…

“Did someone crap in your chicken annies?”

You sound bitter. Are you bitter? I usually eat at Chicken Mary’s but I like Chicken Annies as well.

Fairweather pelini fans on here make me sick. Injured, young team and first year in the big 10. Give it time. I want a national title team again but get real. I love the husker fans but sometimes you need to get a grip and come to terms with reality. Do we self destruct sometimes…. Yes. Can you blame that all on a coach…. Nope. It sucks…. Deal with it. 9-4 or 10-3 is a good, realistic season right now.

You should know the aswer to that. You’ve seen plenty of Coach Stoops’ teams play in giant bowl games while you and your team watched from your couches. We divied a lot of money to NU for years when you went to subpar bowls that didn’t pay squat.
Coach Stoops already has a place in the College Hall of Fame when he decides to leave the game. Nebraska is quite a few years from finding a coach that can win any championships, for reasons stated earlier.
Did you notice the differences in enthusiasm of the TV analysts when Nebraska lost and Oklahoma lost today?

Here’s the reason… it’s STILL a big deal to beat Oklahoma!

And you think Michigan would beat Oklahoma? I am sure that it would be no.
We might just find out so get your cash ready just in case.
I quit betting for merchandise because I once bet $30 in Runza coupons against a BRN ‘signed’ Nebraska T-shirt. I won the bet but the cheap bastard sent me a used shirt with fuzz balls on it.


Dude speak English,“Runza” and “BRN”, what the heck? You’re obviously very excitable. At the rate OU is going they’ll be lucky to make the Music City Bowl. I have a feeling OSU is going to tear OU a new one. If it makes you feel any better I used to date a young lady who went to OSU. And Stillwater is far better than Norman.

BRN is this webste, Sherlock.
Runza is a crappy sandwich sold in Neb that will give you the squirts. You’ll learn when you go to Memorial stadium. Bring toilet paper.

Let me guess, because a “young lady” took you to Eskimo Joe’s that makes Stillwater better than Norman?

Yea, uh…let me know if you can’t figure out what Neb, Memorial Stadium or Eskimo Joes are. I’ll give you clues. Yuk yuk.

No actually we partied an establishment called the “Big Eight” club. Should give you a hint as to how long ago that was. Sorry never been to Lincoln, or Nebraska for that matter. You know I live a lot closer to Okla. than Neb. Forty miles from Miami. And even closer to Down Stream Casino.

Completely agree the roughing call was running into at worst, but watching Michigan’s defense put up stop after stop all day and watching Michigan’s offense move the ball almost at will all day, would it really have made the difference in the game?  No.

Ou7times man I respect you and most of your comments but today is not the time to be a troll im sorry please if you don’t have anything of importance to say shut up.

cram,  are you serious?  You’re happy because we’ll have a 9-4 or 10-3 season.  You have to look at what those numbers mean, and they mean South Dakota St.  If you want good numbers, let’s just play UN-K and some other state colleges.  I look at Baylor and they have RG3 and we have T-Mart.  What’s going on???  The guy from OK is right.  Our recruiting is terrible.  The coaches have obviously told T-Mart to cut down on the running and if he doesn’t run he’s not an effective QB.  What a mess.  The botton line is are we competitive in the Big 10, and the answer is no.  Pelini and co. have had 4 years, and we’ve seen no improvement.  The only team we could have beat in the Big 12 this year is Kansas and maybe TX. 
OU7times is also right on when he talks about Perelman and we keep giving him raises.  All the money that is spent on NU football and this what we get???  It’s time to face reality and clean house.

I agree with cram. I don’t think he’s suggesting anything of being “happy” as you contend. Look, everyone knew after we saw the schedule when it first came out that this conference in year one was not going to be easy. Your comments are reactionary emotion. Sit back a bit and look at the big picture. We’re not going to clean house as what’s being suggested and start from scratch. Anyone who thinks that at this point is purely nuts.

OU7, of course I wouldn’t compare Pelini with what Osborne accomplished. My point was this, if the administration would’ve dismissed Osborne because of what fans were wanting during that time period, then where would NU football be now? I think what you’re stating is do fans want Pelini representing, or being the face of the NU football program now because of the demeanor he projects when answering media questions as well as his sideline behavior at times? He’s made his reputation and the media hasn’t necessarily helped his image whether that’s fair or unfair. It’s a very valid question. All I’m saying is this season is probably not the season to answer that question.

If we drop the game to Iowa, you’re going to see a lot of ‘brooms’ come out of the woodwork.

I am most certainly not ‘happy’ with a 9-4 season, but at some point reality has to set in. If we keep ‘cleaning house’ we’re only shooting ourselves in the foot and then we get constant mediocrity if we’re lucky. The big 10 is a different situation for us, and we’re handling it pretty well. I agree with Dwayne… a lot of these statements are simply emotional reactions.

Our team is young, the future looks bright and all we can do now is move on to Iowa. GBR!

Trolling by an Okie feeling bad he was left behind to pick up Texas table scraps. Welcome aboard the Big 10, you were asked because of the positives you bring tradition, student base and fan base. We are glad to have you as the fourth in the list of top ten all time wins.


I’m disagreeing with you, but not based on my perception of your knowledge, or fanhood. Which, I’m sure, is as complete as mine and possibly more so. I consider myself an average Nebraska fan; I have the highest regard for actual Nebraska fans. Best fans on the planet. Whether I agree with some, or not. I never harshly disagree with Nebraska fans.
I only get after trolls, and then, only in moderation. Too easy, and others usually handle it.

Out of curiosity, I looked at this week’s ncaa schedule rankings.-
http://web1.ncaa.org/mfb/2011/Internet/toughest schedule/fbs_9games_past.pdf
Nebraska, has put up a 8-3 record with the 6 toughest schedule in the country. In a new conference, with a new OC, and 4 new full time assistants.
After quickly looking your logged in, posted points of emphasis, I see you have issues with the Bo ster. I can understand and accept that. But, like with Solich, I don’t see who you replace him with, realistically. Key on reality.
I think the foundation is finally strong, again. You can figure on the defense improving and the offense is becoming what it would’ve- SHOULD have evolved into, 8 seasons ago. I think recruiting has been solid and the renewed walkon program is again showing itself to be indispensable.
Pelini is bringing in the type of “live” athletes that Nebraska hasn’t gotten consistently, since Osborne.
I see all the earmarks of the “Nebraska way.”

For me, I always (always) defend and support the total program. Players, staff and administration.
I usually only need do that, in the tough times.
Tough times, these aren’t.

http://web1.ncaa.org/mfb/2011/Internet/toughest schedule/fbs_9games_past.pdf
Hopefully, that worked.

Greg Morrow said…

...“the renewed walkon program is again showing itself to be indispensable”.

This is a very interesting point that I don’t feel the average fan knows about, or appreciates. Every fan is usually aware of the five star recruits that comes to a school, but “walk on” talent can be just as valuable. Obviously not as often but more so than many fans may think. Michigan has a D-back by the name of Jordon Kovacks, a walk on, he is clearly the best defensive player Michigan has, even better than Mike Martin, in my opinion, and he is the leader of that offense. While nothing replaces recruiting the “walk on” program can be an important piece of the recruiting process.

I remember the early ‘rough’ days with Coach Osborne. He was labeled as not being able to win against OU and unable to win the big one. Coach Osborne had lost 7 bowl games in a row but ended with 3 Ntl Championships in his last 4 years.
I just don’t see that from Coach Pelini. He is supposed to be a defensive guru. He doesn’t run the defense (that I know of) but a family member does. I think employing family members and buddies is very risky business. Nepitism, i believe. The Stoops brothers made it work for a short while, but at some point that it wouldn’t have (eventually it wouldn’t have) changes would have to be made. I think Coach Pelini is TOO loyal to his asst coaches. Example would be Shawn Watson. Stuck with that guy way too long.
I think you are correct when you say that this year would not be the right year maybe because of getting settled in the new conference. But, I think it’s something that should be considered after this year. Coach Pelini might just be the right guy but family and friends might be the real problem. I think Coach Pelini has cleaned up his sideline image especially yesterday when he remained relatively calm.
Dwayne, Do you feel good about the price to product you are getting?

OU7times- you are a pile. Seriously, what person has enough time on their hands to continue to comment on a blog that is out of your conference and not relevant to your state or team. Do us all a favor and get lost!

I didn’t see the game but from what I read we were awful.  Before we throw Bo and Co. out we should calm down and then rethink what happened during the game.

This is the first year the coaching staff has been together as a whole, first year with a new OC and several other things happened this year that hurt us.  The challenges we have had this year were large and we are working at getting everybody on the same page and that takes time. 

Bruce Kennedy:  Obviously your a Michigan fan who lives in KS.  Or maybe your a Michigan fan because they beat NU.  You seem bitter not only to NU but also bitter toward OU.  Why talk juke on an NU web site when you could join your fellow Kansas or KSU fans on another.

OU7times:  You are always welcome on this web site but you seem upset today.  We need to keep Bo & co, he will help continue to build us back to a NC.  Not sure what happened yesterday but it shocked me.

Mark from VA said…
“You seem bitter not only to NU but also bitter toward OU.  Why talk juke on an NU web site when you could join your fellow Kansas or KSU fans on another”.

Good question although a little misinformed. No bitterness here. You’ve read my posts before I am a Michigan fan, since I’m originally from Detroit. I like KU and KSU but I’m not a fan. You must have some kindredship with OU7times, I have never talked “juke” about NU on this site or any other site, for that matter. You are correct in pointing out my comments about OU, on this site, but they are merely in response to OU7times. I will refrain from such banter from now on, thanks for the tip.

Bruce, we all gotcha, man. Mark usually buddies up with OU7times. and should have directed the commenting on your own blog with your own buds to him.

all4nu04…Thank you.  I will still try and restrict my comments to what is pertinent to this site, which is Nebraska football. I shouldn’t have been carrying on a conversation with OU7times. Again thank you for the support.

WOW!  After reading so many posts about this game, I am a bit upset with many on this web site.  Did the Huskers play bad yesterday, yes they did!  In every aspect of the game they played bad and flat.  This wasn’t because of dings, this wasn’t because it’s late in the season, they just played bad.  Even the one area (Special Teams) that we clearly out played Michigan in all year they got beat.  Yes that should have been a 5 yard penalty, but that isn’t the way that it went, and good teams come back from that and makes stops.  I don’t want to hear excuses from the coaches or players for this exihibition of poor playing of football, because there isn’t any to be had.  All that I want is to see them come out of Friday and play at the level that they know they can play at!
From a coaching perspective, we all need to remember a few things here.  In the 70’s and some of the 80’s, and even a little in the 90’s people wanted Tom out.  He wasn’t bringing championships home, and that was making everyone upset.  Wonder who would revere today if they would have done that in the 70’s?  Remember as well, we were coming off back to back National Championships when Tom took over.  If you don’t support the whole team, then they are just fighting against everyone.  Bo is a young coach, he has some room to grow as well, and I personally would like to see him leave our program when he is around 84, but you know it is hard to stay in one place when all you hear is how much everyone wants someone else to be there.
OU7, sorry, but I am a little disappointed in reading your post on here.  You usually are always very constructive in what you have to say and say with a since of diligence as well.  Please come back to where you were and post things that can help deliver good reading and spark great conversations.
Think about this for a minute.  The Huskers this year played a schedule that was very demanding.  They have played 11 teams so far, that they usually never meet up with, and this Friday will become 12.  They are very likely to walk out of this with a 9 – 3 record.  Do we really want to be upset about that?  Could we be 10 – 2 or even 11 – 1 YES!  But we are not.  But I am one that is proud to have walked through this gauntlet and come out with the record that we have so far.  No one has ever beaten that streak in one season, and I don’t think that it is going to happen anytime soon either.
As far as B1G vs Big 12, I am happy to be in the B1G this year.  Yes I think that the Big 12 is a better conference this year when looking at it from the outside.  You have KSU, OSU, OU, Baylor, even Texas that are playing well this year.  In the B1G we have Wis, MSU, Michigan, PSU, NU, even the other NU and OSU that are playing well.  Don’t know what will happen to the rankings after yesterday though.  The B1G reminds me more of the Big 8 then anything, it is smash mouth football, which does make it harder to run the table.
Remember a few things and the light becomes a little better.


Ask yourself, if Nebraska had lost 4 games to this point would people be panicking right now?
I think so.
Ohio State was putting it to Nebraska before the Ohio State QB went down with a high ankle sprain and that was the difference in the game.
Something to think about.
Bruce, you should have known better than to comment without running it through ‘40 all u n 4?’ first.
Shame on you for having a brain of your own.
Are you Sheldon from Big Bang Theory by chance?

what you say is true but I never ever sugarcoat what I believe is true, either. I am harsh on NU because I can relate to them after watching their games all my life.
There is truth in what I say and someday I believe it will unfold.
I don’t care for messing with tradition and that’s what I see here. It seems in the last few years some fans console themselves with moral victories. Moral Victories= Mediocrity. That’s not Tom Osborne type mentality of smash mouth football and ‘bring your best cause we are going to whip your ass’ I thought we all liked a 90 pct winning pct football?
Hey, if some of these fans deal with people that have differing opinions with hatred, then I say bring it, sister.

OU7,  Please ignore the rude comments from my fellow husker fans.  I, personally, enjoy your writings mainly because I agee with much that you say.  I was impressed about your knowledge re Perelman and all the damage he has done (this is the same guy that wanted to bring Bill Ayers to our campus).  I’ve stated several times that NU is one of the top 10 jobs in the country based upon fan support (booser base, etc. . .), facilities, tradition, and money.
Here are my top ten; see if you agree:  Michigan, Ohio St. Norte Dame, OK, TX, LSU, Georgia, Alabama, Florida St and Florida.  My point is that NU deserves better.  It will take years to work through this, but I feel fairly confident that Bo and Co. will be gone in 3/4 years.  He just doesn’t have it.  Everybody keeps citing Osborne’s early years.  However,  TO had some smarts and I’m not sure about this guy.  Enough said.  Good Luck to OU when you play OSU.

Bruce Kennedy:  You are welcome on this web site any time and I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t.  Your comments seemed edgy and to me, it seemed like you were attempting to rub our loss in our face.  BTW, I have always liked Michigan and the type of football they represent.  Michigan is a good team but Oklahoma is a top 5 team with great speed, so if you do play them in a bowl game, good luck!!

OU7times:  I disagree with your opinion about NU @ OSU.  We were already on our way back when their QB got hurt, granted our come back would of been harder but still achieved.  It was OSU’s D that the Huskers tore up to get those points.

Absolutely at this point in the game I do, and that’s based upon when Pelini’s contract was signed and his stock value of when he signed it. A coach’s stock can fluctuate based upon performance on the field, the direction and projection of the program, and his actions off the field. Pelini at this point has done fine. There are so many variables to consider. Now… if there is one coach that I cannot quite figure out it’s Kirk Ferentz, but I guess the fans love the guy. For me, I don’t see the value. Everything’s subject to change with time and performance, but to answer your question I feel that Pelini’s salary is justifiable. The bottom line for me with this season is our defensive line depth. It just isn’t there. We don’t have the push that’s needed on that front to compete for championships right now. I’m hopeful it will change and I have confidence that Pelini can get it done. The offensive line is the other thing. There is very good young talent there but they need to play together for a solid season and mature together. If NU can get some depth somehow on the defensive line, we’ll be fine. Just my opinion…

So tired of Big 12 trolls
2 words: Javon Harris.
Coach Bob Stoop(id)‘s DBs couldn’t cover their own heads in a rainstorm if they were given an umbrella.
I guess it’s a good thing Weeden and Blackmon can’t throw or catch the deep ball. I guess this comment deserves a Yuk yuk or two as well.

OK, it’s been a day since “that thing” happened that was called a football game. I’m a little more level headed now. Hopefully we all are.
First off, lets congratulate Michigan for a whale of a game and hand it to them for taking a defense that was ranked almost dead last the year before and will finish this year in the top 10. Hats off to Brady Hoke and his staff.
I totally agree with Greg Morrow on this one…well put Greg!

Lets look at it this way and consider these things…1) the vast majority of our players were recruited to play in the Big 12. The B1G is a totally different brand of football and a different type of player is needed in several key areas and we went up against some of the best defenses and D and O lines in college football.
2) Our team is VERY young. I can’t remember a time when we have seen so many freshman and sophmores playing important roles, and actually depending on them…shakey at best. Can they be stars? Yes, but it’s really best in general that you redshirt them as usually they need it coming fresh out of high school.
3) We have a new offensive coordinator. If that isn’t enough, he is new to the position having never been 100% responsible for the play calling in major college football so he’s learning as he goes too.
4) We have a new linebackers coach, a new defensive backs coach, and a new receivers coach. And all of those guys are new, or are fairly new to their respective positions. All are unproven. Mistake? Maybe, maybe not, time will tell.
5) It s our first year in a brand new conference where the style of play is very different than what we’ve been playing for the last several years. Somewhat related to the first point but more along the lines of all new opponents to prepare for.
6) We lost an incredible secondary who are now playing in the pros, and our only guy with experience missed a few games in the beginning of the season.
Now, add on top of that our head coach is only in his 4th year as a head coach and it just doesn’t add up to instant success. Tons of daunting challenges this year, and any one of them would be bad enough on their own, let alone our circumstances beyond that.
So if we beat Iowa, and I know we can, we’ll end up 9-3 for the season. Gregs point is well taken and a great outside looking in perspective, especially considering we played the 6th hardest schedule in the country! Considering all of the above, we didn’t do too badly this year really. We’ll get to a bowl game.
Maybe all those in the B1G and all the other prognosticators were a little more right when they were saying “welcome to the B1G football” than we were when we were saying “welcome to Nebraska football”...well, maybe not everybody…I bet Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State wouldn’t agree.
We have had some great success in our first year, you have to give this team that at least. They’re trying their hardest, lets not throw them under the bus. They went up against some awefully good defenses this year. I bet those teams have seen enough of Nebraska, because they have to be thinking if we can be this good with all that going against us and the challenges we faced this year, look what they have to look forward to as we get better and better? Ouch! Paybacks are a bitch.
So maybe thinking we were going to roll in there and beat everyone and win the championship in our first year in the leage may have been a little wishful thinking after all. But that’s OK. We’re just hungry.
I think if we all stand back and take an objective look at how our program is trending, we’d all agree we are a heck of a lot better off than we were 4 years ago.
The silver lining, at least for me, is to look at the talent we have, albeit young, and know that we are a LOT better team than we saw yesterday. We had the best group of offensive linemen in the country come in during this last recruiting class, including some first year players and freshmen who are contributing big time already (Stafford and Abdduhla come to mind), a QB who is getting better and better and is only a sophmore, another year of Sexy Rexy, and a certain 5 star guy in Aaron Green that may turn out to be the next star running back for Nebraska, and a certain star quality guy named Jamal Turner who, if he can put his nose to the grindstone, might turn out to be the next Johnny Rogers. That’s what gets me excited.
There is always next year!

Patience, people.
Young players in 4th year partly because of rushed first recruiting class.  Pelini’s not stupid, that’s why he’s gotten good players from Jucos, e.g. Stafford, David, some now in the NFL.  We’ve got some talent redshirt, Peat will help shore up the Dline next year.  I think Moore and Crick are the only Srs on the Dline, and Moore’s like the #3 in his spot, starting due to Crick and Rome’s injuries.
Inconsistency hurts, but we’re not as bad as Wisky, Northwestern, and Michigan made us look.  We beat Penn State and Michigan State, this sort of thing is happening with all these teams this year.  It’s partly the “fit” of the teams, and partly who’s prepared as well as emotionally ready. 
Iowa should be a good “fit,” they are primarily a passing team, the kind our D plays well against.  And they are about as good against the run as we are, statistically.

OU7, you are correct in that is TO’s way, but he was also, “Stay the course.”  I don’t want a championship from a coach that is here for 5 years and gone then look for another that will bring the next one.  I want our championships to come as all the others did, over time, by a coach that stayed the course, playing smash mouth football, week in and week out.  That is how tradition is built.
Today’s society isn’t me, that is one of the greatest things with NU football, it takes time to build it, and when it starts to click, man is it beautiful to watch.


OU7, plus, as I told you many times, I love having you here on this site, you give us a great look at this team!  Keep it up!

I also just remembered that if Harvey Pearlman had his way Houston Nutt would have been Nebraska’s coach instead of Coach Pelini. Remember the arrogance of HP when a private jet was sent down to pick up Coach Nutt to bring him back to Lincoln and, luckily for Nebraska, he told them to get lost. That’s the way it was reported anyway.

OU7,  that’s a good accout of what happened, and, yes, Pelini is definitely better than Houson Nutt.  I’ll never forget my wife walking into the TV room and proclaiming that NU was going to hire a nut from Houston for its head coach.

Oh, and one last thing OU7, you can talk smack about how pathetic NU football may appear to be right now and the direction Pelini is leading the program, but how dare you discount the Runza sandwich. lol

To put it in a ‘nutshell’, I expect more consistency at this point of the proverbial game from both Coach Pelini and especially Coach Venables at OU.
I can still remember the Gibbs/Schnellenberger/Blake/Callahan experiments so it could be a lot worse. A 10 win season is good but we will always want/expect more.

Sorry about that comment, Dwayne. Can’t stand the stuff. I bet toilet paper sales are big in Nebraska though!
I hope pathetic didn’t really come out of my mouth. If it did it was OU’s pass defense (lack of) I was talking about.

Is what it is guys. We just need to be prepared for Iowa this Friday as they will be hungry for the new rival win.

OU7times- if you’re going to comment on HUSKER blogs, at least come with some supportive or friendly things to comment on. If you’re here to rip on anything then please keep it on your okla board. I don’t care how many buddies you have on here or what other intelligent things you brought here in the past, but for now check the attitude at the door or stay in Okla.

On another note, I do feel a little sorry for you. Spending a few hours on your Sunday day off to comment on a Nebraska board. :) Glad we are of that much importance to you!

No, you do care about how many so called “buddies” I have here because it’s twice now that you have mentioned it.
You’ve fooled yourself and no one else.
I think you are confusing people having a conversation with being “buddies” and it upsets you.
Let’s make it easy. Don’t read any of my comments anymore then that way you don’t have to bother telling us how you don’t really care.
You seem to be turning a Husker football blog into a personal attack site and also advisement on who should comment to who.
Says something about you I think but don’t worry, I’ll never respond to you again.

Thanks for checking for my response, I knew you would :)  Once a husker, always a husker.

Just FYI, things need to chill a little.  This is a place for discussion, not personal attacks.  OU7’s commenting is welcome, as is anyone who wants to add an opinion about football.  I frequent plenty of other team and conference sites and have never been told to pickup and go back to a Husker news site.  Be the gracious Huskers that we’re reported to be.  Fans of any team are welcome here.  (Plus, I don’t like Runza’s either).

Thanks Tom!  I was getting a little annoyed hearing someone to tell OU7 to leave this site.  I have always enjoyed his comments here.  As well I was thinking the same thing, how can we have so many great comments about our fan base, and yet act like this.  If a Husker fan can’t take bad comments about our team from others, then they should really pack it in.
I miss Runza though, haven’t been able to have one in years!

Jamal turner should be the QB and Tmart should be the receiver

Past comments have been great and welcoming, but some of his on this forum were rude and UN necessary.  Buck up men, you can speak your mind and stick up for yourself every once in awhile!

@Tim.  I think Turner and Pelini must have gotten into it at practice. Haven’t seen or heard much from him.

Lot’s of comments about Nebraska football.  It is very interesting to see so many negative comments about a football program.  Tom O. and the NU Board wanted to take Nebraska to the next level.  Only thing was they were speaking only about the football team.  Now NU is in the BIG TEN and what is the next level?  No conference title, no chance at a BCS bowl game, no chance at a National Champship.  Looks like this is at a lesser level.  Regardless of who is the head coach I believe this is all about money.  If you look at the other sports at Nebraska which everone tends to ignore the programs are doing just as well or better.  However these programs have no influence on conference decisions.  True Nebraska fans would support their teams through wins and losses and support all sports.  Where is the loyality in Nebraska?  Even the AD and board has no loyality.

As a Michigan fan I want to say how nice it is to have Nebraska in the B1G.  You are a great addition to the conference.  I look forward to being at a game in Lincoln.  As far as the game, we had some good breaks and I guess it was our year.  I was not at the game, but some friends were and mentioned that your fans had a lot of class.  Hope they had a good time in Ann Arbor.

Someone mentioned Nebraska was not our first choice for the Big Ten.  Maybe not the first choice; but probably the best choice.  There is no way in hell most of us wanted Notre Dame, not yesterday, today or tomorrow.  I hope they never get invited to the Big Ten ever again.  They are like a woman, once you get turned down for a date, don’t ask them again, especially if their initials are ND.

I keep wanting to think that we are a young team,, we are.
If I hear ,we just didn’t execute one more time, I ‘m going to \
The most disapointing part of the season is the lack of development shown on the field. We have some outstanding players( David ect) at this point you should see the younger guys
taking some control on the field, not at all, almost looks like
we are losing our grip.
I know that Pelni is sold on Martinez,but do we have to have another year with a quarterback that is inconsistent. However
after the Mighigan game maybe thats the least of our worries!!!!

The reason that Mr. Martinez was has not been replaced is because the coaches ” DID NOT EXECUTE “.  Maybe they need to EXECUTE or maybe Tom O and the NU Board need to EXECUTE.  Hard to say.  It may even be there needs to be an EXECUTION.

Why is this site not updated at all…......................

I make so much money every week ,  predicting Bo’s post game . We needto execute. GROSS and how can bo say we are happy with where we are at at this time with the PROGRAM. WE ARE NEBRASKA!!!!!! Our fan loyality is not reaping the benefits of paying for overinflated ticket prices.  First you pay your forced DONATION, then you buy tickets which take a third of your weeks wages, thats not including the price of WATER/POP/RUNZA/PIZZA,  which they stick in your face like its a steal .  I called ticket office to see how much t transfer dads seats which he had for 31 years and never missed.  There answer was these are our set horsef##king prices to transfer/screw ya and if you dont like it there is a ten year waiting list. Its hard to have anger issues agaist my beloved BIG RED,  but with the world in turmoil,  I JUST WANNA SEE A GAME WITH COACHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.


SORRY i FEEL BETTER now p.s. my spelling is worse than our def.

Nebraska ran into a buzz-saw Saturday, but the loss wasn’t due to bad coaching.  It was due to out-coaching, for sure, but the difference is important.

The Michigan team was on a mission.  They had been humiliated for years, especially the defense, through no fault of their own. They were playing at home, and have proven to be a much, much tougher foe at home than on the road.  No fault to Nebraska for losing to Michigan at Michigan.

Fans are right to question the hiring of Carl Pelini as No’s defensive coordinator and D-line coach, though.  Brothers hiring brothers without obvious qualifications for the job (the Bobcats job doesn’t qualify, IMO) just smacks of bullshit.

I dunno if Bo Pelini is the right fit for the UNL coaching job.  I do know that UNL is a good fit for the Big Ten, if it can get its AAU membership restored.  The latter is a much, much bigger issue than the head coaching position.

Nebraska fans have already shown they fit in the Big Ten.  I look forward to interacting with them in the years ahead.

This season’s NU team is young and we have a lot of injuries.  Our play is inconsistent and what you might expect from such an unseasoned team.  But let’s keep things in perspective, folks.  It took T.O. a hell of a long time to become the legend that he is today.  Husker fans these days want every season to have two or fewer losses or they are immediately ready to trade in for a new coach?  That’s nonsense.  Pelini bleeds Husker red everytime you cut him down like that.

When I watch head coaches on the sideline, I always ask myself, “do they have the fire in their belly”.  It is obvious Pelini does.  Give him time to improve his recruiting and grow in his position without trying destroy him after every single loss.  Nobody can deliver Tom Osbourne results overnight.  Good grief folks!

I always hear what great fans NU has.  But then I read the blogs and I wonder why those young men even want to play for you all.  You are not deserving of the blood, sweat and tears that they pour into this program.

See you on Turkey day.  And in addition to the many hundreds of other things you are greatful for, be thankful for Big Red Football.  I am.

At the end of the day, it’s all about Husker football.
Most interesting team, in all of sports.
Best fans on the whole planet.
Two things, easily agreed upon!

97 NU ;
I appreciate the longer term perspective.
I do not believe that takes the place of constructive criticizum .

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