Kevin Dillon Comes Aboard

Nebraska added a commitment from a four-star quarterback prospect to the 2015 recruiting class in Denton, Texas product Kevin Dillman.  At 6'4", he's got the height you look for in a passer.  He's also a dual-threat type player that can make plays with his legs.  Reviews are mixed because he's Swedish and has missed time playing high school football in the U.S. due to visa issues and injury.  But the rosiest reviews suggest he could be a "program changing" kind of recruit.  The likes of which we may not have seen since Tommie Frazier.  No pressure there.


Prior to his most recent injury, Dillman had been rated a five-star prospect by 247 sports.  His offer list includes Florida State, UCLA, Tennessee and Washington along with many others.  Combine him with the other six players so far in the class of 2015 and you see perhaps the makings of perhaps the best recruiting class for the Huskers in this century.  All of them have received a four-star rating from at least one major recruiting site.

He'll certainly be a player that the Huskers will have to fight to keep.  If he stays healthy for his senior season you could see his stock rise again and the market for his services to heat up that much more.

With Dillon and the emerging class the potential is there for bright things in the future.

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No offense (no pun intended!) but we’ve kind of heard this hype before concerning QB recruits at NU.  If this Swede joins the team, player development will be issue going forward.  Has NU actually excelled at PD since Callie and BOP have been on board?  Answer is “yes” and “no”.  Consistency across the board in that regard has been lacking.

By the way, does the unincorporated village of Swedeburg still exist along Highway 77 in Nebraska?

“Dillon”...really?? The author should at least try to get his name right.  Welcome to the team Mr. Dillman! GBR!!!

FUCK YEAH!  Dat’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!  ‘15 is kickin’ ASS!


Yes it does.

Keep in mind folks, even though Brook Berringer’s legs didn’t seem to be moving that fast, the only time you really understood how fast he was going was when the hash marks were blurring underneath his feet.  6’ 4”  Welcome to the party Mr. Dillman.

Weez iz #9 right now, Rivals, ‘15 class, with a surplus of 4* dudes over 3* dudes—7 ttl dudes.  This is the way is should look, hot diggity!

Great addition.. Welcome to the family!

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