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This week both Lincoln and Madison will be abuzz about the matchup between the Cornhuskers and Badgers. Not only is it the first Big Ten game for a storied program like Nebraska, but it is also a matchup of the two top-rated teams in the conference. Emotionally, the stakes couldn't be higher. Practically, they actually are pretty low.


Think about what's to be gained or lost. Both teams can still win their division or the conference if they were to lose the game. Nebraska would even still have a shot at a national championship with a loss to Wisconsin, provided they won each game that followed. There are those who might even argue that if the teams were to meet in a rematch in the conference championship game, the losing team in the initial contest might actually hold an edge since it's so hard to beat a team twice in one season. Given those realities, should head coach Bo Pelini or the NU players treat this game as an all-important season-defining outing? Yes and No.

Yes in that you'd hope that Nebraska has built a culture where your next opponent is always all-important. Nothing this week matters but the Badgers. Nothing last week should have mattered but the Cowboys. Nothing next week should matter but the Buckeyes, and so on. At the same time, you don't want to make the emotional stakes too high for a game whose practical stakes are so low. It's an out of division game. At the end of the regular season it could matter a lot less than the games against Michigan, Michigan State, or Iowa.

You also don't want to see a hangover effect. Florida State lost a highly anticipated game against Oklahoma two weekends ago. Then they come up short against a much less impressive Clemson squad that many felt the Seminoles should have beat. Miami got a feel good win over Ohio State two weeks back. Then they go out and lose a home game to Kansas State who very few would have given much of a chance against he Hurricanes. Win or lose, Nebraska can't let the emotional stakes of this game cost them the next one.

This is where fans play a part as well. Last year, the loss to an underwhelming Texas squad in Lincoln seemed somewhat attributable to the incredible emphasis placed on the game by fans. The Husker Nation wanted -scratch that, DEMANDED- that NU erase the pain of fifteen years of heartbreak in one game against the Longhorns. That seemed to take a toll mentally on the team. No one in red could catch a ball, even if it hit them in the hands. This year the Husker faithful needs to learn from that mistake and keep this week and this game from becoming more than it should be. It's an exciting game, no doubt. But it shouldn't determine the season, the division or even the month. It's just one game after all.

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Yeah, last year’s loss to Texas was totally the fault of the fans. It had nothing to do with piss poor pass-catching on the part of the players or poor preparation by the coaches.

And Bo just giving up at the end of the game and not kicking an onside even though we had just returned a punt? Dammit, he just felt so much pressure from the fans that he couldn’t bring himself to go for the win.

Sucks having fans like ours. Poor Bo.

In all seriousness, this is year four and if our team lays an egg in Madison (think 2007 USC) Bo’s seat my start getting hot. His arrogance isn’t translating into wins in big games thus far.


I agree. 

Michigan in the big house is a bigger game in determing who gets to Indianapolis.

Steve, one game as it may be can make or break a season for the players/team.  If there is a let down from an a** whooping we may take, the Buckeyes defense will pound us into submission and then what?  Dwayne, the Michigan game means nothing if there is a let down after Wisconsin punishes us.  Brian, I agree, Bo needs to have his ego deflated a little and see the big picture.  Outside of the freshman he’s playing, how many of those players did he recruit?  I think Frank got sank for similiar recruiting and W/L records.

We are in trouble! I think it starts with coaches.  The philosophy that we are seeing, is very close to Kevin Cosgroves philosophy.  Defense on their heels, passively watching to see what the offense is going to do.  NU defenses of old blew up the offensive plays. They didn’t let the offense dictate nothing!  I am disappointed in Pelini and his staff. The defense has become a milk toast defense.  Only David and Stafford are tackling anybody.  Crick and Steinkuhler are underachieving or worse aren’t that good or are not being told to rush the passer. The DE’s are very disappointing.  It looks like Martin has put on too much weight, I was hoping he would become NU’s sack man, Not! There is just no push whatsoever by anybody! I don’t know if it is by scheme or we just don’t have anybody?
Secondary is in shambles. And I believe it is do to Corey Raymond.  His no touch, no tell philosophy has made our dbacks tentative.  We must be physical.  Cassidy is horrendus.  He doesn’t cover anybody and seems to want to avoid contact.  Where is Courtney Osborne, in the coaches doghouse or is he pouting? The corners every week play 10 yards off the receiver and still get beat! Wisconsin will win by 30 points!

We will never be like CU or Minnesota.  We like having high expectations from the coach, players, and fans.  The biggest game is the next game every week.  Wisconsin has it’s vulnerabilities and the question is can NU coaches exploit them? 

Huskers haven’t looked excited in any game yet.  The college spotlight is in Madison on Saturday and they need to bring their A game.  Go Big Red!

“It had nothing to do with piss poor pass-catching on the part of the players or poor preparation by the coaches.”
Sarcasm Detector
P.S.  Terry, don’t jump off that bridge….
P.P.S.  Daniel, Frank had to answer to the Anti-Christ that is Steve Pederson

We are going to get pasted at wisconsin.  The offense is struggling to run basic fundamental plays.  We have freshman on the O-line that are getting exposed by lesser teams.  wisconsin will blow up our running game, then what, Taylor passing to win?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Our defense has gotten beaten up by much lesser offenses than what wisconsin will bring on saturday.  russell wilson is A LOT more dangerous than carr ever could be.  I live in the Raleigh area and have seen wilson play for years and NEBRASKA is in trouble.
I realize we are playing basic schemes on both sides of the ball, but we are getting exposed every week.  What’s going to happen when we go up against real teams?

I predict we lose by double digits and it won’t even be that close.  I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen enough football to know if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, its a duck, and we are ugly ducklings right now.

Yeah the fans cost NU the game against Texas. It didn’t matter that team came out flatter than a pancake! I didn’t know we fans had that much power! Get real!!

I think you set a record for the most wrong statements in one little opinion piece.
For starters, although a loss by either team doesn’t eliminate them from the conference or national championship, it certainly hurts.  Two losses and you’re out—one takes you halfway there.
There are other things even more nonsensical, but they aren’t even worth commenting on.

Am I the only person not worried about Wisconsin?  We played our best three quarters against Washington (arguably our toughest comp so far).  Yeah, I saw the 4thQ….it wasn’t impressive.  I blame that on lax coaching.  I have a feeling that our players and coaches will be very ready on Saturday.  Keep in mind (although our defense isn’t where the fans want it) this is by far going to be the toughest defense Wisky has faced this year.  Shoot me down if you feel the need to but I’m just pointing out some positives in favor of the Huskers.  GBR!

Put me in the camp that says that Nebraska’s going to get blown out next Saturday, so I can say I told you so later. What’s the use in trusting the coaches and players when us fans know so much more than they do? Also, let’s talk about a replacement for Pelini because I’m getting real sick of 9 and 10 win seasons - it’s MNC or bust in my book.

Ignoring the Wisconsin game for now… I’ve always blamed the fans, in part, for the Texas loss. Yes, the offense fell flat. Yes, the coaching left a lot to be desired. Last year our team did poorly in Memorial Stadium. But, on campus the atmosphere on the week prior to the Texas game was electric. I absolutely cannot delineate the atmosphere. But, I can say with certainty it is almost inconceivable that the atmosphere didn’t affect the players for the Texas game. Of course now I’m no longer on campus so I have idea how much the Wisconsin game is being built up.

“I’m getting real sick of 9 and 10 win seasons.”

Well, better get the Hari Kari knife out because I see Nebraska having 8-win seasons every so often and still being a “good” team. The Big Ten is tougher top to bottom (well, maybe at least ten of the teams). Michigan will be back, NW is under good stewardship with Fitzgerald, and Iowa will still be a regularly competitive team, if not under-achieving. It’s one of the things we needed to get used to with the switch, but I think we already were with the rise of Okie ST, Mizzou and ISU. There’s too much parity in CFB anymore. The 30-something 9-win streak is a thing of the past.

As for WI, well I thought NU would get blown out against Texas in 2009 and was wrong. I also thought they’d blow out TX in 2010…

I’ve got some faith in this team, especially as the youngsters jell together and as said - this is a good yardstick game, but not the most critical game on the schedule. Michigan and Mich. State are much more critical in my book. If WI prevails, focus on the rest of the season, and keep coming together for a rematch with nearly a season under their belts by December.

Steve,  Wow what a weak article.  So it’s Monday morning and let’s write an article saying it’s okay if we lose and don’t get too wrapped into the game etc.  I think you should go grab your blankey and sippy cup of kool-aid because it is nap time!  This is a huge game, ESPN GameDay, National TV, Brent (I love Texas) Mussburger.  We don’t need to worry about protecting 19-20 year old kids from being emotionally too high.  Frankly they need to be in full rage mode on defense Saturday night and kick some Big Ten overrated conference butt!  We played in the Big 12 for many years.  We played national championship caliber teams every year.  Not Big Ten wannabes who cheat to win a national title.  (Ohio State)  I’m sorry I am not going to fall in love with the Big Ten because Nebraska joined it.  But I digress.  Our players, fans and coaches should be hyped up about this game and if we lose take it hard for a few days.  Feeling pain like that will make you want to avoid it in the future.  Believe me Bo’s track record on national TV against top ranked teams is not good so he wants this one bad.  Don’t think otherwise.  I don’t get this feel good it’s okay if we don’t win attitude you are conveying.  Yes the season will not be lost and we can still win the Big 10 but winning this game is very important for a lot of reasons.

Nebraska by 6…. What great fans you all are. You should go and be some one else fans. Try UNO Football they are more predictable, and maybe you would be right more than wrong with your nonsense.

First off, you all need chill the heck out.  How many points did we give up to Wyoming?  Answer: 14 We haven’t been at full strength defensively all season.  Not one game.  I sat first row, 5 yardline for Saturday night’s game and Rex was a beast.  Taylor is what he is but has big play potential.  We rushed for over 300 yards on the road.  Your nutz to think Pelini hasn’t called a Vanilla game plan thus far. Wilson does seem composed but remember what we did against Locker in the first game last year.  I know Prince is gone but they project Locker to be a solid NFL guy.  Bo is a hot head, and loves giving coach speak interviews but don’t count him out in scheming on the road.  We need to win the T.O. battle and stay close in the first half.  Unlike Billy C, Bo can make halftime adjustments.  The idea of Husker fans saying we will get killed by anybody sickens me.  Take your defeatest attitude and shove it you know where.  Gameday is going to be in Madtown Saturday night and the Skers will show up in Big Way!  I like our chances…

UNO Football is quite predictable:

0 and 0 and 0 and 0 and 0…...

Hey, guys, we are undefeated, get off Bo and his staff’s back.  You are no experts and I’m certain know very little about coaching football.  How about you stick to supporting the team and leave the coaching up to Bo and his staff.

Bench Presley

this is no way n showing u r a husker fan yes I want us to win but rather we lose r win back n the day we always show why we are the best nebraska fans wether we lose r win we always show the other team respect by clapping we never sit here bashing eachother common guys let’s get back to where we once was n still is n my book the best fans n sports good nebraska and god bless us all

As a Husker fan behind enemy lines in Michigan I’ve been watching Big Ten teams if anything for having the Big Ten Network for years now. Wiscy is a tough place to play especially at night. Comparable to the fan effect you get at an LSU night game. Wiscy will cah-rush us if we don’t bring our A game all around.

Now for the idiots saying Bo needs to feel the heat reference his job…well you just need to shut up. Two consecutive 10 win seasons & Bo is a bum?  Come on! Yes big wins in big times are critical but lumping Bo in with Callahan & Co or even Sollich is absurd. Sollich inherited talent that Bo didn’t.

Let’s hope we are a team that plays up to the competition.  I think you will see we are not as bad as we have played over some stretches.  Wisky has not played anyone of quality this year so it isnt a forgone conclusion they are a great team.  From what I read (besides SD) their opponents have self destructed to a certain extent.  If we can play mistake free, smart and be aggressive, we have a chance. A good showing (win or loss) at Camp Randle will help the balance of the season..

Look there are things that Wisconsin does well that certainly we, along with everyone else who remains on their schedule, will have to worry about.  Do we have some concerns?  Yeah we do.  If we put the ball on the turf that will be the quickest way to ruin any prospects of winning on Saturday Night.  Even more than the questions of the run defense, the battle of turnover margin will hold supreme in this contest.  But I would venture for some to consider that Wisconsin too will have some concerns to address against us as well. . .

I will give them all the credit for carrying out their assignments, and taking care of business leading up to this game.  They have handled themselves with aplomb and the confidence of a football team that believes in it’s culture, it’s talent,  and what it is being asked to do.  Shortcomings included, we will be the best team that they have played by far at this point.  I’m sure that we will provide a little more opposition than the current non-conference slate that they have gone through but there is one area where we do have an advantage, and a potentially decisive one at that. . .

IF our Offensive Line plays well then we will have our IB’s and Martinez one-on-one with their LB’s in space and they have had problems with making appropriate checks and reads so far.  These guys are solid, but they’re not Alabama’s LB’s either.  If we get our skill players in space their LB’s they will have some problems with us, and we will beat them for some big plays.  Whether that comes to pass or not remains to be seen but we should be able to move the ball on this defense.  I’m willing to bet that this Offensive Line is going to play a little better than we anticipate this weekend.  They’ve made some nice strides over the past two weeks.  If anyone saw the Wisconsin/UNLV game UNLV ran a lot of the same plays we run, and moved the ball effectively against the Wisconsin Defense.  UNLV ran the Pistol and the option game out of it quite well for long stretches against Wisconsin.  We’ll see but this game is going to come down to turnovers.  And do not forget Ameer Abdullah.  Show me a team that scores on Special Teams and I will show you a team that drastically improves their chances for victory.  Wisconsin is going to run the ball, because that’s what they do.  Will it present problems?  Probably so.  But people do take into account that there are things that we do to well that Wisconsin has to be worried about too. . .

Wisconsin will be an absolute snake pit Saturday. If you don’t think Bert and his boys won’t have a special ‘Welcome to the Big 10’ party ready for you then you have been in hibernation. Wisconsin is playing as well or better than ANYONE in the country right now and Russell Wilson (2011 Heisman winner) is sick! He will get his numbers.

Camp Randall is almost as big as it gets in college football. Phil Steele has it ranked as a 5.25 out of a possible 6 in hardest venues for opponents to win at. It will be all about stuffing the run and, once again, making Martinez beat them with the pass. It’s not going to happen, guy’s. I expect many NU turnovers cause these guys are no joke and will bring it.

I believe it will be a double digit win and a solid ‘cover’ (currently 9.5 pts) by the home team. Bet against your team and win cash because it only hurts until you get paid.

Wisconsin- 34
Nebraska-  108

Haaaa haaa. That should be Nebraska 10. Gotta love the IPad.

the last game i was at (Holiday Bowl)  they quite…....
hope they don’t go to wisc. and do the same..
Nebraska Cornquiters…....Go Big Red

If defense is our concern there are no coaches in football I would rather have than Carl and Bo Pelini.  C’mon Husker nation, have a little faith.  The boys will be ready to go..this should be a classic slugfest and I’m looking forward to it.

One more note.  If Wiconsin’s rush defense plays like they did against UNLV Nebraska will be in great shape.  Not sure why everyone thinks they’re going to force us to pass.

I can’t believe most of the posts im reading- Nebraska’s gonna get blown out by double digits? Some fans, huh?

I think this certainly will be a tough game, but im not about to count us out just yet. Keep in mind folks, Wisconsin hasn’t played anyone worth mentioning yet either.

Huskers- 35
Badgers- 31

The Huskers win the first ever B1G game 31-30. The Wisky fans will be pumped for the game but Camp Randall will have more opposing fans than it usually has in a season.

I’m a Husker Grad and fan.  However also a realist and my scarlet and cream colored were retired in the 90s.  The Washington game was a keystone cops kickoff return fumbled on the 1 yard line from being a real chance at losing a home game.  Wyoming imploded otherwise that could have gotten interesting.  We are not quite ready to pull off a win of this magnitude.

Husker fans, our defense is average, accept it.  We have stopped no one this year.  Our offense is fun to watch and at times explosive.  To score on Wisconsin we will need big plays Saturday.  Forget any idea of handing the ball to Rex and having him rumble for 7 yards a carry.  We’ll need some trickeration on Saturday.  I think the Huskers will hang in there most of the game but our average D will be too much to overcome.  Final score Wisconsin 31 NU 21.  The real key game will come at Michigan.  The winner will likely play Wisconsin in the title game.  That Michigan game could end up a 41-40 final. 

If you’re traveling to the game in Madison allow a lot of extra time.  This is not a nice easy cruise to Ames or Manhattan or Lawrence.  They’ll be congestion, traffic jams and lots of people.  Every Wisconsin grad within 400 miles will be traveling to this game with you.  It should be a wild scene Saturday night.

Oops that should have been scarlet and cream colored glasses!

Well I haven’t lost the faith. I think the huskers are going to shock everyone Saturday and get the win. Yeah I’ve watched Wisconsin play every week, and yes, they look pretty damn good, but the Huskers aren’t just a bunch of bums you guys. We have players and im pretty sure they’ve been looking ahead to this game ever since the spring. They probably haven’t even been watching film or game planning for the non conference teams lol

I did some research on Wisconsin and they have 24 trip inside the red zone this season. 22 have resulted in touchdowns with 2 made FG’s.

Russell Wilson has just 2 int’s and UW, to their credit, has won 38 straight non-conference games.

This is a ‘Game Day’ game and the whole nation is watching how Nebraska performs against a highly ranked team on the road.

This is a pivotal game in the Pelini bros careers and will tell a lot of how the program is going in their 4th year.

This is a huge game for Nebraska.


That is a telling stat there on the Red Zone .. But nebraska has also scored a TD on 15-21 for 71% or 20-21 scoring in the red zone..  The lone non score is when we kneeled it at the end of the Wyomming game.. So NU can also score in the red zone too.. The fact of the matter is alot of our TDS come from farther out. But I think its safe to say both of these teams can score a lot from a lot of different ways.. .

Also for those of you dissing our coaching calls on the Defensive side of the ball really have no clue what you are talking about..  Bo and Carl know what they are doing.. Did our young corners look out of place yes.. Did they get put in situations were there was a possibility of failing , yes.. BUT THATS HOW YOU GET BETTER..  If you want the D fense to be good at the end of the year they need to be placed in situations were they are challenged.. Could we beat these guys with a vanilla defense and not give as much yardage or scores up?? Again , yes but we also wouldnt be getting any betterm, we need those kids to be able to play man to man later in the season.. The Goal is to win a championship,  not beat up sub par opponents., and to get to that goal you need to challenge these kids.. Im 100% behind this coaching staff and I think you guys need to trust in them or damit go get a coaching certificate and start coaching so you can take the huskers to the promise land..


Thought I was in a Husker blog, whats up with OU7 giving advice on point spreads? I guess maybe he learned the hard way beings how the sooners dropped in the polls! But in all seriousness, I am really suprised of all the trolls in this blog. If your not a Husker fan leave, if you are a Husker fan and cant be POSITIVE leave. All I have seen is Wisc this Wisc that, we need a new coach? Wisconsin beat unlv, Ore st, niu, and s dakota?? There is a reason they havent climbed in the polls. For all of you who think they are all that go jump on that bandwagon. You werent fans to begin with.  I have even seen compairisons of Camp Randall to LSU, really? One word to you Wisc beat a NON AQ team in the Rose and maybe I will become a believer. Husker Nation has nothing to fear. We have a very good coach, above average players, and a fan base that stretches from coast to coast!! I BELIEVE DO YOU? GBR

I am just looking forward to watching the game.  I think some are getting a little too deep.  It just football.

I’m also excited about the Wisconsin game, our first B1G game and it should be a good game.  I don’t understand some of the comments listed in this blog about how bad our coaches are or we’re going to get beat by double digits.  We are a good and solid team and Bo is still in the process of rebuilding NU back into National Championship caliber teams again.  T-Mart does need to get the proper throwing technique down so he can actually hit a receiver in stride.  OU7Times, your always welcome on this blog but I wonder why you visit here?  If the B1G decides to add more teams I would love to see Oklahoma as part of the B1G.


Some habits are hard to break is all.

I like Nebraska Football, it’s one of 2 teams that I follow (hobby purposes) because I feel I know their rythem. It’s some NU fans I can’t stand. There are quite a few OU fans that I cannot stomach either so it’s all a wash.

Just wanted to give James Moore my pick for the NU-UW game.

I didn’t realize it would upset Les so much.

Take the points, Les.

Wiscy has the advantage because they are at home but they haven’t played anyone that has close to the speed we have.  I’m concerned about whoever plays corner oppo Dennard, but we have Crick and David along with Rex.  Those 3 play makers will show up in a big way.  We played at Washington last year and I know many who said that was the loudest stadium they’ve ever been in so I can’t imagine camp randall being much louder.  I know Wiscy has turned into a pipeline of sorts so it will be interesting to see how the trenches stack up.  I also know that UNLV via the pistol moved the ball with ease between the 20’s then remembered they were UNLV inside the Red Zone.  If Tmag can hold onto the ball and Rexxy can do what he’s been doing this will be a good game.  Judging by what I’ve seen from these Defense’s thus far I’d put the house on the over’s.  It’s going to be a shoot out.  First one to 40 wins…

And…it’s a night game, to boot.

Anyone know how Nebraska has fared on ESPN ‘Game Day’ games?

OU7times:  so…..how has Nebraska fared on ESPN ‘GAME DAY” games?  I get the feeling that we haven’t fared well.  Just read another article about how Vegas has the Huskers listed as a 9 point underdog, if I was a gambling man I would take that bet.  That’s just more motivation for our Huskers.  We do match up well with the Badgers and we will see how their QB is able to handle the speed of our D, but we do need to knock their QB down a lot during the game because he is very very good and if we let him run wild we could be in for a long day.  On the other hand they have to compete against us and our offense is not only fast but it can also pound the ball between the tackles.


I can understand why you would take Wisconsin (-9.5?) I’m seeing 7 at the moment, but to the difference in points we’ll obviously see clarification as we get closer to Saturday.  Personally I am going to walk on this one.  I dogged us against Fresno State, Washington and last week too.  Wyoming left 10 points on the field that kept me from getting a win on the field and off of it too. Yes, there are things that Wisconsin does that could present problems but the same holds true for them as well.  If our Offensive Line plays well (and Wisconsin’s front 7 is not Alabama or LSU and the O-Line has taken some nice steps forward these past two weeks) we’ll move the ball and score points.  This one comes down to turnovers and Special Teams.  Regarding Special Teams, Maher is damn good and Abdullah is just flat out dangerous.  The guy is a true Freshman and already people are deciding to not kick to him in Week 4 of his career here in Lincoln.  So I’ll give it to us on Special Teams. . .

My advice?  If we don’t lose the turnover battle we will be in this one.  Absolutely NOBODY is giving us any chance to win the game.  The Big 12 Championship game against Texas is the last big game where we played in where nobody gave us any chance.  Coach Pelini has done well in situations like this since he’s been here.  I think that with this conventional wisdom about that these guys will play well.  There truly is no pressure, and little expectations (from the national media and conventional opinion) for us to do well.  I just can’t make an absolutely clear case that Wisconsin is guaranteed to cover this one.  We’ve had problems on defense, but their LB’s are going to have problems with our IB’s and Martinez in space if our Offensive Line plays well. . .

Needless to say I like having you around but I just can’t call this one as a lock for Bucky.  Both teams will have matchups that they will have to account for, and both can make a case for why they should be able to exploit them. . .


Nebraska has done very well on ‘Game Day’. I just looked it up.

Nebraska is 10-4 on ‘Game Day’ and was doing outstanding until the dreaded Billy C experiment happened.

You may also like to know that Wisconsin is 3-3.

If Nebraska were to win this game they would vault in the polls not to mention could put Martinez near the front (3) for the Heisman Trophy, I would believe. That’s barring multiple int’s and fumbles.

The traveling ‘Game Day’ set started in 1993. It had been only done ‘in studio’ before that. Wiki says it’s been going on for 25 years.

Being on ‘Game Day’ with a national stage and at night…Huskers shouldn’t need any more motivation than that.


You mayt have changed your wager on Washington cause they did cover. Hard to wager against your team.

A line drop of 2.5 is quite a bit. Hmmmmm…

OU7times:  The info on ‘Game Day’  is nice to hear, thanks for the info.  A Husker victory this Saturday evening would be a great start in our new B1G league but we will have at least 2 or 3 more tough teams that may cause us a lot of concern.  Personally, I want Wisconsin playing their best this weekend because it will make for a very good game.  Wonder what the media would say if we beat the Badgers by 2 or more TDs?


Regarding line movements only VegasInsider and Wynn have had Wisconsin as low as -7.  This one is holding tight right up until Saturday.  If anything (over the course of today) it is holding solid at 9, but there is upwards pressure with some pushing as high as -10. . .

Stanford, Boise State, Texas A&M, Fresno State (Mississippi actually scheduled a game AT Fresno, why?), and Arizona State are all attractive at the moment.  Especially Stanford, Boise and Fresno State. . .

I think we can both agre, James, that these are the games that kids go to Nebraska and Wisconsin for. Traditionally, The Big ‘10’ is so much more powerful than the Big 12. I do think wins are going to be a lot more harder to come by in the B1G but this year does show some weakness that has some powerhouses on the down trend. Scandals and all. I just don’t think Wisconsin is one of them.

I am normally a believer in trends and when I mentioned to Mark that Nebraska had a great ‘Game Day’ winning record I thought about trends. I still feel that the double digit win will happen but who really knows what is Nebraska’s motivation? What exactly will it take?

Maybe they trade touchdowns back and forth until someone stutters…then it’s a game of catch up. That’s when it goes downhill for whichever team. I would put a O/U total of about 50 pts on this one but I will stand by my earlier prediction. I think Wisconsin’s ‘D’ is the difference here.

OU7times, I understand what your getting at about trends, etc.  but am not sure if I agree with your description that “The B1G is so much more powerful than the Big 12”.  The B1G has a height-n-weight advantage but am not sure if that translates into the B1G being physically stronger than last years Big 12 before the break up.  Lets not forget how much team speed affects games.  Did you read the article about “scouting” report tween the Huskers-n-Badgers stack up?  Something in that article leads me to believe that maybe the Badgers think that they will destroy the Huskers. Anyone else feel the same way?


Traditionally speaking was my point. Let’s face it, the Big 12 has not been around long enough (and won’t be) to have any ‘tradition’, so to speak.

My other point is that the Big 10 Conference carries so much more weight than the Big 12 Conference (duh!) . Year in and year out. This year, as I said earlier, is a unique year in that the Big 10 has all these distrations with Rich Rod and The ‘Sweater’ experiments gone wrong it’s been a lot of turmoil. That won’t be the case next year.

It’s evident that the Big 12 is just a transitional period between the Big 8 and wherever the Sooners and other teams end up.

As far as this game, I could be wrong. I haven’t been able to accurately predict the realignment debacle at all.

Actually, the Big 9 (as I like to call them now) has been pretty good top to bottom this year. RGIII and even the Mildcats look decent.  The Big Ten looks pretty weak collectively and they seem to always get woodsheded in bowl games.  I’m hoping the Skers are still able to recruit speed going forward.  I dread the days of the 80’s when we’d go play Miami or Free Shoes U and get throttled because of all the slow farm boys playing middle backer.  I love watching David play, that guy is a tackling machine.  I hope Crick shows up like he did a few years ago against Baylor.  We need a 5 sack effort and perhaps a few t a int’s (td after int) to prevail!  Saturday night should be electric!  Husker fan’s be ready for the madness of Madtown!!!

OU7times, I get what your saying and understand you.  Husker Nation has soooo…...much to learn about our new conference, the B1G.  All these new conference teams to learn about. 

We really like the Big 12 but didn’t like the politics with Dan Bebee and a few administrators from Texas.  Mack Brown has always impressed me as a HC and have followed his career since before he came to Texas, the Long Horn football program is also very impressive and we follow them as well.  Just don’t like the politics.

My impression is that the Huskers - n - Badgers both play good, sound football this Saturday evening BUT my Huskers win by 7.

You can count on one thing, It should be a great atmosphere in Madison (similar to Lincoln) and I don’t think OU has ever played there now that I think of it. I have drill this weekend and I am beating it home to my couch to watch the game (with no interuptions).

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