Is Corey Cooper Most Underappreciated Player on the Team?

Corey Cooper led Nebraska in both solo and total tackles in 2013.  He had more solo tackles and more total tackles per game than Damion Stafford did as an all-conference first team player in 2012.  What other player is so overlooked going into their senior year?


Cooper also topped Stafford in tackles for losses.  Compare Cooper to Stafford as a junior and the advantage is even greater.

The coaches from other conference schools took notice which is why Cooper was named honorable mention all-conference in a very strong season for defensive backs.
If he doesn't get more credit, it might be because he hasn't filled up the box score with a lot of breakups or interceptions...yet.  The junior year of prior all-conference safeties like Larry Asante were fairly modest as well.
Cooper has a chance to become the best safety of this Pelini era (it's unlikely anyone will ever match the 10 interceptions Josh Bullocks had in 2003).  Yet you don't hear his name come up a lot.  He might be the most underappreciated player on the team.
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Give that guy a raise.

Good for Coops.  Hey, when one of our DTs leads the team in tackles, thats when we will have arrived.

DT leading the team in tackles happens once in a long time.. Suh was crazy.. Even the best DTs normally haveca bout 50 tackles in a year .. So I guess yeah if that ever happen s again weld be in great shape..

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