Huskers Explode in Second Half in Unforgettable Win Over Ohio State

Nebraska fans have waited a lifetime to watch their team beat Ohio State. In the only two meetings between the schools more than 50 years ago, the Buckeyes won both contests. OSU looked well on its way to a third win leading 27-6. Then Lavonte David came up with a fumble. Taylor Martinez cashed it in for six points. Rex Burkhead got going and before long the Huskers found themselves winners of a 34-27 game.


It was a tale of two halves. Seemingly everything went right for Ohio State in the first half and wrong for Nebraska. When OSU added a field goal as time expired to take a 20-6 halftime lead, it seemed that it was not NU's night (or year).

From about the middle of the third quarter a complete role reversal took place. Helped by an injury to starting Buckeye quarterback Braxton Miller, the NU defense stiffened substantially and came up with turnovers. The Husker offense rolled up nearly 300 yards and four touchdowns in a quarter and a half.

While it might seem that Ohio State wilted late, they continued to be a hard hitting unit. In fact, some timely penalties for overly physical play ended up very costly for the Buckeyes. Still, Nebraska should be grateful to get two weeks to recover from this one.

There are a lot of big games yet to be played this year for the Big Red, but there can be no better way to open Big Ten play in Memorial Stadium than for the Huskers to get such a memorable win.

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“When you’re screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore, that means they’ve given up on you.”
― Randy Pausch

Nice to see Coach Pellini getting upset in the second half (not that he would EVER give up on his team). He looked WAY too calm in the second half last week - LOL!

Thank you for the sweet buckeye tears.  The come-back win was a thing of beauty to watch (from the tOSU live blogs).  I love to watch the wind fall out of the buckeye sails. 

See you in Ann Arbor in November.

Go Blue

In the deed, the glory.
For a minute there, I was going to say something like, “Nebraska doesn’t often make big comebacks.”
I was starting to get concerned about the Corn’s mental stamina, in these upcoming B1G grinditouts. This game slammed those doubts.
Nebraska also has a better feel, for how pumped up the good B1G teams will be, to face Nebraska, this first season. Nebraska had to matched that. It’s just as personal for the B1G, as Nebraska. Especially, after the preseason prognostications.
They’ve got a better feel now, for these fights.
From a stats standpoint, was was nice, was, Nebraska didn’t have many big plays, just a bunch of chunks, of 10 to 20 yards.
The Ohio’s defensive speed, was as advertised. So, to close it out with those drives, was nice. Of course, losing Miller, changes the dynamic.
Sure looks like Beck, has a better handle on T-Magic & co. I thought he was going to wear out Superman, though. Beck had as good a game as Martinez and Rex, and they were fantastic.

I think it notable that ABC stopped showing closeups of that OSU fan dressed up like a weight-challenged Buckeye nut about the time NU mounted their comeback.  85K+ fans in the stadium and ABC focuses on one overzealous fan.  It was about as obnoxious as Matt Millen repeatedly telling the TV audience that third and long is just where the Buckeyes want Nebraska.  I have to admit, I truly would have liked to watch the hyper Buckeye fan’s demanor as he walked out of Memorial Stadium.

I’m so happy for Taylor Martinez - pretty hard to play a better game.  Rex was Superman - as usual.  Tim Beck did a great job calling the game.  That diamond formation really had the Buckeyes scratching their heads.

I truly mean it when I say I’m praying for that six year old boy out in Boston who is undergoing brain surgery Monday morning.  I want to respect the family’s privacy, but I hope Rex or someone in the media keeps Husker fans updated on his progress.

God bless those Huskers!

I’ve sat through a few bad beat downs of my beloved Huskers over the years (mainly during the Callahan years) and always watched to the bitter end, hoping against hope for what I call a “miracle” finish. A team can come back from 14 down. A lot worse odds, but they can come back from 17 down. But when your down 21, its just about impossible. It happens, but not too often.  So I was finally rewarded Saturday night with the “miracle” finish. O.K., it’s not a miracle, but shows what can happen when a team doesn’t quit, keeps playing hard, and believes. A well deserved win.

I think we got us a quarterback! Not just a fast guy playing the position.
I thought Taylors passes were right in there the vast majority of the time. Very accurrate. Hardly any dropped passes or errent passes. Best we’ve seen him play as a true quarrterback…not gaudy but sound and sharp. I’m glad Beck started him out with a bunch of short passes to get his confidense up. It worked. Didn’t he have like 10 completions in a row? He’s also proven another thing…that when needed, he can pass at least well enough to keep defenses honest and take the pressure off the run game.
He played awesome…would have liked to see him break a big one though, but oh well. But he did prove he can make good decisions under pressure, throw the ball well, and run the offense like it should be run. He showed poise and patience. We are watching him grow up right before our eye’s…a Star is born part 2! I think he’ll go on to become one of the greats. He is a true leader…everybody follows him anyway.

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