Huskers Add Six Commits, One on Hold

Nebraska might very well have reached the conclusion of their recruiting this cycle and gotten a jumpstart on the class of 2015.  Nebraska added three commitments for the class of 2014 as well as three more for next year.  Meanwhile, the word came that junior college wide receiver Robert Lockhart won't sign a letter of intent on Wednesday as some academic issues must be resolved. 


Nebraska added a pair of defensive ends to the current class in Jacksonville's Blake McClain (a former Florida State commit) and Alabama's DeAndre Wills.  Both players stand 6'3".  McClain weighs in at 265 lbs. to Wills' 245.  Also joining NU will be Georgia quarterback A.J. Bush who's listed at 6'4" and 214 lbs.

The early commitments for next year included four-star cornerback Eric Lee, four-star safety Avery Anderson (both from Colorado), and New Orleans running back Kendall Bussey (who's built like Ameer Abdullah).  Nebraska hosted a junior day which led to the early pledges.  

If Lockhart can sort out his academic situation by the summer, he could still join Nebraska in the fall.  

Without Lockhart, the recruiting class numbers 25 players.  That's the maximum allowed for a recruiting class  though three of the recruits that have arrived early on campus (defensive end Joe Keels, safety Byerson Cockrell, and quarterback Zack Darlington) which means they could count at least one player toward last year's class.  Beyond that, the Huskers would then seem to be wandering into oversigning territory.    Though odds are that not every player that signs Wednesday will show up on campus in the fall.  Generally, you see one or two not make it either due to academics or for other reasons.

The remaining scholarship could go to a wide receiver like Desean Blair or Markell Boston.  The Huskers would gladly welcome tackle Kenyon Frison.  If you buy into some of the rumors, it's even possible a standout recruit who'd verballed to another program made a secret visit to NU in the past week.  Might there be a pleasant surprise in store on signing day?

Things may seem about over for this cycle, but history tells us a thing or two may still change in the next few days.

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Secret recruiting visit…. another one?  This has been an interesting and exciting recruiting year to say the least.  I’m going to continue to follow clincksales to see what ends up happening to him, I think the coaches made the right call on “not showing him the love” after everything was brought to the table.  Boy oh boy has warren been a dy-no-mite addition to the staff, was a stud! His hire proves Bo is willing and able to learn and change, so be patient Husker fans!  To the new recruits, welcome to Husker Nation!  Best of luck to everyone in the future in all your endeavors, and as always, GBR!!!

Haha I love it.. Welcome to the Family all !

Great news, we have some momentum going right now and time for the fans to show the team some love.  The coaching staff seems to be willing to make some changes and now it’s are turn to give them that chance and get behind the “whole” team.  Keep up the good work and looking forward to Thursday!  GBR!!


You said it!  Welcome to the family, all! 

<b>There is no place like Nebraska <\b>

There is no place like Nebraska

Add Gaylord to the list .. 4 star OT from Baldwin KS.. 2015 is on fire.. Welcome to the family!

Any of our ‘quah’dabacks might like that Kid ‘Bah’ston.  Good looking class, back down with Sparta and Wiscy @ around 30.  Nice jump into 2015.

That qb A.J. Bush is a VERY interesting looking athlete.  Curious as to why nobody else picked up on the kid—like, say, Jawja. Has the zone read thing down pretty darn good on his h.s. team in Jawja.

As for Bush he transfered and didn’t have a big year till his senior season.. As most that follow recruiting should know recruiting rankings and most teams base their evaluation s off of junior year tape.. Luckily for us Both and company also evaluate senior film later.. Maurice and Collins were two examples of those type of players.. Ameer as well as far as being a rb is concerned.. Most liked him as a db

BOP has always said he’s most interested in their senior year.  I think Rivals has shorted us on some *s, like Newell and Darlington are 4* players, IMO, and I think they will prove that one day.  Good looking class, wish we had a designated DT or 2 or 3, but we have 5 DEs, a few of which could eat alot of burgers and become DTs I would think.

Triump I would definitely put Newell down as DT.. He’s at 285 or so and should be able to add mass and if they keep working on the Davis twins for next year they could both playvDT to go with the young guys we already have.  DE was the most immediate depth concern. With Gregory and McMullen the only real guys with experience.. Natter ? Would probably be the next in rotation and then Idk who..moss departure hurt there

Well, folks remember, we need depth at the offensive line too.  Squared off against GA with 3/5ths of our O Line riding the Training Table.  We had the depth this year to pull out 9 but if we are going after 12 to 13 wins, we need that O Line Pipleline back up and flowing.

Rivals has that McClain kid @ 280.  Cant remember if it was he or Wills that would doubling as DTs.

Your right I believe he could move inside if needed but I think he’s going to be a nice big athletic d end to pair with some of our more hybrid d end / LBs..

I like what the staff has been able to do with this class! 
Great job!
Can’t wait until next season to see how…. oh never mind.

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