Drake Martinez Chooses Nebraska

With less than a week until signing day, some of the more conflicted prospects are finally making decisions about which college they'll attend.  Among them is California safety Drake Martinez, younger brother of current Husker quarterback Taylor Martinez.  Martinez was seemingly on the fence between Nebraska and Michigan State, with San Diego State and Vanderbilt also attempting to lure him to their programs. 


Safety is a position of need for the Huskers, though given the mental demands required it's hard to imagine a true freshman stepping in to play immediately.  Martinez does have a good size/speed combination.  At 6'2" and perhaps as big as 205 lbs., he might be physically ready from day one.  That might make him a good candidate to contribute on special teams.

In terms of numbers, the Huskers could still add at least two players and perhaps more.  They are set to host Maryland cornerback/returner Jacquille Veii, who appears likeliest to head to Iowa, Nebraska, or perhaps join the Terrapins.  

NU also appears to be seeking to poach some players who'd committed to other schools.  That might mean Louisiana wideout Donald Gage (Houston)  and/or Texas defensive end Dimarya Mixon (Missouri) end up choosing Nebraska.  Decisions still need to be made by former visitors at offensive tackle Dwayne Johnson (also considering Arkansas) and Chongo Kondolo (perhaps leaning to Tennessee).  

Nebraska also has to hold off some late charges for their players including defensive end Ernest Suttles (Tennessee), defensive tackle Maliek Collins (Missouri), and fullback/tight end Cethan Carter (LSU).

In any case, the class we see today is probably not identical to the one that will sign letters of intent next Wednesday.  Expect some more fireworks in the next six days.  For now though, the Huskers can be pleased that the class has grown and they've addressed a position of need with an outstanding athlete.

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Good point about Martinez potentially contributing on special teams right away. The OWH story about him says that 7 of his 34 touchdowns this season came on kick returns.

There is no denying the kid’s athleticism. You can’t teach size and speed.

He played at Laguna Beach HS. A small school with very little success in football, historically. But hey, they are great at volleyball. In that sense, he’ll fit right in at NU.

Coincidentally, it was the setting for MTV’s “The Real Orange County” show. That gave us a new crop of vain reality-TV stars. Yay.

Sorry if this comes off as snarky, but if his last name wasn’t Martinez I would be underwhelmed by this pick up. But, hey, you can’t teach speed.

If he’s “almost” as fast as Taylor (previous articles), it would be great to get a speed guy on D, and give him a chance to return kicks (maybe he can hold on to the ball?).

Playing D maybe he can offset big bros turnovers.

Killer scenario:
1: D-Mart returns kick for TD
2: T-Mart run for TD
3: D-Mart INT return for TD
Prolly won’t happen.

We could use a good safety.  In my opinion this is where Taylor should be.  I hope to God Drake never plays QB.

Anyone remember Nate Swift, from a few years ago?  Always wondered if he had any younger brothers.  He wasn’t the faster player, but sure had good hands.

I hope to God Bo “never” takes terminal brain-dead internet comments even somewhat seriously.

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