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Bo Pelini has again coached defensive players with professional football potential into high NFL draft picks.  Highlighted by defensive tackle Jared Crick and linebacker Lavonte David, the draft class also included corner Alfonzo Dennard who slipped because of off-field troubles and offensive tackle Marcel Jones who was mentioned as a possible late round pick.

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Sr LB 6-1 220 lbs
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Here is a summary of where each player ended up and the other Huskers who have had teams interested in them as undrafted free agents.

Lavonte David » David was an exceptional linebacker with great pursuit abilities.  His size was thought to be a factor that would lower his draft stock, but Tampa Bay decided on him with the 26th pick in round 2 (58th overall).  New Bucs head coach Greg Schiano wants a tough defense and David is a player that fits the bill.

Jared Crick » Defensive Lineman Crick had his Husker career cut short by the torn pectoral muscle, but was medically cleared in time for the combine.  Houston selected him in the 4th round with the 126th pick overall.  The selection is considered to be one of the better values in the draft.

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Sr DT 6-6 285 lbs
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Alfonzo Dennard » The legal issues notwithstanding, Dennard should have been drafted a few rounds earlier.  With the 224th overall pick, New England selected him in the 7th round.  Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said that the arrest was a major factor in how low he was picked, but they were comfortable with the selection.

Marcel Jones » Jones was picked by New Orleans at number 234 in the 7th round.  Career injuries may have played a part in his late round status, but wants to dispel the idea that he is injury prone with his strong senior season.

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Not alot of picks, but, not a big Senior class. Not counting Anthony Blue, there were only 9 Seniors who entered the program, on scholarship. So, for 4 to get picked, with most of the other starters and top backups to get a tryout, is pretty good.

The inimitable Belichick make a nice point, about Nebraska defensive prospects adapting to the new conference.
Which, is clean, good, reason to like Nebraska’s D in year two.

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