Defensive End Commit Cushions Loss of Moss

Just as it become known that defensive end Avery Moss would be unable to return for the 2014 season, Nebraska got some good news about a defensive end commitment for the future.  Florida end Sedrick King (a one-time Central Florida commit) has selected Nebraska as his college of choice.


Like Moss, King is a three-star prospect.  Moss was a part of the 2012 recruiting class and had earned a major spot in the rotation at defensive end for Nebraska.  The most memorable highlight for Moss was probably his 25-yard interception return for a touchdown against Northwestern to tie the game midway through the third quarter.  Over the course of the season, he'd been most effective as a pass rusher.

Moss was in line to start.  From that perspective, a true freshman can't really compensate for the his absence right away.  But taken with early arriving junior college transfer Joe Keels and the Huskers will have both some immediate help and a player that will be available three to four years down the road.  

King's weight is a bit of a question mark.  He's been listed anywhere from 211 lbs. to 250.  On film, he displays an instant recognition of where the ball is and where to go.  He's seemingly on top of a ball carrier or past a blocker before a play has even begun.  Whatever his track speed, his quick mind makes him that much more dangerous.

There are now just 2-3 recruiting slots remaining for Nebraska this cycle.  Just enough to cover the three visitors set to visit Lincoln this weekend.  NU would also still love to secure a commitment from four-star offensive tackle Kenyon Frison who visited last weekend.   There's sure to be some more excitement in the next 8 days.  Stay tuned. 

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says he is trying to get back in NU

rivals hasn’t moved NU from #30 or #6 in big ten cause other teams are getting players too

good pick up for D and NU needs more D players

My prediction of the final 3 to round out the 2014 class:

Corey Avery
Kenyon Frison
Flip DeSean Blair from the Lou

Another great addition.. Keep them coming.. And from my count .. I would think we would be able to add up to four more unless they give Lewis a scholarship as we 26 openings plus one should be open because of Moss for the year.  Either way welcome to the family Mr King

What did Moss do, kill a guy?

He did worse than killing someone!  He took a whiz out in public & got caught at it!

He showed a chick his goods in the residential convenience store.. Twhich barred him from the residents halls by way of university rules to prevent victim s of sex crimes ( showing his junk) from having to see the assalent and to protect students.  He would have been allowed to come back but instead of staying out of the dorms for the calendar year he returned at the end of the academic year thinking he was alright to return at the end of the school year.. This occurred in Late Dec after the semester was over .. If he wouldn’t have returned till January he would have finished his university probation and the decision would have been up to the coaches instead this is where we are at..he probably would have been punished internally and it would have been over.. Its too bad it happened the way it did.. The kid made a couple of stupid mistakes ..

No, actually, he pulled out his junk and showed it to a female. I think he misunderstood when the female asked for ‘proof’ of ID. He told the female that ‘red’ (aka: Dead Guy) sent him.

Anyway, I think i read where it was on university property. Not sure, I wasn’t there.

Ask dead guy, he’s the authority on perv stories.

Yuk yuk yuk.

Ah yes, the ol’ ‘sling slang inda bling blang’ incident.  I thought he paid pennance for that long ago.  Can’t they pay off a regent or somthin’, make it ‘go away’—like the white man does?

Lol he was only a few weeks from paying his pennance in full. And this ain’t Auburn or Ole Miss we Dont play like that

Well, punchin’ a security cop—like the Sparty kid—I GET that, but wippin’ out yer sling slang in public, well, ya gotta be smarter than that.

he learned so let him back on team

Tr.  It wasn’t a choice by the coaches its a university student judicial ruling ..He was kicked out of the university not off the football team..  Nothing they can do

I think that if Moss truly wants to play for Nebraska, he’ll sit out and fix himself and come back.  If not, then it wasn’t meant to be, and the program is going to be better off without him…

By the way the recruiting is going, the team is looking good without him right now anyway…his possible return should enhance what looks like a great class on paper.

“Fix himself”, like a cat?  Onoz, that’s gotta hurt…

“Fix himself”, like a cat?

Like a dogg.

That reminds me, did y’all know that there’s a woman on CN works with bull semen all day, everyday?  It’s the god’s honest truth…

Tryin’ to improve on Nature, I guess.

I gotta say, I think the U’s punishment of Moss is rather draconian, given the victimless nature of his ‘transgression.’  Like they’re trying to portray he’s a ‘threat’ to others on campus, really?  How about your average frat boy hazing rituals, now those can be REAL threats and I dare say include various levels of vulgar acts.

So, did anybody ever sit down with Moss and see ‘whats up’, where’s he coming from, whats the dealio?  Sounds like an impulsive act to me, possibly ETOH fueled, so kickng the kid out of school, well, that, to me, seems harsh considering a college education could probably be the most important thing for him at this point.

Anybody feelin me here?


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