Charlton Warren Looks Like a Home Run Hire

As early as today, Air Force associate head coach and defensive coordinator Charlton Warren may be announced as the next secondary coach at Nebraska.  While perhaps not as popular a pick as Marvin Sanders might be (Sanders was arguably the best secondary coach Nebraska ever had), he's easily the next best thing.


Without getting into rumor, let's just suggest that the circumstances that led to Sanders departing Nebraska probably prevent him from returning.  So while Sanders would be a highly desirable candidate, he really wasn't an option.  From there, what should NU have been seeking?
Obviously, you want a guy with a track record of performance in the role.  It would be helpful also if you had a guy who can help recruit.  It would be an added bonus if he showed these traits in the Big 8 or Big 12 footprint and at a school that perhaps didn't have every conceivable money/recruiting base advantage.  

Warren hits the mark on all counts.  In his last three seasons as secondary coach at Air Force, the Falcons finished fifth, third and second in pass defense nationally (and better than Nebraska each year from 2008-2011).  As a recruiting coordinator at Air Force for six seasons, he managed to outrecruit other programs in the Mountain West Conference.  If that's not impressive understand that his recruits had to commit to military service during a time of war.  As officers, there was no limit to how long players were obligated to remain.  You could say that these recruits were literally placing their lives into his hands.  Yet the school managed a string of six straight bowl games.  Being in Colorado shows that his recruiting prowess isn't limited to some home-state hotbed as you'd find with an assistant at say Texas.  He managed to bring players from far and wide to Colorado Springs.  

If things didn't pan out greatly in his role as defensive coordinator or associate head coach, that shouldn't be a great concern since it sounds as though he'll be coaching the secondary.  It would have been added bonus if Warren had played at Nebraska, but then NU's had some outstanding coaching talent (e.g. Bob Devaney, Tom Osborne) who hadn't played for the Huskers.

It's hard to imagine a more promising candidate.  If indeed Warren comes aboard, he looks like a home run hire.

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I agree Steve. The lack of name “sizzle” or ability to make a big name “splash” hire might disappoint some fans. To be honest, my initial reaction was ... who? But, then, I stopped to consider the following:
- Skill set/Experience - he’s been a DC, Assoc HC, and DB coach. He’s also the recruiting coordinator. Those are great qualifications.
- Results/Acumen - you pointed out their successful defense against the pass. And, recruiting to the AF requires two things - national reach and high standards. I like both.
- Ties to NU/Pelini - this is where I was glad to see none! As fans, our instinct with new hires and candidates is to search through a mental list of former Huskers. (Bullocks, Miles, etc). Life in the professional world doesn’t always work this way. I’m also pleased to see the lack of Pelini/LSU/Youngstown connection here. In the past, Pelini has made loyalty hires - people he knows. The jury is out on how well this works.
- Background - I don’t know how many readers know academy grads. But, they are pretty impressive people. He’s served in the military and has an MBA, too. Yeah, I’m guessing NU fans are going to like the cut of his jib.

The last “outsider” I can think of that was hired as a successful Husker assistant? I have to go back to that 2003 staff when they re-booted under Solich. Good coaches in that group, many still coaching today, including a then-unknown Mark “Bo” Pelini, who was a linebackers coach for the Green Bay Packers.

I agree…this is a home run hire, even if it doesn’t draw the big headlines like the ones at Michigan, Alabama and Ohio State did.

Yeah everyone says he’s a good hire…but teams were running the ball about 70% of the time versus their horrible run defense.

It’s pretty easy to be good versus the pass when the ball is only passed against them around 10-15 times a game.

I’d say he has a lot to prove before we consider him a good hire.

Fair enough, dkdevine.

I can live with “wait and see”. The results will tell the tale, one way or another.

I just want to be clear about the fact that I like what I see on paper, and I like the lack of Pelini/NU ties.

Me likey home run.

“The last “outsider” I can think of that was hired as a successful Husker assistant?”


Triumph - yeah…Kaz could be considered an “outsider” b/c he wasn’t tied to NU or to Bo’s work history. Good call.

Warren feels even further out of our mental range b/c Kaz was in the B1G, and a lot of fans had at least heard of him.

With Warren, a lot (most) folks had to turn to Google to even find a little context. So, further off the radar so to speak.

As long as he can ‘git r dun’ I dont care if he’s a nobody from east bumfrack pennsyltucky.  Git r dun!

Maybe this is a case where Bo is evloving more into a head coach (or he ran out of friends) of hiring ouside his circle.  Either way on paper I like the discipline this guy will bring.  He should have contacts with HS’s all over the country so that should be helpful as well.


Sup w u dawg, i seen you over on CN, that aint cool, u iz sleeping with the enemy…

If you seen me there what are you doing at CN??  I love the huskers and just like to get as much information as possible.  I guess that is why you were there as well?

Great hire- guys knows his stuff and from what I have read he is great in a living room in front of Mom and Dad. 
Bonus that he has no ties to Bo.

From the AF website:

“Charlton Warren is in his ninth season overall and second as associate head coach and defensive coordinator at Air Force. Warren was the co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach for four seasons and recruiting coordinator for six seasons prior to 2012. He has worked with the secondary his entire career at Air Force.
Warren’s secondary has been a bright spot for one of the best defensive units in the country. Last season, the Falcons led the conference and ranked third nationally in pass defense with a 166.8 per-game average. Prior to that, the Falcons ranked second nationally in pass defense with a 147.8 per-game average in 2010. The secondary has played a vital role in Air Force’s +50 turnover margin over the last five years.
The 2009 squad recorded 20 interceptions and helped the team to a +22 turnover margin, which led the nation. The secondary unit led the way for a defense that was first in the conference and ranked fifth nationally in pass defense with a 154.3 mark.
Warren has developed some of the best secondary players in school history. For the third straight season, the Falcon secondary has produced a first-team all-conference player, as 2012 graduate Jonathan Davis earned the honor in 2011. In 2010, Reggie Rembert capped a brilliant career earning Mountain West first-team all-conference honors. Rembert was a first-team All-American by the American Football Coaches Association and third-team All-America honors by the Associated Press. Rembert, who was a first-team all-conference selection in 2009, was also selected as the NFLPA Service Academy Player of the Year in 2010. Anthony Wright, another 2012 graduate, was a second-team all conference selection in 2011 and finished fourth in school history with 12 career interceptions. Wright was also named to the 2010 Lott Trophy watch list which goes to defensive impact player of the year. Chris Thomas, a 2009 graduate, ranked among the Air Force career leaders in interceptions and tackles during his career, was a three-time all-conference selection and a 2009 East West Shrine Bowl participant. Warren also coached Carson Bird to first-team all-conference and All-America honors in 2007.
Prior to the 2007 season, Warren was selected by the Houston Texans to participate in the NFL’s minority internship program. Warren spent time in training camp with the Texans and took part in defensive and special team sessions. \
Warren is a 1999 graduate of the Academy where he earned his bachelor’s degree in human factors engineering. He was also a three-year football letterman as a defensive back. Warren won the team’s Mr. Intensity Award as a senior and helped the program to two consecutive 10-win seasons for the first time in school history in 1997-98 and the only outright conference title in 1998.
Prior to coaching, Warren performed his active service as a systems acquisitions program manager at both Warner Robins AFB, Ga., and Eglin AFB, Fla.. Warren earned his MBA from Georgia College and State University in 2003.
Originally from Atlanta, Ga., Charlton is a graduate of Forest Park High School. He and his wife Jocelyn, have three kids, Jayree, Teya and Chase.”

Seems impressive to me!!!

Impressive?  On paper yes.  But if you notice that opponents only threw the ball 30-35% of the time when playing them and that their run defense ranked in the bottom 10% of colleges every year he was there, you might get a different picture of him.

I’d say the jury is out and the proof is in the pudding.

Rumor has it Barney turned in his resume asking for that new posistion on the team, stating he hasn’t ruined them yet!


Oh, I’m the guy that got ‘banned’ last fall from CN for being ‘too popular’, yea, sad but true.  So, I just conduct a covert, cyber war on dem from time to time for shits and giggles.

dk, do you think maybe Bo has seen some film and understands what’s happening during the games?

Dont waste your breath.

The witchchunters started their witchhunt months ago and by definition cannot let up on said witchhunt—as to not ‘lose face’.  We could run the table and win the NC next year and they’d still have to say—having to tow the line they’ve set out for themselves—that BOP sucks, etc. 

So, dont waste your time.

Tdogg that is to bad you got banned, what did you do??  I probably remember that happening what did you use for name there?  I like hearing other people point of view and sometimes these sites get bogged down with a few people and than it turns ugly, way off subject, or just gets a little old so I check out what is happening there.


Was ‘BOurne Supremacy” a classic persona, known across Husker online nation.  Uh, I used to taunt the official ‘writers’ there, that was one thing.  Only if they deserved it, though, like the one guy swore up and down that NW was going to win the division ‘13, and I’m like, “are you freaking loco!”, etc.

Main thing, I wasnt boring, I spoke my mind, called peeps on their b.s., wasnt a sunshine pumper, alot of folk would reply to me and I replied back and others join in.  I could get a conversation going at the drop of the hat and it basically could take over a thread, a topic, and “The Power’ eventually didnt like that cuz, they felt threatened—and they essentially said just that, openingly.

Stay tuned, though, I bypass their eternal ban(easy to do) from time to time and get my shots in, its quite fun.

You mean Bo doesn’t suck?
My bad.

I do see your point though, Dogg. Wait till next season.

ahhhh yes, I wasn’t sure what happened to him (you) but I had noticed he (you) wasn’t on anymore (thats funny).  Some people (even me) think we have all the answers and know everything about NU football and have a hard time understanding how some people just can’t see things the way we do.  That is why I like coming to these sites is to get inside information and to see others point of view even if they don’t agree with me, them being wrong of course! :)  I will just keep drinking my koolaid and hoping and praying Bo gets this right and can put the “mudslingers” in there place.  GBR

I actually DO know everything about fuhball AND everything about everything else, FTM.  It should be obvious by now.



You were banned from huskerboard for stirring the pot and making incoherent comments.

Based on your comments here, I’d say you’re up to the same thing.

It’s one thing to present your side of things but there are a few things to do when you present it:
1) do so tactfully and with respect
2) do so in a coherent manner

When you do the above things, you’ll never be banned.  I don’t agree with most of the posters at that bulletin board but I present my arguments in a tactful and coherent manner and people respect me for it.  You didn’t get any respect because your posts didn’t warrant respect.

Hopefully, you understand what I mean and learn from it.

Hey, howsa bout you kiss my ass?  howsa bout them apples?

Seriously dude, go fuck yourself, you’ve got no clue about anything and your opinions mean absolutely nothing to me and its very fortunate for you that our paths will most likely never cross in real time.

Match Point. 

Can’t teach a Triumph Dogg how to be respectful and tactful I guess.

TDogg ~ you are okay on this line.  I am, however, perplexed by your criticism of BOP, yet rationalizing that he deserves to stay.  Dogg, I trust you don’t suffer from rabies!!!

The fact that you, dk, apparently have an opinion, apparently a strong opinion, as to “BOurne’s” missives on CN is very telling.  Like all “BOurne’s” supporters and detractors, they all READ what “BOurne” had to say, whether they liked it or not.  Why?  Because “BOurne” is a writer as opposed to a mere ‘typist’, the latter of which constitute the vast majority of those who frequent blogs and message boards.  “BOurne’s” detractors especially seem to hang on every word “BOurne” had to say, day in, day out, faithful as the puppy dogs they are/were.

See, does anybody anywhere know who ‘dk’ is or care what he has to say?  Not really.  Would anyone notice if he/she is or is not present on the blog?  Probably not.  Why?  Cuz, BORING.

HuskerMike, one of CN’s “illustrious” contributors.  Well, HM has his own blog, HMBlasphemy.  His blog maybe averages about 5 comments per MONTH.  His posts on CN have a similar average.  Why?  Cuz, BORING.  Typist, not a writer.

And there you have it, I know, the truth has got to sting a bit.

Really, what I am or who I am has no meaning on the conversation we’re having TDogg…I was hoping you would be able to take the advice I gave you.  I was warned a couple of times that I was going to be banned from the same exact places you are…instead of being obstinate, I changed my approach and learned.  I admitted my mistakes and moved on.

I realize now, you’re not humble enough to do this.

It’s OK I suppose, you don’t have to change…but you shouldn’t be surprised if people call you out on it.  Posting incoherent, wandering diatribes that attack people personally won’t win you any counterpoints and really will provide others with perfect reasons why, when they see your name, they should skip over the comment and not read it.  Honestly, who wants to read rambling vitriol?

So keep on keepin’ on…you’ll continue to alienate and soon enough you’ll realize that it’s hard to have an opinion when no one is paying attention to you to hear it.

whatever you do…....DON’T CALL HER “BOB”!! BOB the poetic dogg? wat a woot? I remember bo-urine. Another yukker

Yes I think it will be awhile before we can decide whether he is a good hire—unless he pulls in some big time recruits in the next couple weeks. Course just because they are big time recruits doesn’t actually mean they really are (just that someone thinks they are) so—it might be awhile. But on paper he looks good to me.


He might just do that for us too…I have a feeling Bo is sending him out to some longshots to see what can happen.  Let’s see who he pulls in and if he pulls in some gems, I’d say that even if he isn’t the greatest secondary coach in the world, it would be a good hire :)

Aw shucks,
Bo went and had a de-commit from 6’5” Darius Slade. Sez he never wanted to be at Nebraska.
What a shame.

Now he goes and commits to Michigan State.
What the heck?

testing, testing, is the mic on…?

Hey dkdevine -  where are you at in VA? I am in VA also.


Yea, but at least we rarely lose one of our own:

“David Cornwell will start his campaign to be the next great ALABAMA quarterback early, as the four-star prospect will enroll in the spring.  From Norman North (Okla.)....

For Christ’s sake, we already have Trevor Knight, Blake Bell and   Justice Hansen.

How many quarterbacks does your team need?

I guess that was intended as some sort of slam. backfired there buddy.

Maybe you didn’t watch the Sugar Bowl because we already have a quarterback (RS Freshman) who beats Alabama, and Alabama had a damn good one. McCarron won 2 natty’s with Alabama.
You must have missed that game, huh?

The future is bright for OU football. Looks like MSU won’t do too bad either.


Nice equivocation, one of your best.  We actually are stalked real good @ DE now, too, with some 4* guys rather than 3* Slade, so we’re good.

stocked, haha

Totally didn’t expect a guy, like this. Pleasantly surprised. You could conceivably say Coach Bo upgraded that spot. I see he was named “Mr. Intensity,” when he was a senior.
He’s thrived, as a player and coach in a disciplined and academically challenging environment. Honor, duty, commitment. Stuff like that. He can help his charges a lot, with time management, for example.
The program can’t have too many mentors.

Right on time, for the recruiting push.

Speaking of equivocation. Haa haa

@Kelly D,

I’m in Richmond…been looking for a watch site but haven’t run across any.

dk, here you go:


Good one. But I was referring to:

musta been thinkin bout corn… ‘stalked’


Yea, but at least we rarely lose one of our own:

“David Cornwell will start his campaign to be the next great ALABAMA quarterback early, as the four-star prospect will enroll in the spring.  From Norman North (Okla.)....”

So, according to your logic, just because a kid from a Norman, Ok high school who is rated a ‘4-star’, he HAS to be recruited by the Sooners?

Does the kid have any say in where he decides to go?

Does the Oklahoma recruiting staff have any say on who they feel belongs on the team?

Guess not, by your logic.

Have you ever heard of Zac Taylor?  Yea, he was recruited by Nebraska from a Norman, OK high school. He went 0-2 against OU, and one of those games was the 2006 Big 12 championship game. I can’t tell you whether he was even considered as a potential recruit by OU. I do know this, that OU knows a lot more about who is a good fit for their team than you or I.

So, I guess sometimes “rarely losing one of your own” isn’t such a bad thing, huh?

Definition of Equivocation: Ambiguious language to hide the truth.

Your statement about “...rarely lose one of our own.” and my Zac Taylor reference is a real good example of equivocation.

Hey, did you see where Stoops and his gang, in an attempt to cut costs, have picked up on the new affordable bottled water from Japan?:

You really should wear a respirator at your job when you’re sanding drywall (all day long).

The dust is affecting your sense of humor, among other things.

You know people are going to die from the radiation exposure in Japan and you make a joke of it? Because you’re butthurt over football?

Stay rotten, Robert.

Captain Bly, Admiral and NU Realista,

This ‘train wreck’ known as the Bo Pelini Show continues as now the number one JUCO prospect (Clinkscales) de-commits from Nebraska to Kansas State.

Evidently, according to Bleacher Report, Clinkscales tweeted “Don’t blame me, blame your coaches”. That’s a very ‘interesting’ comment.

Losing one to “Snydypants” has got to hurt. OUCH! These prospects talk to each other too. Something rotten going on in Lincoln.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Stay tuned.

Couldn’t possibly be that he wasn’t going to make it academically, 30 credit hours in 9 months.  That isn’t happening at a real college at least.  Nation leading academic all americans, we have a little higher standard around here than some schools.

I would think whoever was recruiting him would know that he was a ‘shaky’ deal, but I don’t know, I have never been a recruiter.

“Rumor” has it he failed two math classes.  I have a son in college and I can’t get access to his records unless he gives them permission to allow me to see them.  So if he tells them all is good that is all they have to go on.  Maybe they requested his semester transscripts now that the first semester is over and things didn’t look as good as he was telling them.

Guys are in JC, supposedly, so they can get their act together to get to a ‘real’ school.  Whast was he doing, smoking weed the whole time?

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