Video: Pelini post-game press conference (with fireworks)

If you watch one post-game press conference this year, make it this one.

Jump to 4:45 to see Pelini call out Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World Herald. Apparently, Bo read Dirk's Thursday column that was somewhat critical of Martinez and Pelini.

Anyone else glad it's a bye week?

Follow Up: Chatelain: Martinez delivers a happy ending. Barfknecht: Peevish postgame does NU no favors.

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They were fans sitting by me booing!  It was disgusting.  Bunch of spoiled jerk fans!

Two things I find interesting about this:
1) Bo and team always say they ignore the media, yet he read Dirk’s article on Friday? I wonder if this was an isolated incident, if someone showed him to fuel him…or if he secretly reads these articles.
2) It’s funny how the sports writers and fans in this state talk about Pelini, Martinez, ect. like they aren’t real people. They tear them down and rip them to shreds all the time, and in a way it was refreshing to see that Pelini was obviously hurt by the words that Dirk wrote. A reminder yet again that Bo is a regular guy like the rest of us who happens to know a lot about football and coaches it for a job. How would the sports writers in this state like it if every time they wrote a poor article someone publicly embarassed them for it and said mean, horrible things about them? Because that is what they are doing every time they write badly about Bo and his team, whether or not they read it…but obviously they do sometimes and words can hurt people. I hope Dirk cries himself to sleep tonight because the embarrassment he dished out with that article last week was just thrown back at him x10.

Can Bo be anymore of a man child with the way he acts to the press?  he has no respect for the local media but you put someone like Jim Rome in the room and he will answer anything that is asked and actually elaborate.  I’m sorry Bo as a fan I’ve supported your tyrades and sideline demeanor actually glad we finally had a coach that showed some emotion on the sideline.  I was probably one of your few supporters during last years TAM game but enough is enough.  Grow the hell up.  You are becoming an embarassment to this state, its fans, and the team.

The media is there for one reason and one reason only.  Us, the people who pay not just theirs but also your salary.  I’d rather you not talk at all if you are going to have the perterbubed crybaby face of yours while standing at the podium.  the fans will not tolerate your attitude to the media or public much longer.

Bo is doing a greet job with the press , they ask so many stupied question time and time again . Bo is there to coach the team and not make friends with the prees . Bo tells it like it is and if they feal like they are being mistreated the they can go and write something cause they write pretty much want they want anyway .

I this it is appropriate,  you suck and write bad things about my qb and team, I don’t have to answer your questions.

I suspect that the comments above are written by reporters (Big Red Husker) to bait Pelini as I don’t think any true fan who endured the Callahan years would ever trade Bo.  The reason he elaborates to JimRome is because he actually asks intelligent well thought out questions.  I watched the World Herald video review before the game and I couldn’t believe the snarky comment by Nyatawa about the press not being able to evaluate the performance of the players to decide who should be playing because they aren’t allowed to watch practice—as if any of them have the knowledge to make a decision like that.  can you imagine the crap that they would write if they were allowed to watch practice.  I am so disgusted by the press coverage by Nyatawa and Chatelain that I have cancelled my subscription to the World Herald.  It is a shame that the other (professional) reporters at the World Herald have to suffer due to their unprofessional performances.

Thank you Bo!  You weren’t hired to suck up to the press OR Big Red Husker.  You were hired to win football games period!  I along with many continue to be fans and supporters of NU football, all coaches and all players.  I was there again last night standing, cheering and yelling.  I along with MANY other “FANS” did not boo.  We cheered you and the Huskers.  Keep up the good work.  Continue the good coaching this team.  Hoping you lead the Huskers for many years.  THANKS again Bo!

Dirk is a “JERK!”

The nervous, hesitant applause (after a press conference) was great!

I’m sure Chatelain’s a good guy. He may just be too big of a fan.
He’s got issues with Martinez, though. Going back to last year, he observes T-Magic, a little too much. Sniffed around him and his dad, with unnecessary scrutiny.
Be as cynical as you want. This is still amature athletics.
Pelini just let him know, if you EF with baby bear, you’re EFn with papa bear- in this case, Bo.

Actually, another reason I only read the owh, via links. It’s just too big time, too “metropolitan.”
Sip, Christopherson (and the brn) are more than adequate, for commentary.

I thought Coach Pelini was going to give Coach Fickle the tongue at midfield after the game ended. Really an awkward moment.
Did anyone else catch that?

Probably a good thing he didn’t. It would have tasted of straight up yak after choking the game away.

Yeah it looked like Bo kissed Fickell on the neck. It was really wierd. Maybe its the secret OSU greeting or something.

Wonder where all the T-Mart critics are now?  Bo was right putting the media in their place; they wrote so really bad articles on a football player who played a bad game from a bad game plan, period.  I would expect that from him every time, nothing less!  The writers of NU football have to remember, they are there to write about what happened, and unless they are working to jobs, stop trying telling everyone what is going on on the inside.  I don’t mind hearing that Carnes needs more snaps in trash time, but maybe it was better spent getting T-Mart ready for the season as well.  He has played this position for 3 ½ years, and I would have to say that he is on a big stage doing the job.
T-Mart, like so many other Husker QBs, is not a great passer, probably will never be a great passer, but he also has to have the plays given that he can excel at, or he doesn’t play well.  Last night he did make a mistake in one errant throw, that’s ok; it is going to happen in games like that.  What worries more is he stopped running.  For a lot of the game, he was handing off and when I thought that he could have kept it and pick up a few more yards than Rex.  But that one play when came around the right side and just about completely stopped, and got leveled, that worries me.  Everyone knows to play full speed all the time; it helps in not getting injured.  Is he dinged up?  Is something going on with him that we don’t know?  Is that why they called so many pass plays last week?  Passing is a way of protecting your run oriented QB. 
I have to say that last night was a great night to be a Husker!  They showed so much character by coming back like that and not giving up on the game.  If they can carry that heart through the rest of the season they will be fine!  That is the heart that Bo brings to this team, and instills into the players.  So yea, he is going to ripe the media that is writing bad about his players, it is only fair by the way.


Husk fat,
I think it’s an Italian thing like kissing the ring of the Godfather…only creepy.

OU7times:  Yeah, I caught that.  I think he was trying to whisper something in that coaches ear but the other coach turned away. 

A coach by definition is a teacher and we expect them to act like adults.  Bo should not have acted the way he did to that reporter because by reacting childish towards that reporters comments he loses the high ground.  Why lower yourself to act foolish if your complaining about that other person acting foolish?  I know that I’m going to catch heat over what I just said BUT SO BE IT…....

I have been a faithful fan for 50 years and live and breath Husker football and am still recovering from the beating Wisconsin gave us last week but for a HC to act this way is wrong.

@Greg, Brandon was in the room. He said the golf clap at the end was by families of the players and coaches. They also applauded after Martinez’s interview.

Ah, that explains it. For a second, I thought it might’ve been some type of crazy sarcasm. Just for a second, though.
That illustrates a point. Families in our little fish bowl, are affected. Certainly, their reaction didn’t go unnoticed by the scribes.

Be careful fans, if he has a chance why wouldn’t Bo leave to another program.  Then you all will be the ones crying.

OU7 - I should have taken you up on your bet last week.  Like I figured, we needed 28 to win and it was decided by a touchdown.  However, I never dreamed the game would go the way it did.  The defense stepped it up a notch in the second half, although their QB getting hurt helped.  Hopefully they can build off that momentum and work on correcting a few things.  The bye week couldn’t come at a more perfect time.  Extra time to let the emotions settle…work on our mistakes, build off of the momentum.  I thought Beck and Martinez really seemed to learn from last week and I was impressed at how they both seemed to grow during the game.  Beck leaned more on the run, even when we were behind, and put Martinez in a better position to do what he does best…and Martinez delivered, including checking down to Rex beautifully!  I think Burkhead really is superman…how inspirational must his play be for all those young guys on the team.  Hats off to the Husker team for the comeback and show of character out there last night, especially Martinez!  I think it could be a huge turning point for the season!  Funny how those questions change during the season…the o-line has been playing great, especially in the second half, but our d-line still needs to turn it up.  Martinez started to come into his and own and looked comfortable out there even when we were behind.

As far as Pelini getting mad at the press.  Not a real surprise there.  Maybe he takes things a little personally, but I think it’s because he cares so much about his players.  That’s fine with me!  I care a lot more about how he handles the team than how he handles the press…or even the fans for that matter.  If you are going to be harsh on him, you should be able to take it too.

derrunner:  All coaches get picked on, and as much as I like and respect Bo he should be able to handle criticism from fans and reporters a like, especially at $2.5 million a year.  We love Bo and don’t want him to leave BUT if he is so thin skinned and wants to leave than that is his decision. 

The second half of the game was great and loved how our offensive line took control and was really pushing the Buckeyes D front line out of the way.

Does Bo allow anyone to see Husker practices?  Since retiring from the military and making Virginia my 2nd home I’ve lost track of everything that happens in Lincoln.


I was certain, right up to the kickoff, that Nebraska had this game easily because of the lousy coaching and NCAA suspensions on tOSU.
I was thinking a 17 point win easily. I was shocked to see the chunks of running yards given up by NU. The starting QB was running wild and then to give up a 60 yard plus run for a TD? I thought it was over (as most did) at that point. Clearly, the QB turning his ankle (untouched) was the nail in tOSU’s coffin.
I had heard on the TV broadcast that the reporter heard Carl Pelini told his defense, before halftime, “I don’t know what to tell you guy’s”.
Seemed odd but you never know what slant a reporter will put on an overheard statement.
Any worries that tOSU will take note of Coach Pelini as a head coaching replacement possibility for Coach Fickell?


From what I heard from the reporter was this, “I don’t know what else I can tell you.  Are your eyes in the right place?  Are you in the right position?  Go and do what you need to do. ” 
More, I can’t coach you any more then I have, now it’s up to you to go and make it happen.
It was after this that defense stopped them for the first time and seemed to start coming around, which ended with David stripping the ball in the second half.
The talent on this defense is really high, but they have longed to put together a complete defensive series in a game.  I think that they can match last year’s squad, if they put it together.  Really thinking about thigs, other then Crick, we don’t have anyone that is dinged up at this point in the season.  We are in good shape to make the final run in the season.


PS, thanks for the beating on Texas yesterday!

What Bo, Martinez, and others need to realize is that the fan and media frenzy is in direct response to the lack of public accountability by our players and coaches. 

Imagine if Bo had gotten up and said, “There are things Taylor needs to do better.  He need to check down to the underneath guys instead of always trying to force the ball downfield.  Unless he does that, it’s going to be hard for us to get anything going in the run game.  Taylor knows that and we are working on that.  All of us—-Taylor included—-recognize his shortcomings.  But the kid plays hard and genuinely wants to improve.  He is not a finished product yet, but I promise you that you will see improvement from game to game.  Just have some faith and patience in this program.”

If Bo had said that, I think there would have been a helluva lot less media and fan frenzy.  But because he keeps trying to cram the same old “all-good-here, nothing-to-see” BS down our throats, fans and media feel an obligation to point out Martinez’s flaws. 

Bottom line is Bo could have avoided a lot of the frenzy by letting the fanbase and media know that he recognizes Taylor’s shortcomings and is not sticking his head in the sand. 

Bo definitely doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, but if he is not willing to give one, he can’t complain about the media and fan frenzy either.  He has unclean hands too.

Does Bo have closed practice all season long or is it just closed to the press?  Who is allowed to watch football practices?

OU7times:  Congratulations on your Sooners kicking Long Horn butt.  I agree with you about reporters, you never know how they will interpret a statement.  Some reporters just try to convey what they think instead of really trying to understand what is being said to them.  Bo’s not going anywhere soon.  He now has the chance to put the Huskers back into the NC race and return them to the glory days.  He also has a change to be mentioned in the same breath as Bob Devany, Tom Osborn if he sticks with the Huskers.  Not to mentioned staying with the Huskers makes he wealthy as well.

I watched the video of Bo’s press conference. I’m thinking to myself when Bo obviously got tired of Dirk’s stupid questions… why doesn’t Bo ask Dirk a few pointed questions? Turn this tide the other way and ask Dirk what he thinks about his opinions and statements from Friday now? Maybe the article is on this web site already and I just haven’t gotten to it yet, but maybe someone could break down Dirk’s comments from Friday one by one and address them. Hell Chatelain’s email address is on the world herald’s web site, even tell the guy a review of his performance as an opinion writer is being evaluated. I’m sure Dirk’s skin is pretty thick, but maybe, just maybe, the realization that he made a poor decision, reacted to the situation wrong, and let a huge number of people down with his poor choice of words for Martinez will cause him to question his capability, perhaps even rock his confidence level. Maybe we’ll see how he reacts to the pressure… except one slight difference will be obvious. Over 80,000 people won’t be watching his reaction LIVE and in person, nor will there be MILLIONS of other people watching how he responds in primtime TV.

Coach, the Wierd Herald just continues to live up to it’s name. 
Just reading the head line for the Wisconsin loss…Cheese Greater?  Give me a break.  Personally, I think the Wierd Gerald needs some competition here in the state. 
How much more tacky can the World Herald get than that? . . Cheese Greater…..I’ll bet they stayed up all night thinking of that one!
There is definitely a lot of pressure on the players, and the World Herald just spoon feeds the spoiled Husker fans with their ridiculous attacks and all out deliberate assaults.
I wouldn’t trade Coach Pelini for any one else! 
It’s your team Coach.  So what if the Wierd Gerald criticizes and attacks you and the players.  You are the one at the helm and the majority of fans are proud! 

“Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen.  The ones who win get inside their player and motivate.
- - Vince Lombardi

It’s funny to me how people see Coach Bo’s comments & general demeanor with the press in such a black & white way - it’s either:  Bo is terrible with the press and an embarrassment to the program! or:  it’s great how Bo puts the press in their place!

The truth is, it wouldn’t hurt Bo to adopt a little less hostile attitude with the press, even if their questions are stupid.  His civility in any circumstance says a lot more about him than them.

On the other hand, holy cow are there some stupid questions coming from the press.  If that’s what they mean by “doing their job”, I don’t think we need them.  Here’s a question someone could have asked:  “Coach, Coach Beck was utilizing a form of the Diamond for a good part of the second half, and it seemed to be paying off for the offense.  Can you comment on why that proved so successful, and what other second-half adjustments helped pull out this win?”  I would have loved to hear the answer.  Instead we got “How did it feel to beat your alma mater?”

Seriously, if the press haven’t figured out yet that Bo isn’t interested in the “how does it make you feel…” type questions, then there isn’t much hope for them.  It wouldn’t hurt the press to be more thoughtful in their questions.  Bo is a tactician, and would probably love to talk about strategy and tactics.  I’m sure most of us fans would love to hear it too.

When Dirk (and the other journalist plebes - who think they have a ‘right’ to challenge the Head Coach of a Div I - National Champion Football program) - grows up to be a real person who has some ‘sense’ about him - he’ll come to realize that experience and wisdon aren’t ‘taught’ in college. Go pop a zit or two Dirk - and make sure to ask permission from your house parents to stay out past your curfew time of 8:00pm - if you and your ‘Sunday Morning’ quarterback nerd buddies intend on being late getting home from your ‘fantasy cfb 101’ class.

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