Rumor Busting: Huskers are not wearing black helmets to Wisconsin

Rumor Busting: Huskers are not wearing black helmets to Wisconsin

Pay no attention to the helmet in the background

The internets are ablaze with rumors that the Huskers will wear special uniforms to Wisconsin to coincide with NU's call for a Black Out. Then the Twitter account used by Nebraska equipment managers posted the photo above that clearly shows a black Nebraska helmet in the background.

The equipment managers quickly Tweeted a clarification stating that Nebraska will not be wearing black helmets.

We are not wearing black helmets. We were cleaning the eq room. We are NOT wearing black helmets. I promise.

The helmets were apparently created by some students a few years ago "for fun." Rest easy Husker traditionalists. Nebraska isn't the new Maryland.

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Last time I checked, black was not an official school color for Nebraska. Scarlet, yes. Cream, yes. Black, no.

Uniform gimmicks backfire anyway. When NU has gone red-and-red or white-and-white, they lost.

I’ve always counted myself as one of those “Husker traditionalists” but I have to admit, it would be pretty sweet to see Nebraska wearing those helmets.

I think it would be cool to see some new uniforms. Nothing insane like Oregan or bat sh!+ crazy like Maryland. I would love to see combinations of red, white, and black (an homage to our defense). Replace that wimpy thin ‘N’ on the helmets with the ‘N’ that is our logo.

The current N on the helmet IS Nebraska football. That is as much a part of our “traditional” uni as anything.

The uniforms are not even scarlet and cream.  The uniforms are red and white.  Only the helmet has the correct shades.  Show some love for the blackshirts and mix it up once in a while.  First game in the new conference seems as good a reason as any!

Normally I would be against our sea of red showing up in Madison,WI but since Wisconsin’s colors are red and white also maybe wearing black just this once to honor the Black Shirts may work in our favor.  But only use this once.  Why the change to a long held tradition of showing off our colors? Is this a gimmick to help motivate us to beat Wisconsin?

I’m curious on who uses the black helmets shown in the picture?

It’s obvious that this is an old helmet as the story indicates.  It’s the old style that actually stays on a players head when receiving a hit.  I’m not opposed to mixing it up though.  You know: generate a little press, because the Huskers got no attention this off-season.  Hardy Har Har!!

I love the look of that helmet.  It wouldn’t bother me one bit to see some occasional changes to our unis.  Ohio State is doing it for their Wisky game.

I would leave it up to the team.  While I wouldn’t want to abandon the traditional white helmet/red N permanently, I don’t see the harm in a little change at all.

Some people take this stuff too serious.

Dave:  I won’t justify a comment to your last sentence.  GBR.

I have no problem doing this as a one time only deal, or every time we go to Wisconsin to play.  Relax traditionalists.

I as well have no issue with the Huskers suiting up in a promotional uniform, for a promotional game.  They used throw-back unis to celebrate the 250th sellout.  I’d suggest using other throw-back unis, like those of the 70s, or perhaps even earlier, like the 40s or 50s.  There were some impressive designs which used the N on the chest.  I like the throw-back designs, but I’m opposed to “improved” throw-back unis.  If you’re going to do throw-back, fine.  But don’t modify stuff, like Nike’s Pro Combat office does.  They take really cool throwback unis and mangle them with newer looking fonts and colors.  Adidas did a great job merging several throw-back designs for Michigan and Notre Dame’s recent unis for the night game.  Both were cool.

But the general sentiment of NU fans is to stick with what works.  The current uniform is very good (although the 1995 uniform had no stripes on the sleeves or pants, just sayin).

I think that looks like a store!  Now that is not to say that they wouldn’t wear black to Wisconsin, but that is not the locker room!!!

IMCNRED - that is the equipment room where equipment is stored and uni’s are kept.  It is not a store it is in Memorial Stadium.  I have been in there and have seen that exact black helmet along with other combos of colors like a silver helmet with red facemask and red N.  It is cool, but don’t touch the helmet it has been that way since they put the red facemasks on it for the 1982 Orange Bowl vs. Clemson.  I would like to see Black jerseys like you see in Husker stores for one game, but don’t change the helmet!

dotbo, the ‘95 unis did have stripes on the sleeves, just not the pants, that was a changeup from ‘94.  Look here if you don’t believe me,

The picture looks as if it was staged anyway. Don’t expect anything drastic. The gloves are pretty sweet though.

I don’t think we need to change the helmets though I wouldn’t freak out if a black one showed up.  Am I the only one who liked the red on reds?  We played inspired football that day, and they got the crowd into it.  Lost due to the reffing not the uniforms.  Bring them back.  Leave the all whites in the locker tho, that truly was a mistake!

I am amazed the some folks still think that the Huskers wearing red-red against OU in 1986 actually had something to do with them losing.  Get over it people.  If you follow that logic, then the only uniforms that the Huskers should wear are those from undefeated seasons… and those uniforms are all different!  Let’s get rid of the patches on the jersey while we’re at it.  Are they “traditional” ?

I would love to see the ‘N’ on the helmet actually match the university logo.  The thin ‘N’ is certainly classic, but it you want to go totally “traditional” then there would need to be a ‘N’ and ‘U’ on the helmet.

Let’s hope that this year’s marketing idea for the Wisconsin game turns out better than last year’s “Beat Texas” promotion. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we as fans do or wear that decides the game’s outcome. It’s the players on the field. It’s their team and we’re just along for the ride.

GOOOOOoooooo BIIIGGGGgggg BLAAACk!! Go Big Black!  Sounds stupid.  Doubt that Barry Alveraz will ask the wiscy’s to wear anything other than their colors to Lincoln next year.  This is dumb….....very similar to what they did before the Texas game last year.  We are NEBRASKA…THE BIG RED.  We need to act like it.

Black helmets or no, those gloves are sweeeeet!

get over it people, who cares if the wear an alternate uniform. here is a list of traditional schools that have recently; Alabama, Michigan, Ohio state, Oklahoma, notre dame, LSU, Texas A&M, Miami, oh yeah, Nebraska. ALL the blue bloods of college football. One game doesn’t make or break tradition. This is just what football is now. It wouldn’t be a ‘gimmick’. A gimmick is that yellow and green turf they play on, that is gross, and I don’t hear the traditionalists steaming over that.

I for one, will always recall seeing the Huskers for the first time in the classic Scarlet and Cream(Red and White) when Dr. Tom and his Husker sqaud beat Switzer and OU for his first time as Head Coach.  I was enamored as a 9 year old with those uniforms and I still am.  But I would love to see at least every once in a while, a different look.  Either an all Black look with a little Red & White accenting or perhaps just a Black jersey with either Red or White pants.  I would actually prefer if we did do it, we do it against Ohio St in our Second Official B1G TEN game and First Official Home Game in the B1G.  Either way, I will always dig our Traditional colors and wont be disappointed if we never change our uni’s.  Washington - 21 vs.  Nebraska - 45….  GO BIG RED!!!!

Why have a helmet if you are not going to use it?  Also, Wisconsin’s uniforms and our uniforms are pretty similar.  Or at least at game speed they can be so similar that mistakes could be made and we do not need any help making those this year.  So if they wear the black uniforms to help us in the game I am all for it.


I love how you spelled ‘notre dame’ in lower case. That’s funny stuff.

Just for the record, I feel the same way. It’s THE team I love to hate.


If our colors are Scarlet and Cream, why is it the sea of red?  If everyone is talking about being traditional, then why isn’t the crowd in scarlet like the team should be? 
I love how everyone always pins a loss on the uniform; do people really think that a player plays different? 
We are BIG RED, and a black helmet every other year doesn’t change that in any way.  What it does do is make our receivers stand out down a field of red jerseys.  It does build a new tradition in a new era of BIG RED football.  I think that it would be a great idea, give us something new.  Plus, I think it would fall right in line with the fans wearing black.  I can understand wanting the fans to wear black, so that they can stand out in the crowd, the team can feel their presents, and show the Nation that we do travel well.

I guess I’m a hopeless traditionalist.  I am annoyed that in recent years the helmet is more “white” than the cream color it used to be.  Appliance white looks like $hit.

That helmet would’ve been a horror!


Remember the first commandment of Husker Traditionalism, “Thou shalt not disobey Tom Osborne.” Okiehusker, that’s blashpemy!

Hopefully some of these blue hairs will keel over soon. Maybe we can get some tickets for a younger, louder crowd. Gain some home field advantage we have been sorely lacking as of late. Instead we have all these graybeards (both men and women) who sit there quietly, marking their bingo cards everytime a penalty is called, occasionally yell out “kids, get off my lawn!” and seem oblivious to the high pitch squeal coming from their hearing aids.

Actually they wore all white against colorado a few years back and won.  Ha

Black may not be an official color but it wouldnt be the first time a husker team work black.  Early 90’s the basketball team wore balck uniforms.  Who cares what we wear as long as we win.  Stop worrying about damn traditions and let them have fun!

Uni colors and changes dont mean anything when it comes to winning or losing.

I love the helmet.  I have actually photoshoped this helmet before to see what it would look like.  I would love to see us contrast against the Badgers.  But since I see us losing pretty hard to the Badgers, changing the unis would get blamed for sure.

I think the helmets would be extremely cool, once every 10 yrs. or so, throw something new in there, but where do I get a set of THOSE GLOVES????


Referring to your comment regarding the most recent time NU has worn all white…

In 2007, in Bill Callahan’s last game as NU coach, the Cornhuskers wore all white in Boulder and LOST by a score of 65-51, the second time that season the defense gave up over 60 points (76 to Kansas).

Check your stats, my friend.

- MaCaukiner. Barry MaCaukiner (say it out loud, slowww).

Red lettering on a black background is just bad design, regardless of the circumstance.

It’s only a matter of time before Adidas starts doing what Nike and Tech are doing with their combat lines, etc. And Nebraska will be a school approached by them. Although if it were happening next week, something, other then the helmet would have been leaked by players, or Adidas by now

Would love to see a little twist to start play in the Big 10.  Black helmet for away games where the other team is the same red color as us would be cool.  The thin N on the helmelt someone said is Nebraska football.  Do not know how old they are but Nebraska foot use to have the players number on it like Alabama so a change on the helmet is not unhears of.

Hey take a look at that red ‘N’ on the white gloves.  That ‘N’ needs to go on the helmets.  Good enough for the gloves and the school logo, but not the helmet? C’mon.  That would look SWEET.

We need to take a vibe into that stadium into Madison and have our fan base stand out plain and simple. The color of the day is black so it makes sense for the team to wear black helmets. These helmets look amazingly sweet

i would go with the black jerseys wite numbers outlined in red nuff said GO BIG RED

people black is a part of nebraska always has been always will be its just not a primary color like red and white. and with nebraska in the big 10 with wisconsin and ohio state having the same colors as the huskers we will have to do more stuff with black so just get used to it, i dont think well turn into maryland wearing retarded new uniforms every week. but just cus the team has to do something with black we dont have to freak out there just colors the colors we wear dont matter its the team we support.

If you notice this helmet is an old style helmet. All but one helmet on the current husker team are Riddell and the one worn by Gillian is a Shutt DNA pro that looks nothing like this one pictured. Would be cool if they did try something new just once but not going to happen.

We should go shirtless with white pants, no stripes.

Wow…all of this chatter over uniforms. How bout we just beat Wisconsin?

and no husker has those crappy old helmets so i figured this wasnt true

I think it would be nice for the Huskers to wear black once.

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