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Last Saturday the Huskies and Huskers both played against WAC teams that should be contending for their conference title.  Hawaii and Fresno State staying in the game against both BCS schools showed they were on a similar playing field  Nebraska and Washington both had struggles as each WAC team exposed weakness in either game plan or position groups.  Lines for this Saturday have been in the 16-17 point range.  Here are a couple of the predictions out across the internet.  Phil Steele: Nebraska 34 Washington 13.  ESPN Adam Rittenberg: Nebraska 28 Washington 16.  ESPN Brian Bennett: Nebraska 31 Washington 14.  ESPN Ted Miller: Nebraska 30 Washington 24.  SBNation Dawg Pound: Nebraska 28 Washington 20.

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I see a closer game with the game being no more than 7 points.

Washington will stack the box and force Martinez to throw (most teams MO).

A Washington win is not out of the question.

That should be 7 points difference.

Nebraska 33 Washington 21. It will be a good game with the big red pulling away at the end.

I have a little more faith in the Big Red. I think the defense took a slap in the face last week, so they will play lights out on Saturday. The offence is finally coming into their own little by little. There will still be mistakes made but they are finding their grove. Nebraska 45 Washington 10

fly in tomorrow.
was there in 1991.
best fans around you guys.
i have a side of king salmon if there is a bbq and some grass fed beef to share.

Washington covers, Huskers win.  Ferndawg, that is a sweet tailgate you got there.  Personally I am going for a rack of lamb to be ready for kickoff. . .

It’s corn dogs and Indian tacos for me at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson. Nothing better than the State Fair food and college football.
James, enlighten us with score predictions for both of our games Saturday.

Nebraska 28 - Washington 20

Oklahoma 49 - Florida State 24

Oklahoma lives for games like this.  Kind of like calling Candyman three times in front of a mirror.  ESPN and a Saturday Night Showdown in Columbia (like last year), well maybe they’ll be interested, maybe not.  But for intersectional matchups like this, Oklahoma is the handicappers gift that keeps on giving. . .

And Boise State (hard to believe the line as of today), LSU, Auburn, and Wisconsin are very tempting games too. . .

Just received the check from the Boise St. Vs Georgia and OU vs Tulsa games. Lobster in my future. Hope you got in on some of that action.

These two games this weekend are too close to bet but…the underdogs are very, very tempting. I really think Washington will show up. I just think Coach Sarkisian is one of the really good up and coming coaches.

NU 31 WA 17.  I think Husker’s d-line and lb’s rebound by shutting down the run game of Washington.  WA QB burns our safeties on a few big plays, but otherwise our secondary is up to the task.  Burkhead and Martinez have a big day.

My predictions:

Abdullah will return one more, this time from 97 yards.

A Blackshirt gets a pick-6.

Kinnie remembers to install the Velcro on his gloves.

Martinez dazzles us with his feet and attempts to bedazzle us with his throwing. 

Martinez gets frustrated over his lack of ability to keep the ball glued to him while he is running.  Martinez asks Kinnie during half-time how he finally was able to grab and hold onto the ball. (Kinnie shows the hidden Velcro and Martinez borrows some)

All is well for Husker Nation…
Nebraska 34 Washington 27

34-20…or 45-24…or 38-21…or 59-31…come on people…it’s game 3. just enjoy the game. it’s more enjoyable if you just watch it. you can still look for things, but don’t try to expect something to happen. whatever happens happens

I expect to see improvements on both sides of the ball and the Huskers playing with a little more fire.  Go Big Red!


I did get in on that action from last week and thanks for your thoughts on last week as well.  Last night’s LSU/Mississippi State is going to be a down payment for some serious grilling on Saturday’s only for the entire month of October. . .

I’m liking Boise St. minus 11 in the first half in tonight’s game. Hit hard, hit fast hit often. Subs come in the second half if it’s out of hand and the Zips (i believe) get within the spread.

It’s probably hard for you to do but what about Washington plus the points? I really think they’ll cover that, anyway.


I’m waiting for any last minute movement.  Boise jumped big time from last night to this afternoon.  I was lucky to get -18 but it’s upwards of 21 as I type now (game about to be underway).  At the moment I am going to go with Washington.  I feel confident that we will win but with the 7 balls put on the turf in just two games, the fact there are some consistency issues with the offensive line, the overall youth of the roster, and no Dennard add up to enough for me to dog this one. . .

Look at Auburn.  Hard to believe that line.  Auburn just screams for attention when looking at games this week.  Just hard to fathom that a SEC team is a dog against an ACC team.  ACC never beats SEC teams, ever.  And Clemson is the favorite?


This is going to be an interesting first half. Must have been tough to make that Washington bet. I know, been there before but win your team wins and you can win cash…that’s a win, win.


Predictions are for fun…not to take seriously.  If we are not enjoying the games then what’s the point in watching or even blogging about it?  We blog about scores and predictions BECAUSE we love the game.


I simply averaged out the two previous games.
A full speed T-Magic with Beck having a clearer offensive game plan, doing enough to overcome the D struggling again against the fine back Polk and more roll-outs and bootlegs.

Born and raised in NE, daughter graduated from UW…what is a mother to do???

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