Butt Out

Michigan tight end Jake Butt has torn his ACL in winter conditioning. The sophomore was the second leading receiver at tight end for the Wolverines a year ago.  He turned heads when he caught a late touchdown in the shootout with then undefeated Ohio State.  He also had a score in the first overtime against Northwestern.


Unless things went very well for both schools, it was unlikely that Nebraska would have faced Michigan in 2014.  The Wolverines could still play a spoiler role in games against Minnesota and Northwestern which could conceivably impact a the Western division race.

Most likely though, they'll be a footnote in terms of how things shake out in the West.  Butt did not redshirt and could spend the next year and a half recuperating.

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I think it is just Stevie being Stevie, it could have been a Big XII school or Pac 12 school he is just whining as usual.  I have seen no where, where he is man enough to come out and name a school or coach.  If you are going to accuse someone of something in public be a man and name the school and coach.  And if you look it up I wouldn’t call it negative if it is a point that they are one of the worst schools at graduating there players and Columbia is a very high crime area against the national avg.  So by saying that the kids from Atlanta’s parents can come see the games is a negative remark to any school that is more than 2 1/2 to 3 hours a way.  It is the truth but it puts a negative spin on any other school, depends on how you percieve the statements of truth.  And for any real journalist to start naming who the school “might be” is just adding fire to a situation that has no substance just so they have something to write about.  Maybe the SEC is starting to feel threatened by the Big X, and want to make the kids in there area feel a negative pulse towards them, who knows what he is thinking.

Hate to see any kid get hurt, but atleast he has his redshirt to get healthy and back on the field.  Best of luck to him and his recovery.  GBR

Are you serious? The SEC threatened by the Big10 (or any other conference).

That is hilarious!

2013 (season) College football Bowl records by conference:

SEC- 7-3
Big 10- 2-5

This is not a one time deal. This is a serious trend that you don’t want to get in a ‘conversation’ about.

Good thing you were joking…

There is no one quite like Steve Spurier. Thank God.

Well he should be able to get a medical red-shirt for this season.  ACLs are not something you want healing half-hazzardly.  If he tries to go all Rambo on it, he will wind up worse off.  Hope the training staff and Michigan has told him that.

I don’t like seeing the young guys go down like this but, if he takes the time to let it heal proper like, he will be back.

ou sorry you took me so serious about that, meant more as a play on words about Steve complaining about something said that was and is the truth about South Carolina, the graduation rate from that school is very poor and there is a lot of crime in Columbia.  So why wouldn’t someone bring up that fact to a young man or woman that is going to college with the idea of graduating with a degree.  But than again maybe they don’t like the fact that schools like Nebraska are heading into the SEC area more so than the west coast for recruits.

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