Big Red Roundtable - Back to the Future Edition

Steve Pederson is out as athletic director. Did you see it coming? Good move or bad move?

It was a mild surprise. Midseason firings never seem like a good idea and Pederson's contract had just been extended but you knew changes were in the offing so in that sense it's not a shock. You won't know if it's a good move or a bad move for a few years. My initial reaction was bad move, but hearing Perlman's concerns about in-house issues makes it sort of impossible to know for sure.

Tom Osborne has returned as Pederson's interim replacement. Good move/bad move? What should Osborne's priorities be, and what does Osborne need to do?

Osborne fills the credibility gap that Perlman seemed to worry about. But a 70 year-old icon who's been out of coaching for a decade and who's past choices (Solich, Pederson) haven't worked out great doesn't seem like a long term answer.

The Huskers have been blown out two straight weeks. What is happening with the football team, and what does the rest of the season look like?

A&M could be a win but losing every remaining game is certainly possible. In some sense, it doesn't matter since more changes at the top (at least at the coordinator level) seem inevitable. and are getting lots of internet traffic. Steve Pederson is already gone. Tom Osborne says nobody will be fired during the season. What happens with this coaching staff?

It's hard to imagine Cosgrove keeping his job, but Osborne would probably be more inclined to give a coach the benefit of the doubt than someone who'd never coached. People screamed for McBride and Darlington's heads for years but he never cut them loose. I think it will really depend on the next AD. I expect him/her to make the personnel decisions.

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