A Very Important Announcement from the Big Red Network

I was reading through Dave Zirin's excellent new book A People's History of Sports in the United States the other day and came across what has to be the best quote of the 17th century.

It comes from the noted Puritan Thomas Gouge and is particularly poignant as we approach Saturday. He wrote in his 1672 bestseller (presumably) the Young Man's Guide Through the Wilderness of This World to the Heavenly Canaan:

[Games] should be as Sauces to your Meat, to sharpen your appetite onto the duties of your Calling, and not to glut yourselves with them.

Yeah, well, screw that.

I'm the type of guy that spends an inordinate amount of time in barbecue restaurants because it's one of the few places that doesn't force you to choose what eventually ends up your plate. When faced with debating what meat I fancy at any given time, I'll always go with the combo plate. Give me everything with as many sauces as you have, I want to try it all.

My approach to fall Saturday's isn't much different. There is only one goal and that is to absorb as much football as possible. Nobody's telling me when I can and can't glut.

This Saturday, however, I will be unavoidably detained for much of the day but I will be home in time for kickoff of the Nebraska game. No PPV out here on the East Coast unfortunately, but I will have audio which brings me finally to the important announcement: Based on some reader feedback and our own ambition we'll be live blogging the game right here on Saturday.

In what has been officially named The Big Red Network Live Blog Event in all interoffice mail, we'll be covering the dawning of the Pelini era in a slightly different format this Saturday. For those of you, like me, who, by choice or necessity, look to the Internet to supplement your in-game coverage, this will be the place for live commentary Saturday night.

What does it mean for you, the reader? I've put together a handy FAQ below:
1) Live blogs always suck. I hate all the refreshing and scrolling. It won't be like that will it?

No, it won't. We're going to use the "world's best live blog software" in Cover It Live. It works a lot like Instant Messaging and feels more like a conversation rather than simply reading my thoughts next to a time stamp. There are a lot of fancy bells and whistles involving audio, video, polls and graphics that I'll probably struggle to master by Saturday but I'll do my best to make it a pleasant game day experience.

2) For there to be a conversation doesn't there have to be more than one person involved?

Yes. The only promise I can make at this point is that I'll be here about 15 minutes before kickoff. Hopefully some others will be compelled to join in the discussion otherwise it will be a lot of me talking to myself (which really isn't all that out of the ordinary.)

3) I already have enough logins/passwords to remember, do I have to have another one?

No. You can come right here to the site on Saturday and once the live blog has lifted off all you have to do is enter a screen name and start firing away.

4) Color me intrigued. Problem is, I'm going to be at the game/on a barstool/in the tractor planting. Will the live blog be up after the game is over?

Yes, it will. Once the live portion ends the entire transcript--links, polls and multimedia included--is "instantly converted" into what CiL calls an "Instant Replay." For better or worse, it will all be here after the game.

So that's the basic plan for Saturday's Big Red Network Live Blog Event. Will there be bumps in the road? Inevitably, it's the first game of the season, but like the team itself I'll be practicing the rest of the week.

Join us around 5:45pm CST, won't you?

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I’m intrigued!

I’m usually on the LJS blog when listening is the only option. But, wowzers! This might kick game day “ambience” up a notch!

I’ll at least check in.

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