5Dimes Posts Low Win Total for Nebraska

Online sportsbook 5Dimes has apparently given Nebraska an over/under win total of 7.5 for the 2014 regular season.  If we were the type of site to advocate sports betting, this might be a situation where we would say to bet on the Huskers.  In six seasons, Bo Pelini has won at least 8 games every time.  He brings back a star talent at running back and defensive end and a quarterback, that while sloppy at times, still delivered a 7-1 record as a starter.  Yes the Huskers have a tough schedule, but not that tough.


Nebraska seems like an easy favorite over Florida Atlantic, McNeese State, Illinois, Rutgers, Purdue, at Northwestern, and Minnesota.  Sure, the games against Northwestern and Minnesota were tough a year ago, but the both schools lost key weapons in the offseason.  Evanston is not a tough place to play, except perhaps for the home team.

Then a single win at Fresno State, hosting Miami, or at Michigan State, Wisconsin, or Iowa would give the Huskers 8 wins.  NU could easily be favored over both Fresno State and Miami so 9 wins hardly seems like a stretch.

So often, the sportsbooks are too kind to Nebraska such that you are left to either abstain from betting or tempted to bet against the Huskers.  This year though, it seems like the smart money would be on NU exceeding the expectation.

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That’s a far cry from when I lived in Viva Lost Wages and the biggest betting problems (and my losses) were betting on NU to cover the outrageous point spreads, as opposed to just winning most of their games.

We lost to Minnesota by double digits last year and have narrowly escaped NW the last two years (and lost at home before that), but NU will be an easy favorite in both?  Favorite yes, but I wouldn’t count them as wins yet.

I agree that 7.5 seems low, but several tough road games means we are projected be the underdog in more games this year than the last couple years. 

I am cautiously optimistic this season, but the outside pundits don’t seem to be.  Phil Steele projected us at #33 which is sort of consistent with 7.5 regular season wins.

Ya but we are rebuilding our O line, have questions at QB, questions on the D line except for one player, are rebuilding our secondary, and what about the kicking game and special teams? Atrocious at best. With all the 4 star players at O line, you would hope some of those guys finally step up. Same with Jamal Turner, and of course we all hope Bell has a spectacular season, his last.

My thing is we seem to always be in the position of banking on someone coming out of nowhere, like Martinez did, or Abduhlla did, to save the season. We’re never solid on all fronts and have good reason to believe this should be not a good year, but a great one.
Does that point to recruiting or coaching?
Maybe it’s neither. When you look at each season, we’ve been pretty close to breakthroughs. The one thing that seems to be constant throughout each season, the one thing that keeps biting them in the but, regardless of anything else, is turnovers. In just about any of those seasons, we’ve been our own worst enemy.

PE ~ you may have hit the nail on the head.  Keys is turnover rate.  What was NU rated end of season last year?  108th?  Forget any chance at challenging even for divisional crown if BOP doesn’t find a solution.  And, “yes”, smart and competent coaching can help turn that around for the players and team.

Right now, outcome seems to lead to a another 4-loss season for NU this fall.

I think Mi State is over rated. THey do have supremely excellent coaching however. If we beat them, as we could have last year if it wasn’t for turnovers, same with Iowa, and win our home games, of which none seems to be too tough, we can be at 9 - 10 wins. Again though, it all comes back to turnover margins.
Wisconsin is going to kill us - I think they’re our new Texas. But Iowa? Minnesota? We should beat them handily…if we play good ball control. Miami, Fresno State, both winnable. If we do well, it comes down to Wisconsin and Mi State. You see it that way?
It seems we are always just this close…close but no cigar.

Watching Dantonio coach MSU is exactly like watching Tressel coach OSU.  You have to win field position and TO battle, get up on them, and then you make them play left handed by forcing them to play from behind.  But if you play their game, they will strangle you like a demonic anaconda.

If NU improves on turnover margin rate this 2014 season and can somehow hit the middle of the pack nationally, NU will win 10 games.  Smart play calling by coaches will help achieve that improvment.

AD needs to buy BOP a cat cage so kittie can be by his side during the game.  Having some pussy around never hurts!

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