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  • RE: Charlton Warren Looks Like a Home Run Hire
    Triumph - yeah...Kaz could be considered an "outsider" b/c he wasn't tied to NU or to Bo's work history. Good call. Warren feels even further out of our mental range b/c Kaz was in the B1G, and a lot of fans had at least heard of him. With Warren, a lot …more »

  • RE: Charlton Warren Looks Like a Home Run Hire
    Fair enough, dkdevine. I can live with "wait and see". The results will tell the tale, one way or another. I just want to be clear about the fact that I like what I see on paper, and I like the lack of Pelini/NU ties.

  • RE: Charlton Warren Looks Like a Home Run Hire
    I agree Steve. The lack of name "sizzle" or ability to make a big name "splash" hire might disappoint some fans. To be honest, my initial reaction was ... who? But, then, I stopped to consider the following: - Skill set/Experience - he's been a DC, Assoc HC, and DB coach. …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Will Play College Football in 2033
    "Let's start with a little math." AWESOME. Few things put this kind of dim-future Henny Penny nonsense to bed better than... math.

  • RE: Back in Black
    The last sentence of this commentary said the most, Steve. In the end, it's about "selling" the program - both literally and metaphorically. The new-school uniform crowd likes to argue that it's "all about the players and recruits", and what they want. That's true, but only to a point. Yes, the …more »

  • RE: Don't Overthink Cotton Move
    This feels like a "right seat on the bus" move from Pelini. Success starts with getting the right people on the bus. Then, getting them in the right seats. Cotton clearly belongs on the bus. Garrison does too. Now, they have Cotton in a role that might best fit his roles. …more »

  • RE: Next Priority: Rebuilding the Defense
    And, hey, lets call a spade a spade here - its not like last year's defense was amazing. They had good performances. But, things came "unglued" far too much and they gave up some of the all-time worst performances. That stats don't lie. So, an influx of new players might be …more »

  • RE: Help Wanted
    Captain - thanks for the compliment. Not sure if I have a good or better handle on things...just take the time to read and write about it. Here are the facts about last year's o-line. They gave up 35 sacks last year. That's way too many. Sacks are typically drive killers. …more »

  • RE: Next Priority: Rebuilding the Defense
    Along the defensive line - It's interesting to hear Pelini talk about Thad Randle at the presser yesterday. He likes him as a player and person. His return to health is critical. After that, I think it is the year of the talented newcomers up front. New players I suspect will …more »

  • RE: Next Priority: Rebuilding the Defense
    IF they can find the right combination of players at safety, I'm enthusiastic about what Nebraska can have in the defensive backfield next year. As you wrote, NU has a lot of corners. I would not be shocked at all to see Charles Jackson playing at one of those safety spots. …more »

  • RE: Help Wanted
    There are a few D-linemen (Valentine in particular) that NU could have used last season. McMullen and Curry are two other names that sprung to mind. Those two dudes looked physically ready to play right away.

  • RE: Surprise! Dixon Picks Nebraska
    Bo Pelini probably feels a bit like Ralph Wiggum getting a Valentine. "You choo choo choose me?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY_LtUQlHKs

  • RE: Surprise! Dixon Picks Nebraska
    What a strange story it has been with this young man. Just couldn't seem to make up his mind on what he wanted. He had a lot of people (parents, coaches, former coaches) giving him direction. According to this tweet from Sean Callahan, he listened to a higher power this morning. …more »

  • RE: Mixon Comes Aboard
    For those who are curious, here is Mixon's highlight film: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/441882/highlights/15262379

  • RE: Mixon Comes Aboard
    That is a fantastic late addition to the class. This kid is one of the top 50 players on the state of Texas. At 6'3'', he has the leverage to play inside for NU. It depends on how heavy he can get and how the coaches want to use him. Nebraska …more »

  • RE: Chongo Kondolo Commits to NU
    Here's some video that is more on point -- Kondolo's highlights from junior college. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/773624/highlights/17185373 He primarily played tackle at Fresno, but he'll move inside for NU. This kid can move people around, folks.

  • RE: Chongo Kondolo Commits to NU
    I'm sorry, I just can't help it - the name Chongo makes me think of Mongo. And, well, Mongo from Blazing Saddles is awesome. Ladies and gents, the late great Alex Karras - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28khv-BydeY

  • RE: Three Visitors Expected
    Really like that they have a line on a player like Dixon this late in the recruiting cycle. I saw that one publication had him listed among the top 50 players in the state of Texas. And, he has the offers to back that ranking up. Getting another player to play …more »

  • RE: Drake Martinez Chooses Nebraska
    There is no denying the kid's athleticism. You can't teach size and speed. He played at Laguna Beach HS. A small school with very little success in football, historically. But hey, they are great at volleyball. In that sense, he'll fit right in at NU. Coincidentally, it was the setting for …more »

  • RE: Drake Martinez Chooses Nebraska
    Good point about Martinez potentially contributing on special teams right away. The OWH story about him says that 7 of his 34 touchdowns this season came on kick returns.

  • RE: A New Scoring Explosion, Thirty Years Later?
    ATL Sker, I respectfully disagree - I think the 2013 is much closer to the 1983 team than anyone cares to admit.

  • RE: A New Scoring Explosion, Thirty Years Later?
    Love the thoughts on this Steve. Nebraska certainly has all the pieces on offense. Not sure I love the idea of the D being "1983 bad". But, still, the lack of returners there makes it plausible. I'm hoping somebody at the University embraces the idea and they re-create a version of …more »

  • RE: Strongest Offensive Line in Years?
    New in the last few hours - Nick Ash has graduated. He has a fifth season left, but will not pursue it. He's done with football, it appears.

  • RE: Strongest Offensive Line in Years?
    Long is regarded by some as one of the 25 best players in the league. That's a solid starting point! http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/70352/big-ten-rankings-no-22-spencer-long

  • RE: Strongest Offensive Line in Years?
    I agree with you, Steve. Broadly speaking, the group has the potential to be the best total collection of OL talent NU has had in several years. I'm particularly interested to see what Cole Pensick can do at center. If he's as good as he was against Georgia, then the NU …more »

  • RE: The End Game
    Maybe this is overly simplistic, but I'm mostly thankful that the ratio of available scholarships to interested prospects looks about even with less than two weeks to go. It tells me they are managing it well. To have scholarships with very few prospects would be groan worthy, since they would have …more »

  • RE: Self Sabotage
    Nice, Rick. I think the Husker fan's general reaction to the Tim Brown story of Callahan sabotage likely goes something like this: "{Sigh} ... Yep, Bill Callahan sucks. Tell me something I don't already know." Do I personally think he threw the Super Bowl? No. These people play to win. But, …more »

  • RE: Self Sabotage
    Big D in KC - Steve is writing about this b/c of the recent comments by Tim Brown. (Who, frankly, I think has taken one too many shots to the head). He said that Callahan sabotaged the Raiders in the Super Bowl. But when you lay it all out like that …more »

  • RE: Huskers Add a Kicker
    It should be noted that Sam Foltz - a walk-on WR from Grand Island - is also a capable punter. He was all-state as a punter in HS. And, generally, he is a very good athlete. He's going to be a part of the competition at that punting spot.

  • RE: Huskers Add a Kicker
    Thanks, Tadedge. I have also given that a considerable amount of thought. Hey - kicking is kicking, right? Fundamentally, it shouldn't be so different. But, here's the rub - it's not just the fundamentals. There is also the mental side of it. Pressure is real. What happens between the ears is …more »

  • RE: Ten Huskers Honored on All-Big Ten Squads
    Yes, BRinOKC, this team is comprised of players only Pelini recruited. That's not to say that the other kids recruited by the former staff lacked talent (or production) or that Pelini didn't have a hand in developing them in to great players. If you are waiting for somebody to laud Pelini …more »

  • RE: Injuries a Significant Factor for Title Game
    Jay - yes, Burkhead played against Wisconsin the first time. He ran 18 times for 86 yards. He was not 100%, obviously. He still had some epic Rex-style runs. I remember him dragging a tackler 10 yards. Down the stretch, NU put more of the running game on Martinez and Abdullah. …more »

  • RE: Oh Yeah, Huskers Added a Four-Star Running Back
    Good Buckhalter/Alexander reference. That's a pretty good comparison. Watching the highlight film of Taylor - this appears to be a kid who knows how to operate in a power-run offense. Their team runs a lot of toss plays and counter trey type plays. He knows how to use his blocks and …more »

  • RE: Maryland and Rutgers Only Make Sense on Paper
    Well - it's real. http://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/8651934/maryland-terrapins-accept-invitation-join-big-ten

  • RE: Maryland and Rutgers Only Make Sense on Paper
    Nice Christmas Vacation references. 'Tis the season. Yeah, I'm pretty underwhelmed by the possible addition of Maryland and Rutgers. It's a TV-numbers game. That's all well and good. And, no, the B1G will never add KU, KSU or ISU, no matter how nostalgic NU fans may be. Those are smaller schools …more »

  • RE: Identity Crisis Solved?
    Great point about it being an "identity" play, Steve. Beck also made comments about how they use it as a way to get a diagnosis on a defense. When a D comes out in something new or exotic, NU will run their toss play as a way of saying... Okay, how …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Gets Critical Win Over Michigan

  • RE: Nebraska Gets Critical Win Over Michigan
    Nebraska +1 in turnover margin tonight. How often have we been able to say that this season???

  • RE: Nebraska Gets Critical Win Over Michigan
    HUGE momentum-shifting win for Nebraska. They now control their own destiny in the division race. People (apologists) will say it matters less bc Robinson was out. But, that's football. Nebraska played great defensively, even when Robinson was in there. Fisher played out of his mind. Looked like that kid was in …more »

  • RE: Hundley Will Be a Handful
    Personally, I think Alford - the So Miss quarterback - is a much more dangerous and talented player than Hundley. He's much more explosive, and So Miss used him frequently on designed runs. Of course, the collection of talent *around* Hundley is better than what Alford was working with. He will …more »

  • RE: Kellogg Might Be Special
    Scarlet - Roman numerals > than regular numbers. RKIII... When push comes to shove, give me the senior over the freshman. NU has other players (lots of them) to put pressure on a defense with the run game. Heck, Burkhead could be the option QB in spots. Kellogg gives NU the …more »

  • RE: Twitter Blitz
    Love that Justin Jackson is the starting center. The guy is a bulldog. He plays o-line with a d-line mentality. If Pensick can help at guard, that helps our depth there too. Reeves has been hurt and that has delayed him. Pensick gives them a capable body at guard.

  • RE: Kellogg Might Be Special
    RKIII - love it. You have a knack for coining nicknames. Regardless of whether he is "special" or not, here are some reasons I like RKIII as QB2: - Experience/Knowledge of the offense. If NU gets in a spot where they are without QB1 they will need a steady presence in …more »

  • RE: Jonathan Cook Surprise Number 14 Commit
    Yes, the Husker class is ranked #25 on Rivals, and #16 on Scout today. They are squarely in the third position (behind only Michigan and Ohio State) in the B1G at this point in the recruiting cycle. Two other thoughts - one positive, the other more grounded. On the plus side, …more »

  • RE: Twitter Blitz
    Very nice round up. And Bo Pelini thinks nothing good can come from Twitter... A few reactions to your assessments - The stuff about Cross taking option pitches from a guy listed as a WR isn't necessarily an indicator of trick plays. That's just two players sticking around afterword to put …more »

  • RE: N Vs. W
    Lazy design... Thank you, Bill. You just said in two words what took me a few hundred. And you are right about the "W" they used, too. A throw-back 1960's W vs Nebraska's 1960's "NU" look (appropriately placed on a modern uniform) would have been great. And, each team would be …more »

  • RE: Eyeing Penn State's Roster
    Tadedge - Maybe Kaz, because he recruited within the B1G while he was with Iowa. And, he's from the PA area. Joseph is more known for recruiting the south. I just brought up Papuchis and Fisher b/c they have gone head-to-head with PSU for players in the last few years, and …more »

  • RE: Alternate Uniforms Have No Punch
    I would like these better if the N on the front was white. That would be more true to NU's actual colors. The socks are a bit much too. Other than that, I like them. B+ Credit to the NU administration and coaches for taking a chance, appealing to their players …more »

  • RE: Eyeing Penn State's Roster
    It would have to be a very unique situation - an exact right "fit" - for a PSU player to end up on NU's roster. Pelini said he wouldn't actively seek out player that way. So, there would need to be an existing relationship with an assistant coach and a player. …more »

  • RE: Awards Watchlists Agree, Rex is the Sexy Pick
    Also, just announced today, Taylor Martinez is on the watch list for the Manning Award. So, that makes him a multiple-watch-list guy as well. That's good for NU. Obviously, the Manning award is named in honor of all three Manning family QBs. Otherwise, it would just be the award for the …more »

  • RE: Is Minnesota a Trap Game?
    I think the answer to the question posed by the headline is - "YES" This feels far too much like the Northwestern game a year ago. Nebraska will need to be focused, healthy and ready to go against the Gophers to prevent being upset.

  • RE: The Penn State Scandal in a Nebraska Context
    Yes, Chad. The statement about it being covered up for decades is an assertion or opinion on my part. The Freeh report does not spell things out prior to 1998. Does anyone really believe that Sandusky started this behavior in 1998? Does anyone believe that nobody (Paterno included) didn't know or …more »

  • RE: Over/Unders for Wins Suggest Wide Open Big Ten
    You know, this is really only for the degenerate gamblers. Right? :-) Seriously, I love this sort of thing for getting a macro view of the conference. I don't love that the odds for NU getting more than 8.5 wins are longer than those of M and MSU. Those are the …more »

  • RE: Quarterback Commits to Nebraska's Class of 2013
    By virtue of his excellent on-field results (Cali state champs), his high profile nationally (Elite 11), his position (QB!), his style of play, and who NU beat to get him (eat it, Wisconsin), Stanton may be the most important member of the 2013 recruiting class to date. Husker fans - it's …more »

  • RE: Can Wisconsin Defend Its Big Ten Title?
    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that O'Neill is no Wilson. So much of Wisconsin's offensive success last year was based on Wilson making plays with both his feet and his arm. That, and he made *excellent* choices with the football. O'Brien is neither as …more »

  • RE: Linebacker Prospect Pledges to Nebraska
    Pelini's defensive cred is proven and it is paying off. The geography of this group kind of cracks me up, too. They got a hometown kid, an Ohio kid and an eastern kid. That's a nice mix. Along the way, they beat Ohio State, Penn State, Oklahoma (twice), USC, Oregon, Notre …more »

  • RE: One step closer to a playoff
    The two great constants of college football's modern age will remian: 1) controversy/argument and 2) money. The DEBATE over who is the best team is actually one of college football's most unique qualities. Will a 4-team playoff ensure that the title is decided on the field? Sure. (Though, that's been the …more »

  • RE: Oddsmakers Questionable on Huskers in Early Lines
    Nobody but the degenerate gamblers pays attention to these things, right? (wink)

  • RE: Ohio Wideout Commits to NU
    I'm excited about Gladney as a player. He seems to "fit" with what NU has been doing recently at WR. (Bell comparison) I don't think he'll be pushed to play right away, which is good. He needs to add some good weight. And it is especially sweet for NU to beat …more »

  • RE: Ohio Wideout Commits to NU
    The reference to LBJ absolutely *made* this post for me, Steve. Thanks for some humor with my morning coffee. From a Husker perspective, I'm glad to see them start to land some offensive players in this class. And - big picture - having 9 players in the fold in mid-June puts …more »

  • RE: Huskers Higher on Potential Than Measurables
    Of all the Steele measurements of NU, the one that jumps out to most is how NU ranks on experience. The phrase "you are only as good as your seniors" is a football truism for a reason, right? Nebraska has a lot of upperclassmen (Jr and Sr) in their two deep. …more »

  • RE: Not In Our House - Is 2012 the Year NU Reclaims Dominance at Home?
    Winning anything of substance - division, conference, national title - STARTS with winning at home. Alluding to yesterday's topic (the Michigan game) is the most obvious example. If NU can't beat Michigan, the odds of winning the division are pretty darn long. A team can't really win anything if it doesn't …more »

  • RE: Predictions Underscore Importance of Michigan Game
    No doubt about it, everyone needs to bold/circle/star the Oct 27th game in Lincoln this year. It will likely decide the division. And, while you are at it, just get used to N vs. M being the major divisional game pretty much every year.

  • RE: Phil Steele's Preseason All Conference Picks
    PRE-season player lists always sort of crack me up. I agree with the names on the list, by in large. But, they are based strictly on the previous year's performance. I'm willing to bet that NU has at least one all-conference defender on the POST-season list, starting with Stafford and Compton. …more »

  • RE: Huskers Add a Guard
    Hey Steve, love the passion for the program. But, seriously, NU is going just fine with competing with elite programs for players right now. When you look at the 8 players in the fold right now, here is a list of teams/programs NU has gone up against and beaten for players …more »

  • RE: Huskers Add a Guard
    I often look at other schools offering a player to get some sense of the evaluation/value. Granted, beating Pitt, Minn, and Illinois for a player is not as exciting as beating Ohio State or Oklahoma. But, think of this situation for a second, and see the silver lining in it. How …more »

  • RE: Huskers Add a Guard
    You never have enough "big" people, on both sides of the line of scrimmage. The line is a priority every year. It's good to see NU get an early pledge at guard. One analysis I read said he could play any of the line spots, which is great. He's not the …more »

  • RE: Huskers Pick Up Tight End Recruit
    Good point, Twauto. 4.6 is good speed for a tight end. Hart plays on the outside for his HS team, as a wide out. Here's why he is not as fast as Reed (and that's no knock on Hart, few TE's are as fast as Reed). First, I've seen Reed's 40 …more »

  • RE: Huskers Add Texas Defensive End Commit
    Despite OSU and Michigan being off to rather gaudy starts on the recruiting trail, I'm very encouraged by NU's start to the 2013 class. Pelini has said that they would like to have 8-10 players verbally committed prior to the start of the season. It looks like they are on pace …more »

  • RE: The Importance of Prime Time
    Also, the Big Ten still doesn't allow night football games in November. So, that limits opportunities, obviously.

  • RE: Linebacker Commit Highlights Eventful Weekend
    About Love - If USC, Ohio State and Oklahoma want him, we want him. Period. He's also an immediate member of the "all name" team.

  • RE: Nebraska’s Athletic Department Revenue Middle of the Pack in 2010-2011
    This is a really clear illustration of the resource war that NU athletics faces. Those are some very big numbers at the top... Kudos to the Athletic staff for keeping NU in the black and in the top half of the conference. I am curious (excited?) to see how the massive …more »

  • RE: Time for a Reed Revival?
    It's a matter of creating matchups. Reed is a potential matchup nightmare for defenses. So, what can be done with personnel/formation to get him in a good position. Pelini mentioned using "base personnel" and getting Reed against a linebacker. Defenses send out their personnel based on what the offense puts out …more »

  • RE: Terry Joseph meets the media
    Wow...redmark. Jeez, use an obscure phase and out come the taunts. Are YOU in high school? ;-) It just means I like his demeanor. I think he'll fit well with the NU coaching staff. He makes a strong impression. He could be the additional recruiter this staff needs.

  • RE: Terry Joseph meets the media
    The more I read about this guy, the more I like the cut of his jib. In interviews, he comes off as intense. That's what the players say too...that he has their full attention. I love the aggressive mentality when it comes to recruiting. The "special place" comments are interesting. Apparently …more »

  • RE: Three players worth watching this spring
    Whaley is the new Dillard. Love the comparison - from doghouse to starting weakside 'backer. Turned out pretty well for Dillard and NU, right?

  • RE: Spring Breakdown: Receivers and Tight Ends
    Husker Floyd - I think they are far from average at TE. Reed has NFL speed and pass catching ability (especially now that TEs are back en vogue in passing games). And, I have some footage of Cotton leveling eventual an NFL first round pick in Mizzou DE Aldon Smith (among …more »

  • RE: Spring Breakdown: Receivers and Tight Ends
    If you had to put it on ONE player for this spring, it's Turner. Re-watch his play last spring and his catches early in the 2011 season... wow, this guy has serious ability. The catches in the non-conference season made Husker fans believe he could be a game changer. It made …more »

  • RE: Sadler Reportedly Fired
    Hire Ben Howland. Just saying...

  • RE: Secondary is Stocked for New Coach
    I like what NU returns at safety. Stafford will be a constant a the strong safety spot. There are a number of capable - and experienced - players to compete to play along side him. Smith and Osborne are the first names that come to mind, but I will be curious …more »

  • RE: Open Coaching Spot May Already Be Filled
    Really, really like this hire if all the reports are accurate. I agree with Mase - this could be an *upgrade*.

  • RE: Huskers Add Safety Commit
    It is very encouraging to see them get a kid of this caliber this early in the process. They now have 2 in the fold for 2013. I wouldn't be shocked if that number reached 5-6 before the summer camp season. That will put them on pace for a good class. …more »

  • RE: Huskers round out 2012 schedule
    The Huskers needed this cream puff for 2012, badly. Facing 10 bowl teams in 12 games is a tough row to hoe. Until this afternoon, I didn't know Idaho State existed. Not kidding... If you told me about them, I would have thought you were making it up, like some opponent …more »

  • RE: Line Play Biggest Question Mark Offensively
    Hskerbill - yes, the line is important for every team. That's football. The line of scrimmage matters. But, for a team like NU - where there are solid returners everywhere else in the offense - it's especially true. And, keep in mind, there are teams with good offensive lines that struggle …more »

  • RE: Line Play Biggest Question Mark Offensively
    The Center position merits the most discussion. The pivot man is so critical to the success of the offense. A center makes as many reads and checks as the quarterback does. The Huskers will miss the mind of a 2-year starter like Caputo. Physically, though, it might be a bit of …more »

  • RE: Did Zook Set the Table for Beckman?
    If I am an Illinois fan, I'm happy today. Beckman has all the marks of a coach on the rise. Learned under good coaches at good programs, had success as an assistant, took over a down program and got them to a bowl. Remember, Toledo gave OSU a good tussle in …more »

  • RE: Looking Ahead: Big Ten Recruiting 2013
    Ross Els is taking over as the recruiting coordinator. He sat down with the LJS to answer questions. In it, he talks about his approach. Here's the story - http://huskerextra.com/sports/huskers/football/article_ce731e6c-6fca-52c3-b819-e828fd45ce98.html

  • RE: Big Ten Recruiting Roundup: Defense
    Like yesterday's focus on offense, this just drives home the fact that the B1G is really all about the line of scrimmage. It underscores NU's transition from the more wide open Big XII and how much work must be done in the trenches. That said, I really like the players NU …more »

  • RE: A Brief History of Husker Recruiting: 1990-99
    ((( APPLAUSE ))) Well done, Brandon. This level of research and analysis really helps instruct or shape the debate concerning comparisons to current and past coaches as far as recruiting results.

  • RE: Big Ten Recruiting Roundup: Offense
    Howard - I agree that Beck's offense is supposed to be more balanced, in theory. And, Pelini has said publicly (just last week) that they want to get to more 50/50 on run/pass. So, have we seen that yet? No. Don't let the 1 WR recruit be a false indicator though. …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Recruiting Roundup: Offense
    Laying out all of the recruits in the conference position-by-position is a unique way to consider things. To me, it's another illustration that NU did better than the vast majority of its conference mates. The quarterback example is my favorite. I'd put Tommy Armstrong up against ANY quarterback recruited within the …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Reverses Course on Plus One
    Twauto22 - that's a pretty small sample size. Has the SEC dominated the last 5 years? Yes. Is that certain to continue? Not likely. Things ebb and flow. As recently as 2006, Michigan and Ohio State played at the end of the regular season as the #1 and #2 teams. The …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Reverses Course on Plus One
    I love this proposal b/c it would create HOME games for the higher ranked teams. For the B1G (NU included!) this would be a great shift from always having to play warm-weather teams in their home areas. Bring Florida State to Lincoln in December. GOOD TIMES!

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    dkdevine - I hear ya. NU not only would like to get Jackson on the field, the NEED him on the field. They could have used him this season, they need him desperately this season and moving forward. But - based on the track record thus far - I'm not about …more »

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    NU could have *really* used Shelton on the roster. Now I fear they will only have one corner in this class (Seisay) and they needed two, preferably three.

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    Aaron Curry picked NU over Iowa. That's a great "early" win for the Huskers on signing day. They needed a DT. Getting Curry demonstrates what a good relationship that the new d-line coach brought with him from Iowa. Beating a B1G school straight up for a player is like winning twice …more »

  • RE: Active Signing Day for Huskers
    How fitting that Rose was the first one to sign. Class act, that kid, sticking with his pledge to NU for more than 18 months.

  • RE: Fyfe an intriguing prospect at QB
    I don't understand why the immediate comparisons are to Martinez. I suppose it is because he is the current starter. I think a more apt comparison is to backup QBs, both previous and current. At some point, every team has to ride or die with a second string or even third …more »

  • RE: Fyfe an intriguing prospect at QB
    @ Bill - TE might be a better option, if he could put on the necessary weight. But is 4.8 too slow for a WR? Not entirely. Two examples: Matt Davidson, Todd Peterson. Still, I like Fyfe as a QB first (maybe only).

  • RE: Fyfe an intriguing prospect at QB
    This is an example of what makes the NU walk-on program a special advantage. The combination of size, speed and throwing means he could be a D1 prospect. Schools in the MAC, WAC or Sun Belt would love a player like this. For Nebraska to get him for "free" (no scholarship) …more »

  • RE: Helu Finally Getting his Due
    I love seeing this guy succeed at the next level. It's good for him and good for the NU program. I banged the drum for Helu harder than anyone during his time at NU. (I *heart* Helu). The fact that he was one of the "transitional" players - recruited by Callahan …more »

  • RE: Fixing Nebraska's Cornerback Issues
    Huskermack - and all other readers - apologies. The scads of typos are the result of me having put the wrong version of my story in to our system. It was my un-proofed draft. I've corrected it now. Again, apologies. You all deserve better than that. And, I appreciate the kind …more »

  • RE: Nebraska: The Anti-Oregon
    Mo Rocca is a lot of fun. The real fun of this starts at the 6:00 min mark when they get the fashion guy from Barney's NY to comment on football fashion. That's funny stuff. But, the hard truth in this is that "football fashion" doesn't matter. The FUNCTION does, of …more »

  • RE: Tipping Points May Be Tipping NU's Way
    Steve - "That's it, that's the list." A very Kornheiser-esque statement. One of my favorites.

  • RE: Tipping Points May Be Tipping NU's Way
    In all competition - there is no neutral. You are either getting better or getting worse, because you are moving and your opponent is also moving. As Steve points out, Nebraska is getting better. It's not dramatic or maybe not at the pace that every fan wants, but NU is improving. …more »

  • RE: Penn State Gets It Right
    This move implies they will push forward with A) continuing to have football and B) recruit/coach/raise funds with an approach that is more futuristic than nostalgic. O'Brien isn't a PSU guy, he is not even a college guy. He'll be selling NFL-type futures to potential recruits instead of rich history. Frankly, …more »

  • RE: Mistakes Doom Huskers Against South Carolina
    Offensively, there is a serious lack of playmaking. Quick - name the Huskers who caught passes today.... Answer: Burkhead (5), Bell (3), Cotton (1), Legate (1). That's...underwhelming. Consider that Marlowe, Reed and Kinnie all had crucial drops. Enunwa was never involved. Turner - who the OWH profiled as somebody who was …more »

  • RE: Mistakes Doom Huskers Against South Carolina
    This was typical of the 2011 campaign for NU. Missed opportunities, occationally good offensive design/execution, Burkhead making plays on O, David on D... But the miscues, penalties and - frankly - coaching tirades have become tiresome. This was a young team facing a very tough season, and it showed. Make no …more »

  • RE: Tweet! Mohammed Seisay Says He's a Husker
    The young man is a great tweeter. Check out his latest gems in order to help NU's recruiting efforts - "Zaire/Iese/Lambert/Diggs/Seisay lets be blackshirt legends 2gether fellas!!" AND "Jordan Westerkamp lets make each other better every day in practice.."

  • RE: Latest Name for Open Position
    This actually makes perfect sense, assuming - of course - that Papuchis was the guy for the DC job from the start. He could fill Papupchis' role with the D-line and "fit" with what the Huskers are trying to to do, recruit an area they want to hit, and he as …more »

  • RE: Hire Turner Gill (Seriously)
    For those of you following along at home (and there are several of you), Turner Gill has a new job with Liberty University. He will be the head coach for the Flames, who are an FCS school. Also - I have a significant correction to make to this post (written in …more »

  • RE: Recruiting updates
    No doubt that CB and LB are the biggest "needs" on the Husker board right now. Want more proof of that, look at this weekend's visitors - two more OLB's (Brian Nance and Jared Afalava) and a CB (AJ Leggett). Nance's teammate at Trinity HS - 4-star DE Polo Manukainiu - …more »

  • RE: Recruiting updates
    Coffee is for closers... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd-IHI6b-k0

  • RE: Jones chooses Tigers over Huskers
    ((Sigh)) It was only a matter of time, I'm afraid.

  • RE: Talking Recruiting with Big Red Report
    Hi Jamal, You are right, mistakes like that shouldn't happen. Technically those were Bryan's words (it's an interview). But, ultimately my name is on the story and I hit "publish". Sorry my review didn't catch those flies in the ointment, so to speak. They have been corrected. I hope you still …more »

  • RE: Urban Meyer Hire Good News for Nebraska
    Two rules/maxims of life seem to apply in this case. 1) If you want to be great, then associate with great people. Meyer immediately helps improve the B1G's perception. A stronger leauge is a *good* thing for all member institutions. 2) Competition makes people/organizations better. Competing with Meyer at OSU can …more »

  • RE: Hire Turner Gill (Seriously)
    Thanks for all the comments and feedback. Several of you have mentioned specific positions for Gill, if he were to return. Let me be clear about my take on a specific position - it would be as quarterbacks coach, which I implied with both the sub-headline and the section comparing his …more »

  • RE: Arkansas Should Top NU's Bowl Wish List
    I'd rather play South Carolina. First, NU is more likely to beat them. Second, it's Spurrier. That would be fun.

  • RE: David, Dennard Star on Senior Day
    Greg - made the correction. Yuck, sorry. I'd been reading about Austin Cassidy prior to writing this. Besides, Cassidy and Stafford are so much alike they are practically the same guy - right? ;-)

  • RE: On Expectations
    THANK YOU for writing this, Steve. I agree with every word of it. To your Stoops/OU example, just consider this year too - a squad expected to contend for the national title lost to Texas Tech and Baylor.

  • RE: Nebraska Beats Penn State But Spartans Win Too
    I cleaned up Steve's small geography issue, for those of you who noticed the Ames reference. Hey, old habits are hard to change. We'll get used to this B1G stuff soon.

  • RE: Paterno fired
    This was the ONLY way to go for the trustees. The theme of this whole morality play is - "once you know, you must act." Well, they knew and they acted. To allow him to be associated with their school for one game more (even a minute more) would have been …more »

  • RE: Conversation with a Wildcat
    I don't know who this "Fritz" fella is, but nothing says pyscho like telling somebody you are their biggest fan. ;-)

  • RE: Does the Kickoff Time Matter?
    Alex - Husker fans' loyalty and commitment is unquestioned. They will show up. Never a doubt. But hey, there is a big difference between following the Huskers to Florida or Arizona or Wisconsin (defacto vacations) and going to a morning home game. The point of that passage was that - basically …more »

  • RE: Does the Kickoff Time Matter?
    Hi Tommy. Nope, that's not exactly the case. Actually, there is plenty to write about. Watch for an article about defending Kirk Cousins coming later today or tomorrow morning. I put out these thoughts at this time because it's a topic I am hearing a lot about from fans. In person …more »

  • RE: Spartans Leave No Margin For Error
    NU wide receiver Kenny Bell - "So if we don’t get this one Saturday, Michigan State’s not going to lose the rest of their games on their schedule. So we’ve got to get this one to win our Legends Division, absolutely.” YEP.

  • RE: First Item for Beebe on the Agenda: Complain About Nebraska
    It's a true now as it was last November... http://bigrednetwork.com/story/dan_beebe_psycho_ex-girlfriend/

  • RE: OSU Players Unimpressed with Nebraska
    Reading those tweets, it almost makes me think they didn't land in Lincoln. Did they fly in to Omaha (or Grand Island??) and drive over?

  • RE: OSU Players Unimpressed with Nebraska
    "Welcome to the good life..."

  • RE: Missouri Hopes for Big Ten Invite That Has Not Come
    Missouri clearly misunderstands their place in the college sports landscape. St Louis and KC television markets are solid. But, they can't leverage the SEC and B1G against each other b/c other teams dominate those markets. And, nationally, they have the same popularity as ...who? West Virginia? Cal? Illinois? Get real, Tigers. …more »

  • RE: Missouri Hopes for Big Ten Invite That Has Not Come
    Missouri = the SEC JV.

  • RE: Battling Wisconsin's Big Boys
    @WeAreSo -- What are you going to do, cheer for some other team? It is time to Husker Up, man - http://bigrednetwork.com/huskerup

  • RE: Video: Rex on Rex on Rex Remix
    Well, now that's gonna be in my head all day ...

  • RE: Battling Wisconsin's Big Boys
    natty natty Boi - good point. What are the odds of Carl having watched that Rose Bowl film a few hundred times this off season?

  • RE: What We Know Now - Wyoming Edition
    Ron - wow. Please calm down. First, that comment - that I hope the 308 represents - was a positive, affirmative comment. I think the pro-NU crowd can be a factor for the Huskers. Next, you must be new to this site, because if you read it for very long, you'll …more »

  • RE: Football at 7000 Feet
    My question - is Brett Maher good from 65+ yards at 7000 feet? Maybe we will find out Saturday.

  • RE: What We Know Now - Wyoming Edition
    Hoping the 308 represents on Saturday. It would be nice for NU to have a home away from home.

  • RE: Congratulations! It's a Quarterback...
    Corrected, thanks. I'm familiar with the meaning of both words. Homonyms happen when I get in a hurry.

  • RE: Congratulations! It's a Quarterback...
    Great point about Southern Miss, James. I neglected to mention that in the write up. When you look at the offense that So Miss Head Coach Larry Fedora has cooking, it's impressive. We remember Fedora...the former Oklahoma State offensive coordinator...

  • RE: Wyoming Offense Should Provide a Good Test
    Paging Alfonzo Dennard. Alfonzo Dennard, please pick up a white courtesy phone...

  • RE: Rumor Busting: Huskers are not wearing black helmets to Wisconsin
    Last time I checked, black was not an official school color for Nebraska. Scarlet, yes. Cream, yes. Black, no. Uniform gimmicks backfire anyway. When NU has gone red-and-red or white-and-white, they lost.

  • RE: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown
    Nice analysis, Brandon. I've started to think of the first week of the season as "rush to judgement" week in college football. We wait SO long for the season that it is easy to overreact to what we see initially. The season is a long process. NU can, and will, continue …more »

  • RE: What We Learn From the Depth Chart
    Here are my two big takeaways from this chart. 1) The frosh I-backs are quite a group. What should we call them? We've had the "We" Backs (Jones and Brown). Maybe they will be the "OR" backs b/c of how they are listed on the chart. Or, they can be the …more »

  • RE: Will Nebraska lose a home game?

  • RE: Big Ten Picks Week 1
    You picked Wisconsin/UNLV right. A 34 point margin...that's a Rebel cover for those of you scoring at home.

  • RE: Big Ten Picks Week 1
    I'm gonna go out on a limb and disagree on a couple of these. I like Michigan State team that returns a ton of talent to win and cover. Veteran teams know how to handle their business. I think the opposite of Iowa. The Hawkeyes have a lot of holes to …more »

  • RE: Cameron Meredith on Culture
    And THAT may make all the difference.

  • RE: What We Know Now
    Not to totally side-track this conversation, but is Terry Connealy (the pride of Hyannis) the patron saint of the 308? http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=204828743 More to the point of this year - is Crick (of Cozad) the new Connealy? Food for thought.

  • RE: What We Know Now
    It's one of NE's two area codes, and the one generally considered the more rural of the two, since most of NE's population is in the Eastern end of the state. Map - http://www.whitepages.com/maps/NE Maher is from Kearney.

  • RE: What We Know Now
    Also, Maher - reppin the 308. Yeah....

  • RE: What We Know Now
    Possibly the most candid and enlightening press conference in years, really. With the exception of Kinnie's humorous deferrals on the offense. Even he started to laugh at all of his "attack and play fast" comments.

  • RE: Ankrah Makes Most of Opportunity
    We do have a "like" button, as well as a re-tweet button. So, by all means, like away twauto22. That D-line could be very special.

  • RE: Three Concerns for Nebraska Entering the 2011 Season
    Hope my last comment didn't exacerbate your already negative opinion of the site, huakerron in Modesto. See, I have at least some sense of humor. Really, appreciate your reading.

  • RE: Three Concerns for Nebraska Entering the 2011 Season
    huakerron in Modesto - sorry you don't agree with the word choice. I'll gladly refund your money... ;-) And I didn't say the depth would be exasperated, I said the issue could be. There is a difference. The mood could go from "fine" to "irritated" or even "vexed" very fast. …more »

  • RE: Three Concerns for Nebraska Entering the 2011 Season
    Patrick - thanks for pointing out NU's wicked schedule. Nebraska has some tough sledding, for sure. That *almost* made the list for this post, but decided to save that topic for a seperate post (watch for it later this week) I don't share your concerns about Martinez or Burkhead, based on …more »

  • RE: Will Nebraska Suffer from Trophy Troubles?
    The tractor idea is brilliant!

  • RE: Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats
    Brubhub51 - Football didn't start in 1995. "Corn fed trailer monkey" ? Because... you know...name calling is so articulate and cosmopolitan. NW might be a on the way to some very good things with Coach Fitz. But, you are one heck of a long way from gloating about anyone falling to …more »

  • RE: Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats
    GOCATS - Son? Really? Wow. Oh, you are right...the Big Ten is way too tough for the poor little Huskers. That must be why Nebraska is 8-1 against BIG members since 1990. That makes a ton of sense. One of those 7 wins was the 2000 Alamo Bowl against a certain …more »

  • RE: Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats
    twolff -- +1 for mentioning "The Best of Times". It's easily one of the more underappreciated football-related films of all time. "When Reno Hightower was a prick, he was the best darn quarterback in South Kern County".

  • RE: Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats
    Of course the campaign is intended to help win the Heisman. That's the point. I don't see any ad campaigns not intended to sell products. I don't see any PR campaign not intended to change minds. Of course it is supposed to help him win. Right now, it's about positioning. He …more »

  • RE: Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats
    Last season, Nebraska's defense humbled some NFL-worthy quarterbacks. Now, Persa is on the list for this year. Hope he lifts a lot of those 7-pound weights to get ready. See you this fall!

  • RE: Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats
    That is one wicked headline, Steve. But it's hard to argue with you. Persa is a good player but a *very* unlikely Heisman candidate. There are at least 3 quarterbacks in his own conference that may be better awards candidates. Also, look at the campaign - http://heismanpundit.com/2011/08/10/are-you-persa-strong/ Persa strong? Really? Dude...is …more »

  • RE: Small Husker Tie-In to a Big Miami Problem
    My reactions to this were both instant and obvious: 1) Of all the Huskers over the last 10 years, of *course* it as Benard Thomas who would get tangled up in this kind of mess. Who else could it be? Ugh. 2) Think Pelini is happy he stayed at NU instead …more »

  • RE: Position Battle Buzz - Offense
    Nice round up, Brandon. The reality is that things are still so early that it is hard to say anything for certain. More unknowns than knows, certainly. Players could easily emerge in mid-season (remember Gomes in '09?) Based on the current state of things, I somehow find myself more optimistic about …more »

  • RE: Sixth Commit Under the Radar
    Lots of good reasons to be excited about Mr. Jones picking NU, including: - It's good to see the Husker staff be able to pull a kid out of the deep South. NU truly needs to recruit nationally. There are *so many good players* in the south. Pelini's reputation from the …more »

  • RE: O-Line Depth Cause for Concern?
    The biggest concern I have right now is Marcel Jones. NU could lack reliable depth at tackle if he can't keep his back healthy. The fact that he's sitting out already is NOT a good sign. With Jones, then Yoshi and Sirles would battle for the LT spot. Without him, one …more »

  • RE: Get Ready to Gear Up with Big Red Network
    For those who are curious or anxious to start ordering (I hope!) - please note that the site's store launches *tomorrow*, August 3rd. As I said above, that is when the presale event starts.

  • RE: The Bo Pelini Word Cloud
    Funny you should say that, Mark. In previous years, my attempts at trying to care about and write about these coach interview transcripts was called "Translating Coachspeak".

  • RE: Nebraska and Iowa to Play for Hardware
    Pardon me if I'm skeptical about this. It's in my nature to distrust new things and playing Iowa and the B1G's infatuation with trophy games are both still too fresh in my mind. I am also skeptical of marketing initiatives (and that's what this really is, folks) that get too "cute" …more »

  • RE: Husker Football Numerology
    I neglected to include Marrow - he's #19 and is listed as a FB. Ryan, good question about Pirman. I thought he would be a DE/LB as well. That's a question for the coaches. The only answer I can speculate for you is that NU has more depth and competition at …more »

  • RE: What Will Bubba Starling Do?
    Frankly, I think NU's hopes are kind of slight. Upwards of $6M just to sign your name...that's hard for almost any person to turn down. If the Huskers have a hope at all, it may dwell more in Darin Erstad than in Bo Pelini. Erstad own career illustrates how a player …more »

  • RE: Many Huskers Worth Watching
    Also, should have noted one other important outcome. Programs recruit based on their "hardware". Just vist any program, and you'll know this is the case. Programs with Heismans, title trophies and other major awards (like a few detailed above) have a leg up on programs that don't. And, you can't win …more »

  • RE: Bookmakers Look Bullish on Nebraska
    I find this instructive. Even though vegas lines are not intended to predict anything, they give a real insight in to the mindset of the rabid ($ on the table) football fans. They are aiming for the middle to create action on both sides. The spreads right now feel in line …more »

  • RE: An Offense That Is Just Good Enough
    General rule of thumb in football - if a team can hold an opponent to less than 21 points, they will likely win the game. (Btw, the 2009 Husker season/team was the best *unders* bets in history). So the "just good enough" line to make for an offense is 21+ points/game. …more »

  • RE: Orgy of Nebraska Programming Provides Some New Insights
    Rewatching the 1995 Orange Bowl (again!) and finding some truly awesome moments buried in that game. Examples - the pure joy of seeing Cory Schlesinger block Ray Lewis in to the ground, the unreal funny sight of Warren Sapp jumping up and down in front of the NU sideline talking sh!t …more »

  • RE: Orgy of Nebraska Programming Provides Some New Insights
    +1 for the use of the word "Orgy" in the headline. I can just guess that BRN's traffic might be a bit higher today. While re-watching that Orange Bowl win against Tennessee... I could hardly believe the number of future NFL stars on the field, and I don't just mean Peyton …more »

  • RE: Nebraska's Big Ten Initiation
    JStO - So noted and corrected. Thanks. I'm frustrated because that is one of my own pet peeves. Got in too big of a hurry writing my responses.

  • RE: Meet the New Conference, Same as the Old Conference
    You are channeling your inner Pelini with this post, Tom. Football is football. We still have a job to do. Etc. I read a quote from yesterday saying that July 1 is not an important date to him at all. Fans get fired up about milestones (for good reason). Coaches know …more »

  • RE: Nebraska's Last Day On the Plains
    Hi MAK, we'll stick with NU. Thanks anyway.

  • RE: Nebraska's Last Day On the Plains
    Brandon, wow. Such prose hardly belongs on a college football blog. And somehow it is perfect. A sense of place is vital to all people, and it's a key element in college sports... the whole "My area's team is better than your area's team" part. Thanks for capturing what an epic …more »

  • RE: Penn State is Bizzaro Nebraska
    I hear ya, Cowboy. I was at that 2002 game. The only reason this post wasn't a PSU hate-fest was because I am trying to give PSU fans the benefit of the doubt and because I just did that routine with Iowa. Let me say from my first hand experience - …more »

  • RE: Penn State is Bizzaro Nebraska
    Hey there, other Darren. Sorry I mean 400+ wins in the last 50 years, not total in history of the program. I thought linking over to Steve's story on the topic made that clear. But, that's laziness on my part. I should have been more specific. I'll edit the story accordingly …more »

  • RE: Penn State is Bizzaro Nebraska
    Thanks for the correction, Jake. It is so noted and amended. I got ahead of myself there.

  • RE: Is Russell Wilson Overrated?
    To answer the question in your headline... yes. I think so. Is he a good player and a better quarterback than UW currently has available? Yes, absolutely. But, he's not like some "world beater" that makes them a conference or national title contender by just being on the field. He's a …more »

  • RE: 2012 Recruiting Picks Up Steam
    Good summary, Steve. I like that we beat OSU McMullen, AND we beat Michigan for Thurston. NU is getting after it right now. Watching Thurston's film, this kid has exellent feet and does a great job when pulling. He'll be a guard for sure. And, in an interview, he said that …more »

  • RE: The Most Famous Gloves in the History of Nebraska Football
    Ugh - http://www.thelantern.com/sports/unsportsmanlike-penalties-frustrate-buckeyes-1.1797373

  • RE: The Most Famous Gloves in the History of Nebraska Football
    This is a wicked smart observation about Nebraskans, Brandon. But, really, I almost stopped reading at the word "footballgasm". I had to work to keep from spitting out my coffee or having it go out through my nose. Good stuff.

  • RE: Why It’s Okay To Hate Iowa
    I'm reading all about Minnesota today. It's good to learn about new foes in general and nice to get to know the Gophers a bit. Here's a fun fact for NU fans that I'm sure Iowa fans already know - the Gophers lost to North Dakota State last year (during a …more »

  • RE: Why It’s Okay To Hate Iowa
    And so it begins. Wow, the hate is flowing. For those keeping score at home - first Lawrence Phillips reference came on 6/22. Nice. That's not saying much coming from a team who had multiple players with legal issues recently, including their best WR running a drug house. Be careful when …more »

  • RE: Why It’s Okay To Hate Iowa
    Rodwell - dropping some serious perspective from behind enemy lines. Good stuff.

  • RE: Why It’s Okay To Hate Iowa
    I think Iowa and Nebraska (the fans, not the states or the teams) really want to take a big swing at each other. The Iowa fans I know are constantly telling me how they can't wait for the Hawks to beat the Huskers. At times they bring it up to me, …more »

  • RE: Bodog makes Bo fourth choice in Ohio State Stakes
    First, the fact that people can bet on who fills the OSU job is just amazing. Next, the thought of Mike Leach in the Big Ten - and at a school with the resources of Ohio State - is exciting and terrifying all at once. That guy owned NU when he …more »

  • RE: Making Stars
    Two things matter - finding good talent, then *developing* that talent. Frankly, you have to credit Callahan with attracting players like Prince, Helu (and yes, Suh) to NU. That's the raw material. Credit Pelini with refining it. Now, can Pelini and his staff do both? More recent examples from the NU …more »

  • RE: Know Your Big Ten Bowls
    Husker fans should feel very good about this bowl lineup. The BCS ties are nice and obvious. Beyond that, the first three non-BCS options are attractive. They are on New Year's Day. They are in Florida. Husker fan vacations just got better. Also, is there any wonder why NU's recruiting efforts …more »

  • RE: Profiles in Slobberknocking: Suh v. McCoy
    Let me start with the facts. Texas won the game. They have the Big 12 Championship Trophy. Nothing can change that. Now, that said - I have to ask this question...what do people *remember* from that game? The answer is Suh. If you polled neutral observers (not NU or UT fans), …more »

  • RE: The Early Recruiting Trail
    The #1 thing to keep in mind with this class is that it will be small - likely just 12 players, as opposed to the 20-25 players in a typical class. If they have half a dozen verbal pledges by the season start, they would be half way done - and …more »

  • RE: Profiles in Slobberknocking: Crouch Humiliates Iowa
    Look everyone! It's OU7Times! He's a comedian! He's hilarious! For those of you who weren't around in 1988 or don't have access to the magic of the interweb electric-net, NU vs. UCLA in 1988 was a Husker bloodbath. UCLA got out front 28-0 before NU could even respond. And NU wingback …more »

  • RE: Westerkamp Will Bring It
    Big, big fan of this "get" by NU. Lots to like.... 1) Quantity - trust the coaches on who they offer. This is a 12 person class for NU (12!). So, every one of them carries significantly more "weight" than regular years when they are taking 20-25 kids. If they offer, …more »

  • RE: Profiles in Slobberknocking: Frost v. Horn
    I offcially *love* this. The beautiful spring weather is supposed to make me happy. Instead, it reminds me how far away football is. I don't like baseball and I rather stink at golf. So, my heart stays in football. Thank goodness for YouTube. Great hit! Scott Frost was underrated as a …more »

  • RE: Husker Backs Will Compete In Big Ten
    For what it's worth, it is looking like those 11AM start times may be a thing of the past. Word has it that B1G Commish Delaney is negotiating to make all the start times either noon (central), 3:30 or 7:00. That will be a good improvement. Hmmm, a commish who considers …more »

  • RE: Happy for Helu, Hopeful for Henery
    From the Washington Post's Redskins blog - Helu's combine results: Among running backs, Helu finished first in the 20-yard shuttle (4.01 seconds) and 60-yard shuttle (11.07 seconds), second in the three-cone drill (6.67 seconds), sixth in the 40-yard dash (4.42 seconds). That's a 4.42 electronic (no BS) 40 time at the …more »

  • RE: Happy for Helu, Hopeful for Henery
    Bill...dropping the race card! I wish I could disagree with you, but I think some people really do think that way regarding race and speed. Sad but true. The important thing is that Shanahan saw the talent and acted. I read one analysis today that said that based on what they …more »

  • RE: Worth a Premium
    Also, Lane Kiffin makes $4M/year at USC. [Snort laugh].

  • RE: Worth a Premium
    Here's the difference between Pelini and Bielema right now, Steve. Nobody is asking about Bielema (at least not publicly). Pelini's pay raise is born not just from results, but also from increased demand for his services. NU brass has admitted as much. Pelini has leverage. Of course, as a friend of …more »

  • RE: The Clamor for Carnes Begins
    His coaches and teammates didn't do Martinez a lot of favors on Saturday. He had a much more scaled back offense. Carl Pelini threw a corner blitz at him (??) and Brandon Kinnie (his supposed go-to #1 guy) dropped three very catchable balls. Now, the interception was a poor choice and …more »

  • RE: The Clamor for Carnes Begins
    Billy K - yes it was obvious...right about when he fumbled in the red zone.

  • RE: Handicapping the Spring Game
    Martinez won't play, Burkhead won't be in there much. Brion Carnes stars on Saturday. So, I'll take the White team by 10, and the unders. ;-)

  • RE: The New Schedules Are Here!
    After the murder's row NU takes on in 2011 and 2012, I share your Navin R. Johnson-like enthusiasm for the new schedules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOTDn2A7hcY (Awesome movie) As you mention, NU will still have plenty of very good foes in 2013 and 14 (Miami non-con, M, PSU, Iowa). But, lets face it - …more »

  • RE: A Disenchanted April?
    The psychology of sports/team fans is always fun to consider. Thanks for serving up this topic, Steve. I agree with you that the overall excitement level is down among the total Husker fan population. I've heard many fans say point blank ... "I just can't get excited yet." The comparison to …more »

  • RE: Footballs in the Blue-Gray Sky
    This is smart analysis. This is a site for the smart kids. :)

  • RE: Special Teams One Key to Spring
    I'm tellin ya, baby. You always double down on 11.

  • RE: Marrow Pickup a Good One
    You really hit the nail on the head with this statement, Steve -- "It's not often you can upgrade your roster after national signing day. But Nebraska has done so at a position (or positions) of need." The last time I can think of "found money" like this is when Matt …more »

  • RE: Huskers Loading Up on Linebackers?
    Many people are underestimating how much or how often NU will need a schematic change to combat teams that run the ball more frequently. Yes, this includes Big 10 teams, many of whom run the ball often. NU will need linebackers like never before. Want evidence? Go re-watch the Holiday Bowl …more »

  • RE: Does the Big 10 Run the Ball More, Better or More Better than Everyone Else?
    Many people are underestimating how much or how often NU will need a schematic change to combat teams that run the ball more frequently. Yes, this includes Big 10 teams, many of whom run the ball often. Want evidence? Go re-watch the Holiday Bowl versus Washington. Among the many things UW …more »

  • RE: Does the Big 10 Run the Ball More, Better or More Better than Everyone Else?
    Excellent stuff, Brandon. Very thoughtful analysis. I love the nod to the provicial nature of college football. That's what makes it a great sport for fans. Here's my feedback. HOW a team (or teams) in a conference run the ball matters as much or more than how often they do it. …more »

  • RE: Little News is Good News
    Oh Tom! "Bad news season" happens in summer, I hope you didn't jinx it. :-) Kidding... You are right about this - NU is fairly angst free this spring. Frankly, as fans, we could use the break. Instability almost started to feel like the the norm in Lincoln after the Head …more »

  • RE: Will the NFL's New Rule Trickle Down?
    The skeptic in me thinks the NFL isn't doing this for safety but because they want to free up a roster spot. Moving the kickoffs closer could mean the end of the kickoff specialist and that teams would only need to keep one kicker on their roster. IF the NCAA decides …more »

  • RE: Huskers Loading Up on Linebackers?
    HuskerfanBB - I don't hear anybody saying that Hagg, Gomes or any of the 210-220 lb studs frome the 1990s (that's a nice list, btw) can't tackle. But remember that all of those 1990s guys were A) on the field with a middle or strongside backer like Phil Ellis, Doug Coleman, …more »

  • RE: Tressel's Self-Imposed Suspension Groan-Worthy in Nebraska
    Cody, a W is a W and a L is an L. They don't put qualifiers on them. If MSU playing a depleted OSU when NU has to play them at full strength is exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks for making my point. There is no way you can tell …more »

  • RE: Finish Strong
    As the season goes on, and as games go on, defenses adjust and get better - especially the well-coached teams (read: Oklahoma). Good defenses take things away. It might work once early in a game, but not too much more after that. By the time the 4th quarter rolls around, both …more »

  • RE: The Omaha Questions
    Thanks for addressing this from a "Husker" perspective, Tom. Let me just say first that I really feel bad for the kids involved here. Having the carpet yanked out from under you is a terrible feeling, especially after winning a title (in wrestling's case). That really stinks. Beyond that, I have …more »

  • RE: Ward to Tight End Could Mean Heard's On the Way
    I agree, Steve. Making room for another running back seems the likely play here. Heard's name is the first one. But, keep an eye out for Marrow (son of a new NU GA) to join the roster as a "big back" for the Huskers. He was a FB recruit to Alabama. …more »

  • RE: Huskers Enter Spring Ball Healthy and Ready
    DING DING DING! - Patrick wins the contest for "comment of the week." That simple and clear 3-word joke litterally made me snort. Nice work, Patrick. Seriously though, how excited are you to see Martin get an opportunity to come off the edge full-tilt? Dude is a dang caveman! Remember, this …more »

  • RE: Return of the Back?
    Tom and Grant - you are welcome. On some level, this post was done just to write that headline and reference that song. No kidding. "Return of the mack...."

  • RE: Signs Of Life
    You, sir, are a jinx. :-) You probably like to tell pitchers that they are throwing a no-hitter, too. Sorry, I'm just joking. Really, I'm just trying to find a reason to care and taking pot shots at you seemed like the best possible way. No? Yay Nebrasket Ball! Yay Doc! …more »

  • RE: What Kind of Production from New Backs?
    Excellent perspective, Steve. I like seeing the historical reference to RB production. Here are two more variables that will impact this year's RB group - neither of which can really be addressed until we see it happen. 1) Change of position coach. We're all big Ron Brown fans. If you had …more »

  • RE: A Story about Ron Brown and fumbling
    "Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble this football." -- John Heisman

  • RE: Underwhelmed? Don't Be.
    Adam31 - thanks. I deliberately kept the focus on the NEW hires, and not discussion of changes for the existing staff. That's a different topic, different day. Not only Tim Beck to OC, but also the changes for Ron Brown as RB coach and John Papuchis moving to recruiting coordinator. So.... …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Five-Year Recruiting Rankings
    To the "other" me... I understand you, really. At no time - not even in the middle of summer - is the "off" season as brutal as it is in February (after signing day). I wish I could make myself care about basketball, but I kinda just...don't. Wake me up for …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Five-Year Recruiting Rankings
    Other than tOSU and M at the top - Wisconsin is what jumps out at me. Considering their on-field performance over the 5 year span, they are either over achieving when it comes to coaching or the recruit rankings are inaccurate. Of course, it's probably a combination of both. The Badgers …more »

  • RE: Best Class in Ten Years?
    Steve, I think it's okay to take the question mark out of the headline. In my opinion, this is the best Husker class in 10 years. Two reasons: 1) as you said, this class is very strong along the line. That means everything. The Huskers got better along both lines of …more »

  • RE: Signing Day Open Thread
    Remember the timezone factor, Joemama. Its two hours earlier In CA than in Lincoln. So, no reason for concern yet.

  • RE: Signing Day Open Thread
    Thanks for all of these updates, Brandon. Love the mix of timely updates with editorial asides. The Chip Hilton reference (Re: Bubba) had me stumped for a minute, and then laughing when I figured it out. Great stuff, as always.

  • RE: Signing Day Open Thread
    I'm seeing reports of Turene (the LB) going to Georgia. Too bad!

  • RE: Signing Day Open Thread
    I'm personally glad to see the offensive line players keep rolling in. Getting better on the LOS means the most. I'm getting nervous about Green. It's 10:00 a.m. and no LOI. I hope somebody else isn't making a late charge! Getting great confirmation on Todd Peat Jr. though. That would be …more »

  • RE: Not to Speak Ill of the Departed...
    Travis Lewis broke my heart. Still does. Bouzos? Not so much. A month from now, I won't remember how to spell his name. That said, I wish the kid the best of luck with AF.

  • RE: Crick's back and Pelini goes nowhere
    It looks as though all of my "Hoke to Michigan" prayers paid off. http://bigrednetwork.com/story/buzz_the_harbaugh_watch_what_it_means_for_nebraska/ Hoke is a good coach with a good, not great, record. Compared to Harbaugh and Miles, the hire is "underwhelming" for M fans, I'm sure. But that is GREAT for NU, in my opinion.

  • RE: Bo Won't Go Says Eric Olson Via Twitter
    Consider me very relieved.

  • RE: Running Game Should Determine Holiday Bowl Victor
    Run the ball. Stop the run. Win the game.

  • RE: One to grow on or go on?
    At least half of college coaching (maybe more) is helping players improve as players and as people. That's kind of the whole point, right? Martinez has the opportunity to grow as a quarterback and as a teammate. I hope he embraces them as much as the coaching staff does. Also, as …more »

  • RE: The Skinny Assassin Finally Gets Recognition
    Best. Kicker. Ever.

  • RE: One Last Sooner-Husker Contest Feels So Right
    Awesome sentence - "We'll always have Paris"...or the Game of the Century. Very few things make me actually laugh out loud. This one did, Steve. Well done.

  • RE: Strong Statement from Tom Osborne
    Translation - "Nice job overall, Bo. But this is your final warning."

  • RE: After the Magic is gone
    This is about NU being firmly committed to Green as their starter Friday. Then, they need to not only "bring the whole playbook" but also highlight plays that he does well or suit his style of play - relative to what CU gives up. Maybe that is downfield passing. Maybe that …more »

  • RE: Quotes from Bo Pelini's press conference
    This sounds like a man who just had a coversation with his boss's boss. Very contrite regarding his sideline behavior. I call BS on the last answer (re: is the big 12 out to get NE). I am willing to bet that he has at least THOUGHT about it. :-) Though...nice …more »

  • RE: 12th Man Wears Zebra Stripes as Texas A&M Gets Win Over Nebraska
    Nebraska didn't play well enough to win. They turned the ball over twice. They made mistakes on offense - including penalties. Bad football lost the game. That being said - what happened on that field tonight was atrocious. When the first headline is the officiating and the second headline is the …more »

  • RE: The Big Play Explosion
    Great article, Brandon. The research really tells the tale here. This has all the makings of a "special" NU team. If it is an indicator of what fans can sort of expect under Pelini...then, watch out. On an anecdotal level, somebody asked me on Sunday to describe why NU is so …more »

  • RE: You Make The Call
    It was a blown call. Fumble, for sure. In other news, Ed Cunningham is an idiot.

  • RE: 2010 Nebraska vs Missouri Game Day Pocket Guide
    Things that are awesome: the pocket guide.

  • RE: Taariq Allen Pledges to Nebraska
    Greg - great point, and probably one I should have brought up in the original post. At BRN, our evaluation of recruiting is always weighted by whether or not NU beat a team in their conference. If you can get a player and keep a player away from a team you …more »

  • RE: Taariq Allen Pledges to Nebraska
    This is proof that if you want to start a conversation with Husker fans, just say the word "Texas". Dwayne and company - my point about Mass vs. Texas wasn't that NU needs to focus on the that state - it was simply that I question the level of competition this …more »

  • RE: Aaron Green Picks Nebraska
    Hujan - you are right. I got a bit carried away with that sentence. He has not signed. Replace the word "is" with the words "would be", and it is more accurate. Interestingly, I'm hearing from some fans that are mixed on Green choosing NU. Not because they dislike him, but …more »

  • RE: Signature Win?
    The OSU win was the first win over a team ranked above #20 in NINE years. Yeah, that was a big one. MU is certainly bigger still. Does MU qualify as a "Signature" situation. I don't know what that term means. But, I'm 100% sure Pelini is the right guy at …more »

  • RE: Puncturing the Home-Road Myth
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve for writing this. I am already hearing NU fans saying things like "too bad the game isn't on the road..." And I just look at them like they are crazy. Folks, the game is at HOME! You know, Memorial Stadium...pretty good place. 86,000 people …more »

  • RE: Vegas still favors Huskers
    I'm no Missouri Tiger lover, obviously. But, I'm pretty sure I was speaking for most Husker fans when my response to MU beating OU was ... "Yes, that's just perfect."

  • RE: Unruly Fans Shouldn't Be a Concern
    Chip - you are a funny guy. No, I'm not a quiet geriatric. Quite the opposite, I assure you. Like a LOT of Husker fans, I am loud and passionate to an alarming degree during the game. I aim for being just shy of obnoxious. Then, after the game, I cheer …more »

  • RE: Unruly Fans Shouldn't Be a Concern
    It's nice of Bo and Tom to try and help preserve NU's classy fan image, but it might not be necessary. The average NU fan does just fine. Arrives early. Says the right things. Cheers loudly and appropriately. Stays late. Etc. Not to go all social science nerd on this (too …more »

  • RE: Week 7 Picks
    I hate to disagree with you. Well, not really. I actually like to disagree...but anyway - I like A&M on Saturday even giving 3.5 points. Sorry, just not a Mizzou believer. I also like Wisconsin this week, getting 4. Ohio State may have won easily last week, but they did not …more »

  • RE: Too Soon for Martinez Heisman Talk
    Well, it looks like I hit a nerve with some folks on this one. Hey, folks - I am not trying to pee in your kool aid. This is a Husker-lovin site. Its not like I said Martinez is bad or that I don't WANT him to be nationally recognized (along …more »

  • RE: Where to have breakfast in Lincoln before a Husker game
    First, chug a Bloody Mary. Then, get a steak sandwich and another Bloody Mary. Also, eat a hotdog on the way to the stadium. You'll feel like a million bucks.

  • RE: Why can't Texas run the football?
    Two ideas: 1) Excellent research and thoughts on this, Brandon. 2) Answer to your question: Texas can't run the football because they are soft on offense. Nerf soft.

  • RE: Husker Watch Site Report: Cancun, Mexico
    Todd Munson just made the BRN list of "people who are awesome." Well done, sir. Well done.

  • RE: KSU Prep: Q&A With a Wildcat Beat Writer
    Nathan - That's a fact about Robinett. He's a journalist. K-Stated is run by the Wichita paper. That's why I asked him for the interview. He provides information and facts, not homerism. We at BRN appreciate him taking the time with us.

  • RE: An island of directness in a world of...sitcoms
    God Bless football. I love October. GO BIG RED!

  • RE: Is Helu the Fantasy Pick at Kansas State?
    Not that I am a huge college fantasy football guy, but this notion makes a lot of sense in terms of the NU gameplan, too. Yes, Burkhead can and will be a factor in this game. Dude is a player. But, I expect Helu to be the "fire starter" for the …more »

  • RE: Tackle Daniel Thomas
    It really is just this simple, Steve. Tackle! The game plan is so obvious - KSU will run, NU will try to stop the run - that fans will know within about 8 minutes on how this sucker is likely gonna shake out. Carson Coffman makes Zac Lee look like Joe …more »

  • RE: Husker "Hush Tour" 2010 Starts on Thursday
    Gray - are you serious? I don't know what is confusing me more... 1) Your hatchet job on the Cinderella story. 2) The sentence - "Goodbye Huskers, *you're* 15 minutes are up." - Uh...with apologies to Andy Warhol ("everyone gets 15 minutes of fame") NU isn't some flash in the pan …more »

  • RE: Whither the Big 12?
    OU7 - welcome back! 2 things you need to get straight, though. "Free cash" - Ha, that's seriously funny. NU paid $9M instead of $19M ($10M coupon!) to get out of an instable conference and in to a bigger, more profitable one. Like I said - might be the best $9M …more »

  • RE: Huskers, Martinez Pass First Real Test
    Barry - You are looking for Jon Johnston - that's a different web site. You can go on over to www.cornnation.com to respond to him if you like. Here at BRN, we were pretty sure NU would roll. :-)

  • RE: Matchup Watch: UW to Start True Frosh at Guard
    I picked that photo b/c the Baylor game was the last time a team lined up a true frosh against Crick. Though, to be 100% fair - Erik Kohler is a significant talent (4-star recruit, member of the Rivals 250, etc). He's probably too good for UW to keep on the …more »

  • RE: Rooting for Tech
    This is classic, Steve. I think you are tapped in to a very special sort of vengence/justice mode right now. I think a lot of NU fans would like "one more shot" at just about everyone in the Big 12, just 'cause. I know I would.

  • RE: Week 3 Picks
    Air Force is a tough draw for OU - right after FSU and before Cincy. As we know defending triple option football can be tricky. This is the week we find out if Baylor is for real or not. I'm curious to see how they hold up against TCU. I'll take …more »

  • RE: Photos of Nebraska vs Idaho
    These are really good. They show not just game action but also some personality, too. I really like the one of Pelini. All of the credit for these photos goes to Patrick Breen. The dude has a great eye. Here is more of his work - http://www.flickr.com/photos/patrickbreen/

  • RE: Husker Watch Site Profile: Raleigh, NC
    Bloody Mary, Bill. Bloody Mary...

  • RE: Week 2 Picks
    Hmm, personally I like both Baylor and Texas Tech to cover this week. Buffalo is bad. New Mexico got waxed last week. Can't believe I'm backing the Big 12 South. Oh well. We agree in our belief that Michigan is better than Notre Dame.

  • RE: So This Is What "Multiple" Looks Like
    Responses. Patrick - Uh, yeah. Thanks for that. Probably should have chosen a better word. TM - I feel you. Read option is not the same as the down the line option. But, I don't think Watson was patronizing anyone. Remember, we saw some down-the-line option in the Holiday bowl last …more »

  • RE: So This Is What "Multiple" Looks Like
    Hey there, Troy. Good point about the use of wingbacks as runners under Osborne, and frankly, under Devaney. Yes, I'm fully aware that everyone from "the Jet" to Shevin Wiggins got to be a ball carrier at one point. Osborne would line up in shotgun and direct snap it to the …more »

  • RE: Bad Blood Between Ex-Husker Assistants?
    Or maybe Bohl is a jerk.

  • RE: D-Line Hoping to Turn Up Heat on Idaho
    Hitting and sacking Enderle is the #1 "key to success" for NU, no doubt. Of course defense starts with stopping the run. But, Idaho is not a run-first team. They go as Enderle goes. If he's on the turf often, then NU is in great shape.

  • RE: Requiem for the Sleeve
    I say lose the stripes...on both the jersey and the pants. The no-stripes look is just cleaner and better, imo. And, remember, there was a time in the mid 1990's that NU didn't wear stripes on their pants. Those teams somehow looked faster. Well, maybe because they were faster. Either way, …more »

  • RE: Pondering the Niles Paul Paradox
    Bill - HA. That's an odd image. Seriously though, that's a good point that needs to constantly be addressed team wide. I saw Kinne carry the ball one-handed after one of his grabs on Saturday. I remember yelling..."Put the ball away, son. It's not a loaf of bread."

  • RE: Pondering the Niles Paul Paradox
    Edward - Iowa State and Texas Tech jump to mind from last year. Did he lose them single-handedly? No. Football is the ultimate team sport. But he made critical mistakes in both games. Those plays turned the outcome. Granted (and as folks have said all along) he makes huge plays that …more »

  • RE: Pondering the Niles Paul Paradox
    Alex, that is an interesting point about pulling him. I thought there was this remarkable atmosphere of competition in the program. Right? Consider this - if Will Henery or Curenski Gilleylen drop that ball, then they would get yanked for sure, wouldn't they? Sorry, I don't mean to "hate" on Paul. …more »

  • RE: The WAC is Back in Lincoln
    As frequent commentor "Bill" wrote last week - Don't sleep on Idaho. NU must clean up its defensive issues to not allow the Vandals to make it a game. PS - not gonna miss the Sun Belt teams...

  • RE: Pioneers! O Pioneers! Nebraska Prepares For Life in the Big Ten
    That is an EXCELLENT point, Bill. The "testing grounds" for title worthiness just got significantly tougher. The same is true for members of the previous Big Ten, now the new Big Ten (I'm looking at you, Ohio State). Not being able to avoid playing some tough teams (remember when Iowa didn't …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Division Announcements Tonight
    Yes, Tom. I also found the helmet arrangement in that picture very...curious. The way those are set up had a certain amount of competitive balance, don't ya think?

  • RE: What's Scary About Iowa State?
    Q: What's scary about ISU? A: The memory of NU turning it over 8 times. ((shudder)) To the point about seeing the Cyclones again in the non-con...never rule it out. I think ISU would be an ideal non-con opponent. I like the idea of scheduling "weak" teams from BCS conferences (i.e. …more »

  • RE: What's Scary About Missouri?
    I'm with Exiled on this one. This is the MOST important game on the schedule. It's not just a conference game, it is a North division game. Missouri is the next best team within the division. All of NU's goals hinge on winning the North. The sure way to capture the …more »

  • RE: What's Scary About Oklahoma State?
    2 things concern me. 1 - as NU-ISU mentioned, NU's recent history with OSU is not good. 2 - it is the week after the UT game. Can you say let down?

  • RE: Questions that Matter: Can Huskers Keep Expectations In Check?
    From a *team* perspective, expectations may be different than those of fans. The coaches are not at all shy about saying they go out to win every game (isn't that the whole point?). But, those are grown men who know the stakes and their profession. So, in the next breath, they …more »

  • RE: Questions that Matter: How Will NU Replace the Middle of its Defense?
    Reports out of practice today have West running with the #1 D. PJ Smith backing him up. Just saying... And Gomes is the other safety playing with the 1s. Stud. Bill and Dwayne - you want a nasty safety? Here's a name, Corey Cooper. He's just a frosh so he won't …more »

  • RE: A Husker Boxing Card I'd Pay to See
    KICKER FIGHT! Love it...

  • RE: Delayed Arrival by Heard Doesn't Doom the Offense
    Nebraska has a very solid 3 deep at RB with Helu, Burkhead and Robinson. They'll be fine in 2010. The one element that Heard could have brought right away was a true break-away threat back there. NU's top three back are all great talents. But, none of them has the top …more »

  • RE: Big 10 Media Days Offer Clues to Conference Alignment
    Best sentence in your article - "The Big 12 North it ain't." No matter how the Big Ten folks slice things, it appears NU will be getting some tougher sledding within their division.

  • RE: Pelini Revives Notion of Surprise Contributors
    Excellent point - even a truism - that NU's offense will be as good as its offensive line. If Pelini really believes that NU has the goods up front to move people, then it may not matter what plays Watson calls. Everything works when you get 'em blocked. Football is just …more »

  • RE: Admire Decommits from Nebraska
    So noted, Tim. Pardon my error. How about this? The word "interest" should be there rather than "scholarship offers". He has interest from several Big 12 schools.

  • RE: "Business As Usual" for Bo at Big 12 Media Days
    If there were ever any doubts, I think today drove home the point loud and clear...Bo Pelini = all business. If it isn't about actual *football* he pretty doesn't want to talk about it.

  • RE: A Rebuttal to Mike Blackwell, Inside Texas
    What really makes me want to puke is the way Mr. Blackwell tries to pass of UT as these great sportsmen. Mack Brown "would've been gracious in defeat, as always" my butt. This is the same coach that allowed his players to carry him off of an opponent's field in 1998...for …more »

  • RE: Five Candidates for a Breakout Season in 2010
    Dotbo - you don't have to sell me on Eric Hagg. I am buying. If Marvin Sanders says he's great, that is good enough for me. I put Gomes in this list first b/c of the production and plays from 2009. We've *seen* Gomes do it. The comparison to Polamalu has …more »

  • RE: Five Candidates for a Breakout Season in 2010
    BIGREDBADDAD - I understand your concern about Burkhead. He doesn't "flash" big play potential the way some athlete do. He's not going to go 65 yards untouched. Big plays matter. They can gut an opponent. But, just because there isn't sizzle doesn't mean it isn't a steak. Watch the way Burkhead …more »

  • RE: Huskers Tabbed to Capture Big 12 North
    Hey there, AustinHusker. This file -- https://www.nmnathletics.com//pdf8/705822.pdf -- provides some comparison between the predicted finish and the actual outcome.

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    bjones - glad you like the site. Please keep coming back. About those articles, just check the dates. Mine was written and published on July 8...litterally just hours after the video came out. Mr. Forde's was written and published several days later, on July 12...when the national media picked up on …more »

  • RE: Oh, right...the quarterbacks
    The Nebraska starting quarterback will be the one that makes the fewest mistakes, period. 45 yard runs don't mean squat if they are followed by an INT. A mistake-free QB is a key to "special" seasons. IF Zac Lee is healthy (and there are some conflicting reports), it's his job to …more »

  • RE: The Last Road Trip
    Tom - nitpick much? Yes, the game is still in Arlington. I am sure Steve knows that. He was referencing the Dallas-FW metro as a whole...since Arlington is smack in the middle of it. View Larger Map Also, flights for fans going to the game (as well has several hotel options) …more »

  • RE: The Last Road Trip
    Nice topic, Steve. If I could only pick ONE site from this list, it would have to be A&M. For starters, I've never been there before, and I have seen games at the other Big 12 venues you listed. I had a goal of seeing all the Big 12 stadiums. Now, …more »

  • RE: Stay Classy, Husker Fans
    Tom, after the events of last Dec (0:01!), June (Bye bye Big 12) and now July (Red Out video), it is very good to see somebody calling for a bit of calm as we head toward the Fall. Thanks for being a voice of reason. It is also entirely too easy …more »

  • RE: Huskers Pass the "Five Great Players" Test
    JBling, Jay, LP - totally agree with you. 1 - This team is not just "top heavy" on talent, Nebraska is deep. There are several players I expect will emerge in 2010, which is the subject of a whole seperate post. 2 - Absolutely Gomes is on that next list. The …more »

  • RE: Huskers Pass the "Five Great Players" Test
    Dwayne - NFLHuskers.com has you covered. http://nflhuskers.com/draft/nfldraft.html Looks like the answer is they had consecutive First-rounders in 96, 97, and 98. Though, they came close several times - most recently in 05, 06, 07. But, it's not just about having a guy at the top.

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    I would like to thank OU7, Texas fans, and the power of the awesome Big Red fan base for helping me to break the comment record for stories here on BRN. Feels nice.

  • RE: Your NCAA Football 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers
    What amazes me about this game is how it overlaps and affects the actual team and players. Brandon, you mention how a player might feel about getting passed over in "virtual world" for a newcomer. Is that a motivator? Is it disheartening? Very curious, really. Also, the player rankings and the …more »

  • RE: Found Money on O-line
    I think the point Steve was trying to make is simply this - when you take a player froma known future opponent (as the Cowboys are) it is not just a +1 advantage. It is really a net of +2 (one for you and one NOT for them). For both NU …more »

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    "kNUckledragger" - do you not realize that I can see your e-mail and IP address when you comment? Seriously - OU7 - what's your deal? Let it go, man. Just....let it go.

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    Tim - That's right. Quoting the original post: "Nebraska is 1-8 against Texas since 1996. That's a fact. Close losses are still losses." Hope everyone reads the story and comments and actually has a take on the issue at hand rather than just getting in dumb debates with OU7 and Boz. …more »

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    I don't know about all of you,but I can't stop watching the POWER TOWEL video. Who cares if it is old. That dang thing is addictive. It so bad it is good. "Bring it to every game."

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    HuskerLaw - Appreciate your counterpoint about Sooner players. But, please cool it with name calling. The "R word", not cool. OU7 - you and your comments jumped the shark a long, long time ago. Why you keep talking, I'll never know.

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    Conrad - Yes, the OWH owns the domain. That was reported on the radio (1620) soon after the site came out. That doesn't mean the Univeristy isn't involved or even the driving force behind "Redout around the world" In fact, the offcial Husker twitter feed was where it was first released. …more »

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    OU7 - you just keep changing your point until you hit on one correctly, or what? NU is god like? Nope. Just pointed out that NU beat OU the same way you pointed out that NU lost to ISU. Nebraska wants to beat Texas. They are being obvious about it and …more »

  • RE: Don't Mess with Texas? Nebraska Will Take its Chances
    OU7 - can't recall. Did they make one after they beat the Sooners? Really, dude, this just never ever gets old.

  • RE: Here's a Story About Waiting While You Wait
    "The waiting...is the hardest part..." NU-ISU - just like you I have resorted to watching ANY football on TV to try and get my fix. I watch any game the B10 Channel puts on. I watched Houston-Tulsa and Houston-UCF on CSTV. My wife just rolls her eyes at me. And I …more »

  • RE: Why Offer a Kicker?
    Interesting anecdote about FSU. It drives home the point. Here at BRN, we all love the "hidden third" of the game, because - face facts - good kicking wins ball games. Nebraska gets that and recruits and prioritizes accordingly. I have no problem with using a valuable currency (a scholarship) on …more »

  • RE: The End of "NU"?
    Dan - did you really just come over here and talk all of that mess? Really? Unreal. The last time Nebraska played Northwestern the final score was 66-17, Huskers. You might want to zip it, fella.

  • RE: The End of "NU"?
    Like Brandon, I will refuse to give it up when writing for this site, if for no other reason than I am just lazy like that. Also, to play off of Brandon's "tangentially related etymological discussion" (good gravy it is too early for that kind of vocabulary!)... I often refer to …more »

  • RE: Considering Running Back Depth
    Mitch, he may be switching again. There are some rumors out there. We'll see. But, as of last night, there was no official word of any change from the NU folks. So, he's still pegged as a running back. I can't imagine the log jam of players at corner is any …more »

  • RE: Early Commits Paying Dividends in the Rankings
    Running down the list of award winners from NU, I am waiting to see one from Texas. Tommie - Florida. Eric - Omaha NE. Mike - New Jersey. (Heisman guys go by first name only) Suh - Oregon. Wistrom - Missouri. Alberts - Iowa. Steinkuhler (the elder) - Burr(!) NE. Wiegert …more »

  • RE: Why More Recruits Have Signed On Early
    I never underestimate the power of both geography and media. They are factors in recruiting, no doubt. But, really NU can come out of this net neutral by trading one geographic area and media partner for another. But, relationships trump all. These kids are picking Nebraska because they have relationships with …more »

  • RE: On Rivalry: Nebraska's Big Ten Options Abound
    Brad - I agree. That is pretty much the point of the first half of the post. I go on to make some case for Iowa and PSU. But, the reality is that on-field action will determine things. Hult - For starters, yes. Lets talk about NU-Iowa *right now*. That would …more »

  • RE: Sterup's Commitment Continues Husker Recruiting Momentum
    Indeed, Billy K. Indeed. You know I will always rep H-town first, cous. Myself, I always will be biased toward AC more than STC. And you still have that eye of the Tiger. But it is good to see Adams County represented in red.

  • RE: Sterup's Commitment Continues Husker Recruiting Momentum
    My apologies for that error, Chris. I was trying to factor in 8-man football (played in class D-2). But, even in that regard, my statement was an error. One quick other note on Sterup... here are some names from the recent past to consider - Trevor Robinson (ND), Seth Olsen (Iowa). …more »

  • RE: Parsing Phil Steele's Computer Rankings
    Interesting analysis, Brandon. Way to sift through the Steele minutia and try to bring it to a head for NU fans in 2010. I take a slightly different approach to comparing those two lists. I call it the "fear factor" - that is, which set of teams are scarier for me …more »

  • RE: Huskers Land Big Quarterback Commit
    Bubba is a great "get" for NU. And he has to be on the all-name team, right? Who can't cheer for a guy named BUBBA?? Yes, it creates a lot of depth and competition. But, teams really need to be that deep at QB. They are essential. Teams almost need 3 …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Provides Better TV Options for Husker Fans
    Ryan - yes that was a joke. Glad somebody got my attempt at humor. Also - SDSU (the other participant in that game) could have been the Miami of the West. Yes or no? Discuss... JDub - Good call. I forget how fun post-game celebration can be. I guess I am …more »

  • RE: Big Ten Provides Better TV Options for Husker Fans
    Whoa... "Pond scum." "worst announcer ever." I honestly had no idea that there were such strong negative feelings about Pam Ward. I am not saying she's great, but I have never been offended by the call she gives a game. When she was with Chris Speilman (sp) I thought his color …more »

  • RE: On the field, I might miss Texas
    I am right there with you, Brandon. As I told the folks at Buckeye Commentary blog, the only reason I would welcome UT in to the Big Ten would be to have a few more shots to even out the record. The competitor in me has a very hard time living …more »

  • RE: Terrorist Texas "Saves" the Big 12?
    RaiderRed - yep, you've owned us. Can't argue that scoreboard with you. Mike Leach is a fabulous human being, too. Though, that has nothing to do at all with the point of this issue. If Texas didn't have a "Tech problem" they would be in a different conference and you would …more »

  • RE: Terrorist Texas "Saves" the Big 12?
    Dr. Jim, Both NU and UT leadership has an obligation to do what they think best for their schools. True. Osborne is being lionized while UT leaders are villians for a few reasons. First, this is a Big Red blog ("the moose out front should have told you..." Love John Candy) …more »

  • RE: USC Sanctions a Big Deal Too
    Interesting Nebraska-specific view on this, Steve. I wonder if it will help NU in recruiting the West Coast now... they have done pretty well in CA and AZ recently. The "race to the Rose Bowl" is interesting too. Hope NU wins that.

  • RE: Nebraska heads to the Big 10
    Listening to the press conference, I don't think it is possible for me to admire Tom Osborne more than I do right now. That includes when NU wins titles. I am not kidding. That is one solid human being.

  • RE: Nebraska heads to the Big 10
    At this point in the process, I'm thankful. I am thankful Tom Osborne was around to shepherd the athletic deptartment to (hopefully) greener pastures. I am thankful that NU has Bo Pelini as the head coach right now. His 19 wins in two years help get Nebraska in to a better …more »

  • RE: What About the 'Little 4'?
    At the time of writing this (late night on Tuesday the 8th), the situation was a bit different than this morning. Now it appears that Missouri might not be Big 10 bound as well. That is a bit surprising. Not sure what the best option is for Missouri if it doesn't …more »

  • RE: What About the 'Little 4'?
    I've been thinking more and more about the KSU, KU, ISU to the Mountain West scenerio, and it seems like it could benefit several folks. IF the MWC brings in those three former BCS-member schools as well as long-rumored Boise State, they may leverage them to getting the MWC in to …more »

  • RE: Mapping Out the New Big Ten
    I had the same thoughts as I mapped out what the "new" Big 10 might look like, Steve. I believe it is only a matter of time before they get to 16. Notre Dame is the lynch pin. Do they want to be a part of a 16 team conference? I …more »

  • RE: The scale of villainy
    The Bay of Pigs reference is pretty well put, Brandon. If this falls though with little or no change to the conferences...wow the stink or tension will be pretty intense at Big XII games. I also think of this as the college football equivalent of a missle crisis. Three programs - …more »

  • RE: The Horn Ultimatum
    OU7 - Am I crazy or did you just compare Nebraska to North Korea? Dude, seriously...

  • RE: NU Lands Two Recruits in Two Days
    A few things jump out at me regarding these two as well as the class in general. First, it is great to see NU with momentum. It would be nice to have half of the class committed prior to the season starting. Next, it is always good to see NU beating …more »

  • RE: How Big Was the Bowl Game?
    All excellent points, Steve. In sports, confidence and momentum are vitally important but hard to capture. Bowl wins may help do that. The small sample of Pelini's work so far tells us that his teams play their best late in the year. That's great news. As far as fan and media …more »

  • RE: All aboard the Husker Express?
    I absolutely LOVE this idea. If marketed well and done for a reasonable price, fans would flock to it. I could see there being a "family friendly" option or car for folks bringing kiddos to the game, and also a "party" car where refreshments could be served. Here is the only …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Answers Critics with Work on Pac-10 Alliance
    "Steer" - well, for starters, we don't all want to go. I am not a fan of leaving the conference, or joining the Big 10/11. I don't think I am alone in that opinion. Fan sentitment is pretty split from my reading. Next, frankly, the Big 8 was here first. The …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Answers Critics with Work on Pac-10 Alliance
    It's all about the TV $, period. That's what drives all of the Big 10 expansion talk. And, it is what is driving the Big 12-Pac 10 conversations. If the Big 12 & PAC 10 can work together to get more leverage or offer a better product to the TV people, …more »

  • RE: What If NU Gets Left Out
    Steve, interesting thoughts. Unlike Zboston 42, I don't think it is "stupid". (Geez, somebody refund that guy's money...oh wait, this is a free site). You put some light to what many might consider the "doomsday" situation for NU. You are answering a valid question - what if NU gets left out? …more »

  • RE: Should Kansas State be the North Favorite?
    Big XII Fan - thanks for the links. Those were written by Allen Kenney - who runs an OU fan site called Blatant Homerism. He is a confirmed friend of BRN and, yes, he is downright skeptical about NU's chances in 2010. It is absolutely worth debating. In fact, he invited …more »

  • RE: Should Kansas State be the North Favorite?
    goodness, these KSU fans are just...great, really. When OU7 is reminding you to keep it classy, that is saying something folks. :-) Just kidding around OU7... Seriously, I don't see anything Steve wrote here as inflamatory or outright rude. He is just making an argument to counter a poor (albeit well …more »

  • RE: Nebraska might go to the Big 10. Will the famed traveling fans follow?
    I consider myself a fairly typical Husker fan, when it comes to traveling. Before becoming parents, my wife and I enjoyed a lot of road games. It was fun to go see non-con opponent venues. I was at that ND game where the red took over. We went to the PSU …more »

  • RE: The specter of the "dream job"
    Dustin, I think the article is timely and interesting for several reasons. 1) Tressel visit / Pelini's comment 2) The changes at Creighton offer a perspective 3) Nebraska fans legit worry about losing Pelini at some point.

  • RE: The specter of the "dream job"
    Fantastic perspective, as always, Brandon. I found myself really rooting for OSU in this year's Rose Bowl, even though I am basically neutral when it comes to the Buckeyes. When my wife asked why, the answer surprised her. Basically I wanted OSU to win so that Buckeye fans and administrators will …more »

  • RE: Phillip Dillard in a Great Spot
    I agree with Bill - good for Dillard. Just think, a little over two years ago, many Husker fans had given up on this guy. In the last year of his time with NU, he got good coaching AND got his head on straight. That effort put him in position to …more »

  • RE: Is Paul ready to play long ball?
    One other thought on Paul - if there ever was a player that could have gained a ton from redshirting and sitting out a year, it was him. His playing as a freshman in 2007 was a total sham and shame. How much better could he be, if he'd been given …more »

  • RE: Is Paul ready to play long ball?
    Is Paul ready for big plays? Absolutely. We saw the explosiveness last year... 19.9 yard average reception. And a 40-catch Junior season is a breakout year, considering his previous 2 years netted less than 25 catches. And historically, 40 catches is a big number for a WR at NU. I am …more »

  • RE: Quarterbacks Even Saturday
    A big part of this is going to boil down to what NU wants the QB to DO...meaning, is he a runner or a thrower? If the QB is primarily a thrower, I rank them Lee-Green-Martinez. In terms of running, it is the exact opposite order. The most "complete" player might …more »

  • RE: A few questions only Saturday can answer
    I think fans going to see something exotic will be very disappointed. Frankly, I think they won't run much of any wildcat, mostly since they say they have not practiced it. And, coaches are notoriously reluctant to show much of anything in an non-competitive situation.

  • RE: What Will We See Saturday?
    I know we'll see blocking and tackling. And, we'll see a lot of intensity. Beyond that, I am in the group who is *very curious* about both personnel and scheme, on both sides of the ball. That alone makes the 2010 spring game more interesting than many in recent memory. Now, …more »

  • RE: Henery poised to leave his mark at NU
    Brandon, thank you for detailing Henery's accomplishments and making the case for him as the best in NU history. As you know, I call Henery the "Skinny Assassin" for good reason. He is an amazing weapon to help NU *win* football games, which is the only stat that matters. Add his …more »

  • RE: Are the Stars Aligning for Reed?
    Steve, thank you for bringing Reed's name up to the forefront. In a wide open TE race, he has every bit the production that Cotton and Young do. Yet, hasn't been mentioned as much. The injury last year set him back. Absent that, more fans would know his name and be …more »

  • RE: Athletic Department Combats Boredom Among Media
    Good stuff. I am going to print the card and play along from home. I especially appreciate the player name spelling reference, considering I have had a few spelling issues recently. When Faron Klingelhoefer gets in the game, I will be ready. Question, do forms of the word count? I sure …more »

  • RE: What to call our new Peso-back?
    Reading the coaches quotes about the defensive changes and the role of either Hagg or Ausin Cassidy, it sounds like they still just call the position..."nickel back." But, that's SO BORING. I am with you, Brandon. It needs a name. Other schools you ones like "bandit" or "robber" or "whip". I …more »

  • RE: Could the Peso Leave NU Shortchanged?
    I don't think it is a stretch to be concerned about how this new formation might do against a power run team. Offenses and defenses adjust and re-adjust all the time. If a team feels they can exploit a two-backer formation, they will try. If NU knows in advance that a …more »

  • RE: A Change in Base?
    CNH - Uh, yes. Please notice the several comments above yours. The issue has been corrected.

  • RE: Will Cody Green Rise to Expectations in 2010?
    The Steve Taylor comparison is a really good one. Now, can Green make that kind of "leap" in his second year? It will be fun to find out.

  • RE: A Change in Base?
    BOMBECK! Next time I see you, I am going to punch you...or buy you a beer...either way. Seriously, thanks for dropping by BRN. Keep reading and commenting.

  • RE: A Change in Base?
    ArkHusker - so corrected. Very sorry for the mistake there. Homonyms can trip me up.

  • RE: Todd Peterson 2.0?
    Word, Bill. Those were good times. No need for proof. I recall it fondly. As my BRN bio states, I am from Hastings and 402 territory. Adams County forever. But, since the folks have lived in the 308 for more than a decade I have become fond of the area (code). …more »

  • RE: Todd Peterson 2.0?
    This young man could be "found money" for NU this year. We'll see. I would like the comparison to Peterson better if Broekemeier repped the "308." But Aurora is in 402 territory. :-) Still, good to see them developing players. He is one more man in what is clearly a pretty …more »

  • RE: Return of "the Ved"?
    Dave - Right, Jason clarified. We don't ban folks for suggestions, corrections or civil debate. We seldom ban folks at all. It is the opposite, really. We want folks reading with critical eyes and bringing up points. That was my point. Sorry I wasn't clearer.

  • RE: Return of "the Ved"?
    Dave, No worries on getting banned. But, yes, Steve means 43 ppg and then the rest are stats (3500 yards, 45 TDs) for the entire 1996 season. It is a matter of correctly re-casting the sentence to make it a bit clearer.

  • RE: Return of "the Ved"?
    I know what I am getting you for Christmas... http://www.sportsfanshop.com/images/items/AP-JV.jpg

  • RE: Return of "the Ved"?
    Wow..."the Ved". Great pull, Steve. Memory lane. Excellent point about parimeter blocking. While I doubt NU churns out those 1990's numbers, the point is still the same. Ron Brown used to make NU receivers the most physical in America. Defensive backs don't like to pick themselves up off the ground a …more »

  • RE: Spring Roundtable
    Dwayne, I wouldn't put anything past the NCAA - an scrimmage between two squads could be a nice money grab for them. But, I can't see coaches ever, ever getting on board with it because of A) possible injury and B) competitive advantage/film. They won't risk either unless the contest actually …more »

  • RE: The Competition Advantage
    Nice perspective, Brandon. Nobody on that roster (save the skinny assassin) should get comfortable in their role. It is a *good* thing that a proven producer like Helu has to scrap in practice, too. Not to look to the halcyon days of the 1990s too much, but folks can confirm …more »

  • RE: Spring Themes: Battle to Be the Backup
    Boz - thanks for dropping by and not saying anything even remotely related to the topic. You, sir, are awesome. Also, just a refresher...NU 10, OU 3. I was there and had a good time. Sooner fans, not so much. Nobody gets intimidated by teams that went 8-5 and won the …more »

  • RE: McNeill Moves to Wide Receiver
    Hey there, Mike. I, uh, meant Barney. Coach has a few good reps in him, right? No, of course I meant Ben the TE. It has been corrected in the post. Thanks for being so super detailed with your correction. ;-) Tell all the folks at Corn Nation "Hi" from me. …more »

  • RE: Defensive Star Search
    UT fans, thanks for dropping by. Jimbo - it was a joke. Not familiar with metaphor or hyperbole, I guess. Colt - thanks for the smack talk. One more reason I am looking forward to October 16th. If you see the other Colt, help him up off the ground, please. …more »

  • RE: Defensive Star Search
    First, great take, Brandon. That is a good list of candidates for "the next level." I agree with your odds, with one exception. But, I'm kind of with Saunders45...I would put Dennard on this list, probably ahead of Gomes. Yes, Gomes made some huge clutch plays. THat counts for a lot. …more »

  • RE: Restoring the Aura
    WildcatsKSU - Wha? You are about 2 years out of date and very inaccurate. Castille (note spelling) was thrown off of the team (reasons undisclosed). He landed at the 1AA level b/c he didn't want to sit out a year (Per NCAA rules). He was/is a very talented back. And, yes, …more »

  • RE: Restoring the Aura
    Boz - winning good, losing bad. There, now I just said in 4 what you said in 100. Right? I think you might be missing the point entirely. Winning at home is at least 2X as important. Road losses are much, much more easily forgiven. One of the key marks of …more »

  • RE: Restoring the Aura
    Steve, I appreciate the way you lay things out with stats/facts. The numbers show that a "dynasty" or at least a great run starts with winning at home, regardless of the decade. It is the foundation for greatness. The word "Aura" is what is really stuck in my head, though. Is …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Game Site Not Permanent - Yet
    Of COURSE the Big 12 title games and tournament need to move around. There ARE in fact other good venues in the rest of the country. Shocking, I know. Sure, the don't have the world's largest screen to gawk at, but they are nice. The idea of "All Texas, All the …more »

  • RE: Are Juco Offensive Lineman the Way to Go?
    You make it hard to argue with you, Steve. Dang it, don't you know the Internet is made for debate! Seriously, I think part of JC lineman's success has to do with the complexity of the offensive system. The window of time to contribute is smaller. Time has more value. If …more »

  • RE: Can Pelini cure October woes?
    Smart stuff, Brandon. No doubt, NU can't afford any "bad" or "fluky" losses in October 2010. They could handle a "good" loss and still get to where they want. But that is about it. Great point about how Pelini has used October woes to fuel November success. And, give him big …more »

  • RE: How 2010 Resembles 1994
    Steve, I would say that '94 and '10 resemble each other in one key way - anger. Right, wrong, better or worse...the coaches, players and fans of NU think something that belonged to them was taken away last season. It was the exact same feeling in '93. People feel ripped off. …more »

  • RE: Huskerpedia Down then Frozen
    Steve, Good thoughts. No doubt this has to be tough on the folks over there. Give them credit for being the first to take Husker content on the 'net really seriously. They are the founders of the feast, I guess. Maybe they will get things squared away. If not, migrating folks …more »

  • RE: Husker Gold!
    Good stuff. First Nebraska-raised athlete to ever win a Winter Olympic gold medal...awesome. It is one of the ultimate lifetime achievments. Everywhere this guy goes, for as long as he lives, he will be introduced as - Curt Tomasevicz, gold medal winner.

  • RE: A Word of Caution
    "Kirby" - thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the kind words. Sorry for the typo. There is the occational fly in the ointment. Thanks for pointing it out. It has been corrected. If is makes any difference, I had 2006 POY Zach (with an "h") Taylor on my brain when …more »

  • RE: Watson Interview Gives Clues to 2010
    Good thoughts, Steve. My reactions: - News of the number and seriousness of the injuries makes the coaches looke like super-star managers and coaches. But, really, this is football. If Shatel asked ANY coach in America about injuries you'd hear the same kind of thing. Still, it makes you proud of …more »

  • RE: Will the Big 12 Be a Rushing Conference in 2010?
    Steve, good points about the conference's offensive transition. Hey, anyone remember all the talk about last season being the "year of the quarterback" in the Big 12...now, not so much this year. I think Nebraska will be the most emblematic of the culture shift conference wide. 2 years ago, they threw …more »

  • RE: Wait...I thought NU was just going to "listen"
    I was wrong. 11 of NU's 14 games were televised. That makes 78% - far from sub-par. Nobody wants NU on TV as much as I do, believe me. I write about it all the time. But, sorry, I can live with 78% of NU games on TV and not being …more »

  • RE: Sour Grapes for 2010
    I can't believe the debate on this. Welcome to the life of a "mini celebrity" young men. Being high profile in public means people will question you. Don't like it? That's kinda too bad. All of these kids know the score. Back to specifics on the 4 defectors...Steve didn't take "shots" …more »

  • RE: Wait...I thought NU was just going to "listen"
    Matt, sure the Big 11 has a sweetheart TV deal. Brandon mentioned the 11:00 a.m. slopfests in his post. Hooray for Northwestern vs. Minnesota at 11:00. YES. But, it isn't *that* big of a deal. And, hey, I love media. NU was on TV 9 times last season. Plenty, really. As …more »

  • RE: How Did Other Teams Do?
    Great round up, Steve. I have to ask...how is Dan Hawkins still employed? Seriously, how can he face boosters with a straight face after pulling that kind of a class? Not only do they lack noteworthy players, look at how many good or great players from CO went elsewhere. Two of …more »

  • RE: Bo Gets a Raise
    Frankly, I thought NU got a value (i.e. underpaid for) getting Pelini when he first signed on with the Huskers. The only knock that kept the price lower at the time was a lack of HC experience. As Steve says, based on his *results* thus far, I think he is slotted …more »

  • RE: Wait...I thought NU was just going to "listen"
    One (only?) upside of playing in the Big 10, er, 11 or uh, 12... NU would get to play Kevin Cosgrove's defense since he is at MN now. So, there is that. That, and it would be suuuuper easy to *hate* certain teams. Example: PSU would fill the spot in my …more »

  • RE: In the grand scheme of things Nebraska gets what Nebraska gets
    Good stuff as always, Brandon. You'll find few people as skeptical about "star" ratings as I am. However, both the player ratings and class ranks serve a purpose - they give the average Joe fan a way to simply describe a player and class (3-star prospect, #22 rated class, etc). Beyond …more »

  • RE: Who'll Play Early?
    Exiled - Heard lined up in the "I" formation as well as in the shotgun-spread formation, standing next to the QB. He's a downhill RB. Mendoza - despite the speed/size similarities - is more of a slot guy who could be a WR as much as a RB. In fact, that …more »

  • RE: Who'll Play Early?
    I agree with you Steve, it will be very hard to keep the three JC recruits off of the field next year - both by virtue of their ability and the team's needs. Of the actual "frosh" in the class, Heard is as good a guess as any. Running back is …more »

  • RE: Junior College Signees Address "Needs" for NU
    ShootingBlanksMan - Thanks for dropping by. Yes, like many, we are hyper aware of the IWCC factor. (example - http://bigrednetwork.com/archives/2009/05/neighborhood_watch_uno_and_iwc.html ) Though, I disagree completely about the need to "expand" the use of JC recruiting. It's just much riskier. Fill needs, do it with the top players you can find. …more »

  • RE: Almost All the Bases Are Covered
    Thanks for the overview, Tom. The class's reputation is as a defensive one. But, the more you look at it, the more it appears very balanced for O & D. Assuming Marsh plays safety, it is really 50/50. I think Carnes is an important "get". Teams can't have 3 quarterbacks on …more »

  • RE: Geography Matters
    Tim - so noted, and corrected. Thank you for pointing that out. I apologize for the error. Job 1: Get the names right. It is TAYLOR Martinez, and Andrew Rodriguez. It is not ideal for writers to check and proof their own material. So, we're thankful for sharp-eyed and helpful readers. …more »

  • RE: 2010 Nebraska Football Signing Day Coverage
    Signatures rolling in quickly now. Mike Moudy is up early in CO and has faxed his in. That is some great news about Cooper. Now he just needs to sign later this morning. Frankly, I think success for NU just means getting all of the hay put in the barn. It …more »

  • RE: 2010 Signing Day Won't Lack Drama
    "The waiting...is the hardest part." :-) Let's have a little discussion about the 4 you mentioned - Carnes, David, Owa, Cooper Of that group, which do you think is LEAST likely to be a Husker and which is MOST likely. I know it is folly to guess on the whims of …more »

  • RE: Much Ado About Marsh
    Interesting to see so much of the conversation center on the Cotton comparison. I nearly didn't cover it in this post. I didn't want this to become a referendum on Cotton's offer. I think any discussion of Cotton and/or Marsh dwells in the fundamental question I brought up concerning production vs. …more »

  • RE: Wait, this defense was even better than we thought
    Great research as always, Brandon. This whole series of articles has been fun to read. [Tips hat...] Beyond a shadow of a doubt, fans' faith in the Husker defense has been restored. What spells this out more than any one spectacular stat is simply that folks now count on, rely on, …more »

  • RE: Happy Holiday?
    It's tough to have a BCS bid seemingly in your hands and then lose it. So, ANY bowl after that fact becomes a tough sell. That said, there is a lot to like about the Holiday Bowl. It's a good game (in a GREAT) location against an AZ team that is …more »

  • RE: Is Texas National Championship Material?
    Steve, Thanks for having the guts to write something that could be see as potential blasphemy to many fans. Frankly, I’m with you on this one. Based on their results, I have a ton of respect for Texas. They have a stout D and a senior Heisman candidate quarterback. All the …more »

  • RE: CBSSports.com BlogPoll #15
    Brandon, Good ballot, I agree with the reasoning. Not sure I love Houston all the way up at 9. But, oh well. We'll have to just agree to disagree on the uniforms, though. I hated the "ultra modern" look that Nike made for 10 teams, including MU. And the KU uniforms …more »

  • RE: It's Still About Nebraska
    So, if I'm reading this right, you are saying NU must play perfect in order to win Saturday night. Yep...sounds about right. :-)

  • RE: Sorry South Texas Husker Fans
    Nice work, Tom. You are the new Michael Moore. :-) Seriously, does anybody think that an Oprah re-run would put up a bigger ratings number than the NU-CU game? Or, for that matter, any college football game? Especially on Thanksgiving weekend...

  • RE: Photos of Nebraska vs Kansas State
    Good stuff, Kirt. Can never get too many photos. Thanks for shooting these!

  • RE: Alex Henery - The Skinny Assassin
    Dwayne - anti-janikowski....that's awesome.

  • RE: Did We Make it a Week?
    Steve, I'm afraid I must refrain from discussing or mocking Mangino's weight. Allow me to explain. The year, 2006. A very cocky Darren Carlson had just written a pretty diatribe about Mangino's weight (ahem - http://bigrednetwork.com/archives/2006/09/mangino_is_fat_seriously_serio_1.html) on a little known site called Big Red Network. Later that week, KU played NU …more »

  • RE: I Heart Helu
    Chief's Son - I respect your Rex-love. But, I also know it is based on much less actual experience. It's a crush. Hard not to crush on his HS resume, skill set, straight-line running style, and his production so far. My love of Helu is grounded as much in his guts, …more »

  • RE: Harrietta Rides Again: A Kearney couple keeps Husker history alive
    I *heart* Harrietta! I vote she become the official "Mascot" of BRN. I don't even know what that means, really. But, it's something. What say you, leaders and friends of the network?

  • RE: This year's Blackshirts would've been right at home in the 90s
    QUOTE - "But enough with the numbers, what's the point, we already knew the defense was good. The point is how good. Right now this is a championship caliber defense, good enough to win any championship that's still on the table." (((Applause))) Well said, sir. Very well said.

  • RE: Mike Leach Lacking Something
    It's not as simple as the scores, Paul. Lord knows, NU has blown out some opponents in the past. It's conduct that matters. But go rewatch those games and look at Leach's choices, his actions. Up by 5 touchdowns late in a ball game, he'll go for a touchdown on fourth …more »

  • RE: Blackshirts: If Not Now, When?
    Scott, Your concern about handing them out now (b/f the TTech game) is a very valid one. The last thing you want is for these young men to see getting blackshirts as some sort of mental finish line, and let up just as they are about to face a very tough …more »

  • RE: Success Brings Success
    "Success Brings Success" is the exact right way to put it, Steve. As NU improves on the field, so will recruiting. Or, in the opposite case, just look at 2007. The season fell apart and so did the class. Ugh. So...Husker wins equal Husker recruits. Overly simple, I know, but it …more »

  • RE: Husker Up, Week 6
    Warbird - thanks for dropping by. Uh, I think the Huskers showed some forditude tonight. Suh was 100% as advertised. Many other players deserve credit too. This is what it is to have a team led by the defense, and in it's own football-centric way, it is gorgeous. Nebraska has guts. …more »

  • RE: There's No Place Like Home
    THIS is what a team led by it's defense looks like. Stout defensive play keeps NU in every single game, and the offense does enough to win. Heck, the defense basically won the game with those two turnovers to start the 4th. Suh is an amazing player. And, it's not just …more »

  • RE: Hoping It Doesn't Become a Rivalry
    Spot on, Steve. MU is not the first team - nor will they be the last - to come around claiming some sort of rivalry. Since the Big 12 did away with NU-OU every year, NU has lacked and equal-but-opposite number in the universe... Extending on your idea some, remember when …more »

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Missourah Tigers
    The only thing that concerns me about the rain is ball security. The team that takes care of the football probably wins this game. After that it's all about physicality, as Brandon said. The most physical team wins tonight. Is that NU on both sides of the ball? I think so. …more »

  • RE: One Key to Success: Relish the @ Sign
    One other quote from Hickman, which I cribbed from today's OWH artilcle... “It's the kind of place you want to play,” Hickman said. “If you can shut up that kind of crowd, it's definitely a fun thing to do.” Interestingly, Hickman had beer poured on him at MU in 2007. All …more »

  • RE: AP Right About One Thing
    Thanks for laying all of that out for folks to see, Tom. No doubt, NU's stats through 4 weeks are better than MUs. The comparisons that jump out at me most are NU's rush offense vs MU's rush defense, and NU's top ranked scoring defense vs. MU's passing attack. About opponents, …more »

  • RE: CBSSports.com BlogPoll Ballot #7
    Brandon - I was thinking the same thing when I read that quote. The problem with FB polls, in general, is two fold. 1) They are taken way to early, and the first 5 weeks are spent correcting the mistakes of the pre-season rankings. 2) They are conducted of people who …more »

  • RE: Is Nebraska Back (Part 3)
    You are right, "Keep Dreaming" ... how can NU possibly hope to beat a 4-0 MU team? Their record and statistics againsts their fearsome foes is just stunning, really. Wait, that's right, Furman ran all over the Tigers. My bad. Yeah, we'll take our chances after facing an "over rated" VT …more »

  • RE: Is Nebraska Back (Part 3)
    While readers may get tired of that word, "back", almost every week brings a litmus test to see if that is the case. The game against Missouri will be one of the bigger ones. Way to drive the debate toward a productive preview and discussion of MU. Huskers vs. Tigers - …more »

  • RE: Grading Nebraska at the de facto break
    Nice take, Brandon. The only grade I can really disagree with is the Rushing Offense. I see your point about depth. It's been far better than a "D" in terms of *production* so far. Helu is the #10 rushing back in the country and #1 in the Big 12. I'd give …more »

  • RE: Photos of Nebraska vs Louisiana
    These photos really capture some cool images. Great work Kirt. And, thanks for posting, Jason. Great to see gang tackling, like in that one of the defense. And, that one photo of Helu looks like he's about to run right through my computer screen. Fantastic.

  • RE: It Began With a Loss
    Fantastic perspective, Steve. Good things are not easily earned. And, adversity does not build character, it reveals it. We're going to find the character of this football team throughout the year.

  • RE: Everybody Likes Throwback Uniforms, I Guess
    Huskfusker, hmmm... Yeah, sorry, this link from the oh-so-fine folks at the always classy Tigerboard -- http://www.tigerboard.com/boards/missouri-tigers.php?message=6904147 -- kind of has me skeptical. It shows up today, and then you just happen to find a story written more than a week ago, and come in talking about how MU has handed …more »

  • RE: Everybody Likes Throwback Uniforms, I Guess
    Huskfusker Huh? Uh, seriously, what are you talking about? This isn't a pub stunt - the retro NU uniforms commemorate something important. That was kind of the whole point of this post. CU's *aren't* commemorative of, well, very much at all. And, plenty of programs do this. For example, OU worn …more »

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns
    Jeez Brandon, you really are a homer. I was thinking of a much more conservative score - like 48-3. :-) Seriously, I agree with your point. It's not just that NU and LSU compare on paper, it's that NU is pissed, focused and pumped up with the 300 sellout and putting …more »

  • RE: Looking to Louisana-Lafayette
    Nice post, Steve. Great call out about Lee's injury and the coaches/company line issue. I'm not saying coaches lie about injuries. But, sometimes they are a bit too, well, vague. I mean, "fine" covers a lot of rhetorical ground, doesn't it? Player in a walking boot - fine. Player sits out …more »

  • RE: Despite the Loss, is Nebraska Back?
    Steve, I admire your analytical ability and your statistical emphasis. It's a unique way to consider a sort of tired question (are we back?) To confirm the thoughts, I offer this "gut" reaction - YES. Everything about Saturday - excluding the excruciating outcome - tells me Nebraska is capable of playing …more »

  • RE: Going Deep: Virginia Tech
    Thanks "Pete"...it was pretty much a joke. So, uh, chill. And, the last four paragraphs are pretty game focused. I liked Top Gun too, but just not as much as you, I guess.

  • RE: Going Deep: Virginia Tech
    Brian and Chris, I thought that addressing Coach Beamer's scar issue might bother a few folks. If you go back and READ what I actually wrote, I think it is pretty respectful of Coach. The only line I might have any regrets about is the one about frightening punt returners. Sorry …more »

  • RE: Going Deep: Virginia Tech
    Hi Andy, Actually, I remember feeling very concerned about the Husker playing the, uh, Trojans. I tried to muster up some reasons, but ended up thinking it would take Gremlins - like real, live, Mogwai - to somehow beat them. http://bigrednetwork.com/archives/2007/09/how_nu_can_beat_usc.html And of course, they stomped a mud hole on Dear …more »

  • RE: Five years after the option, is Nebraska still searching for its identity?
    Amazing as always, Brandon. I take my hat off to you...{lifts hat} Now, to your topic. On an even bigger scale, I think that the football team as a whole is in the fabric of the state's collective identity. And, that is nothing to mess with, as we found out. And, …more »

  • RE: Going Deep: Virginia Tech
    Mike of Ord Oh, I agree birds can be scary. Eagles, hawks, etc. Hey, they are decended from raptors for Pete's sake. And the chanticleer (or cock) is a fighting bird, bred and taught to fight for its life. Bad bird. The gobbler bird (or turkey) is...dinner.

  • RE: CBSSports.com BlogPoll Ballot: Week 3
    OSU is still too high at 11, imo. Mostly because I don't think Geogia is that good this year, either. You like the Wannstache more than most, BLV. Hey, I guess SOMEBODY has to win the Big Least, right? Pitt is the favorite there b/c Pederson is all about excellence. All …more »

  • RE: Will Recent Recruits Silence the Naysayers?
    I'm in the camp that is far, far from worried right now. NU has 8 of their possible 16 "commits" at this point in the season. They have several more home games with which to woo visitors. They are "in" on some very talented players (Hello, Mr. Green...) I love the …more »

  • RE: Going Deep: Arkansas State
    Red Wolf 22 - I apologized. And, it was a pretty mild joke. Goodness. Though, I appreciate you dropping by and pointing out the very obvious fact that I don't run a spell checker with my comments on posts. Very helpful and thoughtful. Good luck on Saturday. :-)

  • RE: Going Deep: Arkansas State
    To all fans of the great state of Arkansas - I am sorry. You have a nice and sceneic state. My bad. Hope you enjoy the rest of the article. And, so you know, I'm not trying to "compare" NE and AR. If you re-read what I wrote, I just joked …more »

  • RE: CBSSports.com Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot: Week 2
    Check out the guts on Brandon - admitting some personal bias. If only we got that kind of thoughtfulness from the AP and the coaches... :) Though, really, I respect the reasoning. OSU *might* just have a defense, folks. If so, they are worthy of that lofty ranking. Take the brand …more »

  • RE: Depth Chart Observations
    kalthalior - thanks for that correction. I have amended the post.

  • RE: The Visitors
    Thanks for the update Steve. I hope that NU gets the recruiting momentum going again. Home night games are a great way to do it. I wished they had a few more guys coming in this week. Oh, and Peter Griffin's quote is a great example of why mustaches are AWESOME. …more »

  • RE: Game Day Pocket Guide for NU vs FAU
    Jason, you are un-real. Nice job.

  • RE: Plan of Attack: FAU Owls
    Nice assessment, Brandon. Hard to argue with anything you have detailed here. If Smith is allowed to stand in the pocket and be comfortable, FAU has more than enough talent to move the ball and score points. That pass rush is the absolute key for NU. And, that starts (ironically enough) …more »

  • RE: Going Deep: Florida Atlantic
    Mark, I guess I didn't so much "explain" who he was as debate his merits pro and con (and then spend a paragraph complaining about how much I dislike him.) Besides 1983/84 was 25 years ago. A 30 year old fan was just a 5 year old kid the. And, he …more »

  • RE: Going Deep: Florida Atlantic
    cvldfg - whiskey and OJ...wow, that sounds horrible. Perfect. I'll have 2.

  • RE: ISU's Paul Rhoads Makes Bold Prediction
    Maybe ISU could put this on a t-shirt. Cyclone football: Sucking 50% less in 2009.

  • RE: Going Deep: Florida Atlantic
    Thanks Tara. Thanks for dropping by. I think you will come to find the BRN brand of Husker coverage is a little bit more fun than the average stuff. Exiled in VT - thanks for the correction. I KNEW that. I think we've written about it on this site, actually. Duh, …more »

  • RE: What are you looking for against FAU?
    Hmm, what am I looking for? Frankly, I'd love an exciting yet boring win for NU. Exciting because it is the opener. Boring in the fact that NU cruises. Cruising looks like... 1) The Helu show on offense, running and receiving. With a touchdown throw or 2 from Zac Lee. Nothing …more »

  • RE: Showing Them the Whip
    I guess coach Pelini gets the "back to school blues" worse than junior high school students...

  • RE: 2009 Nebraska versus 2000 Oklahoma
    I like the hypothesis, Steve. Sure, the QB difference is a big one. But, I'll offer one item of support - the return of the Blackshirts. That 2000 OU defense was *filthy* good. It was what really led the charge, despite some big offensive games and Huepel's accolades. It was a …more »

  • RE: Donavon Vestal a Good "Get" for Huskers
    Good point, Grant. DE is a "need" position for NU in this recruiting class. Nice to have one in hand. Now, keep him and find another.

  • RE: Donavon Vestal a Good "Get" for Huskers
    This post is for frequent commenter Dwayne, who basically called me out on e-mail for not writing anything about Vestal picking NU. Thanks for keeping us honest, D.

  • RE: CBSSports.com BlogPoll Top 25: Preliminary Preseason Edition
    Nice first ballot, Brandon. I have to chuckle at the omission of FSU. I don't think there are many Husker fans who will disagree with you. I like the Huskers at 19. I think Ole Miss might be a hair low at 13. They were darn good last year. And, while …more »

  • RE: Pre-season Drills for Fans: "Would You Rather..."
    I feel you, Dan. I really do. Only 22 more days until they tee it up for real. Though, I wouldn't dismiss this post quite so entirely. There are lots of places where you can read the non-committal quotes from coaches about the backup QBs and the 3rd string running back. …more »

  • RE: Pre-season Drills for Fans: "Would You Rather..."
    Dwayne - thanks for jumping in to the drill. Those are both tough toss ups. I'd say Missouri, because NU (in my opinion) should be favored to win that game. They need to win the ones they are supposed to. In the other, I'd honestly say Tech, because the game is …more »

  • RE: With Spano out, Nebraska suddenly looks pretty Green at QB
    Not to be contrary, but I'm a pretty huge Washington fan at this point. I know the conditions of his being a QB are not ideal (Witt leaving, Spano injured), but the guy can be a real deal QB if given the shot. Remember, West Virginia wanted this kid, not as …more »

  • RE: Avoiding Losing Streak Might Be Key to 2009 Season
    I love the way Steve's mind considers the schedule in about 6 different ways. Seriously. Now, consider this context. When was the last time NU didn't lose two games in a row? Uh...2003. So, it's been a while. Though, NU did drop two straight in 2006 - the heart breaker to …more »

  • RE: Practice Patter: Because you always wanted to know how to say Huskers in Italian
    I also admired Amukama's fade when I saw it. It reminds me of Grant Hill's fade when he was at Duke. Great hair is just one more reason why he'll be a break out player in 2009!

  • RE: Will the Sacks Keep Coming?
    I think it is a bit much to project the 2009 squad breaking the record. But, I do believe that NU will have a very effective front 4. Call it the "Suh effect"... those defensive ends will see a lot more 1-on-1 situatin because of him. If they take advantage, the …more »

  • RE: Keeston Terry Stays Close to Home
    The thought of Pelini v. Norris is consuming so much of my brain power that I can't even process the rest of the ideas expressed in this post. The absolute awesomeness of Pelini and Norris combined...it's just too much for me... [muffled weeping sounds]

  • RE: NU Recruiting: Terry Gone, Possibilities Remain
    As JBling mentioned, Junior day was talked about online in a few places earlier this month. They had a lot of kids in, including commits like Gabbert and Rodrequez, as well as propsects like cornerback Ciante Evans and defensive tackle Diamonte Wheeler, both of whom are at big priority positions. Aden …more »

  • RE: Sporting News Panel Gets It Wrong
    Great take, Steve. I think there is a bit of bias toward Big 10 coaches for some reason. Old "East Coast Media Bias" maybe... because remember, before the Big East got legit in football, people in the East typically looked to PSU and the old guard Big 10 as their college …more »

  • RE: Implications of Injury Updates
    I'm not too quick to dismiss the loss of Holt as minimal. Sure, we're very excited about the *potential* depth at linebacker for NU for 2009. Holt was a part of that mix. Remember, this guy had 8 tackles against Texas Tech last year. He's more proven than other options. And, …more »

  • RE: Who are these four to five true freshmen you speak of, Bo?
    I'm with C99 on thinking that Bell should be on this list. He's shown flashes as a WR, and has kick returning potential. Either of those skills could allow him to contribute in 2009.

  • RE: "Hype Season" Begins for 2009
    USC and Iowa - Sorry, didn't mean to imply that the D's performance against Clemson "didn't happen" or that Watson didn't mean what he said. It was very real. And, I have to assume that Wats was giving his honest opinion of Pelini. That's valid. The part that gets me hyped …more »

  • RE: Recruiting Odds and Ends
    Thanks for this post Brandon. Waaaay too many people were getting concerned about the pure "numbers game" in getting guys early. Don't look over the fence at UT too much, folks. That's not typical or realistic. That was a great geography lesson too, btw. The next big pushes for NU recruiting …more »

  • RE: Early Over/Unders Put Husker Wins at 8
    "For entertainment purposes only" of course, I'd take 8. I'm down. Though it is funny to compare these odds to the early line on the NU - KU game, in which KU is favored. Ahh... Vegas.

  • RE: Does anyone remember musculature?: The lost history of Hans Husker
    Wow, Brandon, that is one hellava find. One idea or element to consider - "Hans" almost appears to be kind of a Husker superhero. The body shape is consistent with how supers are drawn. He has that odd pentagon on his chest, as if it is a faux Superman logo. The …more »

  • RE: Husker Walk-On Program Becomes a Movie
    Excellent question, VA. I tried to research that myself prior to publishing the article. Maybe reach out directly to the NET Sports folks, and see if they will be selling DVDs of the movie or something - sports@netnebraska.org

  • RE: Will the Punting Game Improve?
    Thanks for writing this, Steve. Seriously - punting matters. I believe in Henery, in no small part because of his success as a kicker. But, will the double duty cause one (or both!) to suffer? Also, punting matters because of the potential disaster as much as the kicks themselves. There are …more »

  • RE: Thursday Night Football Becomes "Must See TV"
    Red and Andy, I'm with ya. I prefer my football of the "college" variety. And I like it on Saturdays. :-) BNA (Bob), sorry I didn't fill your EA quota. Maybe try google. I hear there are a few photos of her out there...

  • RE: Offensive Line Depth Just Enough
    The news on Christensen is disappointing, but is rock solid. That came from a good source. But... good news, he has some time. He needs to spend the next 6 weeks getting better. Maybe he could contribute. We'll see. It would be nice for him (and the team!) for him to …more »

  • RE: Texas Tech May Determine the North Champion
    Good point about the Bears, Matt. I agree. That stinks of a "trap game". More coming about that later this week. :-) Though, I still contend that Steve is right to consider TT a realy lynch pin for how the North may shake out, considering their recent history and that they …more »

  • RE: A Tip of the Cap to Andy Roddick
    Roddick's only real sin is playing during the "age of Federer". With his serve, Roddick could easily have been the Boris Becker of this generation. Alas, Federer's total awesomeness.

  • RE: Won’t Get Fooled Again
    Excellent perspective, Steve. There are a LOT of assumptions people make about the production NU is losing. But - frankly - receivers are often the easiest to replace. You see frosh and JC players contribute at WR all across the country. As far as NU goes, I fall back on what …more »

  • RE: Is Lee Being Underestimated?
    I agree with your premise, Steve. Lee is not the 11th best QB in the Big 12. He's just...not. He's just too unknown right now to figure out exactly where to slot him. After McCoy, Bradford, Giffin and Robinson, it's a toss up in the rankings, if you asked me. Reesing? …more »

  • RE: There's a new serif in town: Nebraska IS throwing it back
    These throwback jerseys feel like the exact right way to commemorate the 300th sellout. Big props to NU for doing this right. Personally, I favor the circa 1970s NU uniforms with the stripes on the shoulders. But, hey, I'm not complaining about the 1962 choice. A throwback uni is always better …more »

  • RE: Missing Swift: Who Will Field Punts in 2009?
    Sean/Gooch - good questions and candidates. Both Mendoza and Amukamara have the explosiveness and experience (at least at the HS level) to take the ball to the house. There are proabably 6-8 candidates on the roster who could play the role. It really is a matter of the team being commited …more »

  • RE: Hawkins Alone in Predicting 10 wins
    Coaches that raise the stakes on themselves like Hawkins did just KNOW they are operating on borrowed time. It's a desperate act, in my opinion. On paper, CU does appear to have a somewhat better team returning in 2009, at least offensively. I don't buy them a bit on D, however. …more »

  • RE: Setting Benchmarks for the '09 Blackshirts
    This is a great scorecard, Brandon. If the Huskers check each box on your list, it's easy to imagine them being successful. I would also argue that "rush yards allowed" is an important metric within that total defense number. The tried and true recipe is - stop the run, make a …more »

  • RE: What to do with Virginia Tech?
    HuskerHeat - I believe Brandon is refering to the two other teams likely in the top 10 - Ole Miss and OSU - as the only places that might be less intimidating place to play than VT. Of course, there are a few dozen Hokie fans visiting this site who would …more »

  • RE: The Upside of Gravitating to Mediocrity
    Excellent points about the nature of stat turnarounds, Steve. Reasons for optimism, I think. I also know that is the nature of football (and often college sports in general) to be strong in a former area of weakness, just because of personnel growth/changes. If a unit played a lot of young …more »

  • RE: The Shelf of Shame
    Ty and Joe - nice offerings. I'm trying to figure which is worse, the "stain" of a signature from a disgraced former player or having spent money to celebrate a non-title in the making. They both suck, but for such wildly different reasons.

  • RE: Best Kicking Tandem?
    Ball games often turn on special teams play. (And yes, I think kicks are exciting...) This is a significant advantage to NU, its one I can't believe doesn't get discussed more. If NU fans reall believe that the Huskers will take a step forward in 2009 (10 wins?, North title?) then …more »

  • RE: The Five Year Recruit?
    Interesting perspective, Steve. While I doubt that NU recruited Gabbert (the younger) *because* he is smaller and less likely NFL-bound early in his career, I do think that his potential to stick around at NU is a great bonus. Consider how much better off USC would be right now if Mark …more »

  • RE: Turnovers: Has Nebraska been playing from behind the eight ball all this time?
    Fantastic research, Brandon. Seeing it displayed that way is just shocking. Negative 42! Good Lord. It’s the ultimate indicator of how much bad football NU has played recently. Bottom line - few things are as important in football as POSSESSION. It’s the ultimate football truism. It’s hard to win when you …more »

  • RE: Summer Brings Time to Compete
    Jon, You are right for calling me out on this. Corrections have been applied. By way of explination to readers, I write off line, and then re-read and proof the copy before putting it in. In this case, I entered the raw, unproofed copy and not the cleaner version. It created …more »

  • RE: The Return of the “We” Backs?
    I agree with you Steve, this is the best *tandem* of backs NU has had in quite some time. They are not the massively deep backfields of 1994. But, there is depth and returning production. And you NEED depth at that spot. Few players take as many hard hits. More and …more »

  • RE: What Marketing Tells Us About Expecations
    Dan - I appreciate that thought. You might be right...until I realized that I tend to obsess about ALL Husker conference opponents like this. This week, just happened to be MU b/c of our recent travels there. Sorry if I didn't make that clear in the post. Shawn - yep, okay. …more »

  • RE: Phil Steele likes Nebraska. Kansas? Not so much.
    Any and all references to "The Jerk" must be appreciated and celebrated. Wow, I love that movie. Oh, an Steele is great too. :-)

  • RE: Which Game in 2009 Scares You the Most?
    Nice post, Brandon. You are not alone in your fear of Baylor. Every time I see Robert Griffin, I get nervous. He's got Jammal Lord's size with world class speed and an decent offensive line. I would argue he could be the Big 12 Offensive POY in 2009. Any time you …more »

  • RE: Addition of Keeston Terry Could Signal Start of Summer Recruiting Run
    I feel you, JBLING. Sloan and Terry both have strong interst elsewhere. At this point it is almost like customer service for NU...they say relationships are like teeth - take care of them or you lose them.

  • RE: Paulus to Syracuse - That's Just Fine, Thanks
    Yeah, Brandon, that's an example of a playing being *too* easy...like dropping a pass when you are wide open and the ball is in the air for a long time. You'll get the next one, big guy. BTW, isn't it assonance when there is a repeated vowel sound? Alliteration is for …more »

  • RE: Linebacking Losses Won’t Leave Huskers Lacking
    I suspect the Linebackers will be the most improved unit for the Huskers in 2009. Consider them like last year's D-Line. There is real talent there, it just needs to emerge. With coaching, I'm confident it will. And Coach Ekeler sounds pretty darn intent about it.

  • RE: Nebraska: Ndamukong Suh and Some Other Guys?
    donfl - Dadeo got caught up in a tech glitch we sometimes get... it wasn't intentional. I deleted the superfluous posts. In response to your question - I have to think that Jared Crick is the likely candidate to replace Stein (the elder), and backed up by Stein (the younger). Both …more »

  • RE: Asking the right question in the BCS v. Playoff debate
    The BCS/playoff discussion...here we go. I'm against a playoff system. First, it will never happen b/c the NCAA doesn't want to "extend" the season (i.e., don't want to cut games at the beginning, because they would lose $). Also, playoffs aren't perfect either. Were the Cardinals and the Steelers the two …more »

  • RE: Inconclusive Evidence: Buffs tee off, New tags for the truck, & Paulus leaves
    With the CU stuff, at first I kind of rolled my eyes when I heard that. Classic buff stuff. Then, I sort of just chuckled and enjoyed the realization that we "define" them. NU fans - take Brandon's advice...we should make an offer to have real live Husker fans drive that …more »

  • RE: Bad Drafts Can Create Good Opportunities
    I respect Cody Glenn and all he did at NU, changing spots and all that. Talented, gutsy and competitive player. But...he was absolutely a reach. That has nothing (nothing!) to do with his athletic ability. The definition of a reach is picking a guy in an early round when he would …more »

  • RE: Sunday Conversation: Zac Lee's Potential
    Hey there DT, didn't mean to offend. If you can't tell, we were just going back and forth about Lee, playing around. Everybody here gets that the kid hasn't played a meaningful down yet. Just playing. Steve was only pointing out that QBs who have played baseball often do pretty well. …more »

  • RE: The NFL Draft's Harsh Husker Reality
    Update - Swift, Peterson, Lucky and Potter have all signed free agent deals. Joe Ganz will also get a look. Good for them, and I hope they make their respective squads. Like I said, they all have talent. Now, get those pay checks, fellas. One final point about how the NFL …more »

  • RE: Sunday Conversation: Zac Lee's Potential
    Andrew - first, thanks for checking the site so often. We certainly appreciate it. It's the reason we put material up so often. Thanks for the candid feedback on this post. We'll (I'll) do better with future editions. I just know that a lot of back and forth banter happens that …more »

  • RE: Huskers Land Second Offensive Lineman for 2010 Class
    Huskered - I'm with Jason on this one, even though I see your point about the other offers not coming from "powerhouse" programs. A few other things to keep in mind. 1 - Beating other B12N schools for players always matters. It's like winning twice. 2 - These are the early …more »

  • RE: Husk'em Corns: Are Nebraska Fans Working on a Hand Signal?
    Great post, Brandon. WOW - so many reactions to this. First, I'm against anything that is a derivative of the SWC or Texas. I don't want their weird crap infringing on Big 8 greatness. Next, I know detasseling. There was a LOT of that in south central NE, where I grew …more »

  • RE: Huskers Land Second Offensive Lineman for 2010 Class
    Dwayne, just based on the "economy" for D-tackles (that body type is in short supply and in high demand), yes, I'd say D-tackle is always near the top of the priority list. Then, you have to say quarterback. They will take one every year, sometimes two. To the other folks - …more »

  • RE: Five Questions the Spring Game Should Answer
    Great question about the DBs. The missing ingredient in last year's defense was turnovers. IF (big if) NU can get more takeaways in the form of INTs, they could really be cooking. We've heard anecdotally from players that more balls are being contested in practice, and that they are getting more …more »

  • RE: One More Tip of the Cap to ASU's Snyder
    Nice anecdote, Brandon. You managed to put some nostalgic shine on a pretty tough night for most Husker fans. It's a fitting tribute to the late coach Snyder. As a point of clarification, the game was actually on TV. It was just some pretty obscure channel or maybe even PPV. I …more »

  • RE: WR Niles Paul Arrested for DUI
    This is bad news. There is no debating that. There is nothing good about a key player getting arrested. BUT... the timing really could be worse. At least there is a significant period of time between now and the first meaningful game for NU. This will have a chance to subside. …more »

  • RE: Great Defense Starts in the Middle
    Nonstopomar - the sideline didn't miss the tackle, the ref did. :-) I think Haggs move was for a few reasons 1) to create more competition/depth at S right now. We have a LOT more corners. And 2) they need somebody in that spot for next season. NU has 3 seniors …more »

  • RE: A Top 25 Defense? In the Big 12 that's a tall task.
    Thanks for temporing expectations, Brandon. No doubt, the pinball played in the Big 12 last year provided plenty of challenge for coach Pelini in Year 1. But...Now I'll go waaaay overboard the other direction (for the sake of balance) and just declare that NU will not only have a top 25 …more »

  • RE: Secondary Is Primary To Success
    Love the depth in the secondary. I believe West is entrenched at one CB spot. Looking at the film from late last season, he was our best corner at times. On the other side, I'm a huge Amukamara fan, as my "Spring Sleepers" post pointed out. After that, you have Blue …more »

  • RE: Spring Game Offers Unique Recruiting Advantage
    Good take, Renny. The passion and loyalty of fans is demonstrated by the spring game. It really matters. A survey of recent recruits shows it -- http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=1&SPID=22&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=3697743 Fan loyalty is among the top of the reasons why players come to NU.

  • RE: Defensive End Depth?
    I'm with you, Dakota. Potential never bought the groceries. Turner needs to produce. I think some of his drop off has to do with the last staff asking him to gain so much weight. That wasn't good. And, he can't help that he got hurt, I suppose. Brandon ... wow, Benard …more »

  • RE: Latravis Washington Parallels Abound
    Great comparisons, Steve. Thinking back to that 1994 season and comparing it to today... hmm, yeah I would rather have had Veland taking the snap than Turman. No offense to Turman, the guy is a legend. But, you want a better athlete at QB on the road against a ranked team, …more »

  • RE: WANTED: A Few Home Run Threats
    I don't have a premature "man crush" on Lee just yet. But consider this - if Joe Ganz can go for 95 yards and 2 scores on 11 carries vs. KSU, then I'm willing to bet Lee could do just as well or better. NU is committed to the QB run …more »

  • RE: Spring Camp is Here!
    Based on Pelini's comments about his defensive expectations, I'm most curious about all of our defensive personnel this spring. D-line - who will provide depth? Who will win the LB battles? Who will emerge from the gaggle of corners that NU has? When Pelini spouts confidently, it means he sees something. …more »

  • RE: Will We See Martin?
    Good thoughts, Steve. It's wild the way some fans view some spot and our depth chart much differently than the coaches. Consider that they just moved Toailoa to offense this spring, saying they "really like the depth" they have at DT. This comes at a time when everyone is concerned about …more »

  • RE: Spring Scheme Changes
    Yeah, I think "multiple" the word Pelini used about 50 times last year to describe the NU offense. West Coast, Spread, doesn't matter what you call it. He wants multiple. What does that look like? Well, last year it was a lot of one back with 3 4 and and even …more »

  • RE: QB Scuttlebutt II - News from the First Press Conference of the Spring
    Nice quick-turn analysis, Brandon. My two reactions. 1) I'll believe Green's injury is minor when I see him on the field. Bo has been - positively, optimisticly - false in previous injury assessments. I'm not saying he's lied. But, he's been far from accurate. 2) Washington's move and the praise of …more »

  • RE: The Return of the All-American
    Hey James, good thoughts. As far as other contriutors, the "5 great players" theory is one that gets tossed around here at BRN quite a bit. That is, 5 "great" players (all conference or better) equate to a team that can win a title (conference or otherwise). Suh tops the list …more »

  • RE: Spring Sleepers
    I really like those suggestions, Sam, HF4L and Bill. In fact, all of the guys you mentioned were on my initial list, and just didn't make the final cut for the story. Still, all are worth watching. I'm especially interested in Mr. Washington. Can he live up to his potential? He'll …more »

  • RE: A Break From or Return To Relevance
    KU-MU game has been important because they were playing for something (division title, BCS birth, etc). NU and CU were not. That will change this year, I'm willing to guess. Without those stakes attached, nobody outside of Missour and Kansas gives two craps about the MU-KU game. And, on a national …more »

  • RE: A Break From or Return To Relevance
    Regular readers of this site know that I write about Media Matters and Relevance on a very regular basis. It's a pet topic of mine. I will say this - the CU/NU game is the bedrock for NU's media plan. The game is on *national* TV - not regional, not cable. …more »

  • RE: Friday The 13th – Danger In Our Future?
    The stadium vendors run out of Runzas. To quote Bill Murry from Ghostbusters - "Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria..." On Green - IF he's injured, it means a ton more reps for Spano and a likely redshirt season for Green. Is that SO bad? While we are on the …more »

  • RE: Vexing Questions to Consider as We Enter Football Lent
    The Devaney - wow, awesome. I love that it can serve as a "breakfast drink" considering how often NU has been in that stupid 11:30 AM time slot recently. Before this discovery, I was stuck putting whiskey in my coffee for those morning kick off. I mean, it seemed like a …more »

  • RE: Who Has the Biggest Role
    My opinion on order of importance: (Caveat - all jobs are important, football is the ultimate team sport) Offense: Quarterback - touches the ball on every single play. Makes all the choices. O-line (Center, Tackle, Guard). Duh. TE/WR - Blockers and catchers. Multi-skill = value. Running back - just plug in …more »

  • RE: Coaching Instability Plagues Big 12
    Hawkins must win 10 at CU next year or he's out - "10 wins and no excuses" he said...

  • RE: Loss of Witt Not Trivial
    Well, Red, thank you for dropping by. I appreciate your perspective and input. But, lecturing people on who or who isn't "qualified" to talk about football is a bit harsh. Don't ya think? I think not wanting people who think they are "above" the group or a system is kind of …more »

  • RE: Loss of Witt Not Trivial
    Steve's headline got me to thinking...I have a pretty good head for Triva. So, does anybody remember Jay Runty? He was a QB at NU in the late 1990's. He was caught up in the mix with quite a few other great quarterbacks - Scott Frost (who transfered to NU, remember), …more »

  • RE: Dude, Seriously? David Oku Enrolls At Lincoln East
    AU Junkie - not to read the tea leaves too much, but I think the "they" he is referring to is his girlfriend or girlfriend's family. Again, that's just my view on it. Only he knows who that personal pronoun is referring to. Well, I suppose the folks at Rivals might, …more »

  • RE: Assumptions About Nebraska to Color Every Off-Season Conversation: Better Blackshirts
    Excellent take, as always, Brandon. I think the missing element in NU's 2008 defense that we all expected to see (and fully expect to see in 2009) was ... turnovers, or takeaways. That was a big theme heading in to the year and hallmark of Pelini defenses (see NU 2003). But, …more »

  • RE: Patrick Witt Leaving Nebraska Football Program
    So corrected, Kody. Geez, Darren, get it right. That's what I get for hurrying. Lots developing with this story. Pelini has issued a general statement that doesn't offer much. I see a lot of comments here revolve around Gene Witt's involvement. Would I say he's involved? Absolutely. Why? Because he is …more »

  • RE: Patrick Witt Leaving Nebraska Football Program
    Nate - so noted and so corrected. Sorry about that. Gotta get the facts straight.

  • RE: February's Coaching Soap Operas
    Runza = meat twinkie.

  • RE: Five Wishes for Memorial Stadium
    Nice thoughts, Renny. I hear you on the audio (pun intended). Pretty pictures don't mean so much with tin-can audio. I also don't like cheesy tunnel walk animation. Show football (hits, TDs) play music, scream, get on the field. Wishing for a national title reminds me of the Seinfeld where Jerry …more »

  • RE: Assumptions About Nebraska to Color Every Off-Season Conversation: Quarterback Play
    Good post, Brandon. And yes, I think this is a fair assumption. Here's one more reason - Shawn Watson. Coaching matters, and I would say he got the absolute most out of Joe Ganz this season. Coaching is the reason he out-performed his MAC-quality size, strength and speed. If he can …more »

  • RE: Assumptions About Nebraska to Color Every Off-Season Conversation: Quarterback Play
    JBLING22 - I agree that NU might want a mobile/running QB back there, and it suits Lee or Green. But, don't rule out Witt just yet. There is a reason he was the first backup in the games this year. Mastery of the offense - the ability to get the team …more »

  • RE: Cupid is a Husker Fan
    Nice post, Renny. Happy Friday thoughts. It makes me think...when did Cupid's arrow first really strike me? I'd have to say 1983 is a the root of my football memory. I remember pretending to be the players on that team when we played during recess. The heart break of the 4-TD …more »

  • RE: Sour Grapes for 2009
    6 comments before 8:00 central...Okay then...politics are still pretty sensitive, I see. If you all re-read Steve's post, he sort of takes a cheap shot at both parties. (flip flopper) Anyway... To the actual football part of it - As I said in an earlier post, losing Young hurt quite a …more »

  • RE: Inconclusive Evidence: Number Nine, Nashville, New QBs & Night Football
    Matt - yes, Levorson is still on scholarship. But, the reports said he's no longer with the team. Read in to that what you will. Brandon - please please please don't tell me that your love of big guys with small numbers means you were/are a big Benard Thomas (#5) fan. …more »

  • RE: Inconclusive Evidence: Number Nine, Nashville, New QBs & Night Football
    Great roundup, Brandon. The picture takes the cake, really. One other bit of recent news worth noting: Crete product John Levorson is no longer with the team. Of course, details as to "why" are hard to pin down. I consider this a loss for NU. By all accounts from his HS …more »

  • RE: What Others Think About Nebraska
    I agree with USC_husker - being on top of the division matters the most. Also, on class ratings, this NU class is affected by two things - its size and the lack of a "top end" guy or two. Compare this class to NU 2005 class or A&M this year, and …more »

  • RE: Brandon Kinnie Most Likely to See Time
    Good perspective, Steve. Most fans need to realize that you don't recruit players (at least ideally) to fix last year's issues. It's more about 2 and 3 years from now. On immediate contributors, I agree about Kinnie. He has the physical tools for it, and WR is a place where newcomers …more »

  • RE: 2009 Nebraska Football Signing Day Coverage
    Redeucer Hey, I didn't mean to take you out for a ride, there. We totally agree on the O-line. Solid class. Personally, I think NU could use another DT. They made that late run at one today... Bodtmann not being in the class created a hole at LB, I agree. But …more »

  • RE: 2009 Nebraska Football Signing Day Coverage
    Wow, Redeucer, that's a "half empty" way to view it... The class has 2 true LBs, Williams and Martin. Both can really ball. Probably could have used one more, but they have a lot of young LB talent on the roster right now. They took a ton of DBs. I guess …more »

  • RE: 2009 Nebraska Football Signing Day Coverage
    Nice digging, Brandon. Hmm, that is weird to the point of fishy when it comes to Wade. Jeez, getting Pierre-Paul on a last minute switch would really brighten the day. Oh, the drama of watching young people make choices! (Sarcasm: on).

  • RE: Starry Eyed on the Eve of Signing Day
    JBLING22 It's not too surprising when you remember that Frost was at Northern Iowa before taking the Oregon job. It's not uncommon at all to see players follow the coach that recruited them. If that coached liked them before, they like them with their new place, too.

  • RE: Starry Eyed on the Eve of Signing Day
    Great analysis, as always Brandon. Some of those names are like a walk down memory lane...good and bad. People can get tired of hearing me say this, but star ratings are ONE evaluation of a player. They have value, but it is far from perfect. People love star ratings because A …more »

  • RE: The Elephant in the Room
    Nice even-handed take on this rather tricky situation, Steve. I think there are still some cards to turn over. Until the NU coaches can comment, we don't have the whole story. Things sure don't smell too great right now; maybe Pelini can open a window on Wednesday and let some air …more »

  • RE: Early Recruiting Success Leads To Quiet Finish
    On the Bodtmann story - we're just going to have to wait. It's pretty ugly for NU right now, because of the comments from Bodtmann's coach. But, since NU can't comment (by NCAA rule) on individual recruits, we won't hear from Pelini or the rest of the staff until at least …more »

  • RE: Early Recruiting Success Leads To Quiet Finish
    Also contributing to this "slow finish" is the removal of Shawn Bodtmann from the class. I guess the offer was pulled by NU (see story in "the wire" section). So, there is an open spot, particularly at linebacker. Paging Mr. Martin...please pick up the white courtesy phone. Also, does anybody else …more »

  • RE: Early Recruiting Success Leads To Quiet Finish
    I really think the biggest hole in this class right now appears to be the need for another defensive tackle. We have a couple of really good ones on the list right now. But, I think NU needed/wanted 3 for this class. We'll see if they can pull one late. …more »

  • RE: Look to Nebrasketball for Inspiration
    Wake me when we are talking about football again. :-) Kidding... Seriously though, I couldn't name their starting 5. But I can give you the 2 deep on both sides of the football. Maybe 3 deep if I push myself. I think I'm like a lot of NU fans right now. …more »

  • RE: The Value of a Long Snapper
    Jon, It's recruiting, so you can never be certain of anything. But, they did get the kid to visit which is an encouraging sign. I'd say they have a good shot (better than 33%), which is saying something. Also, I should have put this in the post - this is likely …more »

  • RE: Winter Conditioning Important for Year 2
    Nice post, Renny. No doubt, NU was lean and mean in 2008. Dobson's focus on competition, flexibility and explosive action certainly shows. His major job is to "re-mold" HS players when they first arrive. Break 'em down and build them back up. Another tie in to redshirts, I guess. They need …more »

  • RE: Graduation Hits Husker Opponents Too
    I like these kinds of posts because it gives me a good (long distance) radar for my "getting better" or "getting worse" ratings of teams. Missouri and TTech - you almost have to downgrade them for 2009. Don't you? That's a lot of talent leaving. VTech and OU will be brutal. …more »

  • RE: A Tribute To Marlon Lucky
    You don't sound like a jerk, J Mo. You are just expressing an opinion. It's a valid one, and I don't think you are alone on that. I disagree with you, as my post made pretty clear. But, it does illustrate just how wildly mixed opinion of Lucky can be. …more »

  • RE: The Difference Between 5-7 & 9-4 Part 3 - Special Teams
    Excellent take as always, Brandon. I'm a huge fan of the game's "hidden third". My take on special teams is that they are often the plays that decide the game. Football games between even teams usually turn on just a handful of plays. Those plays often occur on special teams. In …more »

  • RE: Quarterback Battle Familiar Territory
    Great thoughts, Steve. One other element - at least for fans - is sentiment. In the most recent battle, I think that played a part. Ganz the plucky try-hard guy vs. Keller the perceived mercenary. Also consider Crouch v. Newcombe - again, sentiment was a factor for fans. Crouch was better …more »

  • RE: Arrivals and Departures
    Grant - I agree. And, I'm sort of shocked that Leach is still at TTech this year. Again, I'm going to make a book from a comment reply. But here goes... He has taken that program higher than just about anybody could imagine it. They were a junk tie breaker away …more »

  • RE: Arrivals and Departures
    borNred - Carson Coffman (younger brother of Missouri's backup QB this year...) will step in for Freeman. He's a pretty capable player. You may recall he threw a TD against NU this year when Freeman left the game. It's a funny thing about KSU for 2009. They will actually have some …more »

  • RE: Should They Stay or Should They Go Now
    As a Husker zealot, I'm frustrated to see Bradford staying. Between him and that beast TE, Gresham, NU will have a tough time containing OU in Lincoln next year. They have great defenders returning as well. So, if OU is the standard by which we measure the Huskers (I contend they …more »

  • RE: Stud or Dud?: Young QB Green Facing Early Hype
    Bo and his staff have proven to be good player developers...based on the team they inherited. You saw guys get better this year. Now, we'll see if that same proves to be true with the kids this staff actuall recruits. Cody Green will be the ultimate litmus test. People can debate …more »

  • RE: Ndamukong Suh Will Return for Senior Season
    He is the kind of player who makes all other players around him better. That kind of player is the lynch pin in any defense, and worth their weight in gold. Yes, even 300+ pounds worth. He'll make the ends better (taking on the double teams), the linebackers better (eating up …more »

  • RE: The Difference Between 5-7 & 9-4 Part 2 - The Defense
    Good stuff, Brandoon. One element that was lacking in this years D that we all sort of expected to see...turnovers. Excuse me, I mean *takeaways*. This is a Pelini point of emphasis that we didn't see manifest in 2008. Though it got a little better at the end of the year. …more »

  • RE: Blogpoll Ballot – Final for 2008
    Utah - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! WOOT! Well Steve, I appreciate that you stick by your principles. Oh and anybody clamoring for playoffs and how "perfect" they are need to consider what we are seeing in the NFL right now. Who had Philly and Arizona in the NFC title game? Nobody...

  • RE: The Cold, Hard Facts From the National Championship
    Ah...Travis Lewis. Yeah, it breaks my heart. http://bigrednetwork.com/archives/2008/10/travis_lewis_is_still_breaking.html

  • RE: The Cold, Hard Facts From the National Championship
    The margin between NU and the country's elite is more narrow than we might imagine it to be. Call me an optimist, but the relatively fast turnarounds at fallen powerhouses like Alabama and, yes, Oklahoma reminds me of what is possible. We have *some* players who could have competed on that …more »

  • RE: Husker Resolutions for 2009
    Good stuff, Tom. I agree with all of you points in general. Coaching staff consistency matters a ton. And Pelini also has some pressure to retain folks (Watson, Gilmore). Tough part of being the man in charge. I don't think the QB race will be "fake". I think both Witt and …more »

  • RE: Blow Up The BCS
    Ze Pop makes a good point - playoffs aren't "perfect" either. Consider the NFL if you like. Or consider March Madness. There is still plenty of hand wringing and bitching during the selection process, right? And, does the "best team" from that season always win the tournament? No way. But we …more »

  • RE: The Difference Between 5-7 & 9-4 Part 1 - The Offense
    Fantastic analysis, Brandon. I appreciate the way you sifted through the piles of stats and pulled out what was significant. The idea of "explosive plays" in the run game is something that is easy to overlook. It is a real difference maker as the Gator Bowl illustrated. It is also something …more »

  • RE: Florida Atlantic No Longer a Laugher
    Good point, Dwayne. Not about the age, but the opponent. FAU is "coached" by Howard Schnellenberger, who is on my most disliked coaches list. (If you don't know why, look it up! Oh, the ghosts of January 1983...why must you curse us?!) Just one more reason this game matters. I put …more »

  • RE: Missouri v. Northwestern: Expectations Gone Awry
    MU this year sort of reminds me of KSU in 1998. I was *supposed* to be their year. Instead, to the Alamo... KSU was flat flat flat and dropped that game to Purdue (Ah, a young Drew Brees...nice). With MU's problems being on D, this might be a close game if …more »

  • RE: Florida Atlantic No Longer a Laugher
    FAU showed some guts this year. They started 1-5 (UT, MSU, etc) as Husker Mike mentioned. Then, partially due to the QB getting healthy and partially due to the Sun Belt schedule, they went 5-1 to get to a bowl. Are they a world beater, and a team NU will get …more »

  • RE: Non-Big 12 Bowl Games Huskers Should Watch
    Chippewah shout outs. Nice. They just scored late to make the game interesting. I'm stunned by my willingness to watch these games. I would probably watch my eighth grade teams play if they pointed a camera at it.

  • RE: Non-Big 12 Bowl Games Huskers Should Watch
    Honestly, you couldn't pay me to watch a couple of these games. I'll be sure to watch former opponent VT and Turner Gill's fighting Buffalo Bulls. FL Atlantic makes the cut b/c they are on NU's schedule next year. But, that's probably it.

  • RE: The Coaching Carousel Stops: What Have We Learned?
    WOW. Can't believe I neglected to include Missouri. Jeez, Darren. In Missouri we learned...that Gary Pinkle might be a Tiger for life. He's got a big contract, Missouri is more relevant than they have been in my lifetime. Football is starting to matter more at MU than basketball (depending on who …more »

  • RE: Suh and Helu Make Two
    Good ideas, Tom. I'm sooooo glad to have Turner back, but he is coming off an injury. So we'll see. And it's tough for QB in their first year of starting. I too hope a receiver emerges (Meno?). Somebody has to make the catches. Speaking of, I think McNeil will get …more »

  • RE: Suh and Helu Make Two
    Great stuff, Brandon. Love reading Griffin's blog. Excellent NU spin. Going off of his list, the talent gap is pretty wide between the N and the S. Nebraska's resurgence may be what is needed to bridge that...starting with Suh and Helu. For years, BRN has held the opinion that a great …more »

  • RE: Clemson Q&A with Block-C
    Nice job with the interview, Tom. Good stuff in there. Always a lot to be learned from the other "local experts". Thanks, Block C, for dropping by the Big Red Network. Best of luck against every team not named Nebraska and keep in touch.

  • RE: Future Nebraska Offense? Could Mirror Florida Gators
    Jeff - I agree. Nice artile, Renny. Folks can get used to hearing from Renny a lot more moving forward, and this site is better for it. I drop by huskersgameday pretty often. Good stuff. lots of material. Thanks for the props over there. But, our site is called Big Red …more »

  • RE: Future Nebraska Offense? Could Mirror Florida Gators
    I wouldn't peg the offensive identity or evolution around those two players quite yet. Don't get me wrong, I value those guys, big time. I just wrote a post gushing about both of them. The point is that their recruitment shows that NU will continue to try to be "multiple" on …more »

  • RE: Talent At the Top
    Scott - best two comments in a long while. Of course, I was rapping "Rump Shaker" the whole time I wrote that post... Christmas Vaction references are always at a premium. Williams is the most punishing tackler I have seen in a long time.

  • RE: Talent At the Top
    PlanoFan - Thanks for coming by. Welcome to Husker Nation. You won't regret joining up with the Big Red. I certainly didn't intend to slight Burkhead with the comment about his power. It just didn't happen to occur in the film I saw. Typically, when is a player is explosive (fast …more »

  • RE: Would a Gator Bowl Victory Be a Mixed Blessing for Bo Pelini?
    I completely understand your concerns, Steve. This is why working with you on BRN is so great. You can see, think, feel the concerns of so many fans. Already, there is concern among many...looking to next year. Hey, the Big 12 will always provide its share of tough games and schedules. …more »

  • RE: Huskers Seeking Corners, Winners
    WyHuskerFan, Good thought on the current class's ranking. It's not everything, but it is certainly a measure of success. It's nice to see NU rated where they are at this point, I agree. And, it helps to manage the public perception of the class, if nothing else. Perhaps more importantly, I'm …more »

  • RE: All-Conference Honorees Only Bolster Pelini's 08 Performance
    Great take on the connection between talent and the coaching/development of that talent, Brandon. Nothing like research to prove a point. Almost unanimously, Husker fans (and many Big 12 followers) believe Suh was slighted. Too bad for many others, too, Ganz included. Tough year in the Big 12. Consider Chase Daniel …more »

  • RE: The Ups and Downs on the Husker Recruiting Trail
    I would stop short of using a word like "worthless", Tom. There is some correlation between the rankings for both players and classes. 2-star rated players or lower are less likely to make your starting lineup. And an evaluation of class rankings year over year will reveal that many of the …more »

  • RE: Lovin' the Gator Loca
    Good take, Steve. Nice research and points. You know me, I'm all about getting NU more media exposure. Sounds like the Gator is very good in that regard, at least for 2008. The picture has become more clear that NU will *very* likely get the nod, with Clemson as the opponent. …more »

  • RE: Why I Love This Series
    Excellent thoughts Steve. Amazing game, great series. Legends were made Saturday - Henery, Suh, Helu - and it makes it fun to be a Husker fan. And, it suuuucks to be a CU fan today. Another reason why this is a great series...it is on national TV. All my Husker home …more »

  • RE: Five ideas for surviving the off-week
    That sucks, Bob. Very sorry to hear that. Hang in there, and I hope you can find a new gig soon.

  • RE: What Do You Want Out of a Bowl Opponent?
    Florida State - Gator Bowl - because they are FSU. Iowa - Alamo Bowl - neighborhood fight. Oregon State - Sun Bowl - because the beat USC.

  • RE: So...What If Joe is No Go?
    Andrew and the Tornado - Good thoughts, thanks for chiming in. Like I said in the post - I'm a big Witt fan. The kid might just possess Sam Keller's arm and Zach Taylor's brain. That would be something! I only surmise that Lee will emerge because it's obvious NU would …more »

  • RE: Should Fans Blow Off Blowouts?
    Avoiding blowouts is a sign of consistency, something Pelini and company have talked about all year. As NU gets consistent, fans will notice. Does it mean that a consistently-good NU team can't get blown out? No. As your examples illustrate, anything can happen these days. But, those are occational, and typically …more »

  • RE: Blogpoll Ballot - Week 12
    Steve, While I sure don't agree with some of the choices on your list (Ball State ahead of Florida, Texas and USC!), I have to admit your ballot is always entertaining. :-) At least you stick to your principles.

  • RE: Maybe This is Why They're Blackshirts Again
    Ze bop! Hey, good to see you back on board. I've had a lot of people ask about where you have been. You always bring that "certain something" to the BRN community. And, everyone should know, statistically Ze is our #1 commentor of all time (yes, we track such things). …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Call me crazy, but I think ISU might come out and play Missouri tough. I'm not calling for and upset. But last year's ISU squad played better at the end of the year. And, this year's team is very very young...the kind of team that gets better late in the year. …more »

  • RE: Maybe This is Why They're Blackshirts Again
    Great analysis, as always, Brandon. Of course for me it always boils down to scoring defense, since the score is what determines the winner. Great points about takeaways. That has been the biggest difference between NU 2003 and NU 2008. 2003's D thrived on takeaways, while NU has been the worst …more »

  • RE: Back in Black...Now What?
    Excellent thoughts, Brandon. I am also left scratching my head a little. But, I'm more thankful than anything. Those black jerseys mean a lot to the NU identity. If this helps us continue to solve the recent identity crisis, then I'm all for it. I also think this is more illustration …more »

  • RE: Landmark? Maybe Just a Street Sign
    Sorry about that, Bob. Readers, note his correction about the KU-UT game. That's what I get for writing these things in the wee hours of the morning. ;-)

  • RE: Landmark? Maybe Just a Street Sign
    Agreed...makes me want to go play a game of "Oregon Trail". They should re-release that game on PS3 or Wii or something. :-)

  • RE: Landmark? Maybe Just a Street Sign
    Joel, Unfortunately none of the BRN staff was available to manage the live blog Saturday. It wasn't a tech issue...just a lack of manpower. Sorry about that.

  • RE: Blogpoll Ballot - Week 11
    Nice ballot, Brandon. Thanks for pinch hitting for Steve. Btw, Texas Tech is not the #1 team in America. They just aren't. NU played them to the absolute limit, folks. I think OU will beat TT, and Bama will lose the SEC title game. Chaos! Who doesn't love chaos?

  • RE: Huskers Will Be Competitive Soon
    I'm with you. As nuts as this sounds, the Huskers are "competitive" now. Sure, they got totally ROCKED by OU and Mizzou. But, they played TTech in to overtime. Tech beat Texas. Texas beat Oklahoma. Not enough? You are right to include how hard Baylor (a 12 point loser to NU) …more »

  • RE: Moving On
    Excellent sentiment, Renny. And, I'm thankful to see so many generally optimistic or determined comments from the BRN "regulars". About the game itself, the last thing I said before kick off was..."I just hope we play well." NU certainly didn't. I have never seen anything like that. NU isn't THAT bad, …more »

  • RE: Why the Huskers Will Beat the Sooners
    I feel you, Tom. In today's college football world, anybody can beat anybody else. That said...OU averages 48 points per game. 48!OU doesn't make a habit of losing home games, to say the least. And, NU has yet to really play error-free football. This is one tall task. I want (really, …more »

  • RE: Battle of the Idiotic Mascots?
    Brandon, how do you feel really? Don't hold back. Heh. Seriously, both 'Lil Red and the Boomer and Sooner mascots are the very definition of money grabs. Athletic directors knew they had *very* good products on the field (NU mid 1990s, OU turn of the century) and wanted to put a …more »

  • RE: Against Oklahoma Even the Clock Might Not Be Enough
    Great observations, as always, Brandon. And..."offensegasmic"...well, that's just hilarious. OHHHHH we just scored!!! AGAIN!!!

  • RE: Nebraska and Oklahoma Are Rivals?
    Tom, Who are these "Sooners" you speak of? They sound interesting. Maybe the Huskers should play them on a regular basis. Just an idea... Seriously - I would give almost anything for 'lil and younger Huskers (age 10 to 22) to care about the NU-OU game the way I did growing …more »

  • RE: Hold That Line. Please!
    Excellent research, Brandon. Thanks for airing some dirty laundry. (har). Oh wow, that’s bad, even for me. Seriously, I have two thoughts. First officials are humans, and subject to opinions, bias, emotions – whether they be conscious our sub-conscious. I just hope they are in the right “moodâ€? to start helping …more »

  • RE: Trick AND Treat
    Great thoughts, Renny. No doubt, NU unveiled the Joker at ISU for a reason. The timing matters. It's not so much as how many trick plays but the *idea of* trick plays can cut in to a coach or opponent. Every minute OU spends game planning or preparing for possible NU …more »

  • RE: A Year Later - Exclusive Interview with A.D. Tom Osborne
    Great job scoring this interview, Renny. While Dr. Osborne was his usual not-too-colorful self, there are very good things to consider here. I'm most impressed by the way his accomplishments and intiatives center on people…wanting employees to feel happy/comfortable, and wanting student athletes to have a good experience. Things are done …more »

  • RE: Learning From Mistakes
    Not to keep dredging up the past and making too many comparisons to the old staff, but… Compare/contrast the learning we see by both players and staff members - their unifying, discovering their strengths, building of culture - what occurred in 2004, and it is almost stunning. Then, we saw a …more »

  • RE: 24
    James, My impression of Paul as an NFL-caliber player will hinge on his ability to get downfield and catch contested passes. We have not seen him do that...yet. Though a good example of a prototype for Paul to follow in the NFL is Hines Ward - great athlete, sure hands, fierce …more »

  • RE: 24
    Great post, Steve. "Had us at hello". Nice. Most fans would agree that #24 has all the makings of a stone-cold stud. It's a real shame that they burned his freshman season just to have him collect one catch. I love that they use him on special teams because "special teams …more »

  • RE: Beware Briles and the Baylor Bears
    Multiple replies... Scott - I agree. NU has made too many players look too good for too long. That has to end starting this Saturday. Aaron -- Yep, we have a newsletter (the Big Red Beacon) that comes out weekly during the season. At the top of the this or any …more »

  • RE: Observations From Ames
    I understand with your sentiment, JR. Reaching 8 wins appears to be rather tall order at this point. There are no gimmies in the Big 12, even Baylor at home. I think Dalbee's point is that OU is the one game that jumps out to most as a likely/sure loss. So, …more »

  • RE: Nebraska's Newfound Offensive Identity
    Good question, JR. Of course the production will be worse against teams with more capable defenses than ISU or even Tech. NU is less apt to move the ball against the likes of Oklahoma or Kansas. Though, Baylor is not frightening. But, I don't think that will lead to an "identity …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Snags Two Recruit Commitments
    Okay, I'm going to break my own call for calm and drool over the prospect of Williams being a Husker for a second…I can't help it. Readers of this site know that my terms for evaluating prospects have nothing to do with star ratings. Rather, it is a combination of these …more »

  • RE: Signature Loss?
    Moral victories still look like "L" on the win-loss total. I appreciate all of the historical examples you provided of teams that showed marked improvement in losing games. Will that translate to bigger things next season? Maybe. That sure would be nice. :-) Right now, I'm much more curious to see …more »

  • RE: Bates Could Have Been NU’s Problem
    Great take, Steve. Who knows what thoughts and emotions drive the choices of young people. I think of myself at 19 and just cringe sometimes. He still might end up at NU. Considering he watched a Husker game in Lincoln on ISU's bye week and his friendship with some current Huskers, …more »

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Nebraska vs Missouri
    Yes, he J is hard...like my abs. Har, har. Dropping Bertrand in there was clutch. Shot out to you, Josh! I can't believe somebody would think Renny Vandewege is an alias. :-) Folks, Renny is very real. Though, Siffring is exactly the kind of guy would create an alter ego. …more »

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Nebraska vs Missouri
    Renny, For Scott, for me, for Tom freaking Osborne... please feature Adams County in the weather. Specifically, please include Juniata. (pronounced - JU-NEE-ET-A) Please. Some mighty fine folks come from those parts.

  • RE: Plan of Attack: Missouri
    Tigger, Great point about the relative value of the time-of-possession stat. It's merits watching. But it's not a driver of the outcome, in my opinion. For NU to win their possessions must be *productive* (points nearly every trip), with the length of those posssession being an added value. Of course, turnovers …more »

  • RE: Join us for a Virginia Tech pregame party
    OU - That would be just fine. Send the money and we'll send the shirts. Then, when you get them all dirty and oil-covered, they will look like the crimson you love so much. That is the difference between scarlet and crimson - dirt. Cheap? Awe...come on, it's Friday.

  • RE: Blogpoll Ballot - Week 3
    Steve, While I understand your principle here, I can't make it work in the reality of this ballot. Meaning - Is Ohio State really worse than Vanderbilt, TCU, Florida State and others? Probably not. Like I said, I get the principle of being undefeated. But, the other polls (AP, Coaches) clearly …more »

  • RE: Huskers Becoming Recognizable (And Other Thoughts)
    Guy - thanks for dropping that knowledge. Very impressive times. And, I'm one who merits track as one of the ultimate litmus tests of athletic ability. That's the real deal. GREAT contribution from the kid out of Loomis. Straight up Husker style.

  • RE: Break Out the Blackshirts
    I agree, Steve. At one point in the second half, when NU made a great goal-line stand to keep NMSU out of the end zone, I said "Okay, this is starting to feel like Blackshirt defense again." Why that feeling? Because you can expect the defense to make the plays you …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz
    Thanks for the rundown, Tom. IF Iowa State picks up in win this week, the odds of them being a 4 or 5 win club when NU visits is pretty high. They have UNLV, Kansas and Baylor before NU. I know it is early, but this is a pivotal game in …more »

  • RE: 2008’s Pain Could Be 2009’s Gain
    Nice perspective, Steve. It's tough to see that longer-term vision when one of your best defenders goes out for the year. Staying positive... I thought Allen played very well in relief last week. He has great range sideline to sideline. A former basketball star, he's very long-limbed. If he plays with …more »

  • RE: HUSKER UP: San Jose State
    Jerry - good to hear from you. Come back often. Logan - wow. I don't know what to say. I don't know if that is funny, sad, pathetic or awesome. Probably all of the above if that is possible.

  • RE: Nebraska Big Plays Put Broncos Away
    Thanks for the data, Tom. I think the bottom line is simply this - big plays lead to or create scoring. NU had a good day for big plays on offense, and scored well. I don't know how many times I've heard NFL analyst Ron Jaworski preach about the need for …more »

  • RE: The Weekly Buzz: Watch These Games
    Thanks for the guide, Tom. Watching ECU vs VTech now. Glennon sucks. But Beamer ball (turnovers and special teams) is leading the way. How long will that redshirt stay on Taylor??? As an NU fan, I hope Glennon keeps that job!

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Western Michigan at Nebraska
    Curt - so noted. Thanks for your service to our country.

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Western Michigan at Nebraska
    Wow, Scott... Eric Walther - Patriot (AC), Husker, and soldier(US Marine Corps). For those who are not in the loop (pretty much all of you), here's some context. Eric is a great native son of Adams County, who played at NU...he also happened to knock me completely unconscious in a HS …more »

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Western Michigan at Nebraska
    How about Hastings? Tom Osborne and I think it's the finest town in NE. ;-)

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Western Michigan at Nebraska
    Renny - brilliant, as always. The music, the opponent, the statement about last year's predictions - all gold. Oh, and of course...the weather. Nice job on the weather. You "made the weather your bitch." GO BIG RED!

  • RE: Game Day Pocket Guide for Western Michigan
    Pocket guides...get your pocket guides...can't know the foe without a pocket guide. Often imitated, never duplicated - BRN pocket guides! Dude, seriously. Download, print, and then impress the ladies (or at least the other football fans) with your insight. Pocket guides...get your pocket guides..

  • RE: Blackshirts, Depth Charts, and Captains - Oh My!
    BNA - thanks for the support and the loyal following. But, I don't think Curt intended any harm. It's a valid opinion. Curt - you are right about new coaches (Bo in this case) coming in and installing what they know. And not just Xs and Os, either. Bo is no …more »

  • RE: Point Pelini: Herbstreit Now Loves the Huskers?
    The relationships between Kirk and Bo is an interesting one. On some level, it makes you think there is some sort of friendly favoritism going on. One alternative perspective - Kirk's belief in Bo and NU could be based on ACCESS. There's fan access, then there is media access, then there …more »

  • RE: Win a Major Award
    Even though I'm *not* eligible to win that darn fine magazine...I'll still give my expectations. I'm happy with 9-3 and a bowl to be determined by whether or not NU participates in the Big 12 title game. Anything "Alamo Bowl or above" is great. No Shreveport for Christmas. My hope against …more »

  • RE: Running Nebraska Through the Eliminator
    Oh my goodness - Bill in Iowa just hijacked my next planned post! The 2003-to-2008 comparisons are inevitable. My review of the lineups then and now sees the teams as fairly equitable in terms of talent on D. But, the differences among different units or corps on D make the comparison's …more »

  • RE: Running Nebraska Through the Eliminator
    Thanks for running NU under that good ESPN-created microscope, Brandon. That stat about 33 sacks is the most telling, I think. Great defense still boils down to getting pressure on the QB, "spread" offenses or not. There is pretty massive *potential* in this team, but potential never bought the groceries. :-) …more »

  • RE: What Do We Have in Ganz?
    Good thoughts, Brandon. The variable with Ganz is how much he is willing to own and learn from his mistakes. If those interceptions in his first action become instructive to him, and he know how to avoid them, then the sky is the limit. If he has some bad habits...uh oh. …more »

  • RE: The Silver Lining to Kevin Dixon’s Dismissal
    Great perspective as always, Steve. That might keep a few people away from the metaphorical ledge on this particular piece of news. For what it's worth I think Terrence Moore stands to benefit most from Dixon leaving the team, at least in terms of PT. I re-watched most of the spring …more »

  • RE: Dixon Dismissed
    This is some very bad news for NU. I commend coach Pelini for the principle-based decision making. But, this is one area where NU could least avoid to lose players. You need lots of big people to get through the season. Now it is up to Shukree Barfield, Ben Martin, Terrence …more »

  • RE: The Importance of Nebraska's First Three Games
    2002SJSU - My bad! So amended. Dang it, just when I thought I actually knew something fairly cool...I go and get the name wrong. Sorry.

  • RE: Nebraska Starts the Season Unranked
    Hi RedFred, I wasn't trying to me Nebraska-centric with that comment about polls after 3 games. It could be after 4 or 5 for all I care. Or, not until October. The general point is that the PRE-season polling is based on nothing but speculation and, mostly, last year's results. Consider …more »

  • RE: Previewing Kansas - Ask a Blogger
    Rock Chalk Talk - thanks again for taking the time. I know I learned a thing or two about the 2008 KU squad, and I think our readers did too. Good luck against everybody except Nebraska this year. Send us a note if you are coming to Lincoln for the game. …more »

  • RE: 1968: A Great Year for Johnny Cash, Nixon, Elvis and Kansas Football
    I know it seems ridiculous or self-serving for one member of the BRN staff to publicly compliment another, but I just don't care. Brandon, this piece is applause worthy. [Darren stands, claps a few times] Seriously, great job putting KU's current situation in to such unique historical perspective.

  • RE: A Sea of Red 2008 Husker Football Yearbook - Win It Here
    DT - Or just try the Internet. I hear it is pretty cool for shopping and stuff. :-)

  • RE: A Sea of Red 2008 Husker Football Yearbook - Win It Here
    DT - Here in Omaha they are in all the major book retailers (Barnes and Noble, Borders) as well as on the racks at grocery stores (HyVee), right next to the other football mags. Not sure what is available to you in Scottsbluff, but it is pretty widely distributed.

  • RE: Huskers Add Two Recruits
    Austin, With today's addition of Nick Ash, NU has 9 recruits, 6 are from Texas. Last year's class had 9 players from Texas total. Of that group of 9 last season, four signed on after Pelini and crew took over. Sorry about the typo. That's what I get for blogging late …more »

  • RE: Bargain Bin Bo?
    Interesting stuff, Brandon. Bo has some incentives in his contract that would move him up a few pegs on this list if he hits them. Of course, there are several hundred thousand to be earned by winning games, bowls and titles. More interestingly, he also has an incentive for the players …more »

  • RE: Missouri Breakdown: Where Credit is Due
    Bill, I assume you mean Virginia Tech and not West Virginia. And, reserving judgement or predictions until the week before the game is way to prudent! Come on, throw caution to the wind. It's July...don't you have the whole season mapped out in your mind yet??

  • RE: A Relatively Short Essay on Why I Now Hate Missouri
    I'm on board with Brandon's definition of "hate" here, because it is sort of this groan-worthy disgust. Like "Oh jeez, the last thing NU needs is another team to be their 'rival' right now. Isn't this why OU and CU exist?" To a lesser degree, it is what we went through …more »

  • RE: Coundown: 40 Days
    Oh my sweet lord. You crack me up, Renny. The singing was just great. And, I think we just found our new t-shirt slogan... "We make weather our bitch!" WELL DONE, sir.

  • RE: When Blackshirts Were Blackshirts: Mike Brown
    Best. Safety. Ever.

  • RE: When Blackshirts Were Blackshirts: Barron Miles
    My favorite Husker defensive back, ever. And, it's not even close. If I were picking teams tomorrow on the metaphorical school yard, I'd take Miles in a second.

  • RE: Bo's Mandate: Give Up 14-17 Fewer Points per Game
    Check out this bit of stat work from 'Coherbie' a poster over at Huskerpedia's BBS. He posted this while discussing this story. And after seeing it, I thought "duh, Darren, you really should have included these stats." So ... here they are. Thanks, Coherbie. Here's pts allowed each year: 2007....38 2006....18 …more »

  • RE: Bo's Mandate: Give Up 14-17 Fewer Points per Game
    Good point about Wisconsin, Carlin. Considering them, there is no doubt that Bielema can flat-out coach. That's a factor. For NU, I know that Steve often talks about how if NU can fall off so fast from Bo (circa 2003) to Coz (in 2004) then doing the opposite might just be …more »

  • RE: When Blackshirts Were Blackshirts: Josh Bullocks
    Wow, brad. Nothing like a wet blanket first thing in the morning. ;-) The way I see it, at team can't help or control the strength of its schedule, just the results they put up. That 2003 D finished ranked 11th in the country. That's blackshirt-worthy to me. Put it this …more »

  • RE: Not All Games Are Created Equal
    So noted, CI. I've since made a correction. Sorry about that. NMSU concerns me less than WM and SJSU. I'm not trying to diss NMSU. But WM beat Iowa and gave Michigan a game last year. And, they run the spread (the great equalizer). And SJSU was in a bowl more …more »

  • RE: Not All Games Are Created Equal
    Interesting point of view, buffy. Last year's meltdown makes it hard to be too high on NU, especially for those on the outside looking in. Here's the view from my chair. NU has *talent* in the front four (Turner and Suh, in particular) and depth with a lot of guys who …more »

  • RE: Not All Games Are Created Equal
    Speaking of more modest goals...Steve and I were talking the other day about one. How nice would it be to be able to consistently win at HOME again? Shoot, if NU went 8-4 in the regular season and all of the wins came in Lincoln, I think that would be something. …more »

  • RE: Not All Games Are Created Equal
    Great take, Brad. I think you discovered that my personal bias toward that OU game is showing a bit here. On balance, yeah, I agree you make a compelling case that the MU game ranks above all others.

  • RE: Hot Leads on Recruiting Trail
    Nice to see some convergence - and energy - in the recruiting right now. NU could use a lift this summer. On the downside, it looks like Omaha Creighton Prep lineman Jon Lechner has verbally committed to Wisconsin. http://www.madison.com/tct/blogs/gridiron/293150 I hope the Huskers have a shot to get back in on …more »

  • RE: Camp Matters
    cvldfg - We hate you, too. ;-) Kidding... All four of BRN's contributors know what you are going through, living far from NE. In fact, Steve, Jason and Renny still live elsewhere. I'm the only one who has moved back to NE. So, I think our perspective on all things NU …more »

  • RE: Huskerkill: Thurman Thomas
    Hi there Johnny. Steve mentioned in his first article that the "Husker Kill" series is the more Husker positive counterpart to a series we ran earlier this year called Husker Killers. There we described, in pretty ugly detail, some of the players we thought crushed NU the most. Since you're clearly …more »

  • RE: Huskerkill: Thurman Thomas
    GREAT stuff, Steve. It's easy to forget about Thomas because of Barry Sanders' exploits while at OSU. It's nice to remember when the Huskers stuffed and NFL HOF player. And, your reference to Noonan/Jameson about made me spit out my morning coffee.

  • RE: A Tale of Two Quarterbacks
    To be fair, Crouch has battled some injuries during his attempts at pro ball. In the NFL, CFL and in NFL Europe, injuries created set backs for him both at QB and when he attempted other positions. He was durable as a college player, especially considering the startling number of carries …more »

  • RE: Did the Huskers Dodge a Bullet?
    Great context, Steve. It's often very easy for fans to imagine that Husker football somehow started with Osborne. Devaney and his predecessors obviously count, too. Cool that you found that stat correlation. Winning tends to beget winning.

  • RE: Cashing In On Kicking
    Great analysis of the "hidden third" part of the game, Steve. I love those specific examples. I also think NU has an advantage at the kicker position because of Alex Henery's accuracy when it comes to extra points and field goals under 40 yards. You have got to get points in …more »

  • RE: Media Matters
    Like I said, it's fluid. I don't doubt that VT/NU will be on TV. Though, I strongly doubt it gets an ABC national prime time audience, Mike. But, for right now, the uber suits at ABC-ESPN-Disney took a look at NU/VT and said "no thanks" for now. That choice has a …more »

  • RE: Weighing in on the Deadspin Debate
    Thanks for weighing in on this topic, guys. I'm not suprised to see fellow bloggers being the ones with a "take" on the subject. Of course, we seek to be about football every day. But hey, its the off season. So you know, I'll be offering a counterpoint to Steve's opinion …more »

  • RE: Dontrayevous Robinson Picks Nebraska
    Bud and Chester - please don't call names. You can have strong opinions and make all the arguments you want. But, stop short of personal attacks, please. It's only civil. Maybe take a look a the comment guidelines, in case you didn't see them. And, yes, before somebody calls me out …more »

  • RE: The Return of the Scholarship Fullback at Nebraska
    Two thoughts in response to this post. 1) This is an excellent point about the use and value of scholarships in general, Steve. They are an important "currency" that staffs must learn to manage. 2) No doubt in my mind now, Tray Robinson was recruited as a fullback. See the highlight …more »

  • RE: Dontrayevous Robinson Picks Nebraska
    Hiya folks, Keep it civil, please. Recruiting is clearly the "gateway" topic to some serious disagreements. Some fans are really concerned about the state of recruiting at this point. Other are not. Either way, I think the conversation will be lot more informed - and therefore intelligent - when there is …more »

  • RE: Dontrayevous Robinson Picks Nebraska
    I'm sensing some sarcasm there, Chester. Interestingly, Shawn Bodtmann and Cole Pensick were just moved to 3-star rated players by Scout.com. Niether had been evaluated/rated at the time of pledging to NU. And, there was all this concern... And, had they been rated as 3 star players prior to commiting to …more »

  • RE: Recruiting Rerun?
    Scout.com just updated it's player ratings. Now, Bodtmann and Pensick are both listed at 3-star prospects. Funny how that works... Had these two had those ratings prior to their choice of NU, would there have been so much hand wringing? I seriously doubt it.

  • RE: Dontrayevous Robinson Picks Nebraska
    *Late editorial note* I just finished watching the YouTube video on this kid, and it looks like he lined up at FB quite a bit in HS. They ran a FB Trap play with him quite often. Could be that NU is looking at him as a FB prospect. And, as …more »

  • RE: C.J. Zimmerer Commits to Nebraska
    Here are a couple names that popped in to my head this morning - Jake Behrens and Paul Homer. Both of these Millard North fullback/linebacker prospects left the state. Now, they play fullback for Colorado and Washington, respectively. Behrens was the Nebraska Player of the Year in high school, was rated …more »

  • RE: Kansas Loses a Pair of Scholarships
    Jason, how can you say that?? Don't you know newspapers are going extinct? ;-)

  • RE: Bengals A Great Spot for Mo
    I'm both a Husker fan and a Bengals fan (long story...) So, I'm thrilled to see this match. I believe Purify has NFL-caliber talent. He was just too much of a nucklehead to get himself drafted. Stupid behavior costs money, young player. Hope the lesson got learned. For the Bengals, they …more »

  • RE: Recruiting Rerun?
    Brad - How did I know you would be interested in this topic? :-) We agree on one very significant point - it's ridiculously early. The coaches will recruit, and their results will be evaluated. At this point, you can only look at what Pelini did at the tail end of …more »

  • RE: Defensive Tackle Commits to Huskers
    Hey Brad, I'm all for a spirited debate. That's what makes the Internet great, right? Thanks for playing that devil's advocate role. Mostly, I don't think you are alone in your concerns. By most accounts recruiting went well under Callahan. And, I think many, many fans don't want to see that …more »

  • RE: Defensive Tackle Commits to Huskers
    Brad, Re: Wald, Here is a link to a story. Key quote -- The Vestavia Hills senior said multiple schools, including Alabama and Auburn, showed interest just before signing day, but unlike NU, they didn’t have room. "A bunch of schools wanted me late," Wald said. "To tell you the truth, …more »

  • RE: Defensive Tackle Commits to Huskers
    Brad, We agree a lot more than you might think. One of the biggest qualifiers I use for players is the *other* schools involved. When Solich was losing out to UConn and Toledo for players, I think we all knew the wheels had come off. Auburn and Alabama came in with …more »

  • RE: Defensive Tackle Commits to Huskers
    Stars are based on the evaluations of those recruiting sites - which are the only evaluations fans really know or see. Offers from schools are based on the evaluations of coaches. Believe me, they all see the game on a much different level than you and I. It would be foolish …more »

  • RE: Defensive Tackle Commits to Huskers
    Interesting take, Brad. About the early pledges - It's too early for the recruiting services fans use (rivals, scout) to be really in the know on these kids. They only have evaluations of a small percentage of 2009 at this point. There is a lack of evaluation/public knowledge about both players …more »

  • RE: Disappointing Draft for Husker Fans
    Carlin, embracing his inner Mel Kiper. Nice. I feel you, really. Keller didn't live up to what many NU fans expected. And the NFL is a fickle, fickle world where every little thing is picked apart. But...remember when Keller was at ASU and torched LSU's defense? And, consider the number and …more »

  • RE: Spring Thinking
    I can't or won't argue *talent* on Murray and Lucky. But, there is no denying Lucky's *production* in 2007. And, that's where it counts most. Isn't it? Yes, Niles Paul played. He certainly looked the part...big, strong, explosive. But, he didn't get too many balls thrown his way.

  • RE: Spring Thinking
    Thanks Quiller. Yes, I meant Mendoza. I felt bad for the kid when that one went off his helmet. Sporatic Internet outages caused me to have to write too fast. But, that's no excuse. I regret the error.

  • RE: The "Cover 2" at NU
    Thanks Matt. My bad on that. I should have known that. Thanks for the correction.

  • RE: On Expectations
    In response to Steve - and other un-written questions - no, I'm not defining the season as a failure if NU fails to capture the North. And,I am not *predicting* a North title either. There are too many good teams for that. And, most of this post was about outlining the …more »

  • RE: Armando Murillo Should Bring His 'A' Game
    Great points, Steve. Murillo isn't a player we have heard much - or anything - about during Spring ball. Is the lack of a storyline a sign of consistent play or a cause for concern? Having a true #1 corner means a TON for this defense, especially with Blue on the …more »

  • RE: On Expectations
    Brett, Good points, all. It is fair to contend that Pelini was not the *only* factor in making those defensive results. Here are my two assumptions that may or may not be flawed. 1) I think the NU D is better stocked with talent for 2008 than most folks believe. He's …more »

  • RE: On Expectations
    Kyle - I feel you, man. We enjoy many other Husker sports, baseball included. And we are excited about the diamond Huskers right now, too. Everyone, go check them out on April 19th, please! But, we don't feel we have the time or knowledge base to cover them all. So, we …more »

  • RE: Early Recruiting Gets Interesting
    Great thoughts about the SEC/ACC country. Just read "Meat Market" (about recruiting) this year, and there were some amazing stats about how many players from the Southeast enter the NFL. Stunning. Pelini and other having some experience with the south should help as much as good scheduling. He made some good …more »

  • RE: Open to Receive
    Holy factual error, batman. Thanks KoolAid man for pointing out my "hybrid" name there. Yes, I meant Ted Gilmore. Maybe I was just imagining an unstoppable combination of the two of them. Or maybe I should quit posting these things at night.

  • RE: Open to Receive
    Great point, Carlinthemarlin. (Duh, Darren). Oh the silly NCAA and their "rules" regarding transfers. ;-)

  • RE: Open to Receive
    Nunn dates Jordan Monroe who is a Playboy Playmate. I thought about including a link. But I know most folks use this site at work. Google away if you want. :-)

  • RE: Self Assurance
    This is an important idea right now, Steve. This spring is about mentality as much as anything. I love hearing reports of high-intensity and high-effort practices. It's also important to remember the age group we're dealing with here. 18-22 year olds often are not "fully formed" people from a personality or …more »

  • RE: Welcome Back Doug Colman
    Follow up: The Journal Star is reporting that Colman was on the field for the first NU practice. http://www.journalstar.com/articles/2008/03/27/huskerextra/football/doc47eb066b21798248068118.txt His role remains undisclosed at this point.

  • RE: Opening Spring Press Conference
    I think Keller's injury may have been a blessing in disguise for NU. It gave Ganz a chance at meaningful reps, and equips NU with a more seasoned starter. Remember the big leap in production Taylor made from year 1 to year 2. Experience with the offense matters a lot. That …more »

  • RE: Aggie Fans are Bizarre
    OU7 - yep, weather is a significant factor in the timing of spring games. The southern schools tend to start sooner I've been to many in NE where it was pretty cold. I'm glad it's mid-April now. RE: Runza - Growing up, it seemed everybody's mother made runzas. There is so …more »

  • RE: Getting Faster?
    As if on CUE, one of the candidates for position switch - Asante - goes on record about the current training methods. Key word...explosive. "We do more flexibility, a lot more stretching, lot more explosive lifts, lot more explosive runs, just everything we do we're competing against each other," Asante said. …more »

  • RE: Getting Faster?
    This is an important post in a seemingly un-important time of year. Nicely done, Steve. Football is all about "explosive" plays...collisions, bursts of speed...quick movements in confined spaces or over short distances. I think the biggest trend we'll see is Pelini and company trying to get the most explosive players on …more »

  • RE: "Bad News Season" Gets Worse
    Hey JM - Doak returned to NU. That's not enough for you? Seriously, it would be nice to have some positives right now. I wouldn't hold your breath. And, BRN is going to dial up a few more Husker Killer stories, just for kicks. Ouch. ;-)

  • RE: "Bad News Season" Gets Worse
    Update - I suppose it is worth noting than Andy's antics landed NU a spot on the Fulmer Cup scoreboard over at EDSBS. Take a gander for yourselves: http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/2008/03/10/fulmer-cupdate-the-big-board-goes-red/

  • RE: Husker Killers: Darren Sproles
    Oh, and so readers know - there will be "Killers" that span generations of Husker fans. You'll hear about horrible NU enemies from 4 decades (70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s). We want everyone to share in the misery, I suppose. And, in this case, Sproles is a confirmed Killer in the …more »

  • RE: Husker Killers: Darren Sproles
    Mike, I respectfully disagree. Your primary argument here is that we should discount Sproles b/c of the quality of the NU teams he faced. Wrong, imo. As Bane was to the Batman, KSU broke NU's back at the turn of the century. Those losses to KSU, especially the one in Lincoln, …more »

  • RE: Corn Combine: Huskers Workout for the NFL
    Carlinthefish, Thanks for the comment. Like I said in the post, I'm no draft guru. Though, I think you might be underestimating how fickle the NFL is or overestimating how talented Bowman is, or both. The NFL doesn't take chances on broken parts. Poor character? Sure. Bad knees? Never. So, Bowman …more »

  • RE: On Talent
    Good question, DS. The 'de-commit' is indeed one of the most maddening things in this whole process. Yes, I would chalk that up to an intagible - honesty or ethics. More than anything, we want to recruit kids who WANT to be at NU. Though, much (almost all) of the recruiting …more »

  • RE: Walk-on Resurgence Passes Smell Test
    I agree with you, Steve. Not only is there obviously a quantitative improvement (23>12), but I venture to guess there is quality there, too. Jim Ebke, who I posted about earlier, was a great HS player in this state. And the Donahue kid from Fremont (walking on and giving up a …more »

  • RE: Running Back Lester Ward Commits
    This is a good get. Why? RB is a need area. Before you roll your eyes and mention Marlon Lucky and the big committee we have now, remember that we lose 3 backs to graduation next year. NU needed to get at least 2 in this class. Granted, I don't think …more »

  • RE: Huskers Add Three Wideout Commits
    It is good to see NU adding quality players, especially this late in the recruiting cycle. What's astounding to me is that many of these late additions are the work of Tim Beck, who has been on the staff all of 5 minutes. If he has these kinds of relationships with …more »

  • RE: Big 12 State of the Union: Kansas State
    Steve - great post. Your ability to objectively review the state of a conference foe is admirable. You lay out facts and ask valid questions. You are certainly better at it that I could be, especially regarding KSU. And, "K-stater" - there you go affirming so many of my notions about …more »

  • RE: Will Compton Re-Commits to NU
    WOW (JR), good question. I think average people (consumers) gravitate toward the star ratings provided by services because they provide an easy "handle" for knowing or describing a player. More sophisticated evaluators (coaches...) don't have any need for such things. They *know* what they are looking at. By no means do …more »

  • RE: The Courtship of Shawn Watson
    UPDATE - The Lincoln Journal Star's blog (Life in the Red) is citing a source that indicates that Watson will stay at NU. GOOD NEWS!

  • RE: One Man's Trash...
    I suppose it merit's mentioning that Steve Pederson (boo...hiss...) went back to his old stomping grounds - Pitt. They welcomed him back with open arms. Trash-to-treasure, for sure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that. And - total objectivity - NU fans (myself included) are *gladly* welcoming …more »

  • RE: Big 12 State of the Union: Nebraska
    Somehow, someway, NU has remained relevant enough for a Mizzou fan to visit a Husker site and comment on the state of the program. Let me count the times I've taken a moment to go to a Mizzou site and offer thoughts on their team....uh, zero. There are still just two …more »

  • RE: “Do It Nowâ€?
    My response to Williams re-committing is simply that it confirms that the process is all about relationships. Why? Because Ted Gilmore was the lead recruiter. The ties were never severed, so we were able to keep him or get him back. For the same reason, I'm not going to hold my …more »

  • RE: Offensive Tackle Commits as Another Decommits
    The only sting I still feel over Hoch's departure is that he leaves to play for a team that NU has to play every year. If he had left to go outside the division, or better yet outside the conference, it wouldn't bother me very much. But Missouri...that's a problem. That …more »

  • RE: Huskers to Add “Hugeâ€? Tim Beck as Running Backs Coach
    Nice post Steve. I like seeing Beck added mostly because he really knows our conference and division rivals. There should be minimal learning curve for him in coaching in this league.

  • RE: Ebke Emblematic of Walk On Program
    It looks like Ebke isn't the only former NE All-State player willing to give NU another shot. Huskers Illustrated is reporting that Matt Donahue is transfering to NU from Ohio. Donahue is a 6'2'' WR, who runs a legit 10.7 100 meters. He considered walking on to NU a year ago …more »

  • RE: Spano to Visit
    bnahusker (Bob), The bet that JR is refering to is about NU's record next year. In a different thread, a poster named Doombob made a comment that NU will win 9 games next year. WOW/JR didn't think that was realistic. And, he's willing to put his money (and Misty's meat) where …more »

  • RE: Spano to Visit
    For what it is worth, Scouts Inc. gives Spano a higher grade than Renfree. But, who knows if any of those service reports translate in to on-field production? My point is that I would be happy with either of them filling our QB void in this class. Both? Well...let's not get …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Adds Defense Tackle Commit
    This is good to see. I believe stongly in emphasizing the recruitment of linemen on both sides of the ball. Win the LOS! In a previous post, I talked about the coaches putting energy of their own in to this recruiting class...and coming back with a different group of kids - …more »

  • RE: Top Ten Most Memorable Husker Bowl Games
    The choices for #2 and #1 are spot on. I've always felt there was a sort of bigger connection between those games. Winning that title on that field against that opponent sort of vanquished the hurt from a decade prior. Hard to see the vaunted '95 teams victory listed at #5. …more »

  • RE: Osborne's Timing On Target
    Thanks, JR. It just wouldn't be the same without your reminding me of my past failure. What a guy you are... :-) But, the principle remains true.

  • RE: Osborne's Timing On Target
    donfl and Dwayne - you might *really* disagree with what "Cornhead" has to say. But, please refrain from calling names. The BRN comments area stay pretty darn clean, relative to the rest of the 'net. Let's all do our part to keep it that way. Try to confront ideas without attacking …more »

  • RE: Tyson Hetzer Signs
    Glad to have one officially "in" for the year. Welcome to NU, Tyson. One of the knocks against Hetzer is that he hasn't played a lot of football, and doesn't look especially fluid while playing. Maybe a bit to big and stiff to be a TE. That's not my opinion, just …more »

  • RE: Osborne's Timing On Target
    Cornhead - Did you really just say that? Stunning. NU's ability or inability to win 9 games next year has nearly nothing to do with this (2007/2008) recruiting class. It has everything with the kids who have already been issued pads, and how well our coaches can get them to perform. …more »

  • RE: Osborne's Timing On Target
    Great take, Steve. Nearly every professional endeavor - from comedy to football - comes down to timing. Keeping aware of it is key. My take on Osborne's choice to stay until 2010...? Well, I'm happy as heck for NU. And, I'm glad for Tom and Nancy that it will be a …more »

  • RE: Staff Matters: A Review of Pelini's Crew
    Sorry I wasn't clear, Tyler. Basically, there was speculation about Jordan being retained. That speculation has ended, and now people are talking about Mike Grant. No, Jordan won't be coming back. Sorry about the confusion. Personally, I have little idea about what they might do at RB Coach? Scott Frost? Eric …more »

  • RE: NU's 2008 Schedule Looks Favorable
    There was a time in college football when you could "pencil in" which games were likely wins and losses. I think this past season - both nationaly and for NU - put an end to that habit. NU could win 10 or 11 games. Or...they could win 5. And that's the …more »

  • RE: Big Red Roundtable - All About Bo Edition
    Andrew, Yes, Busch track record as a recruiter is great (i.e. Alex Smith at Utah). But, I think Pelini has his eye on the special team coordinator from LSU. That means Busch is out of luck. And, based on results, our special teams haven't exactly been great under Busch, except for …more »

  • RE: Recruiting Update
    True that, Jason. And, it is one thing to find a few more guys from central or western NE. Being from Hastings, I have big respect for that. The *best* players from those towns should have their default setting switch to NU...not ISU, KSU, or KU. And, I'm almost happier to …more »

  • RE: Recruiting Update
    Great summary, Steve. It's a hard thing to get your head around an entire class in flux. Thanks for doing the leg work. My take - we much keep the linebackers and "big people". Why? 1 - NU's most thin defensive area will be linebacker next year. We need an influx …more »

  • RE: The Legend of Bo Pelini
    Katie - Let's not get carried away. Only Notre Dame gets that kind of consideration. ;-) Besides, under Pelini, NU won't measure excellence with championships. It will be measured by global domination. Yeah...he's lookin at you, China. Scott - "Excellence in All Areas" has been trademark protected by Bill Callahan's agent. …more »

  • RE: Why Bo
    Great "take" on the hire, Steve. Sorry if my Bogasm post tipped your hand in your preference for Pelini. Trust me, I feel the same way. This morning's OWH is suggesting (but not too strongly...) that Watson and receivers coach Ted Gillmore may be retained on offense. Does this leave Turner …more »

  • RE: Nancy Osborne Named Interim Head Football Widow
    GREAT Satire, Jason. Very pithy. Bill in Iowa - Hmm...maybe because Gill is coming to NU...but not as the HC. ;-)

  • RE: Colorado Game Thoughts...Seriously
    Doombob - There has yet to be an offense created that can't be stopped by GOOD TACKLING. And, tackling (and yes, speed) are at a premium when having to make plays in space. Job one - tackle better. Scott - Yep. One more reason to hate the Buffs. Husker in UGA …more »

  • RE: Defining Success for Nebraska’s Next Head Coach
    My expecations for Nebraska, now and forever - WIN THE NORTH. Everything in the new college world of 12-team conferences, title games and the BCS hinges on winning the division. Sure, I'd take bowl eligibility for starters. But, seriously, win the division so many times I'm tired of talking about it. …more »

  • RE: NU Fans Nearly Achieve Bogasm
    Check out JR (Wow) - putting money, or steak, on it. And...calling out the dates. That's impressive and ballsy. I think we all should hold off on prognostication until ... August. Or at least until we have a coach and staff. :-)

  • RE: NU Fans Nearly Achieve Bogasm
    James - Thanks. Like I said in the post, it isn't a term I invented. But, it is one I am more than happy to circulate. :-) Back to business for a sec - reports indicate that Grobe has been interviewed. Is he likely the guy? Probably not. But, that makes …more »

  • RE: Who Wants to Go Bowling?
    Doombob - great thought. Smart move by the Big 12. BC, Morris and Fran being on that call would be...awkward. Andrew - fantastic find. Thanks for sharing it. Hmmm...18th. This gives folks a clear dollars and cents understanding of why Osborne won't (can't) break the bank with this hire. Financially, we …more »

  • RE: Who Wants to Go Bowling?
    cvldfg, Good question. If NU qualifies for a bowl, and if BC is fired, I don't think BC will stick around to coach it. I think he'll be really out the door. My instincts and the chatter I'm hearing point to Shawn Watson and a few others staying onboard to guide …more »

  • RE: Who Wants to Go Bowling?
    Editorial Note: I suppose it merits mentioning that the opponent - Colorado - probably wants to go to a bowl, right? Any bowl would be a significant postiive step for them following last year. So...NU had better go full tilt right from the start, because I'm pretty sure the Buffs will …more »

  • RE: Buffalo for Thanksgiving?
    Yep, Doombob, that is as crusty as I get these days. I can't imagine what another 20 or 30 years will do to my attitude...improve it, I hope. ;-) And, you just hit the nail on the head with CU fans. Like I said. They tend to be "THAT GUY". And, …more »

  • RE: Once Again, Fans Might Be Cheated By the Ending
    Count - We didn't call them idiots. That link is to a thread on their board where a user refers to us (BRN) as a "small band of idiots". We liked it that moniker. So, we posted it. Sorry for any confustion. We try to avoid calling names. That has nothing …more »

  • RE: Once Again, Fans Might Be Cheated By the Ending
    Count 1 - Please stop dictating to people about what makes them a fan. It's not funny, or even a little bit true. It's more sad than anything. 2 - You are bit naive if you think NU fans would be satisfied or quiet at 7-3. Not with the expectations on …more »

  • RE: Once Again, Fans Might Be Cheated By the Ending
    The count - You sure are good at telling people who they are and are not fans of. What a great service you provide. How could people possibly know what they stand for if you weren't around to dictate it to them? Although, seriously, while Brad's use of "stupid and whiny" …more »

  • RE: Once Again, Fans Might Be Cheated By the Ending
    The Count. I don't understand you...at all. We're "in league" with BRB? We want to Nebraska fail? What? Did I black out for a second? Seriously, I reject the notion that there has to be a division among fans. Why must it still be "Callahan/Solich", "Husker Way/Modernizing", "Pedia/BRB"? Why are things …more »

  • RE: Coaching Search Domino Effect
    There you go again, JR, building mountains from a statment or two. :-) Yes - partially divided. I know there is a lot of venom being tossed around online. But, I don't think it is a 50/50 split, or some giang chasm between fans. I think there is a vocal but …more »

  • RE: He?! Of a Series
    No worries, Saunders45. Sorry if I came off as "harsh".

  • RE: Coaching Search Domino Effect
    Good point, Husker Mike. I have spoken with a pretty reliable source in the last hour about Pelini's opinion of Lincoln, and Baton Rouge. They - especially Mrs. Pelini - loved Lincoln. And, they aren't exactly thrilled with life in Louisiana. That could certainly be a factor as things progress. Ole …more »

  • RE: He?! Of a Series
    WOW (JR) - Seriously? If this is your big "catch" on me...then fine. I called names, too. You win. Feel better now?

  • RE: After 73 Points, Plenty Can Be Said!
    Forever Red - I understand. You don't think Callahan fits at NU. You believe his values are flawed. And those flawed values show up everyday in the way he talks and acts. It is not something I want to debate you on. That's your opinion and I don't want to change …more »

  • RE: He?! Of a Series
    To WOW (JR) - yes, I said "fatgino" in a post. That was for affect. Re-read the post if you want. The point was to capture my (or, most fans)pretty typical reactions to the KU scores. THAT has almost nothing to do with what I was saying to Saunders45. OU7 times …more »

  • RE: He?! Of a Series
    Saunder45 - welcome to BRN. Thanks for coming by. Couple of things to know if you want to keep posting here. 1 - Please don't call names. there are commenting guidelines below, if you care to take a look. 2 - That's just how OU7 rolls. I know the original post …more »

  • RE: After 73 Points, Plenty Can Be Said!
    OU - you hit it on the proverbial head. My principles are against running the score up. And, faced with people dressed in purple, my principles tend to wane some. That doesn't make what BC right. 4th and 20...come on, coach. I think BC was running it up...but not JUST on …more »

  • RE: He?! Of a Series
    Great post, Steve. It is fun to stroll down memory lane. By the way, I suspect it won't be long before there are Buff fans over here running their yaps. So, let's enjoy this unspoiled moment as long as we can.

  • RE: After 73 Points, Plenty Can Be Said!
    Dwayne - I too heard parts of Sharp's call, and liked what I heard. It was a clear description of the game. I could kind of "see" what was happening. Novel idea... I don't have access to it online right now. But, we can look. The Internet is full of magic. …more »

  • RE: After 73 Points, Plenty Can Be Said!
    Doombob - I feel you. I agree. Albeit for a differing reason. As I said in the post, the wild inconsistency is a huge indictment of the coaches. I'm not a robot either. I'm a thinking and feeling person. And 5-6 isn't right. I just know that the only record we …more »

  • RE: After 73 Points, Plenty Can Be Said!
    Andrew - basically, Callahan has become persona non grata in NE. Basically, he's dead to much of the fan population. It's over. No amount of winning would satisfy or rectify things. At this point it is about the off the field or relational stuff and not the games. And...that is partially …more »

  • RE: After 73 Points, Plenty Can Be Said!
    "Forever Red" - I'm afraid your post tells me more about you than it does about the game or program. It is too bad that you are so angry. And, I'm not on the BC bandwagon any more than the next guy. 2007 has been absolutely brutal. But yeah, Callahan gets …more »

  • RE: Rojo Gets Off the Ride
    The Count - No we are not affiliated with Big Red Board. Though, I don't think they are delutional, by any stretch. There are many good opinions on that board. No, we're not Train Wreck or Wild Hoss. We're Steve, Darren, Jason, and Renny. We put our names on stuff for …more »

  • RE: The KSU Turnaround
    Mike, The power towel is the *funniest* thing about this game, not the most interesting. Personally, I'm still holding out hope that NU can cram it down KSU's collective pie hole on Senior Day. KSU is the team I like least in the Big 12, by a wide margin. I have …more »

  • RE: Rojo Gets Off the Ride
    And there it is... The "divide" in Husker Nation lives and breathes here at BRN. This is *exactly* why Rojo hung up his keyboard, folks. Seriously - Support the team. Or, don't. It's not complicated. Bitching doesn't make anything better. For my part, I root for the name on the front …more »

  • RE: Rojo Gets Off the Ride
    Bill Hick's meta-physical political philosophy aside, I appreciate you posting this Steve. "Rojo" was a major influence on that board and on the opinions of many in Husker Nation, always sharing well-researched and positive thoughts. For somebody with that positive mind set - and a 10,000 post history - to "get …more »

  • RE: The Revolving Door Starts Swinging
    Good point about other sports, Tony. I think making Kugler the voice of many Husker sports - and not just football - might be the way to get him to move away from Westwood One. And, I think Kugler is in his 30s. So, yes, a 25 or 30 year run …more »

  • RE: The Revolving Door Starts Swinging
    Thanks for the correction, Jeff. My bad on the name. Sorry, readers.

  • RE: Sympathy for Sam
    Wow, scary thought, Dwayne. Should Ganz get hurt, my first instinct would be to preserve Lee first, and Witt second, just because Lee has fewer years of eligibilty left. So, I'd put in Witt before Lee for that reason. In an effort to preserve them both...I might even consider putting in …more »

  • RE: Sympathy for Sam
    I don't think my discussion was either maudlin or morbid. I just think this kid had much of his ability squandered at the college level (both ASU and NU), and that sucks. And I hope he gets a legit shot at Sunday football.

  • RE: How Big is Too Big?
    Following substantial weight loss by some of college footballs other "big" head coaches last year, I think Steve's post has merit. His weight is a health factor, any person with a conscious would want to see him address. And yes, perception matters in the image-minded world of college recruiting. It is …more »

  • RE: Huskers Tease with Potential
    Great post, Steve. Starting with the headline...Potential. That is what has defined this NU squad from the start. When they show their talent, it can be a thing of beauty. There is seldom a more damning word than potential. With talent, with ability, comes... expecation, even obligation. The greatest teams and …more »

  • RE: Psst...Have You Heard the Latest?
    To quote Jeremy Piven's character from the movie PCU... "Don't be that guy".

  • RE: Game Day Pocket Guide for Texas
    Seriously, somebody needs to tackle that hippie...hard.

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Nebraska vs Texas
    Weather is more consistent and predictable than the world of college recruiting these days. And yet, we remain committed to covering both at BRN. GREAT job on these, Renny. Those seeking to handicap or predict the outcome of a game (for entertainment purposes, of course) always factor in the weather. So, …more »

  • RE: We're big in Baton Rouge
    No worries "cvldfg". I wasn't offended in the slightest. And, in re-reading my post, I didn't do a good job of stating the simple fact that Pelini would be a good coach. Because, I believe he could. I just get tired of the e-mails about it being a lock. And, I …more »

  • RE: Profiling Hall of Fame Coaches
    Good take, Steve. Sort of sets the table for future discussion. Let me get started with rampant speculation in all four categories. Program Climbers - Joe Glenn (Wyoming), Gary Patterson (TCU), and Brian Kelly (Cincy). Young Assitants - Pelini, Pelini and Pelini. Oh, I suppose there are others too... Tyrone Nix …more »

  • RE: Profiling Hall of Fame Coaches
    Mike - I'm pretty sure Steve meant that both Meyer and Tressel won NTs at their *new* schools, Florida and Ohio State. Andrew - what makes you think BC has a 65% chance of staying? Just curious because that is the highest percentage I have heard anyone give. And, about control, …more »

  • RE: We're big in Baton Rouge
    Thanks for dropping that audio in there for folks, Jason. The opening was just them set up the conversation and introducing me. And, in the middle, I just rehashed the notion that the "universe of coaches" is bigger than some may know. The noteworthy quote was "nobody outside of Ohio had …more »

  • RE: Psst...Have You Heard the Latest?
    To be clear, I *heart* Bo Pelini as much as the next fan. Heck, I even know his real name is Mark. I know how bad the 2002 defense was. And, I saw the turnaround Pelini made with the 2003 defense. (Though, let's not romanticize it.) Would I welcome him back …more »

  • RE: Huskers Have History of Bouncing Back Against A&M
    I agree fellas, Pederson's worst sin is that he isolated the program. His not fostering or creating a relationship between Osborne and Callahan is just horrible. I hope the two of them can collaborate. And, the fact that Osborne had to send a written invitation to former players to make them …more »

  • RE: Uncle Rico Named Nebraska Head Football Coach
    All - thanks for the great Napoleon chatter. Cracks me up every time. cvldfg - Thanks for the props. Glad to have you on board BRN. About Pelini, I don't think you are alone in that feeling, to say the least. And, it is hard to argue with his results. And …more »

  • RE: Osborne Has New Mission
    Great take, Steve. Scott - you are right to point out that things could very much get worse before they get better. Starting over just sucks. Austin - I think Tom and Bill could be wonderful collaborators if given the chance. That's Pederson's worst legacy, keeping them apart. Osborne coming in …more »

  • RE: Reaction to Pederson's Firing
    Andrew - we agree. Sometimes it is good to examine yourself and scrutinize what is going on. And, commentary like AJ's forces that. I'm just not a huge fan of anybody whose whole purpose or goal is to be "anti" on someone or something. It has limited use.

  • RE: Reaction to Pederson's Firing
    Andrew - you are right. Some of what AJ is saying has merit. Some...not all. Though, I never thought I would agree with that guy. Thanks for sharing the link. Bill in Iowa - please don't take that statement about tradition too far or out of context. I should have been …more »

  • RE: Game Day Pocket Guide for Oklahoma State
    I'm with Scott on this...time to put up or shut up. Frankly, the season hinges on these next two home games. When I say "the season" I mean bowl eligibility. Forget the road games, folks. KU and UT are tough outs. And CU is always a dandy, regardless of either teams …more »

  • RE: Wisdom From NU's De-facto Captain
    Mike - It doesn't mean anything now? Those six games don't mean anything? Help me understand that, please. And, I don't recall hearing Keller make any excuses after the USC game. The words I recall were along the lines of... "I made mistakes. Those are on my shoulders." You don't remember …more »

  • RE: Wisdom From NU's De-facto Captain
    {{Applause}} Thank you, Doombob. Spot on. I KNEW that as the dust settled on Monday, the idiocy would decline some, and realists would emerge.

  • RE: Wisdom From NU's De-facto Captain
    Josh and Scott - I agree with you both, 100%.

  • RE: The Season Is Not Over
    Why I agree with Steve's take, despite the fact that some may say he is deluded: My expecations for the 2007 season, before one snap was even played - Win the Big 12 North Division. That's it. Everything else (Big 12 title, BCS birth) is basically a whacky one-game playoff situation. …more »

  • RE: Recipe for Saturday Success
    Wow, I love this feedback thread. Doombob calls for the use of lasers, NewMexico defining the "Pinkle Effect". NICE! I'll add this - my wife has started using Missouri as a VERB. Example.. "The tigers will find a way to Missouri themselves in to a loss." It is sort of like …more »

  • RE: Missouri Opens a Touchdown Favorite over Nebraska
    At what point in Pinkle's tenure at MU have the Tigers performed well when the expectations were high? Uh...yeah. I'm going to go with never. So, for them to be favored and have to carry the expectations sets up great for NU. The same is sort of true for NU under …more »

  • RE: View from the Sideline: Iowa State
    GREAT WORK, KIRT. These are fantastic shots of the game. From Ruud's return for TD to the hot dog gun, you captured the day in photos.

  • RE: Grixby Has Senior Moment
    VERY well put, Steve. One of the great football truisms - you are as good as your senior class. Even in an age where more and more frosh are playing, it's still true. NU underachieved when it's seniors did. And, those same players stepped up big on Saturday. Dropping the names …more »

  • RE: View from the Sideline: Ball St vs Nebraska
    Fantastic photos. Big props to Kirt on the sidelines. These capture what folks want to see: key plays (Ruud's INT), embattled coaches, cheerleaders, Jason's uncle in a cape... What more could people want? :-)

  • RE: Kyler Reed Not Splashy, Just Solid
    I agree, Steve. Reed is a good get for two reasons. 1 - his ability to play in multiple spots. And, both of those spots - TE and LB - are needs for NU. 2 - Geography. He's from the heart of BC and SP's "State of NU football." We need …more »

  • RE: Considering the Call for Coaching Change
    Agreed, Tyler. I stopped short of saying this in the post, but I think a week without black practice jerseys might get some attention. Then, players would have to *earn* blackshirt status back with their individual play on the field.

  • RE: Pipe Down Back There
    Drew - I can say for sure that Steve is not Red Reign on the HP boards. However, Red Reign is a confirmed "friend of BRN", who reads our stuff often and distributes much of Steve's work on boards with links. Great compliment for BRN for you to associate Reign with …more »

  • RE: Pipe Down Back There
    "Drink your sippy cup." WOW - I can't stop laughing, since my 18-month old THREW her sippy at me this morning as we were driving. Nice. That's my girl... Seriously, Steve, thanks for helping folks to "turn the page" after a tough weekend. We're not there yet, by any stretch. But, …more »

  • RE: Blowout Loss In the Light of Morning
    Nick - nice dose of reality. Yes, USC is a superior opponent. Those holes just didn't "happen". But, there is no denying the arm tackles we saw Saturday. Hit them with your pads, then wrap up. Many people are calling on Coz in this situation. I'm unsure of whether that has …more »

  • RE: HUSKER UP: Wake Forest edition
    Good call, Dr. Al, pointing out the importance of pass protection. Nicks and company gave Keller tons of time last week. I hope that is an example of what they will be like all year. NU can't have a repeat of last year's sack total and hope to contend for anything. …more »

  • RE: Weather Forecast for Nebraska vs Wake Forest
    Renny, This is fan-freaking-tastic. Mascot smack talk, a tailgating forcast and a special guest...you have moved beyond "weather man" and are looking more and more like "Anchor man" material to me!

  • RE: HUSKER UP: Wake Forest edition
    So did I...OU7times...so did I. :-/ Maybe we can work something out for this December, I hope. We would hate to deny you that opportunity for too long.

  • RE: Sizing Up Wake Forest
    Ryan, I can field your request. In short - it was obvious we missed Purify. That was the #1 area where I feel NU needs to improve in week 2. While deep, NU's remaining corps hardly strikes fear in to opposing defensive backs. T Nunn - I love the guy for …more »

  • RE: Metaphors That Define NU's Season
    Bill in Iowa I feel you. Like you, I don't want to rehash what happened or what *should* have happened with Solich. But since you asked...here is my metaphor for Solich. He was "Uncle Frank". He's a part of the family, knows the values and such. But, him filling in for …more »

  • RE: Sizing Up Nevada
    Rory, Thanks for visiting and chiming in. The words "hope" and "wish" are never too fun to pin your chances to. But, seriously, NU does only have one experienced RB in their depth chart for this game. I'm with you about worrying about Keller's potential rust. But, it is not like …more »

  • RE: Sizing Up Nevada
    Big picture thinking for a sec... Everyone remember when Bill Callahan said he wanted his team to "look more like a Big 12 football team", well this is what he meant. Bigger, stronger, faster. Lydon Murtha isn't the only lineman who is 6'5'' or taller now. And - on paper - …more »

  • RE: Initial Depth Chart Packed with Surprises
    Steve - I agree with your thoughts on the depth chart. We'll just have to see where things shake out once injuries and suspensions run their course. Of course, the football stuff is completely trumped by a great line from one of the most underrated "quote movies" of all time. "HEY...LET'S …more »

  • RE: Sam Keller Adds Credibility
    Keller is the starter - big shock there. But, seriously, it is a real luxury for NU to konw who its #1 and #2 QBs are right now. Many teams don't know the first part of that equation, let alone the second. True freshman Patrick Witt is #3...interesting. We'll see how …more »

  • RE: The Injury Effect
    Wow... just another Monday of working the day job and fretting about the Huskers until Josh shows up and drops the crazy RJ reference. Josh - thanks for keeping it lively, and somehow football topical!

  • RE: Hype or Reason to Hope?
    Mel4Red - The GI Independent had a little on Kunalic last Fiday. Link - http://www.theindependent.com/stories/08102007/spo_huskersfbnotes.shtml Scroll about half-way down the page to the note that starts with "as advertised"

  • RE: Hype or Reason to Hope?
    Hearing this from a relative newcomer to the team just feeds (or confirms?) my suspicion that NU is back to where most fans want or need it to be, in terms of *talent*. NOW, the big thing is converting that talent in to wins and championships. And that is why they …more »

  • RE: Fall Camp For Fans: Speed Drills
    Thanks for the heads up, Navy Sker. That story has been added to "the wire" on the BRN front page.

  • RE: Culbert Will be Major Contributor to the Running Game
    Oh, and don't forget, Major is a *talent* too. This is a fella who went for more than 1200 yards in one of LA's toughest HS leagues. That's not chopped liver. And, when inserted in to a game in a key situation against Missouri as a freshman last year, all he …more »

  • RE: Culbert Will be Major Contributor to the Running Game
    Grant, I love the buzz on Castille as much as anybody. But, with this offense, he'll be fortunate to be a situational player or have certain "packages" installed for him. If we get from him what we get from Cody Glenn during his freshman year - spot contributions, more as the …more »

  • RE: Remember the Alamo (Bowl)
    Oh my gosh, Mike. You are exactly right. Heck, I remember making fun of Bradley and Ruud's ridiculous "give injured NU linebackers some love, ESPN" sign they held up during the broadcast. I don't have an explanation for the error in writing this up other than the beer consumed during the …more »

  • RE: Remember the Alamo (Bowl)
    Fair enough, Tuomas. Thanks for pointing out that fact. Seppo plays pro ball. So noted. Still, I think the general point about the offensive line is true. There are 3 starters on the '07 line that are good candidates to be drafted in the NFL. Compare that to one starter from …more »

  • RE: Barry Blows Up
    Steve - I forgot to answer your question (even if it was rhetorical). Yes, I remember Demoine Adams...I remember him literally getting blocked off of the field against OSU in 2002, as Tatem Bell had a career day against NU. Thanks for reminding me of that image. Here is hoping those …more »

  • RE: Barry Blows Up
    Not to overstate things too much, but I think Barry is one of the big keys to NU's entire defensive scheme. Not only does he need to be able to be an every down player in the current scheme, but the use of the 3-4 (which, it appears is no longer …more »

  • RE: QB Competition Positive, Even If Not Real
    Great thoughts, Steve. I agree Keller is the defacto starter, but competition is better for everyone involved. Ganz also provides an amazing "escape hatch" or "emergency exit". That is, if Keller tries to gun sling in this offense and throws ugly INTs against Nevada or Wake, BC could reach for the …more »

  • RE: Fall Camp For Fans: Required Reading
    Thanks, Jeffie, for additional material. More grist for the mill. *Input...Johnny 5...Input*

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…Missouri
    This will be a tough one, I think, especially on the road. Though, Steve's points about the MU defense are well put. They just bring back so much on offense...I can't imagine them being like ISU last year, despite the parallels Steve points out. Here's the upside for NU - our …more »

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…Iowa State
    These ISU fans sure do have their pants in a twist over this, Steve. Did you say something *that* inflamatory? Personally, I love the push-off artist line. Because - memo to clone fans - the guy got called for pushing off against NU last year. Remember? And, hey, that game wasn't …more »

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…USC
    Classy, "Corn Cobb", very classy. Come on down to Lincoln and let us buy you a beer sometime. Maybe it will get some of that SoCal smugness out of you.

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…Wake Forest
    Grant - you crack me up. It reminds me of the headline and t-shirt from The Onion ... "The sports team from my local area is far superior to the sports team from your local area." :-) Paul - yeah, we heard ya the first time. Maybe you are hearing us …more »

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…Wake Forest
    You are right, James. Well-reasoned arguments and statements mean *nothing* when the grammar is wrong. [Sirens going off] Well, there are grammar and spelling police now, just in time to save the day. Big Red Network (and SMQ) are BLOG sites. Not the New York Times. Please understand the distinction. You …more »

  • RE: Add the 2007 Husker Football Schedule to your Calendar
    Jason - you are a super geek. And, I mean that in the best way possible. This is just another reason why BRN is *the* place for Husker fans. When was the last time the Journal Star or Huskerpedia.biz gave you cool tech advice? I'm gonna go with never.

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…USC
    Again you are right on, Steve. NU fans, quit dreaming of the Huskers somehow thrashing USC. In my opinion, for NU to win, they will need *wackiness* to ensue (special teams, turnovers, etc). I thought '06 USC resembled '96 NU. And, scary as it sounds '07 USC resembles '97 NU - …more »

  • RE: 2007 Opponent Preview…Nevada
    Spot on assessment, Steve. Nevada is a quality team these days. And at BRN, we don't dole out "worthy opponent" status to just anyone. You hear that Sun Belt conference?! Navy Sker - you are right to bring up the "pistol" offense. For those who don't know, it is a sort …more »

  • RE: Oklahoma's Summer "Vacation"
    Steve, We agree about it being rampant. Therefore the need for a more systematic approach to fixing it (stipends!) than another slap on the wrist. To your other points. - Bomar's profile as a recruit or talent level means almost nothing to me. That's qualitative, even subjective. Still, swapping 2-for-2 doesn't …more »

  • RE: Return of the Return Game
    You are right, Steve. Hard to imagine it getting much worse. Another thing, the rule change that moves kickoffs back further will prevent as many touchbacks. So there will be increased opportunity for kick returns for every team. It must be a priority. For NU to beat it's tough schedule, they …more »

  • RE: Mike McNeil and Ryan Hill Better Eat Their Wheaties
    For the reasons you listed (graduation next year and youngsters who look more like possession WR than TEs), this is an absolute NEED area for NU. I expect them to take another TE in this class, too. Regarding the recent commit, I think Mr. Hetzer defines the word "upside" when it …more »

  • RE: Oh Henry!
    Hmmm - 6'3'' tall, plays with attitude, loves to run block...sounds like a CENTER to me. And, that makes our new set of offensive linemen pretty "complete" doesn't it? :-) Hope he makes his grades.

  • RE: Corey Young’s Departure Hard to Gauge
    Hi Allen, This is a Husker site. The "sign out front" should have told you. But, hey, thanks for dropping by. Anytime you want to chew the fat about the ISU-NU series or the current state of either progam, just have at it. We'll be here. For the record - Close …more »

  • RE: Levorson Becomes 10th Commit
    Anybody who still believes these coaches are not placing enough value on in-state talent needs to pull their head out of the sand. If you have the talent to play at NU, they will come get you. Levorson is a very nice pick up for this class. Great athlete with the …more »

  • RE: Bad News Season Gets Worse
    Deal, OU7times. Deal. We'll keep sharing mutual respect all the way to San Antonio, okay? Maybe we can renew our quasi-friendly shouting matches over a drink along the River walk. I'd still like nothing more than OU and NU to revive our yearly games via constant title-game qualification.

  • RE: Bad News Season Gets Worse
    Oh, hi OU7times, I'm glad your brand of Sooner smack comes around BRN. Glad our little dust-em-up leading up to and following the title game didn't run you off. Honestly, drop by often. Okay? Because, seriously, no discussion of Purify would be complete without an unneeded reference to the AU game …more »

  • RE: The Tao of Steve
    Hey Steve, You are truly a "Steve" for writing this sort of kick-ass post. You make other bloggers look like "Stu".

  • RE: Coming Soon: The Return of the Mobile Quarterback
    Well put, Steve. What *many* people misunderstand or refuse to acknowledge is that a mobile quarterback is not only viable in the WCO, but preferred. Folks, it's called a bootleg. Even with a player as slow footed as Zach Taylor, Callahan runs the bootleg pass as a counter to the outside …more »

  • RE: Game Managers and Gunslingers
    'sa blang - I gotta say that I can't live with a 3TD/3INT trade off. In my book, that almost always looks like an "L" at the end of the day. Unforutately, Keller has had that kind of stat book-filling day (good and bad) against USC in the past, ending in …more »

  • RE: The 2007 Offensive Line
    Steve, While I first thought this post was a tad pessimistic, on further consideration, I think you are being honest and pragmatic. There is not tangible evidence that NU *will* be better on the line. And this is a "prove it" game. Still, I think this will be the best O-line …more »

  • RE: Offensive Line Xs and Os
    To our readers - a caveat and an apology. First, the caveat. I'm not a coach, just a guy who really really likes football. So, nothing I say here is gospel by any stretch. In fact, I welcome your input and feedback on these Xs and Os things. And, I'm sorry …more »

  • RE: The Changing Look of NU’s Offensive Line
    Steve, Nice distinction and examples of the new NU prototypes. It boils down to the difference between drive blocking and pass protection. In the new offense, we're in pass pro 30+ times a game, rather than 10-15. Pass pro is about being athletic and nimble on your feed, and using your …more »

  • RE: The 2007 Defensive Line
    Yes, it will be an interesting experiment along the d-line this year. What gives me the most hope is the sizable talents possessed by Suh and Turner. *IF* those two play to potential, then they could be the kinds of players that demand attention and double teams, and allow for the …more »

  • RE: Defensive Line - Xs and Os
    Tyler, I'm glad you liked it. I'm pretty far from my element - I'm a writer, not a coach. But I thought some of this may help the casual observer. And, BRN is planning other "theme weeks" for other positons (QB, WR, etc), with Xs and Os being a feature for …more »

  • RE: A ‘N’atural Alliance
    Scott - I don't hide my love for Run DMC in any way. In fact, it was one of the first and best cassette tapes I ever owned. :-)

  • RE: A ‘N’atural Alliance
    This is a nice notion for a Friday. It got me thinking. Team brand loyalty is a real thing. I've become quite partial to Adidas athletic apparel since they started working with NU. My running shoes, golf shoes, workout clothes, etc...all Adidas. I'd bet the same is true for fans of …more »

  • RE: Remember When...
    Remember when...Osborne flirted with the idea of the CU job. And, he couldn't beat Switzer. Then, he couldn't beat Miami or win a bowl game for a decade. NU fans haven't just been spoiled by the 1990s run. We were all spoiled by perpetual 9-win seasons for quite some time. Some …more »

  • RE: Gabbert Commits
    PS - Gabbert is a 4.0 student in the classroom. Nice!

  • RE: Gabbert Commits
    GREAT Day to be a Husker fan. It is nice to see NU beat out Gabbert's home-state school (and conference rival) MU and the rabid fan base and fellow pro coach (Saban) at Alabama. Yes, the Freeman comparisons are inevitable. That's a story for another day. Today, I'm more excited about …more »

  • RE: Hot Leads for 2008
    A few tidbits on a couple of these players. Gabbert is supposedly leaning heavily toward NU right now. Apparently he has the ability to run, so he liked MU's "spread" attack. Callahan and company's pitch was - NFL QBs don't run around. And, we're making NFL QBs. That pitch, combined with …more »

  • RE: Early Offers May Reveal Recruiting Priorities
    Great thoughts, Steve. You really can get a sense of NU's "Game plan" for this season's recruiting. I do think they will take a QB, and maybe even two. Speaking of which, I'm hearing a lot of good "chatter" (to borrow a homeland security term) that Blaine Gabbert - a 5 …more »

  • RE: October likely defines Husker 2007 Season
    Yeah, Doombob, sometimes I get too colorful for my own good. My other favorite spare organ reference is when I tell my friends to "bring their drinking livers" because it could be a long night. :-) And of course, I do have a side gig harvesting kidneys from unsuspecting tourists in …more »

  • RE: Purify Incident Marks Beginning of Bad News Season
    Brad, Sorry if I was being presumptive. But, at this point, Mo is still on the team. And, I have no knowledge of any plans for that to change. My notion of him being kicked off was just a hypothetical. Unless you know something I don't...

  • RE: Games I’d Love to See Again
    Like 'sa blang, I'm trying to think of some more recent (Solich) contest that merit second watching. The Northwestern game was fun in the same way watching a cocky 14-year-old get beat up by his 20-year-old brother is. :-0 The 1999 Fiesta Bowl with #6 Tennessee is my recent pick. Going …more »

  • RE: Purify Incident Marks Beginning of Bad News Season
    Mike, I put Mo in that category because there is no other player on our roster who creates the match up he does. No offense to Marlon, but running backs are cheap. Benning and Childs looked great behind the 95 line. Suh is amazing. But, we have 11 guys listed at …more »

  • RE: Purify Incident Marks Beginning of Bad News Season
    It's like there is a sick karma when it comes to this stuff. If you asked me who I would LEAST want to see kicked off the team, it would be Keller and then Purify. And, who are the first to be cited during "Bad News" season? Riiiiight. This is a …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Second Only to Texas in NFL Draft
    Steve, interesting post. The Draft is a pretty darn good indicator of overall roster talent, because the NFL folks really scout things very hard. zHaving players drafted is on some level a sign of a healthy program, regardless of coach. Of course the draft is also non-linier because kids from Hampton …more »

  • RE: Carriker Will Be First Husker, But Not Necessarily Best
    Nice post, Steve. You are right about the NFL. We won't really know who the best pro player in this group is until about three years from now. Personally, I'll put my money on BJax. I feel he is the same kind of talent that Buckhalter was/is. Only BJax benefits from …more »

  • RE: Did You Drink The Kool Aid?
    Hi Leslie. I know that about Jonestown. I wrote as much in the piece. Maybe re-read the section under "Not So Appropriate" above. And, FYI, it was Flavor Aid used at Jonestown, but that small fact is often confused for Koolaid

  • RE: Eye-Openers From Spring Media Guide
    Nice findings, Steve. This is great context to mull over during the off season. I do have a caveat to your "only on defender missed a start" note. If you factor in likely starters Zach Bowman and Steve Octavien, NU did have some bad injury luck on that side of the …more »

  • RE: Husker Spring Game Photos
    I think headbands like that look good...on my one-year-old daughter. What? She's adorable toddling around the house with her hair peaking out of her headband. On a quarterback (of any race)...not so much. And, 'Lil Red MUST GO.

  • RE: These Things Are Going to Happen
    DT - Awww, thanks. We're blushing over here. No, seriously - it's not the medium that matters, but the point of view. It is not about the volume of speach, but the research behind it. FAR too often, all forms of media are being surrendered to the extreme view points on …more »

  • RE: Patrick Witt - Perfect Storm at Quarterback?
    Tyler - I agree 100% about Witt being better than Davis right now. Witt made a *great* throw to Chris Brooks in that scrimmage where he beat NU's starting safety with a throw on a rope. That and other post-spring game thoughts here.

  • RE: Patrick Witt - Perfect Storm at Quarterback?
    Reading it now, I suppose the post could have been titled - "Witt, the Anti-Beck". I typically prefer not to dig up the past. You are right, Husker Mike. Beck didn't arrive until fall camp. My bad on that error, folks. Got carried away in my comparison. One other quick aside. …more »

  • RE: Patrick Witt - Perfect Storm at Quarterback?
    Austin - true that. I tried to just focus on the QB spot, but surrounding talent really does make the job tougher or easier. That's one reason I'm so optimistic for what Keller or Ganz can do in 2007 - linemen, WRs, RBs...talent, baby. Talent.

  • RE: Texas CB Gives Soft Commit
    This is the very definition of momentum. Nice to see NU off to a hot start. It will be tough to keep this kid away from LSU. He lives on the TX/LA border and is a big LSU fan. When they offer him, NU will have to have a lot of …more »

  • RE: Observations from the Spring Game
    Scott D, A t-shirt like the one I am wearing in that picture can be purchased in the Big Red Network store, of course! http://bigrednetwork.com/store/

  • RE: The Return of Competition
    TX Cornhead, You are 100% right about the D-line being the #1 concern for the 2007 team. You don't lose players like last year's unit and just replace them. And D-line is much more essential than say, TE, or even running back. You must win at the line of scrimmage! The …more »

  • RE: The Return of Competition
    Thanks for the comment, Rich. About center, you seldom hear or see backup centers because you typically don't take the starter out. This is for a few reasons. They are as important as a quarterback or middle linebacker in terms of calling out assignements and reads. Next, changing centers affects the …more »

  • RE: Lineman in 2008 Recruiting Class Could Be Championship Group
    While we're talking O-line - I think this year we may turn a corner and see NU being able to control the LOS against just about anyone (not just the ISU's of the world). I offer this comment from Joe Ganz via the LJS... - Ganz marvels at the size of …more »

  • RE: Lineman in 2008 Recruiting Class Could Be Championship Group
    The offensive line momentum they have going now has me very encouraged. Take a class with DJ Jones, Williams and Barrett, follow it up with Burkes (and Marcel Jones) and you start to see a nice young core of offensive line talent. Yes Steve, the first true "core" since BC arrived. …more »

  • RE: An Unavoidable Topic
    Wow, lots of great feedback and input in these comments. Thanks folks. Thank you Bart, for injecting much-needed humor. And thank you Husker Mike for a thoughtful perspective. BRN regulars need to consider looking at Mike's blog if you aren't already. We respect that guy a bunch over here.

  • RE: The Worst Thing About Spring Football
    UPDATE -- Bowman's injury is confirmed as a patella tendon tear, requiring surgery. Bowman will be out 4-6 months. So...that means he might be around for the Fall. Best case scenario may be August, worse being not available at all. Split the difference, and I'd venture to guess he may be …more »

  • RE: You're Not Worth the Money, Happy?
    Wow, this seems to be a topic that just won't die. This just in from the are-you-kidding-me section of the Omaha paper - http://www.omaha.com/index.php?u_page=1200&u_sid=2355896 When oh when will things stop being so divided and devisive? Can't we all just get along and play golf?

  • RE: Sam Keller = Joe Dailey?
    Husker Mike, I agree that it is more about the name on the front of the jersey than the back for many NU fans. That's the good news for Keller. He's a Husker. But, some booed Frost in '96, too... And, be honest. Joe D cost NC at least four games, …more »

  • RE: Return to Dominance?
    Steve, I agree with the prediction of "improvement but not dominance", in general. More than one player in the starting unit has the *potential* to be all-league. I do think they have as good a starting group of linemen as they have had since 2001. The question is about depth, I …more »

  • RE: Keller Demonstrates Arm Strength, Lack of Judgment
    AJ, Wow, I just means so much for somebody who runs a "Husker Hater" website to come over and call Brad's opinion "dumb". That's some good work out of you. Don't try too hard to have a point. Jeez. Yeah, many Husker fans (short for fanatic) thought NU could beat USC. …more »

  • RE: Keller Demonstrates Arm Strength, Lack of Judgment
    Hey Brad, I love disagreements. That's what makes the Internet great. And really, we agree a lot more than you might think. Yes it is typical. And it is stupid. 21-year olds do *typically stupid* things. That's kind of the point. I screwed up a LOT worse than this at that …more »

  • RE: Marcus Mendoza Top Candidate To Be Impact Freshman
    Wow...wingback...a word I miss. Even without his contribution in the offensive backfield, if this kid can be the explosive kick return NU needs, then he is totally worth the scholarship. Our kick retrun game was way below expecations for a program like NU. BC has stated that it is an area …more »

  • RE: Marcus Mendoza Top Candidate To Be Impact Freshman
    Mendoza is a rare case of a frosh (non QB)being on campus early for spring ball. He should get opportunities. And,more than anything, this kid is FAST...crazy fast. And I heard somewhere that you can't teach speed. :-)

  • RE: Keller To Follow Past Transfers at Quarterback
    Tremendous post, Steve. It is sometimes hard for many Husker fans (and historical revisionists) to keep the notion of a transfer QB like Keller in the proper context. This was a very revealing look at how these sorts of things have gone in the past.

  • RE: Are Divided Loyalties OK?
    Great thoughts, Steve. Personally, I feel it is the very definition of "bandwagon" for NU football fans to be CU basketball fans (rather than red loyalists), just because CU is winning. That isn't true for Jay fans backing NU football, because they don't have a football team. Living in Omaha the …more »

  • RE: Big Needs Addressed With Class of 2007
    Thanks for the summary, Steve. If you had to pick one or two players that stand out to you, who would they be? For me, it is Asante if you are looking for immediate impact. We need help now at safety. And this kid is a big talent who will get …more »

  • RE: Junior College Strategy Shift
    This is a quote from Bill Callahan on recruiting JC players from yesterday's press conference (well after this post was published)... "I think we have less junior college players than in the four classes we’ve had here. We have six junior college players. I’m never going to close the door on …more »

  • RE: State of the Union: Texas A&M
    A&M's situation this year defines the razor thin line between progress and mediocrity in this age of college football. Seriously, if they win any (or all...) of the three brutally close losses they took at HOME this year, then people are sure to be downright bullish on Coach Fran and the …more »

  • RE: State of the Union: Texas Tech
    Another solid offering, Steve. A couple of reactions.. I'd have to make an argument that Leach is playing with superior talent than he had when he first arrived. Or, at least talent suited to his style. So, why no major increase in wins or "break through" year? Because coaches adjust. These …more »

  • RE: State of the Union: Missouri
    Steve, I'm *blown away* by these concise, frank, and (in my opinion) very accurate portrayals of the Big 12 teams this far. This series of articles is just great. We may be blogging "colleagues", but I'm also a fan. Great work.

  • RE: State of the Union: Kansas State
    Jacob, I've heard your argument about player development many times...from Husker fans who we're trying to justify some of our not-too-good recruiting classes from 2000-2004. ;-) And while players can and do develop physically and better understand the game mentally as they get older...there simply is no substitute for God-given talent. …more »

  • RE: Early Arrivals Shore Up Positions of Need
    Dynamite post, as always, Steve. "20% down payment" is the perfect way to put it.

  • RE: Disappointing Cotton Bowl Typifies Season
    Time has brought me some added perspective on the game. Here are the positives. NU was the most physical team on the field. It is always good to see a team control the line of scrimmage. We also started fast. Again, those things typified this year's team. One new thing I …more »

  • RE: Pardon My Lack Of Enthusiasm
    Steve, Thanks for reading. A couple of things. The Cotton Bowl is a good game. Auburn is a great opponent - both in name and talent. I'd just rather be in the BCS, and I'd prefer sunny AZ over the Dallas freeways. Sorry. Hey, there has to be a reason it …more »

  • RE: Why We Need Bowl Games
    Wow, kudos to Matt for the ESPN 8 "the Ocho" reference ... "Pepper needs new shorts!"

  • RE: Why We Need Bowl Games
    Great post, Steve. I agree with you about the bowls being a measuring stick or barometer for how the college football world looks in a given year or post season. To wit, BYU recently winning in a rout shows us that not everything is what some may think it is. As …more »

  • RE: Husker Haberdashery hurting since the loss of Herbie
    Brandon, Love the color and detail of this post. Thanks for contributing to BRN. Here's the thing...I believe Herbie existed (even in a re-invigorated form) during NU's title runs in the 1990s. And I want to think Mr. Pederson was involved in that too. A blond-haired and fit Herbie stalked the …more »

  • RE: NU's Hot Recruiting Run Continues
    Two additional notes. - William Yancy is the high school teammate of another Husker commit, Eric Hagg. This gives NU another potent set of high school teammates that includes recent examples like Nate Swift and Lydon Murtha, and Jordan Congdon and Menelik Holt. Though, Congdon and Holt were not members of …more »

  • RE: What does Bill Callahan want for Christmas?
    "I would like a thesaurus, so I can use a word other than 'tremendous' to describe players, plays, environments, effort and everything else. Santa, that would just be tremendous." - 'Lil Billy C.

  • RE: Looking at Buddy Wyatt from an Alabama perspective
    Interesting interview. Some really good context there. I had not studied 'bama enough to know they run a hybrid like the 3-3-5. That says a lot to me because "unique" schemes like that require particular kinds of players. A 3-4, for example, requires a keg-shaped nose guard and end/LBs that are …more »

  • RE: Big Recruiting Weekend For Nebraska
    Are you kidding me?? I was hit HARD by a bad flu-like virus this weekend. I wake from my dehydrated stupor to find...this! Maybe I should be sick every weekend. Townsend is just a huge get for NU, as he fills our most immediate need on defense. Ross and Stafford have …more »

  • RE: Hey Buddy
    Nice take on things, Steve. I like this hire too. I think his history with the conference (coached at CU, A&M, OSU) and his relationships with other current members of this staff are even more reason to be encouraged. That, and the fact that he is instantly on the "all name" …more »

  • RE: An Unquestionable Loss
    Excellent points, everyone. MANY things sprung to mind as Blake's departure became obvious and formal. 1 - The era of total staff consistency/loyalty is long gone - that's just how professions are now, and it's not just coaching jobs. People need to learn to accept that. It's especially hard in NE …more »

  • RE: Huskers Garner Two More Recruits, Kind Of
    Interesting take on Glover and the madness that is recruiting websites/services. When we lose a player to another school in our conference it's never a good thing. We lose, and a team we play often wins. It's a net 2 negative, in my opinion. But...our class ranking with Rivals.com actually improved …more »

  • RE: My Encounter With Andra Franklin
    Kudos Steve, for writing such an appropriate and personal tribute.

  • RE: Huskers Garner Two More Recruits, Kind Of
    Tyler, I think you are assuming a lot of things about Castille that nobody knows yet. I don't know if he whined or not. We just know he talked to Louisville. And...remember...THEY called him. It is impossible to know much about a player's attitude or willingness to compete. By all accounts, …more »

  • RE: Castille No Longer Fully Committed to Nebraska
    This is all about looking over the fence at Louisville, and seeing the opportunity to be a "feature back", rather than part of a committee. 'Ville had success with Bush at running back, and he was a very big guy. In his absence, they have a sizable hole to fill (pun …more »

  • RE: Armando Murillo Commits
    Murillo is a very important "get" for NU. I'm glad they have high school DBs in this class, too. But, they needed immediate help in the secondary. His arriving in the Spring provides him valuable practice time. dallas - as much as I miss Marvin Sanders and whould love to see …more »

  • RE: Surprises From Frigid KC
    No, this ISU fan wasn't *nearly* smart enough to be you, Stan. Heh... I'll say to you what my wife so plainly said to him. Win one,THEN talk...not the other way around. And, 3-win seasons are aren't the stuff to merit much chatter. Thanks for the dose of confidence about our …more »

  • RE: Things that make me sad (and optimistic)
    RU, That one was kind of assumed. But, thanks for the super polite reminder in case I had forgotten. Enjoy it. See you next year.

  • RE: Huskers to play Auburn in Cotton Bowl
    Frankly, I was surprised NU didn't draw Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. While AU is obviously a tough match up, I'm kind of thankful not to be playing the Razorbacks, Mr. McFadden, and their fans who would have streamed in to Dallas from Arkansas. Wow, AU's defense versus NU's offense will …more »

  • RE: Sagarin Ratings Say Nebraska
    Yep, it's time to "turn the page", get the Big 12 title game behind us, and zero in on the Cotton Bowl. Way to get the ball rolling, Steve. I'm happy the Huskers are back on New Year's Day, where they belong. Like Steve, I'm excited to be going against a …more »

  • RE: Big 12 Championship Game Day Pocket Guide
    Jason, Great work, as always. In fact I would say this is the best...pocket guide...ever. The conference schedule section is just classic. Download yours now, people!

  • RE: Zach Taylor Named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year
    Wow, Scott...dropping bombs. LOL. Taking that topic to the ridiculous level that I love so much - in one sense I'm glad that NU and Callahan were able to avoid what might have turned in to a Simms/Applewhite situation here at NU. We were able to go with the steady leader …more »

  • RE: Why Nebraska Will Beat Oklahoma
    OU7times, Hey, I'm with you about Thompson being a good runner, I said as much in a Q&A with an OU blog that publishes later this week. And, I did say that Thompson has clearly exceeded expectations. Please don't get it twisted and think I'm saying he CAN'T pass. Not the …more »

  • RE: Why Nebraska Will Beat Oklahoma
    Jake, Way to bring the stats. That's what makes OU fans great. And there is no denying what you presented there. Here's the thing...you are working with incomplete sample. Factor in catches by NU's running backs, TEs and "other" receivers, and we clearly are more of a throwing team than OU. …more »

  • RE: Chizik Won’t Save Cyclones
    Cy fan, Yes, that OSU. You still don't see my point, I guess. Even if ISU does well with Chizik, you won't be able to keep him. Not with top tier programs continually looking for talent. The rest of you Clone fans - Thanks for dropping by BRN and yapping away. …more »

  • RE: Chizik Won’t Save Cyclones
    Piling on here, but I can't help it... Does this mean that ISU might actually sell out meaningful games where the North title is at stake? That would be novel.

  • RE: Chizik Won’t Save Cyclones
    Stan, - $135 M is "catch up" money, not enough to pass anyone significant (OU, UT, NU). - Wrestling and Women's Basketball are nice sports. Good luck with those. - Saying Callahan was an even trade for Solich means you know little about either coach. - Recruiting matters...a lot. - I'm …more »

  • RE: Why Nebraska Will Beat Oklahoma
    Jake, I agree that running the ball on the road is key to victory. (See also NU's road game plans this year). But...11 attempts against OSU. 11. That's not running to win, it is reluctance to pass. Sure, Thompson has out performed expectations thus far. But you can't tell me OU …more »

  • RE: Chizik Won’t Save Cyclones
    If defensive coaching prowess is the only prerequisite for being a great head coach, then Kevin Steele would have done well at Baylor. The problem Steele encountered and that Chizik may also encounter is that you can't drive a VW Beetle in a NASCAR race and hope to win. The recruiting …more »

  • RE: At Last - Nebraska Vs. Oklahoma
    Wow, it's great to see all of the enthusiastic and respect-filled comments from Sooner fans. But, that is a lot of "Boomer Sooner" ("BS")for a Husker site to take. ;-) So, I've got to drop one of these in... GOOOOOOOO BIIIIIIIIG REEEEEEEEED. GO! BIG! RED!

  • RE: Ian Harris Changes Mind
    Too bad, Harris could be a good player and it hurts to lose him to a Division foe. Two things soften the blow here. First, everything I'm hearing says that Mike McNeil (redshirt this year) could be the big-play TE they want in the passing game. And, we're recruiting another 4-star …more »

  • RE: Marcus Mendoza Commits to Nebraska
    I love seeing this pick up by the staff. Mendoza is a highly rated player. And he is FAST. Speed. Speed. Speed. That is a good recipe, right? And, is anyone else noticing a bit of a pattern with NU recruits running backs? Get a power back, a versitile back, and …more »

  • RE: Photos & Videos from Colorado - Nebraska
    Oh. My. God. I stand in awe of the folks who run the Selden Trucking tailgate. You could wrap a piece of dirt in bacon, and I'd eat it. But seriously, "Wild Kingdom wrapped in bacon" is the greatest tailgate food I've ever heard of. Only in Nebraska! We can only …more »

  • RE: Photos & Videos from Colorado - Nebraska
    Great pics, all of them. But, I'm drawn to the ones of food. Is that bacon-wrapped shrimp?? Those folks know how to tailgate! And, I think we have our new game-preparation slogan..."Two Runzas and a Pocket Guide"...nice.

  • RE: At Last - Nebraska Vs. Oklahoma
    Hi Hook'em, Try beating Kansas State and Texas A&M before you come over here running your mouth. And I wouldn't say you "handled" NU. The Huskers litterally had that game in hand. Lots of ... good fortune... involved in that one. And, your win over OU was on the road. It …more »

  • RE: No Wonder They Hate Us
    Steve, Just a great post. Wow, I had no idea you were so empathetic. ;-) I almost feel for the Buff fans...oh, wait, no I don't. Okay, seriously, that last TD by Wilson had to feel like a punch in the gut. Kind of symbolic the way Wilson blasted the CU …more »

  • RE: Happy Thanksgiving!
    Ahh, jeez Jason. That's very kind of you to post. I appreciate it. I'm very thankful for so many things this year, too. In the case of BRN, I'm thankful for...the opportunity. Jason - founder of this feast - gave me an outlet for my musings. I'm thankful for folks like …more »

  • RE: Interview with Husker fans in Iraq - Part II
    Thanks SGT Kane and SGT Hanseling, for your service to our country. It is admired and supported more than I can say. GBR and come home safe!

  • RE: Thoughts on Texas A&M...WAY After the Fact
    Hang, You are wrong. Way off, in fact. The "dork" comment was not just directed at the corps. I am just put off by the orchestrated chants, the collie dog cemetary and the need to use football touchdowns as a way to score with your dates. Can't you just get the …more »

  • RE: Q&A with a Michigan fan
    Great stuff, Jeff. Thanks so much for participating with BRN. Loyal readers - I can say that Jeff is to Michigan what Steve and I are to the Huskers. Only, he's smarter. Seriously, I quit participating in pools and having side bets about sports with Jeff because he would constantly school …more »

  • RE: Be Careful What You Wish For
    For the record, I want to see UT in KC. I'm torn only because an NU vs OU match up to end the year makes me nostalgic. But, everything Steve wrote is real. That is a hot and tough Sooner team. I'm pulling for UT mostly just because we've played them …more »

  • RE: Thoughts on Texas A&M...WAY After the Fact
    Aggie and Chip, Big respect to A&M. Great game. You have a good team this year - one capable of beating the Horns and shutting up your neighbors. Great history and rabid fans - classy, caring folks. Good luck as the season unfolds. Hey, I'd hope my "dorks" comment doesn't tarnish …more »

  • RE: Four-star JC QB coming to Lincoln
    This is when recruiting season really gets fun. Crazy how much momentum can come from big wins. About the QB situation, it still looks like '07 is all about Keller. He has big-time talent and D1 experience. That's assuming he can run NU's offense. But, wow, getting Lee would mean even …more »

  • RE: LaTravis Washington Commits
    Wow, I love seeing this. Like Steve, I think Mr. Washington is one of our *best* recruits in this class. Players like this make it easy to disregard the online scouting "star" systems. Washington is rated a 3-star prospect in their systems. Why? Because they are evaluating him as a quarterback. …more »

  • RE: Thoughts on Texas A&M...WAY After the Fact
    Aggie, Oh jeez, I'm sorry. Okay?? But, wow, if one comment by one blogger can shake your impression of Husker Nation to the foundation like that, you might want to get some thicker skin. Or widen your perception some. First the crazy over-reaction to Steve's A&M preview ("mobile home"). Now this. …more »

  • RE: Purify!
    FYI, credit for this photo goes to the Fremont Tribune. That's some nice work out of you, Fremont...

  • RE: Sizing Up the Aggies
    Players like Jorvorskie Lane fascinate me. He's basically like Bettis or Christian Okoye. It's hard not to gawk at a skill player with that kind of size. And, it's easy to appreciate that kind of production, especially his TDs. Here's the thing, it's his foot quickness that that gets my attention. …more »

  • RE: Why Saturday's Game Matters More Than Most
    Thanks for the comment, Tyler. Glad you like the site. Tell a friend (or 10). Excellent point about when things get corrected. Part of me wonders the same thing - why does it take a crisis to take action? Frustrating. But, I think it is part of human nature to only …more »

  • RE: Sun Shines on Huskers in Win over Missouri
    Guy -- You are one of those NU fans capable of identifying a play call based on personnel and tendencies. It's great to have a fan base that loves and understands the game so much. And, that one was obvious, right? When I saw #16 lined up on the outside, I …more »

  • RE: Hitting the Wall
    Me Again, You are a ND fan. I LOVE IT. Why? Because eight of NU's 800 wins are against Notre Dame. So, you folks are blended right in there with the wins over Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan and Lincoln High. ;-) The series record is 8-7-1 in NU's favor. The last three …more »

  • RE: On Expectations: Acorns or Apocalypse?
    Nick, Thanks for the props. Glad you are on board the BRN train. It will only get bigger and better, so please tell a friend or 10. ;-) Excellent point about the late touchdown. I never thought of that way. My initial reaction was that it was "cheap" score or a …more »

  • RE: Hitting the Wall
    Totally agree with this post, Steve. Fatige is and will be a major factor, not just for NU but for other teams, down the stretch. It just drives home the importance of team depth once again. Further, the problem may be systemic with the NCAA "allowing" 12-game schedules now. Team like …more »

  • RE: On Expectations: Acorns or Apocalypse?
    Ron, Thanks for the comment. You obviously know quite a bit. I remember the sequence in question. NU was getting gashed. Those stretch plays make our linemen move laterally and make gap control tough. In those situations, our LBs and strong safety have to be able to run and blow that …more »

  • RE: Huskers Stumble in Stillwater
    Thanks Josh and Scott for those thoughts. Spot on, really. Josh - Mo Purify was indeed a big bright spot. Where was his defensive equivalent, Steve Octavien? Is he hurt again or something?? He needs to get healthy and on the field. And, I think the only frosh DB capable of …more »

  • RE: Saturday's Result In Monday Morning's Glow
    Thanks, AustinHusker for the post and the props. We totally agree about the use of timeouts. The only thing I can think of to explain it is the NFL influence on BC. Think about it. That is exactly what they would do in the pros. And, I think we all know...this …more »

  • RE: Nunn Still an Asset
    Everybody give Nunn a big *hug* if you see him, please. And hey, the kid dates a playmate, so his life will go on, I suppose. Seriously, I'm not about to throw a great contributor under the bus for one play. And, give UT's corner (Ross) credit. He forced a fumble …more »

  • RE: Random observations from Nebraska's loss to Texas
    Nice post, Jason. I appreciate the way you can still make some humor from the misery of having a game slip through NU's hands. Frustrating isn't the right word for it.. Btw, thanks for the props on calling that half back pass. But I wouldn't give me too much credit. I …more »

  • RE: How To Spring a Texas-Sized Trap
    Ooooh, DC Red ... calling for overtime. Bold, my friend. Very bold. Two other nuggets I neglected in this analysis: 1. Cliche, but true - the team that rushes for the most yards and turns the ball over least will probably win. That's just football in general. 2. About bootlegs and …more »

  • RE: Mack Brown Borrows Page From Coker's Playbook
    Again, this isn't complicated in my mind. You throw a punch, you should sit, just on principle alone. ON field stuff needs to be addressed for the sake of the game. I think it is valid to bring up if the Dallas media is running a story. Steve is not out …more »

  • RE: Observations from Field Level in Manhattan
    Jeez Ryan, thanks. [blush] I wouldn't give me too much credit. When you talk as much as I do, some small amount of it has to be right, doesn't it? And, I can think of several Husker fans I know who have play-predicting ability, too. Eventually, coaches develop tendencies, especially when …more »

  • RE: Another Step Taken
    Great post, Steve. I completely agree with the context you used. Is this a water-shed victory that sends a message outside of the Big 12 North? No. Next week's game is the proper measuring stick for that. But, this absolutely is an "exercise the demons" kind of win for NU, especially …more »

  • RE: Q&A with a Kansas State Blogger
    Thank you, Thomas, for being so willing to answer our questions. I'm headed down to the game with my wife and some of our friends. Any spots in particular you feel we should hit while in town, either good tailgate lots or bars for after the game? I'm sure there are …more »

  • RE: Thoughts Following the Win Over ISU
    Thanks for the comment, Scott. I think your summary of ISU ("average") is pretty accurate. I agree that MU and UT will pose much stiffer challenges to the blackshirts. Uh...Limas Sweed and Jammal Charles are just a shade better than Blythe and Hicks. Yikes. As was the case for parts of …more »

  • RE: Worst...Broadcast...Ever
    Russ, Great and funny point about ruining opponent t-shirts. I had never thought of it that way. That is a good reason not to put bold predictions or sayings on t-shirts. It's better to go with something cool and slightly understated. Something like you might find in our online store - …more »

  • RE: Thoughts Following the Win Over ISU
    THughes, Thanks for the comment. Read my post again, please. I didn't say those two players played great games, individually. I said the coaches called a good game, and that the players gave great effort. Mostly, folks need to recognize what Cos did in terms of calls - moving Carriker inside …more »

  • RE: Worst...Broadcast...Ever
    Glad to see so many folks posting and agreeing. I think there are two universal truths with most fans - rip on the refs and call the announcers biased, and people will agree. ;-) But seriously, this really was a bad broadcast. Interesting idea, Grant. Too bad I don't think Keith …more »

  • RE: Evidence of another questionable call?
    Dave, Interesting point about Swift. I think you are seeing what happens when a true receiving corps develops. For all intents and purposes, last year's team had 2 or 3 receivers they could count on, and no TE production to speak of. This year, with the emergence of Hardy, Purify, Peterson …more »

  • RE: Nebraska, Iowa State Must Bounce Back From Scares
    Interesting developments when it comes to the secondary. Both players (Shanle in the GI paper) and coaches (Cos in the OWH) are talking about how this was more than partly due to blown assignments, or players not being on the same page. That's both coaching AND execution. Reading between the lines …more »

  • RE: Nebraska, Iowa State Must Bounce Back From Scares
    Great post Steve. While things weren't exactly pretty Saturday, it is not time to go all "henny penny" and think the sky is falling, Husker fans. Scouting KU at the start of the season, my exact thoughts were..."Jeez, they could be pretty darn good depending on what they have at quarterback. …more »

  • RE: Mangino is fat. Seriously, seriously fat.
    Okay, folks. I'm ready for whatever fallout comes from talking about an opposing coach's weight. Comment away or e-mail me. First, some explanation. Frankly, his weight a topic because it is out there and obvious to many fans who mention it in person and online. And, it HAS been discussed in …more »

  • RE: Week 2 Recap and Ramblings
    Well, I was wrong in 2 predictions - Texas and Texas Tech. Though, I did think Texas moved the ball well at times. Their leaky secondary and the difference at quarterback was obviously the difference. And, do I get credit for coming CLOSE on the Tech upset call? I'll have to …more »

  • RE: Could Huskers Add Another QB?
    This is looking more and more real as ESPN reports having a source that says Keller will enroll at NU. I'm still not counting my chickens, but things are looking better at this minute. Great point about the possible boost in NU's scouting USC, Jeff. While I more than trust our …more »

  • RE: The Folly Of Following Recruiting
    Well put, Steve. As an additional example I offer Mark Leflore. I'm not knocking him. But he was "rated" as the same level of WR as Larry Fitzgerald in high school. Maybe it is a function of coaching, or systems, or overestimating talents. But, Mark Leflore was not even in Larry's …more »

  • RE: “Mobile Homeâ€? Key Words at Texas A&M
    "Me thinks he doth protest too much"... In other words - did somebody get hit a little too close to the heart? Or as a comedian once put it - stereotypes are funny because they are true. Jeez, chill out. It was a play on words. And, you are from the …more »

  • RE: Does "New" Equal "Better" for Kansas State?
    Phatcats, Glad you enjoyed the article. I tried to put my bile toward KSU aside, and write a fair preview. It wasn't about my personal opinion as much as what might happen this season. About your o-line, that doesn't change the fact that they are redshirt freshman and sophomores. By default, …more »

  • RE: Loss of Bowman Major Blow
    Totally agree, Steve. Short of Taylor, no loss was more costly than Bowman. Beyond the loss of his abilty to cover the opponent's best WR, think about the repercussions down the depth chart. Now, when NU goes to Nickle or Dime defenses, it means a reserve like Brothers or a true …more »

  • RE: “Missouri River Shootoutâ€? May Decide Big XII North
    Obviously, in light of this morning's news that Zachary Bowman torn his ACL and is out for the season, the outlook against ISU (and others) changes some. In this case, NU will be more pressed to cover Todd Blythe and company man-to-man. That may make this game even more of a …more »

  • RE: Bomar Out at OU
    Wow. Why don't you just tell us how you really feel, Tim?

  • RE: Bomar Out at OU
    Richard, Thank you for the comments and clarifications. Things are always much clearer at "ground level", in this case the local Norman news. Regardless of the ownership change, the name Big Red Sports and Imports now could get a very negative perception nationally, fair or not. OU still needs to run …more »

  • RE: Playing Favorites
    Nice post, Steve. While I wasn't the biggest Warren Moon fan, I can agree about Slauson as a "favorite" on this year's Husker squad. The thing I like about him most is that he's such a bad ass. Very physical and finished practice after getting stitches. My favorites on the team …more »

  • RE: Seeing Stars
    Good thoughts, Steve. This is a very approachable way for fans to think of star ratings. Readers might also appreciate seeing an analysis you ran that compared star ratings with player contribution/success. As I recall, it basically showed that a 3-star rated athlete or higher is significantly more likely to be …more »

  • RE: Major Decision
    Interesting take, Steve. I agree that this is somewhat of a "can't win" for BC and company. He'll encounter critics either way. I'm curious as to why you say BC's track record is that of giving players second chances. Is that based on Leon's leaving and being allowed to come back? …more »

  • RE: Defensive Tackles Still Have Much to Prove
    I always appreciate your very realistic view of things, Steve. Nobody can accuse you of having rose-colored glasses. But, I have to disagree with you on this one. First I admit that Smith and Adams were valuable contributors. No doubt about it. But, I'm willing to say that Ola and Cryer …more »

  • RE: Nebraska Sets Series With Volunteers Ten Years From Now
    Good post, Steve. Personally, I'm thinking of this game has a chance to be my daughter's "first big game"...since she's 3 month's old today. I guess 10 is the right age for a kid to be a really big fan. :-) You're right that there is no way of knowing if …more »

  • RE: Items from Around the Big 12
    YetAnotherCat, Glad you thought the front part of the article was good. Thanks. We just want to put out good content for folks. About the Nebraska Spin section - right. That's why I called it SPIN. The whole point is for it to be one person's fairly biased "take" on the …more »

  • RE: Items from Around the Big 12
    YetAnotherCat, Uh, I think Jerry was being sarcastic. ;-) I doubt you love that your beloved coaches last game wasn't a sellout. And, you say you don't live in history. But, all of your points are about...recent history. That's history too. How about this - I believe we are better than …more »

  • RE: Items from Around the Big 12
    Slacker, In the initial article I was giving KSU credit for scheduling with guts - Louisville, UCLA and "the U". Hefty stuff. Sure, I was being a little chippy, saying I wanted KSU to get embarrassed. That's my opinion. Sorry. But, I don't think that amounts to cheap shots. I didn't …more »

  • RE: Items from Around the Big 12
    KSU fans, I notice many of you love to throw the "classiest fans in America" line in NU fans' faces sometimes. Just to be clear, I've never initiated anything with another fan. I've reacted to some stuff, sure. And NU fans applaud our opponents, and we never boo. I dare you …more »

  • RE: Items from Around the Big 12
    Oh AuditCat, Do you know how many times I've browsed KSU fan sites and seen that same tired argument posted over and over and over? The fact that one of you purple folks busted it out just because I said I had "distain" for KSU must mean I got a little …more »

  • RE: Items from Around the Big 12
    Meni, Nice point about Oregon's end-of-year ranking. Hadn't considered that. I agree about your schedule, too. Tough stuff. As additional counter points I'd point out that NU did play OU and TTech right up to the hilt. Especially with that Tech game being litterally in our hands. So, I'd say we're …more »

  • RE: Hear me now, believe me later
    CORRECTION Sorry, I said I was hopped up on coffee when I wrote this. But, KSU plays Illinois STATE (Not Illinois) to open the year. I should have known the wildkittens wouldn't open with a Big 10 team. The 1-AA Redbirds are much more their style. I stand by my prediction, …more »

  • RE: Best Ever, Part I: The Nominees
    Great list, Steve. When you put them in a group like this, it is even more impressive. Picking just one is certainly tough, especially when you have to compare across time periods and positions. The easy way out would be to have a one for offense, one for defense, and one …more »

  • RE: QB or Not QB? That is the Question
    Thanks, Jerry. And that is an excellent point about the camps. They are sure to be a factor. We'll do our best to provide coverage and analysis of those when they happen. In general, I think the whole camp system has really ramped up under Callahan. And is paying dividends. …more »

  • RE: On Schedule? Pederson and the Musical Chairs Game
    Thanks for the correction, Mike. Sorry readers - for getting that series of facts incorrect. I guess, if nothing else, it confirms the power of ESPN and TV in general.

  • RE: The Big XII After Ten Years: Winners and Losers
    UT fans, Thanks for such a lively debate. I really hope this sort of discussion can be the norm this season. NU's game with the Horns is one everybody is pointing to around here. The simple contention here is that we believe schools like UT and NU would have won a …more »

  • RE: NU Continues To Look To "West"
    Thanks for that thought, Jerry. You might be right in this specific case, being the early leader for a kid has a fair share of challenges. It has been fairly common for NU under BC to get in early and then have to hold off challenges from other programs late. In …more »

  • RE: Show Steve Some Love
    Love this article and the discussion it has created. Very thoughtful and civil, despite a tough topic. I have a few things to add about Mr. Pederson. First, everyone has to realize that he's playing in a much bigger game than just one sport. His superiors review him on a lot …more »

  • RE: Big XII Coaches Concerned By KSU Staff’s Extensive Experience
    I don't know how the coaches in the Big 12 can face their days knowing KSU's staff has come from football powerhouses like Akron and Dartmouth. What an intimidation factor KSU has going for them. Will Callahan and others even be able to look across at the opposing sideline? And, let's …more »

  • RE: Coveting Carnes: Why NU Needs a QB Recruit
    It sort of drives home the importance of getting a QB in every class, but does not make me covet Carnes any less.

  • RE: Defensive End Depth?
    Almost as if on cue, we get this offering from the LJS. Scroll down and there is a bit about the defensive ends. David Harvey has moved back to end. Good. That adds some depth. He can be the new Clayton Sievers, I guess. The redshirt frosh have also gotten stonger. …more »