Monday, August 25th 2014

Florida Atlantic Could Be a Handful

There are a few ingredients that are often common to teams that beat Nebraska.  You could start with a dual-threat quarterback.  The Owls' Jacquez Johnson is coming off a season where he rushed for more than 70 yards a game with 10 rushing touchdowns in addition to an average of over 170 yards passing per game with 12 passing scores.  And there's more. 

Friday, August 22nd 2014

Sam McKewon Criticism of Running Game Overstated

When you seek to generate content during a long offseason, sometimes you have to go deep into obscure topics if you want to provide something both original and meaningful.  Give Sam McKewon points in his recent article stating that the Huskers didn't run well enough against winning teams for something original.  Meaningful though?  That's debatable.  

Tuesday, August 19th 2014

Braxton Miller Injury Changes Big Ten Race

Braxton Miller had the third best odds in Vegas of winning the Heisman trophy this season, up until yesterday.  Ohio State enjoyed a preseason ranking in the top five after two straight undefeated regular seasons.  Now both his Heisman and the top five ranking are in serious doubt, because Miller may be out for the season with an injury.  That also improves the odds for every other Big Ten team hoping to win the conference championship. 

Thursday, August 14th 2014

Venric Mark Transfer Improves Husker’s Chances in Evanston

Nebraska's first three outings against Northwestern as a member of the Big Ten have all been close games.  Two went in the Huskers favor, and one for the Wildcats.  Running back Venric Mark was a factor in the first two games of the series but injuries kept him out a year ago.  Arguably the best returning player for  Northwestern up until he announced his intent to transfer, Mark's absence has to hurt the chances of a Wildcat victory in October. 

Monday, August 11th 2014

Play of Front Four Trumps Losses on Defense

If faced with the choice of a mediocre to subpar front four with a strong experienced healthy secondary behind it or a dominating front four with a battered inexperienced secondary behind it, give me the dominating front four every time.  Nebraska lost its second most productive linebacker from a year ago, it's second most experienced safety, and it's second best returning cornerback from a year ago all in the span of three days.  That's a lot to lose before a single snap against an actual opponent.  But if NU's front four lives up to some very high and promising expectations, you may hardly notice their absence. 

Friday, August 1st 2014

Coaches Rank Nebraska 22nd, That Might be Good Enough

It may not be a huge cause for celebration to hear that Nebraska was ranked 22nd by the Coaches preseason poll.  But then again, preseason polls are almost meaningless.  For example, only one of the top four teams just prior to the bowls a year ago (which would have been the likely participants in the college football playoff) were ranked inside the top ten prior to the season.  Florida State was 11th and both Auburn and Michigan State were unranked.  Similarly, Florida was ranked 23rd and both Notre Dame and Ohio State were unranked prior to the 2012 season.  If there was a playoff (and OSU was eligible), those teams all would have made it.  So how might the Huskers crash the party? 

Tuesday, July 29th 2014

Pelini’s Comments Give Pause

While it was great to hear Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini open his Big Ten Media Day remarks talking about his pursuit of championships, there were two other statements that may not inspire great hope and confidence.  The first was when he said that there was an open competition at quarterback between Tommy Armstrong, Johnny Stanton, and Ryker Fyfe.  The next was when he said he'd like to be as close a 50/50 run-pass team as possible. 

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014

If Nebraska is Boring, What is Northwestern Football?

Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald made minor headlines when he included in his plea for Wildcat fans to fill their home stadium an insult to the state of Nebraska and its residents.  His claim was that, Nebraska was "a pretty boring state, so they're really excited to see Chicago".  His statement begs the question, if the Cornhusker state is so boring and Chicago so appealing that Big Red fans will swarm like locusts for a road game, why can't he find 47,000 bodies in a metropolitan area of close to 10 million people willing to cheer for the home team? 

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

Offensive Lineman Commits

Nebraska added an offensive lineman prospect for the recruiting class of 2015 when Bradenton, Florida prospect Mirko Jurkovic Jr. gave his commitment to the Huskers yesterday.  Jurkovic had an impressive list of offers that included Ohio State, Florida, Missouri, South Carolina,  and more than a dozen other major conference programs. 

Thursday, July 17th 2014

Season Opens With Earlier Games

When the start times became known for a string of five games from mid-September to mid-October, Nebraska was staring at five straight night games that encompassed road trips to Fresno State, Michigan State, and Northwestern as well as home dates with Miami and Illinois.  We now know that the season will begin with a couple of earlier games as we learned the season opener against Florida Atlantic will start at 2:30 pm and the McNeese State game will begin at 11 am (both times Central).