Saturday, November 22nd 2014

Minnesota Beats Nebraska in Lincoln

Minnesota looked to be a tough matchup for Nebraska given that they feature a power running game and that NU has struggled mightily against the run.  Well, 281 rushing yards later and the Golden Gophers found themselves victors by a 28-24 margin. 

Thursday, November 20th 2014

What Now?

While there have been a number of post-mortems offered in the aftermath of Nebraska's embarrassing loss to Wisconsin, there comes a point where you stop looking backward and need to look forward.  Fans may be split on the wisdom of retaining Bo Pelini as the head football coach or moving on and the next two weeks could mean a great deal both in terms of perception and his real job security. 

Friday, November 14th 2014

Five Factors Provide Hope for Nebraska Against Wisconsin

It's often the case that games boil down to a short list of critical factors that determine the outcome.  SBNation's Bill Connelly points to five that are awfully important in determining winners and losers.  They are (in order of importance): explosiveness, efficiency, field position, finishing drives (i.e. red zone), and turnover margin.  Looking at how the Huskers and Badgers have performed in these categories may provide clues to the outcome of the most important game of the season. 

Tuesday, November 4th 2014

The Sweet 16

If you discount all of the 2-loss teams from the playoffs (though it doesn't seem impossible that an SEC team with two losses could sneak in), we're left with 16 teams in the FBS with 1 loss or no losses.  They are (in order of AP ranking) Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn, Alabama, Oregon, TCU, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Baylor, Arizona State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Duke, Marshall, and Colorado State.  

Monday, November 3rd 2014

Wisconsin Means Everything

Nebraska has two weeks to prepare for the most important game of the season.  On paper, it appears that Wisconsin is likely to win the remaining games on their schedule and represent the Big Ten West in the Big Ten Championship game.  The team with the best opportunity to prevent the Badgers from winning the division title is the Huskers.  And that's not the only thing at stake. 

Sunday, November 2nd 2014

Huskers Power Past Purdue Minus Abdullah

Purdue outyarded Nebraska and lost by three touchdowns.  Some inopportune miscues by the Huskers helped keep the game even that close.  The Boilermakers made mistakes of their own including having two punts blocked that led to 14 NU points.  The 35-14 final is enough to keep the Big Red alive for a College Playoff berth, but it probably didn't strengthen their case.  

Tuesday, October 28th 2014

Updated Playoff Scenarios

Today, the initial rankings from the Playoff Selection Committee will be released.  While there will be a lot of hand-wringing over the initial set of team ratings, there are still so many consequential games remaining that  the rankings are still practically meaningless.  If we try to forecast how the remaining schedules play out based on the latest Sagarin predictor rankings, we can get a sense of who might be left standing at season's end. 

Monday, October 27th 2014

A Method to Bo’s Madness?

It was mildly surprising following an easy win by Nebraska over Rutgers to hear head coach Bo Pelini sound very critical of his team - almost as if his squad had been defeated.  It would have been easy to take a different tone (at least with the media).  Instead, his anger surely got his team's attention.  The question becomes, was that a sincere emotional/rational response, or a little bit manufactured (i.e. some coaching via the media). 

Saturday, October 25th 2014

Huskers Lose Turnover Battle But Win Big Anyway Versus Rutgers

Nebraska ran the ball well and played good pass defense.  That's nothing new.  Add in a generally efficient day by quarterback Tommy Armstrong and good special teams and the Huskers cruised to a 42-24 win.  

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014

Playoff Possibilities Abound

It's almost comical to watch the national media attempt to predict today who the four College Football Playoff teams will be.  With so many big games remaining on the schedule and upsets sure to occur, it will be hard to get a real sense of who will make the playoff until about Thanksgiving.  Mathematically, you'd have to give every team with one loss or fewer from a major conference at least some chance.  What might the latest computer polls tell us?