Winning Conference Bowl Record on the Line Wednesday

With Minnesota's loss to Syracuse on Friday and Michigan's loss to Kansas State on Saturday, the Big Ten Bowl Record is 0-2 heading into New Year's Day.  Nebraska kicks off a slate of four Big Ten bowls on Wednesday before Ohio State plays Clemson on Friday.  Only 4 Big Ten wins on New Year's will guarantee that the conference comes out of this bowl season with a winning record.

Of the games left, only Wisconsin and Ohio State are favored to win.  For the conference to come out even at the end of New Year's means that at least two underdogs are going to have pull out wins along with a Wisconsin win, or three underdog wins if the Badgers lose.

The two best chances lay in the hands of Wisconsin (-2) and Michigan State (+3.5).  Iowa and Nebraska are both at least a touchdown underdog and will have to put together some impressive performances against stong SEC opponents to overcome those types of odds.

Here are the games left for those searching the channel guides on Wednesday (plus the Orange Bowl on Friday).

  • Gator, Nebraska vs. Georgia, 11 AM ESPN2
  • Capital One, Wisconsin vs. South Carolina, Noon ABC
  • Outback, Iowa vs. LSU, Noon ESPN
  • Rose Bowl, Stanford vs. Michigan State, 4 PM ESPN
  • Orange, Clemson vs. Ohio State, Friday Jan. 3, 7:30 PM ESPN
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Umm, it don’t look so good.
Now that I’m into the B1G though, they all do look like nice matchups.

Man, that Johnny Footbowl was INSANE, never seen anything quite like it.  Dude has made Sumlin look REAL good and I wonder how aTm is gonna to come to grips with the reality that they will never have a guy like JF again, as in, forever.  Major buzz kill for dem Ags.  Hope dude comes back for at least another year, love watching him play college fuhball.

Duke fought their tails off and if not for a few “Got Becked” episodes by their OC they prolly win that thing.  Hats off to them.

Ok, well, not looking so good for El B1G-o.  tOSU is the only team I have as a fav in their game.  NU will have to play fairly flawlessly to win and I will bolieve that when I see it.  However, who knows, maybe we will get lucky and kick their asses, we are due for such a game—overdue.

This SEC connection in bowls is kinda killing us, who’s idea was it?  NU/GA, IA/LSU, WI/SC.  Well, just means the B1G has got to get better, we start winning some of these and maybe the tide will turn a bit.

the B1G says they’re going to have better control of tie-ins next season.
Happy New year!



Huskers 24

Dawgs 19



Then again, at the end of the day, if Nebraska posts a dubya, the rest of the B1G can sit on a goose egg.

Minnesota vs Syracuse       (B1G 0 - 1)
Michigan vs Kansas St.      (B1G 0 - 2)  ROFLMAO!!!
Nebraska vs. Georgia         (B1G 1 - 2)
Wisconsin vs. South Carolina (B1G 1 - 3)
LSU vs Iowa                 (B1G 1 - 4)
Michigan St. vs Stanford       (B1G 2 - 4)
tOSU vs Clemson ...

Michigan State is the real deal. Full of studs and knocked dog crap out of powerhouse Stanford.

Don’t look now but Big 10 has Meyer and Dantonio super coaches to contend with.

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