Will Bo’s Boys Bounce Back Against Bulldogs in the Bowl?

One of the aggravating things to Husker fans in the Bo Pelini era has been his team's vulnerability to most any foe.  While Pelini's team have an even or winning record (mostly winning) against regular season Big Ten competition, he's lost a game to every division opponent and to every conference team he's faced more than once (except Penn State).  What his team might be missing in consistency, it seems to make up for in resiliency.  To loosely quote Chumbawamba, when he gets knocked down, he gets up again.  Might that pay off for him this year in a bowl game rematch?


Bo Pelini's record when he faces a team that beat him the year before is 7-4.  If that doesn't seem impressive, compare it to Tom Osborne (i.e. the coach against whom all other Husker coaches will forever be measured).  Osborne went 14-15-1 when facing a team the year after they'd beaten Nebraska.  You may knock Bo down, but he's not likely to stay down.

Perhaps a bit more concerning in the case of Georgia is that the Bulldogs are a non-conference team.  The Huskers lost the rematch to Virginia Tech and UCLA.  He did win a rematch with Washington after losing to them in a bowl the prior year.  

Still, it's not hard to approach the game with some hopefulness.  When Bo gets a second chance, more often than not he's changed the outcome.  You could also point to his string of nine-win seasons and think he'll get the ninth one in January.  The pro-style offense run by Georgia is the type that his defenses have fared better against.  With a year to prepare, it's reasonable to think that the Bulldogs won't score 45 points this time around.

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Bo seem to coach better with teams he has played before;  we saw this during the first year in Big 10.  I also think the Huskers have a better attitude then the Bulldogs, because the Bulldogs won last year and have nothing to prove vs. Nebraska hungry for a win again a team they could have beat last year.  Hopefully we can win considering the quarterback situation along with the offense injures.

Our attitude stunk when we had to play Washington for the second time in the season in the bowl game; we lost that game.  The fans were not too excited either that year and the fans aren’t excited this year either with a repeat of last year. 

I think we have a great chance of winning this year! GBR

I was agreeing with this commentary until I read “With a year to prepare…”

Seriously?  I guess that’s why we lost to MSU and Iowa, because we were preparing for Georgia instead?


The author meant that we have more film on them this year than we did last year having played them and not just relying on other teams to give us film.

With responsible coaching prep coupled with a + turnover margin for the game, NU should win.  They will have healed up on the offensive line, and in other positions needed, come game time.  We should expect the D to play well, as long as the D can stay off the field for decent stretches of time.  NU has the ability to effectively run the ball.  No reason to call fake punts or to go irate on the sideline.  If Bo takes an anti-anxiety med, we should be okay!!!  Give one to Beck as well.  That might help!

Coach Pelini’s record against B1G teams in conference play:

  Ohio State     1     1
  Michigan State     2     1  
  Wisconsin           1     1
  Michigan           2     1
  Penn State     3     0
  Iowa           2     1
  Minnesota     2     1
  Northwestern     2     1
  Purdue           1     0
  Illinois           1     0
  Total               17     7

With a healthy team (excluding Martinez), Nebraska should do very well against Georgia.  Georgia is a good team, and will play well, but barring anymore mistakes by the young men (freshman and sophomores) of dropping the ball or throwing it to the other team, Nebraska should come out on top.

So, NU wins 7 out of every 10 games played in the B10, roughly averaged out from numbers.  That is clearly respectable as a stand alone percentage.  It won’t win any conference championships, but what the hey!!!  It’s good enough to keep Bo in the dough apparently, to the tune of $3 million per year.  If NU can play better ball than it has for these past several games, NU can beat Georgia.  I do believe the D has five seniors playing consistently on that side of the ball.  If not, then my bad.

It is still a mystery why the D during Pelini’s reign as head coach has slipped to the point it has, especially after Suh left, until this year.  TO hired him to beef up the D after being ripped by opponents during the Callahan era.  Talked radio this noon talked about the Mack Brown Texas situation.  The announcers said if NU could hire Brown, they would, especially after Pelini did his MS game day antics and post-game pouty routine.  It is likely that Pelini sealed his fate following that ‘dog and pony show’ and it is now just a matter of time before he leaves. 

For all the NU fans who support Pelini, come hell or high water, be prepared to lose Bo after next season, especially if he loses, yet again, 4 games for the season.  To stay at NU, he has to want to stay.  The radio announcers said he is a man who acts like he doesn’t want to be at NU anymore.  I agree.

@NU Realista,

If it really is a mystery to you why the defense has been slipping…then you don’t pay attention much.  The first 2 years recruiting of Pelini’s coaching career was piss poor for defense.  We were bound to have a rough 2 years and that’s exactly what happened.

As for Pelini and his record…he’ll have to have a losing season before we get rid of him plain and simple.  If that’s what you want beyond a shadow of a doubt, you’ll have to start cheering AGAINST the Huskers.

I think the fear for some of us is that we have 6 more 9-4 or 8-5 seasons with 1-2 defensive meltdowns each year where the opponent scores 60+ points. Where would you stand on Bo if we had 6 more 9-4 seasons? Would you be happy with that as long as kids are graduating with good grades, keeping out of trouble, etc?

Gage:  I forget, which games this year did the opponent score 60+ points on Nebraska?

Actually, per your statement, we have had 6 x (1 or 2) = somewhere between 6 and 12 games where the opponent has scored 60+ points.  Danged if I can remember more than two, both last year.

Oops, I forgot, the key word was “FEAR”.

DK…do yourself a favor and dial up Cornnation and read what those fellows have to say about this last season.  The thing is, it’s basically the same thing I and several other people have been pointing out (albeit not as eloquently) for some time.  We get bashed for it by the irresponsible kool-aid drinkers who refuse to accept reality.  The writers at Cornnation probably know more about football than most of who scribble on this blog, therefore, it may be worth your while.  Lastly, if you follow college football at all, you may have noticed several coaches firing some of their assistants.  It has been pointed out that Bo’s loyalty to his coaches is misguided at best…his first loyalty should be to his athletes, and, that means giving them the best coaching staff money can buy.  Period.  Now, should he see the light and give Beck and Papi their walking papers and follow that up by bringing in two solid hires, yes, next year and the years to come could be great!!!  Aw, what the hell….a guy can dream, right?

If a program must live with 4 regular season losses each year, on average, the university had better have a top notch “clean as a whistle” NCAA compliant program, with lots of academic All-Americans to boot, as an upside to the program that otherwise is like kissing your sister.  Not much excites me about the latter prospect, for sure.

I do not want NU to have a losing season.  I do want NU to expect more than 8-4 seasons in this era and to not settle for less.  It seems that is what Texas has decided to do - do something about being 8-4.

dk ~ it is not a mystery to me why the NU D has become mediocre, and I agree that Pelini has shown himself not to be a great recruiter.  Can he succeed in coaching his players up to a level that competes with the best?  No evidence yet that he has that ability.  Thus, one must ask how many more years of giving him a chance to show otherwise?  If anyone wasn’t upset with his juvenile attitude displayed during and after the Iowa game, that person is in a state of denial.

As a university, Nebraska is simply treading water until they can let him go financially.  Bo’s otherwise good for 7-9 wins a seasons, so low risk keeping him around while the clock ticks away on his remaining time at NU.

This sure is some weather we’re havin’.

Yuk yuk..

I think we need to put this “fire Pelini” to bed.  It’s too negative and we need to forget until mid next season if at all.  We need to have a positive outlook and these boards are getting awfully negative which helps no one at this point.  GBR

As usual, there is a lot of talk of four loss seasons with no mention of ten win seasons.  Any coach who can win ten games in three of his first 4 years as the head coach of a program that had a 5-7 record the year before he took over is doing a great job.

Even the great Mack Brown didn’t win a conference championship until his 8th year as head coach.

Let’s compare Coach Pelini to Coach Dantonio of Michigan State.  He’s a great coach, right?  He won the B1G outright this year, and his team won a share of the title in 2010 (prior to CG).  Coach Dantonio’s record since joining the B1G is 63-29.  His Bowl record is 2-4, and he has suffered blow-out losses to Penn State in 2008, losing 49-18 and Ohio State, losing 45-7.  In 2009, Penn State blew out his team again, 42-14.  In 2009 he had a losing record of 6-7.  In 2012, when his team won a share of the B1G conference, Iowa blew his team out 37-6 and then his team was blown out in the Capitol One Bowl by a score of 49-7.  In 2011, Notre Dame blew out his team 31-13, and Coach Pelini’s Husker’s blew out his team 24-3.  He has had two 6 loss seasons and one 7 loss season.  He averages 4.14 losses per year.  He averages 9 wins per year.

Michigan State can’t expect too much sticking with a coach who has an average of 4.14 losses per year, and in three of his seven years as head coach has had two 6 loss seasons and one 7 loss season, right?  He has also had 7 blow-out losses.

Yeah, according the fair-weather fans of Nebraska, if Mark Dantonio had been head coach, he would have been fired in 2009 after posting a 6-7 record.

Coach Pelini is doing an excellent job at Nebraska.  He has proven himself to be a winner in the short time he has been here.  He has proven himself to be a leader, as the Academic All-Americans are still rolling out from Nebraska along with the divisional championships and winning records.  Those who think he can’t recruit well having been paying attention to the news of late.  They also forget guys like Abdullah, Martinez, Spencer Long, Kenny Bell, Randy Gregory, Lavonte David, and Rex Burkehead.  Yeah, Bo can recruit excellent players.

Those who don’t like Coach Pelini will never look at his accomplishments.  They can’t argue with that; no, they don’t like him because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and back up what he says.  They comment on his salary, but never bring up that Kirk Ferentz, Brady Hoke, Bill O’Brien and Urban Meyer are paid more.  Coach Pelini’s record against those teams are 2-1, 2-1, 3-0 and 1-1 respectively.

For the Coach Pelini haters, take some Pepto Bismal, get some counseling, take your anti-depressants, and continue to hope that the Huskers will lose so that maybe Coach Pelini will be fired.  He won’t be, though.  The players, who are the people who know him best, love him and support him and Coach Pelini’s teams keep churning out wins.  One can only imagine how many wins his team would have had this year without all of the injuries.  Think that’s an excuse?  Ask the head coach of Georgia about injuries and if his team would be 8-4 right now without the injuries his team suffered.  Yeah, the Coach Pelini haters can say Georgia’s injuries affected the team but declare that as an excuse when applied to Coach Pelini’s team.  smh.

The good news is that Coach Pelini is still here.  This means that there is hope for a B1G championship next year. If the team can avoid a catastrophe of injuries like it suffered this year, then they will win the B1G next year.

New Yorker - I love your passion and truly respect your opinions about Husker football….....but myself and a few others on the board just don’t see it your way. After decades of living for scarlet and cream colored Saturdays in the fall, I simply will not be able to get excited about Nebraska football anymore until Bo finally moves on. What makes things even harder to take is seeing the likes of Chris Petersen and Craig Bohl - two of several marquee candidates to replace Bo - take new jobs without the Big Red even considering them. It literally makes me sick on my stomach.

I’ll rephrase the question. Where would you stand on Bo if we have 6 more years of 9-4 or 8-5 seasons with 1-2 embarrassing losses each year? I’d even let you throw in one 10-3 season for good measure. For 2013 I’d say the embarrassing losses were to UCLA and Minnie. 38 unanswered points was embarrassing and seeing Minnie out-muscle the Huskers just shouldn’t happen. Would you be happy with 6 years like that?

Kelly D.,

Thanks.  I’m sorry you won’t be able to get excited for Husker football on Saturdays.  I know I that I greatly enjoy watching them play, and have since I moved here 16 years ago.  Even when Coach Callahan was at the helm, I looked forward to watching them play each and every game.

That being said, it may be a good thing for you not to watch them play.  College football is entertainment for the fans.  It is supposed to be enjoyable.  If you are “literally” becoming sick to your stomach, as you say, perhaps you might want to choose another form of entertainment.

I know I would.  I like watching the Huskers play, I like reading and writing on blogs about them, and I enjoy discussing Husker football with just about anyone.  If it made me sick to my stomach at any point for any reason, I would stop.

Just a thought.

Point is don’t fear, just sit back and enjoy.  Maybe get mad a few times - get the adrenaline going.
What happens if/when Bo wins a championship? —
Then, the next year he does not repeat.  Will you be asking for Bo’s contract then?
Or, he wins a championship, then quits/retires/whatever, then what?
What if everything went right for a change?  What would you write about?
There is nothing to fear, only to enjoy.

Are you kidding me?  Look this is one more game.  The only thing the team has to do is defeat the team that is on the field before them.  Good lord Cornhuskers.  After all our training. After all our history.  Have you not learned that lesson?

One day at a time.  One game at a time. In the deed the glory.

Captain Bly,

Do yourself a favor and stop jumping into conversations unless you have something of value to bring.  Your entire comment was ignorant and lacked any content worth bringing here.

Every single one of your comments are “I see things better than anyone else and I have seen it for longer” and each one of these gets old.

I’m not a kool aid drinker…but I’m sure as hell not as ignorant to both sides of the argument like you are.

I’d like to say that nothing else needs to be said…. New Yorker pretty much knocked the entire thing out of the park.

agreed dk, the craptain knows he’s not allowed to speak without 7’z direction.

Dk..you obviously didn’t read the article…it’s also apparent, you are content to suck on the hind teat of mediocrity and don’t have the guts to accept reality.  Just because NU’s AD lacks a set of balls, and Bo and his merry band of fuck-ups are back next year does not mean any of us who want a change are going to go hide in a closet…and, I will decide if anything else need to be said…got it asshole???

If Bo learns to control his emotions and becomes half way civil with the press & fans and brings nat’l respect back to the program I’ll get back on board. He doesn’t even have to win a championship - he just needs to be competitive and begin to act like a man. I don’t dislike the guy. I’m not a win at any expense kind of guy.

Captain Bly,

Just because I think the program is going in the right direction and that we should ‘keep on keeping on’ doesn’t mean I’m “content to suck on the hind teat of mediocrity”.  No one is.  Most of us were fans during the 60-3 run and if we’re not, we know it happened.  I’m just not a knee jerk reaction type of guy….I don’t sit there and have the audacity to think I know what’s best for this program.  I think Bo should get some more time.

The idea here is that Tom Osborne had the benefit of taking over a championship winning program and it still took him more than 6 years to win the conference.  That’s all I think Bo deserves too.

Here’s my article at Cornnation you can read about this:  http://www.cornnation.com/2013/11/22/5133456/dr-osborne-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-embrace-the-huskers


The Nebraska fans need to become half-way civil toward Coach Pelini.  Respect is a two-way street.  They need to appreciate a great coach and quit saying that ten and nine win seasons are “mediocre” and that a team he brought back from the abyss is “irrelevant.”  They need to stop screaming for him to be fired.  I don’t know how civil I would be toward people who came to my job and shouted that I needed to be fired.  How civil would you be toward them?

The press needs to stop asking stupid questions if they don’t want stupid answers.  The press needs to stop secretly tape recording “off the record” statements and then putting them on the record “anonymously” two years later.  I’d have nothing but disdain for the press if I were Coach Pelini and I don’t blame him for treating them the same way they treat him.

I can’t believe you said that he “needs to be competitive.”  His record in the both the Big 12 and B1G prove this beyond a doubt.  He is acting like a man, by the way.  I think that is what bothers many people these days.  A man stands up for what he believes in with no apologies-a man defends his family, also.  And this is what Coach Pelini has done.  When the wonderful Nebraska fans say a great quarterback like Taylor Martinez “sucks” and spew venom about him, Coach Pelini has his back.  Don’t mess with Coach Pelini’s players, he has made that abundantly clear.

Another player (Kenny Bell) said he would stand with Coach Pelini against Satan and a team of demons. 

That’s the kind of guy I want leading young men. One who inspires loyalty and respect and supports his team and leads from the front, not the rear.

craptain, you’ve been out of the closet for quite some time now. It’s OK. Now get back in your ou snuggy and do what you do best. STFU

That’s all a reasonable fan can ask!  :))

No doubt some fans, just like some of the press, are un-civil to coaches and players. Some go way over the line like some fans in Lincoln did to Cosgrove’s kids which I considered unconscionable. But in no way shape or form can I respect a head coach that descends to their level. In my world that is not manly. It’s cowardly just like the actions of the perpetrators.

What the players say holds no water in my opinion because Callahan’s players were just as loyal to him and I’ve yet to find anyone on here that didn’t want him gone. I actually dared to hope Callahan would succeed which probably gets your ire up too.

@ Cappy Bly,

Haha, CN?  Good one bro.  Yea, a couple of their so called writers vehemently defended their pick of NW to win the division and possibly the conference this year.  The rest, except for one—who’s podcast average’s about 2 hits per and would probably get more traffic if he spit the sawdust out of his mouth before speaking—are serious koolaid drinking homers that ruthlessly attack anyone who doesnt tow the partay line.  Then there’s Husker Mike, legend in his own mind who’s own blog, Husker Mikes Blasphemy, averages maybe one comment per month,since doncha know, the guy could bore the paint off a wall.  I currently rank #8 out of 140 in their yearly cyber office pool, the closest ‘writer’ coming in @ around 30 something.

Other than that, yea, they really ‘know’ their football.

Triumph Dogg,

So since they couldn’t predict Northwestern…they suck as writers and don’t know football?  Horrible logic.  Using this logic, there aren’t any good writers out there as almost all of them picked NW to contend.

I think you might need to pull your head out of the sand.

That’s ok dk, you clearly have a monopoly on the sandbox, watch out for the cat shit..

I am watching out for it…that’s why I haven’t stepped on you yet.


Like NE, you appear to be a “Legend’ in your own mind…  Which reminds me, looks like you just made my limerick list:


There once was a guy named devine
Who fancied Grace as a legend in his own mind
But one day he lost it
Not a clue where he had tossed it
Till a cat in the sand, he did find…

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