Why Care About Tim Miles

Nebraska basketball fans were looking to turn the page on the program after the first year of being in the toughest conference in the country.  The expectation from the majority of Husker followers is relatively low for the basketball program.  So when Doc Sadler's last season fell on such difficult times, there was little choice left for Dr. Tom Osborne.  Enter stage left, new head coach, Tim Miles.

Tim Miles is one thing, but why care about Nebraska basketball at all in this sports climate?  The first half of the basketball season is almost over by the time the Husker football team takes the field in whatever bowl game they get to play.  And by that time this past season, the Huskers had already lost to Creighton, Oregon, Wake Forest, Wisconsin, and Michigan State.  On January 2nd, Nebrasketball was in the middle of a four game conference losing streak to start the conference play.  It was a stretch in which they were outscored by an average of 18 points/game.

To say that college football overshadows the start of college basketball is an understatement.  For most casual fans, the basketball season starts at the end of conference play, the beginning of conference tournaments, and when the big dance comes in March.  The bowl system, as great as it is, does not hold a candle to the round of 64 when a reported $1 billion of productivity is lost from selection Sunday through that week.

To care about Tim Miles is to care about Nebraska basketball making it to an NCAA tourney game, and maybe even winning one.  Based on his past experiences, he can recruit the region and has shown the ability to defeat higher ranked teams.  Though he has coached at nothing higher than a mid-major position, he has left every program in better shape than when he entered, and even increased his win total every year at Colorado State.

There are plenty of skeptics in place about what type of coach Nebraska is bringing in, but so far, he is saying all the right things.  Nebraska basketball fans have always been optimists by necessity, and it will have to continue with this coach until results come through.

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It is a ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ situation. Do we win games and the fans will come to help win more or have the fans come help win games from the start. Fans help win games so getting fans in the seats at home games is essential. I believe Coach Miles understands this and I hope students and locals support his efforts

i haven’t watch CSU play, but i just hope Miles has a better offensive mind than Doc.  watching the ball being passed around the perimeter until someone turns it over or launches a trey is about as boring as it gets.

The rest to care about Tim Miles also is because this potentially rounds out the hires that Tom Osborne is around for.  If he’s able to get men’s baseball, football and basketball on good footing with women’s basketball and volleyball already there, then it brings some closure to what he came back to do and may set in process his departure.  Sad to say.

Howard, during the press conference Tim Miles quoted an article written by a Duke grad which found that fans lead to winning more than winning leads to fans.  He didn’t say it was necessarily a universal truth but more as evidence that he plans to do whatever he can to increase attendance, especially from students (which I’ve always thought made a solid showing at games).

Which basically brings me to the only thing I have to say about Tim Miles so far:  His press conference was awesome.  Great personality, enthusiasm, and answers to everything.  He’ll have to prove it on the court and during recruiting, but he at least got me on board.

To Ty:  I agree, although I don’t think Tom’s retiring is a sad thing, and not because he’s done a poor job or anything of that sort.  He has a family, a wife, and other interests he needs to make a priority as well.  While it may be a sad day for we fans when he retires fully from the University, I hope it will be fulfilling for him that he has an opportunity to concentrate on the things that really do matter in life.

Isaac, I missed him quoting “fans lead to winning more than winning leads to fans” but it seems to make perfect sense and should be what we rally around.  Positive attitude and support plus everyone there to have fun. Now how to get that tradition going is the trick. If the Huskers are out here in Nor-Cal, we will be there. GBR!!!

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