Which Big Ten Team Will Get the Short Straw Bowl Game?

When bowls with Big Ten agreements make their selections, they'll likely have a lot of options.  While there's a pecking order for the bowls to make their picks, the teams can be taken in just about any order based on what the bowl committees want most.  Here's the rundown.  Who might get stuck in the Texas Bowl or even Heart of Dallas?


Ohio State (12-0)
The Buckeyes will likely play for a national championship with a victory over Michigan State or get an at-large BCS bid with a loss to the Spartans.  If somehow, Auburn jumped ahead of OSU after both schools win, you'd see Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.  In any case, they seem like a lock for a BCS bowl.  

Michigan State (11-1)
Most projections have the Spartans in a BCS bowl win or lose on Saturday.  It's not inconceivable that they could fall out of the BCS mix with a loss which would send them to the Capital One Bowl (which would be required to take them).

Wisconsin (9-3)
The assumption is that the Capital One Bowl will take Wisconsin if they don't  take Michigan State.  But they have the right to choose from Iowa, Nebraska, or Minnesota as well.  If the Huskers hadn't played in the last two Capital One Bowls, you might have seen NU taken here.  The average attendance was higher in the Capital One Bowls that featured Nebraska than Wisconsin and NU managed better TV ratings against a common opponent this year (Minnesota).  It's probably overthinking it to suggest someone other than the Badgers will play in this one, but it's not impossible.

Iowa (8-4)
The Hawkeyes seem like the next most deserving team given that they beat Nebraska, Minnesota, and Michigan.  But deserving is a ways down the list of criteria for how these bowls make their selections.  The Outback Bowl is the first bowl to select after the Capital One.  If two Big Ten teams are in BCS bowls, they are free to choose anyone.  Otherwise, they'll be free to take any team with at least 8 wins.  It's not inconceivable that they could choose Nebraska here.  They might actually be thinking Michigan if the Wolverines hadn't played there a year ago, even then it wouldn't be shocking to see the Maize and Blue here.  The Gator Bowl likes to take teams on a roll.  If for some reason the Hawkeyes aren't in the Outback, the Gator Bowl won't pass on the only remaining team to finish the regular season on a winning note.

Nebraska (8-4)
There's an argument to be made about who the next most deserving team is.  Minnesota is also 8-4 and beat the Huskers head to head in Minneapolis.  But their 4-4 conference record is worse than NU's 5-3 finish and they lost at Michigan while Nebraska won.  In the eyes of bowl selectors, the Cornhuskers probably come out ahead.  That's why a lot of people think the Huskers will head to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.  That bowl may find Michigan irresistable, though don't discount the time zone given how late this game is played.  A Husker-Sooner or Husker-Longhorn matchup seems irresistible.  The Wolverines are sure to get major consideration.  If the Huskers don't get picked by the Capital One, Outback, or Buffalo Wild Wings, look out.

Minnesota (8-4)
Based just on its brand-name, a lot of people are thinking Minnesota is in line for the short straw.  But the Gator Bowl just might come to their rescue.  The Gator Bowl will likely select Georgia given the chance.  Bulldog fans already come to Jacksonville annually and the proximity should get a lot of tickets sold.  Only a bowl-eligible Florida team would delight the Gator Bowl more.  Since the Gator Bowl expects to fill the stadium with Bulldogs, they don't want to scare them off with a rematch with Nebraska.  That's still got to be more interesting than Minnesota, but it sounds like they really don't want a replay of last year's Capital One (which was certainly exciting).  It's expected that the Chick-fil-A Bowl will automatically take Texas A&M over Georgia.  Apparently, that game is already a sellout, so filling the stadium with home state fans won't be necessary and having Johnny Football in potentially his last game is too enticing.

Michigan (7-5)
Whether it's the conference record or the overall record, the Wolverines seem like the team that ought to go to the Texas Bowl.  They did manage to beat Minnesota pretty soundly and finished with something of a moral victory against Ohio State.  It seems unlikely that the Wolverines will slip past the Gator Bowl just given the ratings they can deliver.

And the Short Straw Goes To...
That likely leaves either Minnesota or Nebraska holding the short straw and facing a Big 12 also-ran like Texas Tech.  At least NU would get a ninth win in that scenario.  Should Michigan State fall out of the BCS bowl mix, then an even shorter straw is added to the mix in the form of the Heart of Dallas bowl.  If a game against the Red Raiders (losers of five straight games) sounds dull, how does a game against North Texas sound?

These Games May Matter
That also makes some remaining games more meaningful than you might expect in how the bowls shake out.  A Michigan State win over Ohio State is a slam dunk to get two Big Ten teams into BCS bowls.  If that doesn't happen, a Bowling Green victory over Northern Illinois on Friday would probably help Michigan State's chances of grabbing a BCS at-large bid.  Similarly, wins by Louisville and UCF could push the American Athletic (formerly Big East) champion ahead of Northern Illinois in the BCS rankings which could also keep smaller conferences out of the BCS at-large mix.  A loss by Baylor and/or Oklahoma State might also help Michigan State's cause by keeping the Big 12 limited to just one BCS bid.  Some of that might backfire if that Texas sneaks in along with a 10-2 Baylor or Oklahoma State team.  A win by Stanford over Arizona State might get a second Big Ten team an at-large bid ahead of the Pac-12.  A Duke upset of Florida State would be bad in that it would solidify two BCS bids for the ACC, which isn't a sure thing at this point.  So there's plenty of rooting interest for Husker fans out there in the coming week.       

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Once again relegated to any of the “It don’t really matter Bowls,” the Huskers will have to get very healthy to even be competitive.  While Bo has stabilized the program into an also ran, he and his staff have not pushed/pulled/or dragged this program to the next level.  On defensive it’s easy to see the Blackshirts taking that next step, they’re young and talented.  The offensive never seemed to have a rhythm.  I know injuries limited what they could dialup so we’ll have to wait and see.  Question.  If Martinez is healthy come bowl game does he play or watch the future lead the Huskers?
Go Big Red!

Bo will play TMart if he is anywhere near healthy and can run.  Rumor is he is likely to start as QB in whatever bowl NU ends up with.  Personally, I would like NU to play a team they have a better chance of defeating.  Having December to continue practices is important for team development.  Getting the win will take some of the negative edge off of the current circumstances.  Would be nice to see NU play a game without a turnover.  If NU simply follows a more simple game plan that minimizes risks of losing the ball and works on return game, they should beat most teams they would be matched up against in the Taco Bowl, or whatever.  Coach needs to spend December getting back to football basics with his players.  He should also be providing Eichorst with a doctor’s slip every week evidencing his attendance at counseling sessions for anger management and how to be a professional.  Oh, one more thing.  Bo, will you be paying that $10K fine by check or money order???  And finally, have Bo remind himself outloud that he not only represents the players, but on Saturdays, he is the face of the University - my alma mater, the program supporters, and the State of Nebraska.  Repeat after me Bo . . .  Repeat after me.

Nebraska Vs. Texas

In the Chicken$hit call bowl.
Brought to you by Chick-A-Filet

I suggest Bo cashes a check and pays in singles.

“Personally, I would like NU to play a team they have a better chance of defeating.  Having December to continue practices is important for team development.  Getting the win will take some of the negative edge off of the current circumstances. “

The only way you get better is by constantly testing yourself.  I would rather be matched against a team everyone thinks will beat us.  Those are the games that test you physically and mentally.

“That likely leaves either Minnesota or Nebraska holding the short straw and facing a Big Ten also-ran like Texas Tech.  At least NU would get a ninth win in that scenario.”

Have you not watched NU play this year??  I have and I don’t see how you can guarantee a win against any bowl opponent.

Referring to a possible bowl matchup w/ Texas Tech the author says “At least NU would get a ninth win in that scenario. ” WTF???? Are you kidding me!!! The only scenario that assures NU a ninth win is the opponents team bus getting lost on the way to the stadium. Remember the impressive showing against Washington two years ago IN THE BOWL GAME AFTER THE HUSKERS BEAT THEM BY ABOUT 5 TD’S IN THE REGULAR SEASON. There are no sure wins with a Bo Pelini coached football team. It’s truly pathetic that Bo is still in charge. What an embarrassment to one of the most iconic brands in all of college football that he has yet another chance to go out and embarrass The Big Red!

There are no guarantees in football. Just ask the stooges idol, Dick Sabon. 3 wks to heal might do wonders. GBR

Good article Mr. Hanway, however I would refrain from predicting a 9nth win.  We have time to heal up and with that in mind the 9nth win is a possibility.

I would like it a great deal if you would do an article contrasting the hypocracy that seems to exist in the B1G.  Why a coach is sactioned and fined $10k for comments he made about officiating and how the standards of conduct and sportsmenship appears to be something the B1G is willing to enforce on Nebraska but not on Michigan or Ohio St. when their team members actually get into a fight on the field.  Granted they were ejected from the game but shouldn’t the Universities be fined for not enforcing the sportsmenship and conduct standards in their program?

Don’t get me wrong, I think we all know that football is an intense sport but it just seems that a coaches frustrations with bad officiating (and lets face it, the officiating was bad this year) is a genuine reason to be frustrated.  Waving your hat around doesn’t quite rise to the severity of throwing punches.  I mean really, what type of “conduct” are you condoning if Michigan and Ohio St. are not fined?

First, did someone suggest NU play an opponent they will be sure to defeat?  I thought the suggestion was play someone you have a better chance of defeating.  You would have to be insane to think it would be in NU’s best interests to play a clearly superior team as things stand today.  No one seems to object when NU schedules those powerhouse teams like SD State, Dinkum U, or other similar foes for the pre-B!10 schedule.  Tell me how playing in a bowl against a team that is more heavly favored is in NU’s best interests considering the “chaos” that has been exhibited during this season on the field and on the sidelines!!!!  Such “chaos” is not likely to suddenly disappear like a bad dream come this next game.  This team and the coaches need to rehab and take on a decent competitive opponent toward the end of the year while they get their collective bearings straight.  I remember when NU played OU earlier on in Bo’s coaching career here at NU, and after the first Q, NU was behind something like 28-0.  It was awful, and the game was a total bust.

NU Realist,

12/4/2010 vs. *Oklahoma (12-2) L 20 23 @ Big 12 Championship
11/7/2009 vs. *Oklahoma (8-5) W 10 3
11/1/2008 @ *Oklahoma (12-2) L 28 62
12/2/2006 vs. *Oklahoma (11-3) L 7 21
Football is a competition.  As far as schedules go, they are done years in advance and there is no telling how good a team is going to be when we face them on the field.  However, Bowl games are different.  They are determined at the end of the year and any opponent we face has a winning record.  So if the B1G wants to improve its standings amongst the other conferences the choice is clear.  Opt to go to bowls with opponents who are raited higher than you and beat them.  That is one way to counter the influence of the press in determining who is going to have a shot at the NC and who isn’t.  The other way to do that is to win all your OOC games at the beginning of the year.

Though going to a non-bcs bowl does not garauntee that you will be playing a ranked opponent, it does at least give you the opportunity to compete for next years standings.

Scott,  Kelly D, agree with every word..The thought of playing Texas or Oklahoma would be a train wreck…isn’t Mankato St available???But, Red’s Riled Up brought up a point that makes sense…maybe (you got your fingers crossed?) in three weeks we’ll be healthy enough to compete with somebody…let’s hope so, right?

Johnny, you’re right on about the “double standard” shown by the powers of the BIG.  just ridiculous.  Watch next year how many ejected players walk off the field giving the crowd the finger…nice, huh?  But, you know what really drives me nuts?  Why is it we never hear of the BIG reprimanding one of their poor (take your pick, here) refs for stupid calls like the one we saw a couple of weeks ago that cost us a touchdown, or, yes, the horrible call that so incensed Bo?

Well, I, for one would like to see NU matched up against the best Team they can come up with.  I’d also love to see T-Mart start the game and hope he’s up for it.  He deserves an opportubity to win a Bowl game, something that’s eluded him for the past 3 years.
At least the game will be on TV…geez, I hate watching the same fumble 3 or 4 times in a row…..(gotta start working on my game vocabulary)....They can’t do that on the radio.

Let’s not play “pretend”.  When we schedule someone (yes, I am referring to SDSU) who used to be in the old North Central Conference playing Morningside College in Sioux City and Augustana College out of Sioux Falls, or Mankato State , we know SDSU when we play them will not be a top 25 team in the country.  So, yes, there are teams we schedule who will not predictably be considered a real challenge at the time we play them years later.  Let’s not “pretend”.  The bowls line up opponents, for the most part, with similar season W-L numbers and standings in their respective conferences.  Anyone who thinks, for instance, it would be in NU’s best interests to play Alabama or Florida State this year is crazy.  Not only would ‘Bama clean NU’s clock, but it would only reinforce what an average team NU is this season.  Yah, it’s heroic to claim you play for the competition, but we are not the NU of old.  Taking it to the extreme, would you really like to see Kansas play Florida State?  Give me a break!  Not a game I’d rush to see.  I have to assume since NU is far enough down in the totem pole of bowls, NU’s opponent will not be significantly better than NU, in which case, NU will have that chance to win.  But please spare me the chivalry of football nobility.  The last thing NU needs is a good thrashing by a team that is coached up and avoids “chaos” on the field as is aptly pointed out by Sam McKewon.

PS.  Former NCC opponents and lower level teams with pathetic records play us because they need the money, not the loss.  For sure it’s not the thrill of competition and the agony of defeat they want.  Hopefully, we don’t reach the point where we need the money too!

Tom O. found out in 1992 (???) that scheduling Auburn, Florida State and Penn State as 3 of the 4 non-conference games was not a great thing to do.  1-2 as a start that year.  Ooops - here comes Montana.  Now we’re talking common sense.

NU Realist,

Let’s also not pretend that top teir teams are chomping at the bit to come and play Nebraska early in the season.  The only time Miami beat Nebraska was when we were playing them in bowl season.  Same with the Floridas of the world.  I credit Oregon and Miami for agreeing to come and play an OOC game with Nebraska early in the season in the years to come, but it is only teams like that, and like Oklahoma that dare to do so.  The reason is, they know who we are and a loss to Nebraska early in the season is not a show stopper to them in their conference play and hence not an issue for them when climing the latter, but a win over Nebraska, though never garaunteed would be a boon for their program image and NC hopes.

Just ask Penn St’s 1983 team.  Or the 82 team for that matter.

One thing is for certain getting the OOC schedule together has been difficult not because we don’t ask for teams to come and play us, but because the “good” teams often don’t want an OOC loss before conference play.

Captain Bly,

Agreed.  The B1G is showing itself to be rather ethnocentristic in how they treat the members of the conference.  The older members tend to get a pass whilst the new members, I.E. Penn St. and Nebraska, tend to get shafted.  The rules are the rules, I think we all understand that, but if you are going to enforce the rules enforce them even handedly.

If the explanation that the reason why Michigan and Ohio St, didn’t get fined has anything to do with the B1G’s storied “rivalry” between these two teams, I think I might just puke.  I mean really, isn’t that why the NCAA tends to look the other way on matters like this to begin with?

However, I am gratefull that Nebraska has more than proved itself to this conference.  Being a dominant force in it over the last three years.  And I am gratefull that we are getting our full share of funds as a full fledged member of the conference this year.

My point is . . . . we schedule opponents years in advance who we know should not be a serious threat by the time we play them.  Thus, the Maine’s and Montana’s of the world get scheduled.  It is, in my opinion, a lame excuse to suggest scheduling such potentially weak opponents 8 years in advance doesn’t mean they won’t be a tough win later on.  Maine will be a weak opponent this year or 10 years from now.  That was my point.  Everyone, with few exceptions schedules a weaker pre-conference game schedule. 

Now, some of you suggest NU should welcome a tough bowl game and even a game with a substantial favorite playing NU.  I ealier said it would be to NU’s benefit to play someone they have a better chance of defeating than some other teams.  Katie bar the door!!! How dare Realista suggest NU hope for a weaker opponent just to be able to win the bowl game.  Well, back to the earlier discussion.  That tactic is used on a pre-conference scheduling basis all the time.  Someone then suggest we don’t know if a team years down the road will be good or bad.  Thus, my observation that scheduling certain teams no matter how far in advance does guarantee you a lessor team, come hell or high water.

I believe everything I have said is accurate and true.  I believe it is more important for NU to win the bowl game than to lose to a superior opponent.  Stomaching two losses in a row will not help the team or the coaches.  Motivation or more doubt over the winter.  The latter would do much harm for the program.

NU Realist,

I think the point you make regarding the smaller teams needing the money and not the win is a valid point.  However the counter point is this:

Nebraska vs Fresno St. 2014
Nebraska vs Miami (Florida) 2014
Nebraska vs BYU 2015
Nebraska vs Oregon 2016
Nebraska vs Northern Illinois 2017
Nebraska vs Colorado 2018
Nebraska vs Cincinatti 2020

These are not sluggish teams right now, but who knows if they will still be any good when we play them?

In answer to your question—(does anybody out there remember the original question??)—Iowa will probably get the short end of the stick, considering they beat NB, Michigan & MN.  A lot of things have to fall right for Sparty to get to a BCS game if they don’t beat OSU.  If they lose, it will likely be MSU and Wisky in the Capital One and Outback.  Buffalo Wild Wings may just choose Big Red to achieve a desirable matchup between NB and a former B12 opponent:  Nebraska/Oklahoma anyone?  Also, Iowa has been to this bowl (formerly the insight.com bowl) 2 of the last 3 years.  Then the Gator Bowl:  in a similar situation in previous years they have chosen Michigan over Iowa, even tho the Hawks beat Go Blue and when both had identical records…so Michigan probably to the Gator.  That leaves Iowa for the Texas Bowl, which wouldn’t be bad for us Hawksters, since we recruit a little in Texas and not at all in Florida.  Minny has a pathetic fan following, and will drop as low as the B10 bowls go.

Neb will struggle with whomever we get bowl game and next year because we have no quarterback worth a shit!  Just the way it is!  Sad!

Captain…..  what is stopping pelini from lookin at a juco qb that can run his offense?

NU realist

TO be fair when you look at the schedule we had this year.. out of UCLA , Wyomming, and Southern Miss.. UCLA was actually the worse team out of those when scheduled.. Southern Miss and Wyomming just 4 or 5 years ago were in the top 25.. Albeit just on the edge.. But Southern Miss went from being like 13-1 to 1-13 unfortunately.. And you pick up a team like UCLA because it will one help with recruiting and be a marque non conference game regardless of the teams records..

We’ve got games coming up against, Tennessee, Oregon, Miami, Fresno State, etc..

Look at next year , hopefully two games scheduled that are automatic wins, Florida Atlantic and McNeese State.. and then two teams in Miami and Fresno State who will probably be in the top 25 at the end of the year or beginning of next..Not bad additions to your conference schedule.. Our problem right now is the precieved notion that the big ten is bad and the sec is good.. The truth is that the few teams on the top of the SEC , BAMA , and LSU are good.. some of the other are just there// Honestly as bad as we were at times this year with Missouris or Auburns schedule we might have only 1 or two loss.. AUburn played LSU and Bama won one of them.. Then Florida, Miss St, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Tenn, Chattaonga tech, lil sisters of the poor , etc.. Missouri and Auburns schedule are actually very week and the reason for only one loss .. ( Although Im a fan of Auburn for beating BAMA)

At this point, it’s about the extra practices and more time for the bruises to lighten up.
I think this teams wants to play another game and not limp into one, like the last two, three seasons.
The whole squad, needs more practice. Even Abdullah, needs to be confident he can hold onto the loaf.
As far as the overall B1G, two bowl tie-ins are off the table, for lack of winning teams.

Twauto22, couldn’t agree more.  The big gripe I have about the SOS talk is that out of conference (OOC) teams are scheduled so far out in advance, it turns into a flip of a coin whether they will be a decent team come game time.  If SOS is all it’s going to be pushed so hard, why not schedule teams only a year out.  Wipe the future schedules off the boards and work on putting it together after the final rankings come out.  The only problem with that is then it has the potential to keep lower ranking teams out of the NCG talk because why would a higher ranking team schedule in a weaker opponent to water down their SOS?  To me it’s mostly media hype and perception that dictate ranking.  You want to bitch that the B1G teams don’t schedule strong OOC opponents, here’s a small list of some of the top SEC teams’ OOC opponents I found:

Arkansas State, Western Carolina, FAU, UAB (who), Kent State, Furman (Again, who?!?), Colorado State, Georgia State, Chattanooga (Isn’t that a dance?), Murray State (zZz), Toledo, Arkansas State.

Some of the respectable OOC opponents I found for these teams:

Washington State, TCU, Virginia Tech, Indiana.

Whoop-D-Freakin-Doo.  Those 4 teams I pulled schedules for are, wait for it:

Auburn, LSU, Alabama and Mizzery.

Their strength of schedule is dictated based upon a perception of last years’ final team performances which is not always very telling and accurate.  Example, Auburn.  Who saw that coming?  Their SOS is so high because everyone thinks every SEC team is playing up to caliber as the next.  Perception, Hype, I rest my case.

I suspect that if we could recruit a QB that is capable of playing our option offense, you know, run, pass,  pitch, know when to say when, etc, most of our possession issues would just go away. 3,4, or 5 turnovers every game indicates a serius problem, and it all begins with QB play when our options are limited by lack of innate ability.  We need a QB that is exceptional in at least one of those skills and good, if not great in all the others. I don’t know why our passes to the flat just go flat when I see other teams take the identical play for long gains over & over again.  I’m hoping J. Stanton has what we need, sooner rather than later, if not, then we’d probably do well to do some scouting, somewhere other than Texas, maybe look at a few other states that don’t have the hype attached.

Lack of apparent competent successor at QB position is fault of coach and recruiting.  God forbid if coaches are held accountable for anything in some fans minds.

NU Realista,

I think once the OL heals up you will see a better performance in the skilled positions like QB, RB, and FB.  Stanton is a highly regarded recruit as is Tommy Armstrong.  I don’t believe we are going to see a fall off in production.  With another year of getting the Offensive scheme down and another year of maturity for our young D, I am quite positive we will be a more dominant force in CFB

We hope, Johnny, your prediction comes true.  However, such hopes and prayers have been a constant chant and mantra for many years now, season after season, following 4-loss seasons and Hail Mary last minute wins with the help of timely penalties called against the opposing teams.  There is legitimate criticism in that regard to be leveled, even by folks who legitimately are considered die-hard NU fans.

NU Realista,

“Timely penalties called against the opposing teams.”

There has been some bad officiating these last couple of years.  You will have no argument from me on that fact.  But your statement gives the impression that it has bennefitted us more than it has hurt us.

Michigan St.  may not have liked how last years game went in East Lansing, with the interception returned for a touchdown called back and the passing interference call.  However, there were other cases in which Nebraska players were pushed into their players after going out of bounds but the flag fell on Nebraska and not MSU.

I think the questionable calls have both hurt and helped us evenly.  What frustrates me is, we have instant replay and even the commentators stated that our guy got pushed into the other.  The problem may center around how we use instant replay.  We can use it to confirm or overturn a call.  But those calls and the technicality and definition of them do not incorporate the acts of those who were not flagged on the play.  Meaning you cannot use Instant Replay to create a penalty.

In order to reconsile the officiating issues, we may want to take another look at instant replay guidelines.  However, there are many cases in which Nebraska TDs were called by exceptionally questionable officiating.  As was the case at Penn St.

“However, there are many cases in which Nebraska TDs were called by back exceptionally questionable officiating.  As was the case at Penn St.

Is how that should read.

“However, there are many cases in which Nebraska TDs were called back by exceptionally questionable officiating.  As was the case at Penn St. ”

Sorry.  My fingers are dislexic today.

I know Tommy needs some development, as does Johnny, but there’s certainly a lot of potential there.

Stanton was an Elite 11 QB Camp finalist.
Stanton was generally regarded as one of the nation’s top dual threat QB prospects, ranking among the top 15 overall dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation by both 247Sports and Rivals.com, while Fox Sports Next ranks him among the nation’s top 30 quarterbacks overall.

Armstrong was regarded as the No. 5 quarterback in the country and 18th-best overall prospect in the state of Texas by Scout.com, while Rivals.com ranked him among the top 50 players in Texas and one of the nation’s top 10 dual-threat signal callers.

BallField ~ so something is missing if these highly touted recruits don’t pan out.  Either the recruiting process and rating system is severely flawed, or the quality coaching is not being offered to maximize college player development.  We seen lots of newbie’s around the country achieve high levels of success their first year on the field.  Even at QB.  Doesn’t seem to be the case at NU very often in the past 10 years.

NU Realist,

Please, you are starting to sound like a stalker.  Martinez was the shiznit at the position that is why we saw little of Green and Kellog.  But both Kellog and Martinez will be graduating this year so we have a good QB in TA coming into the fold.  Stanton will be active next year as well.

Sparty has a decent shot @ picking off tOSU Sat., would love to see it happen.

I’d give us a real good chance against N Texas in a bowl, yup.  May pick up some Lone Star recruits down yonder thar too…

Realista, I think we were down -33 in the 1st 5 minutes or so, if I recall correctly.  You know, we had like 4 picks on the 1st 4 possessions.

I’d like to see a Skers/Sooners rematch, actually, think it would be a hella game.


I tend to agree the Oklahoma vs Nebraska match up would be more pleasing and competative a game to watch.  However, if we are healed up and back at full strength come bowl season, I think we would utterly destroy Texas. 

Texas did well to beat Oklahoma this year, but let’s face facts that hardly ever happens.  Matter of fact, if Texas would have lost to Oklahoma this year, I think that would have sealed Mack’s fate.


I’d rather play OU than TX about now—TX is playing some real tough physical ball on both sides and peaking at the right time.  Would be nice to exact some revenge on ‘em, though.

Hey Husker Nation! Looking for great insight from former football players? Check out huddlepass.com. Former quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch details the upcoming games and key plays from an insiders perspective. Check it out and get in the huddle. http://www.huddlepass.com/feature/120645

After watching the Ohio State-Michigan State game and seeing how Ohio State fared against MSU, it’s interesting to note that Nebraska’s offense and defense had a better performance against the Spartans than did Ohio State’s.  Nebraska’s offense put up 392 yard of total offense compared to Ohio State’s 374; Nebraska’s offense put up 28 points compared to Ohio State’s 24.  Nebraska did this with a depleted front O-line, missing a wide receiver, another wide receiver playing injured, and a second-string quarterback instead of all-conference QB Martinez. 

Ohio State’s defense gave up 438 yards of offense to the Spartans, whereas the Blackshirts allowed 361 yards.  Ohio State’s defense gave up 34 points, whereas Nebraska’s gave up 41, a seven point difference in favor of the #2 ranked Buckeyes.

Nebraska turned the ball over five times against MSU, and still remained in the game and performed better than the #2 ranked Buckeyes did.  The only team to do better against MSU than Nebraska was Notre Dame, who beat the Spartans.

@New Yorker,

Yea, I was thinking all those things rgdg Skerz and Sparty game.  Of we had had a healthy TM good chance we woulda been in the BCS discussion for real.  TM is a bog time threat with hos wheels, so long as they use em, up there with Brax and that Marshall QB for Aub—better actually.  I think TA has a serious chance too, people have to be just a tad patient, but not much of that floating around in Hukster Nation.

Stanford had like 4 ttl turnovers ON THE UEAR, k?  Well, we gotta be like that.

I think things are looking up.

“YEAR” ^^

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