Urban Meyer Hire Good News for Nebraska

A tough conference just got tougher. Is that usually good news for other teams in the conference? In Nebraska's case, that answer seems to be "Yes".


When it became evident that Ohio State was going to be in the market for a new head coach, Husker fans had an obvious concern. Would the Buckeyes try to lure away NU head coach Bo Pelini? Not only does Ohio State have a bigger pocketbook, but as Pelini's alma mater and home state school, it might provide an emotional pull that Nebraska simply couldn't match. With a high profile hire like Meyer, that concern is off the table (at least for a few years, you'd think).

The other concern is a bit less intuitive. What if tOSU made a really bad hire? That would be great in the years that Nebraska plays the Buckeyes, but it would also be handing a free victory on an annual basis to Michigan - arguably Nebraska's chief competition in the Legends division. Considering how often these division races come down to something other than head-to-head performance, these interdivision games become important. You don't want to give a division contender any added advantage. Is it any surprise that the two teams playing in the conference championship game also drew the two easiest cross-division opponents (Michigan State got Indiana and Wisconsin got Minnesota)?

Along those lines, Urban Meyer to Ohio State also means we won't see him at Penn State (Nebraska's annual cross-division rival). There are plenty of good options for the Nittany Lions, but if the most obvious home run just came off the board then the chances of them making a great hire get lessened just a bit. Hey PSU fans, I hear Ron Zook is available.

Of course, that does overlook the fact that Nebraska plays Ohio State next year and if all goes well could face the Buckeyes in Big Ten title games in the future. On those days you don't want to face a guy with Urban Meyer's resume. Then again, Pelini went 2-1 against Meyer as defensive coordinator at LSU and never allowed the Gators more than 24 points. Even in that scenario, maybe Meyer's not a bad guy to face after all.

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That’s some very good points I hadn’t thought of.

Yes, we need the Buckeyes to beat Michigan every year and it’s far better to have him at OSU than our cross-division rival PSU.

Very well stated sir!


I think our defense AND offense are bound to get better playing in this league. The look of Nebraska players will change some in time too…most of our players playing now were recruited to play in the Big 12 so I see larger linebackers and defensive linemen, that sort of thing happening and quite frankly, the better our competition is, the better we will be. Bring on Urban Meyer…if we want to win we’ll just have to play up to the level of our competition…if you want National Championships, you have to play, and beat, the best. Another reason it’s a good thing I guess.

Nueheisel to Penn State!  Would be fun to beat his teams on a regular basis again..

PE in C:  I agree with you.  Bring on Urban Meyer and Ohio State!

Isn’t Ohio State still waiting for the NCAA to rule on all those violations that came to light earlier?  It’s been such a long season that I forgot about that.

Can someone fill me in on that?

It is in Nebraska’s best interest for Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State to maintain national relevance.  It is hard to recruit in a world where people believe that there is no real football outside the SEC.  This move legitimizes the Big Ten.

“Then again, Pelini went 2-1 against Meyer as defensive coordinator at LSU and never allowed the Gators more than 24 points.”  Great point but…LSU not the Huskers. I hope everybody remembers in the next few years, this article, and why it may be good for Nebraska that Meyer is at Ohio State .  Really? Really?  Good for Nebraska?  Really?

The OSU Trustees and President don’t want a hot headed coach with very poor media skills and a sideline antics that remind them of the guy they had to fire - Woody Hayes.  They would touch Bo with a ten foot pole.

That’s some heavy strong 151 husked kool aid. Spin it however you want to urban spells doom for huskers taking over the bigten.

“BoMustGo” Really? Really? Really?. Idiot.

I really must agree with Iowa Husker. Anyone who wants to lose Bo is an idiot.  I think one really has to challenge the meme regarding the two lopsided losses this year as well as the close loss. Wisconsin did hit the quarterback lottery this year with Russel Wilson. He is an outstanding quarterback. Remember that the Huskers were up 14 to 13 when Beck decided to go on a passing rampage with 15 passes in 17 plays. If you take away those interceptions and points the game is a lot closer. Also, look at Northwestern game. The normally reliable Burkehead fumbles (maybe) on the 2 yard line. Add those seven points and it is a win. Looking at three flukey turnovers in the Michigan game one has to think that the normally ultra reliable special teams had two fumbles on receiving kickoffs, by two different Huskers and then Maher gets a punt blocked. Also the roughing the passer penalty that allowed Michigan to keep the ball and score.  Again, take away those 28 points and the game is deadly close.
Of course those miscues did happen and we cannot take them back, but those flukes would not happen again in 20 games. Hopefully they are out of our system going forward.  This year except for some very odd and unusual mistakes could have us in the top 10 or even the top 5. The only really strange thing was the poor performance by the Defense. BO and Carl really need to fix that.

Two rules/maxims of life seem to apply in this case.

1) If you want to be great, then associate with great people. Meyer immediately helps improve the B1G’s perception. A stronger leauge is a *good* thing for all member institutions.

2) Competition makes people/organizations better. Competing with Meyer at OSU can make Pelini and NU better. Remember, Switzer owned Osborne for several years. That competition to beat Switzer’s OU had to make Osborne better and tougher later on in his career.  Can the Huskers beat a Meyer-led OSU? We’ll see. But - don’t get bitter, get better. Compete.

I have many colleagues and friends that went to UF and none of them would take UM back. Basically they cite the amount of arrests and drug problems on the team during his tenure and the huge misses in recruiting his last couple years. Apparently when he left they didn’t have enough linemen and had a culture of entitlement. Finally, the success Dan Mullen has had at MSU and lack of success at UF since he left has led many to believe he was the real brains behind UM. Just pointing out what people have told me.


You are absolutely right that “LSU is not the Huskers.” LSU has never beaten the Big Red.  They are 0-5-1 all time against Nebraska.

Iowa Husker and Stephen Johnson are correct! You also need to remember that we had a killer schedule this year, many young players, and injuries hit us. The future looks bright and Bo has on the right track! How many other schools would want 9 or 10 wins every year? Every single one! Wanting to get rid of Bo is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Doesn’t make much sense at all!

Great article. I had thought of all this before. Not really!
Great coaches are only percentages better than the worse, but that fraction leads to wins. OSU will win, but they are not going to win the next 5 national titles. Kentucky paid zillions for John Calipari and so far he has won 0 titles with TONS of talent.

Wow…  I sure hope the Bo haters in the group can remember a coach we had awhile back.  I am not sure if anybody remembers him or not.  He went over 20 years without winning a National Championship.  I think his name was Tom something…. Last name started with “O” or somthing like that.  Bo has 9, 10, 10, 9+ win seasons under his belt.  We did play all new teams in a new conference this year.  We didn’t win it all!!  Oh My!!!  Coach must suck!!  I bet even Urban Meyer stumbles here and there.

“Hey PSU fans, I hear Ron Zook is available.”

That’s good stuff.

also a good point by alex:

“It is hard to recruit in a world where people believe that there is no real football outside the SEC.  This move legitimizes the Big Ten.”

Bomustgo…Really?  What? Were you a Callahan man?  Really?  It is…In my humble opinion… stupidity to want Bo to go!  he’s growing as a head coach.  That’s good!  If you remember, TO was somewhat the same record- wise in his first few years.  Just not as emotional on the sideline.  I’d have to say I’d be more like Bo… I’d like to be more like TO but honestly, I doubt most of are.  I Like BO!!!  I want him to stay and I dare say you’re in the minority as far as wanting him to leave!  Use your head man!  He’s only going to get better and our recruiting is only going to get better!  And if our fans act like the fans they’re supposed to be, That will enhance our program and recruiting as well!  Now get with the Program!  Go Big Red!

I hope Urban Meyer makes OSU into a top five team.

I hope Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Penn St. are perennial top ten teams.

Then we can quit hearing about the great SEC from my brother in Georgia.  Nebraska will play the best, and beat the best.

Keith great comment!

The thing that worries me about Urban Meyer going to Ohio State is this: is Ohio State going to be our new Texas. A team in the other (possibly stronger) division that we don"t play every year scheduled, but when we do, they have our number. Or we meet them in the conference championship game, only to get beat.  Let’s hope not.

Ltes face it the only team Bo had the advantage of playing before was Washington. Every week nu had a brand new system to prepare for. In the big twelve players remembered sceems from prior years and built upon those during prep weeks. under those conditions Bo did well. We should be more consistant on d next year and our offense will be in year two of a system…..bo big red

who cares what ohio state does——bo is the huskers coach and that’s all i care about.  he will bring the huskers back to prominance and we will be celebrating a national championship within half a dozen years

coaching for Nebraska is as good as it is going to get for Bo.
He was known for his defensive genius and forgiven for his poor offenses for the past few years.
But now that the defense imploded this year Bo’s stock is down.
Until Bo wins a NC he is stuck at NU as the best job he will be offered.
Meyer at Ohio State is not good for NU. Until we get a Saban or Meyer or Hoke or Miles we will continue to be a second tier team.

RE BOMUSTGO.  There were folks who were wanting Dr. Tom’s head back in the day as well.  In fact I think he had far more red clad detractors than Pelini after his first few years as a head coach.  seems that if BOMUSTGO and those like him had had a screen names circa 1977 it might have been TOMUSTGO.

Lsu vs Florida is completely irrelevant so Wat if D cordinator was bo its way different both are now on diff teams. Only good thing Meyer brings is prominice in big ten. And all u pep who think bi must go u obviously are never satisfied. U want bc back? Look wat bo has done to our program snape outa fantasy and into reality Il take a 9 3 record in a new conferance giving our schedule we had to play ne day.

Once again, I’m stunned at the lack of background writers do into this whole “Would Pelini ever go to Ohio State” saga.  Let me make it clear as I have done for countless other writers who fail to make themselves aware of Big Ten by-laws….....THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE THAT BO WILL EVER COACH AT OHIO STATE, AS LONG AS HE IS COACHING AT NEBRASKA!!  In fact, I can guarantee you that this will never happen.  How you ask?  Because I’ve read the Big Ten by-laws.  There’s a nice little clause in the by-laws that states “NO active Big Ten conference coach will be permitted to leave their current school and obtain a head coaching job at another Big Ten conference school”

Discussion over!

I think it would be interesting if Big red network did a survey by asking viewers four simple questions:

1.  Do you support the BOMUSTGO movement?
2.  What is their age?
3.  Are they actually a Husker fan or just a distractor?
4.  Which state do you live in?

My gut tells me that most of the BOMUSTGO crowd is under 30 and those that want Bo to stay are over 30.    Usually, the older you get the more your willing to be patient and allow time to work out things in life.  Maybe some changes need to be made by Bo & co but their is an old wives tales that goes like this:
“you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”

I agree with mark… Which scares me due to his lack of spelling skills.
“your” and “you’re”
“there” and “their”

Not that complicated.
Is a 3rd grade spelling level all we can hope for these days?

After seeing the Huskers dismantle Iowa and (overpaid) Kirk Ferentz, I don’t think we have any coaching complaints with Bo.  I see the Husker Staff getting more mature and stronger from their mistakes.  Hang in there Husker Nation.  Our freshmen this year will become our strengths next year and our recruiting is getting better and better.  Good players will go where the best players are playing.  Injuries, bad offensive play calling (MI) and penalties will need to improve.  I am encouraged with what I see and know we are getting better each season. It was a full year emotionally for fans and that is what we ask for.  We know that every season will have its ups and downs. On a sidenote: Hope we fill up Kinnick Stadium next year with RED.

Bill K:  Thanks for agreeing with my point but you lost me by attacking my spelling.  I should of proof read my post before sending it out and for that I apologize. 

I’m curious that you would insult my spelling but not realize that you made your own mistake in your comments.  You forgot to capitalized my first name.  People in glass houses should not cast stones.

I couldn’t help but comment when I saw this statement by huskerschicago:

“Until we get a Saban or Meyer or Hoke or Miles we will continue to be a second tier team.” 

How in the heck can you include Hoke in the same sentence with Saban, Meyer, and Miles?!?!  Each of the previous names have NCs and have won many, many games in the SEC, which is a highly competitive conference.  What has Hoke accomplished?  Sure, MU pounded the Huskers this year, but a lot of that was due to NU miscues.  I do think Hoke is a good coach, but he’s nowhere near being on the same level as the other guys. 

As for all of the negative comments about Bo from several people, be careful what you wish for.  I remember all of the same type of comments about Solich and look what that got us.  Frank has gone on to build a successful Ohio U program, while Billy C drove us off of a cliff. 

I’m only 31 years old, so I don’t really remember much football prior to the late 80’s.  I have extremely high (unrealistic) expecatations for our program as a result of growing up in the 90’s when we dominated everyone.  I always expect us to win and it ruins my entire week when we lose (my wife thinks I am absolutely nuts, which is probably somewhat true…). 

Even with these expecatations, I still support Bo because I see the program moving in the right direction.  It was a rough transition for the team and coaches this year and it could be seen by the large number of injuries and the lack of focus late in the year.  Even though they lost a few games, they showed enough grit to pull out a few close ones against PSU and OSU.  Furthermore, Bo seems to be better behaved this year than he was the past couple of seasons.  I think as he and his staff mature, the team will also mature and will be able to better prepare for games and focus while on the field. 

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I get tired of a few vocal “fans” ripping on Bo and the team every week.  He has won more games in his first four seasons than any other coach we have ever had, so lay off and give him a chance to build his program. 


Paul in Ohio: I also have extremely high (unrealistic) expectations for our Huskers, , that is part of being a Husker fan.  My wife also thinks I’m nuts about the Huskers as well.  My wife is a Wisconsin football fan and she has treated my fragile Husker football ego kindly since the Badgers beat the tar out of us a while back.  I also support Bo.

You gotta support Bo. I don’t think we could hire away anyone better, like a Sabin or Meyer, so it’s not that this is what were stuck with, but Bo was very popular here when he was here before and frankly, I got a very good feeling from his hire from day 1. We do have to remember this is his first coaching gig and like it or not, he’s learning as he goes too…at our expence sometimes but that’s what happens when you hire a first time head coach. He is trending as good as TO did in his first 4 years isn’t he? I wanted to win the whole enchalada too but it seldom happens…for any team.
Still, I hope that one of these years we have a true breakout season and finish well and at leaast play on the big stage again. The frustrating thing to me is we have sooooo much talent that we either aren’t using or aren’t using the right way. Whatever happened to Jamal Turner? The Thrilling three? Martinez break away runs? Swarming defense? Why didn’t we see more of Eric Martin? That guy’s a beast and we seldom use him. So many questions…what kind of offense are we anyway? Seems like we were different every week to some extent.
But Bo will keep plugging away and I think he’ll go down as one of Nebraska’a great coaches by the time it’s all said and done…BC didn’t work out and Solich didn’t either…hey, third times a charm!

First, let me apologize for any spelling/ grammar/punctuation errors in advance.
I find it funny that anyone would criticize your spelling or any other Husker fan’s spelling on this website. It’s clearly obvious that more than 2 individuals here are using type/texting language and abbreviations instead of taking time to at least try to spell correctly. Anyhoo…it’s a sign of the times, brother.
I say let’s just make fun of people who have differing opinions and opposing teams usernames because we all know that it’s ‘acceptable’. Yuk, yuk.
Misspelled words or not, 99.99999999999 % of us look forward to your comments.
Heck, I’d buy you a beer if I could.

Upon further reflection, I would like to apologize to you for lashing out about your writing earlier. I often get frustrated with those particular errors you made (pet peeve), and took it out on you. What started out as me trying to encourage you to not make those particular errors (and discredit yourself, justly or not, to other people) just came off as me being a douche.

Sorry about that.

OU7 is right, you do make good intelligent points here all the time (with which I usually agree), and the last thing I would want is for you to stop posting.

Again, my bad.
I don’t want to make BRN that kind of place.

I thought that was a real nice gesture on Bill K’s part!

Happy Holidays to both of you guys.

OU7times: Thank you for those very kind words.

Bill K: Thank you for apologizing.

The bo haters are the ones that must go.  We lost 4 players off of our defensive secondary to the NFL last year.  That alone would cripple any defense.  Considering that, I thought our very young secondary showed tons of improvement late in the season.  Other than that we have an extremely young team.  To finish with a 9 or 10 win season wit the kind of youth we have is pretty phenomenal.  Also, I do agree that most of the bo haters are young, I am only 23 though.  Not all youth is immature.  Mr. Marrow, I am very excited to see your son on the field next year.  Go Big Red

You know, i’v been thinking about Husker matt’s comment about “Bo hatred”. I know that I personally don’t even think of that word ‘hate’ when I think of Coach Pelini. I just don’t care for some of his coaching style. If you would have asked me at the beginning of the season I would have said I don’t care for his whole coaching style.
He’s made a bit of a good impression with me this year. Starting with his toned down temper.  I said it before and that is that Coach Pelini just might be the right guy for this job but it’s the assistant coaches that seem to be the problem.
Today, it is rumored that Carl Pelini will take the Fl Atlantic job. That could end up being a step towards better defenses in the future.

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