UCLA Looks Like a Handful

The first night of college football featured a number of games. The one that had to make the biggest impression on Husker fans though, was UCLA's blowout of Rice.

In particular, dual-threat quarterback Brett Hundley of UCLA started the game with a 72-yard touchdown run. He also completed 21 of 28 passes for 202 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Behind him, running back Johnathan rushed for 214 yards and three scores. The concerns of having to defend another running quarterback threat were definitely present for any NU fan watching the game. But aside from the initial big play, Hundley got nothing done in the few other rushing attempts that he had. Defensively, it was definitely a tale of two halves for the Bruins. They gave up 24 points in the first half and none in the second. That gives some indication that the halftime adjustments made by the coaching staff were effective. That could indicate that the halftime score, as has so often been the case for Nebraska in the past decade, will be predictive of the final score. We'll learn more tonight when Michigan State takes the field and a bunch more when the Huskers actually play the opener. But already, it appears that UCLA is a team to be taken seriously.

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Agreed but I am trying not to think about the UCLA matchup until our game tomorrow is in the books :)

Don’t read too much into a team looking physically impressive against Rice.

I didn’t watch the game, but I did see the score and was a bit surprised. I thought they were probably better than I had anticipated.
    Today, however, I saw a link in OWH page to a story from an LA paper. The LA reporter reporter, who attended the game, compared both UCLA and Rice to high school teams, even saying that he hoped their players “could become college players when they grow up” (actually, words to that effect; I don’t recall the exact words at the moment. However, the tone and message is faithfully reflected in the words above)l
    Either view could be right, or neither. Its hard to tell much about any team after just one game.

Out of the 120 FBS teams last year,  Rice was 111th in YPG defense (99th in scoring defense).  It does not appear that they have improved in that aspect.

Huskers- 28
So. Miss-  21

Prediction time?

There is NO WAY that N gets held to a low point total.
Martinez FINALLY being back to full speed will be too much to handle on the zone read.

N – 45
So Miss – 17

I watched this game sporadically, in addition to the SC / Vandy game, and UCKLA looked slow, unprepared, and overall like a team that we should not be that concerned about.  I understand that improvements will be made during their long week of practice, but I honestly cannot see them improving enough to make it even a moderately close game. 
NU: 37

I watched the game start to finish.  Both teams (Rice and UCLA) showed first game rust.  UCLA was a far superior team in terms of size and athleticism and quickly jumped to 19-0 lead (Yes, they missed THREE PATs IN A ROW).  However, Rice battled back and almost took the lead in the game in the second quarter.  They were able to move the ball at will against the UCLA D.  In fact, Rice runs a system analogous to Nebraska with a lot of option read and play action passing.  UCLA’s D-line also looked athletic but undersized.  That bodes well for the Huskers at the Rose Bowl. 
HOWEVER, UCLA now has a dangerous dual-threat QB in Hundley.  We all know how much the blackshirts struggled last year against mobile QBs.  Hundley will go through his growing pains and most young QBs turn the ball over.  That will probably happen next week at the Rose Bowl but the kid will make some plays. 


Handfull of underachievers!!!!T Magic gonna show them how
cali rolls…....

NU 38 USM 14 to much for USM to overcome in this game. As for UCLA they mite as well have been playing a high school team. I can’t judge anything from that game.

It will be a really good game. But i have to go UCLA over NU because of UCLA’s running game with over 200 yards with only Franklin but if they shut that down they will be in some trouble.


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