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There's only a few types of news stories that come out during this time of the year and they're usually bad. From our best players leaving for the NFL to guys having run-ins with the law, I usually expect the bad news to roll in during the summer. At least there weren't any major decommitments this week. But the real big buzz this week is the expectations that are already mounting for next year. Take a poll now and you'd think most people expect the Huskers to have the Big 12 wrapped up with a pretty bow on it in 2010.

Who will be playing on Sundays? » With the season over and the seniors preparing for the draft, four Husker players have been invited to the NFL combine. Safety Larry Asante, Linebacker Phillip Dillard, Center Jake Hickman, and Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh will all be making an appearance, and will probably send some waves as to what Nebraska players can do. Fortunately for us fans there is some good news, as one guy that probably won't be there is Prince Amukamara. Now, it should be all good as long as these guys stay out of trouble...

It's a little early for the bad news season » Ok, so at least we know one of the reasons that Dillard was in the dog house, as he's now been fined $50 for driving under a suspended license (+$48 for court costs! That's less than most speeding tickets!). There's a name for stuff like that, it's called the stupid tax. We've all done something like it in the past, and there's always a penalty to pay for making one of those types of mistakes. Hopefully, next time he'll at least show up to court - better yet not have a reason to be in court. At least he didn't pawn a TV that didn't belong to him.

Expectations » Nothing like the buzz surrounding this program right now, as Nebraska seems to be the media darling for national and regional pundits. So what if some ESPN guy has got us as a really really pre-preseason number eight ranking? Even Nebraska media has got their expectations a little high for those drinking the red Kool-Aid.

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Ranking NU in the top ten is a bit premature with our QB position still up for grabs.  True we have nearly the entire offense returning, however can Roy and Rex stay healthy?  Will Lee or Green take a big step forward as the undisputed leader of the team?  Will the offensive line become road graders again?  There seems to be an abundance of redshirt freshman coming out that the coaches are high on, but can they be big time contributors in their first year?  Lots of questions only time can answer. I admire Pelini’s expectations, and five times better is truly great expectations. If anyone is in a position to know what lies ahead it is he.  GBR!

I agree that top ten seems a bit much.  I’m thinking around 15th seems appropriate.

Why should a team that finished 14th and should be better on both sides of the ball next year start any lower than 14th?  Of course there are questions that need answering, but every team in the country has questions to answer right now.


Are we really complaining because we’re rated in the top 10 in one way-to-early poll?  It’s nice to have some respect.  Why shouldn’t our expectations be high?  Wasn’t Pelini hired to return us to our elite status?  Not saying it’s going to be easy, but they’ve set the bar higher each year and succeeded so far.

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