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There's usually some intrigue for National Letter of Intent Signing day.  An obvious piece is whether Jacksonville defensive end Blake McClain will stick with his recent commitment to Nebraska or not.  Then, we'll want to see whether four-star offensive tackle Kenyon Frison and/or wide receiver Desean Blair pick the Huskers.  The surprises may not end there.


Rumors of a mid-week silent visit by a top prospect committed to another program surfaced last week.  We already heard about a silent commitment that wasn't involving wideout Markell Boston.  It's quite possible that another player, perhaps one unfamiliar to NU recruitniks becomes known as recruits sign their letters of intent.

The other thing to watch will be the walk-ons.  This season saw more than a dozen walk-ons crack the depth chart.  A major highlight of the season involved Ron Kellogg's Hail Mary against Northwestern.  Spencer Long might have been considered the best player on the team going into the season.  Over the years, it's clear that the walk-ons matter.  This group should be no different.

Signing day is always interesting.  Enjoy the show! 

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Should know shortly where McClain intends to go play football.  I believe he said he would let everyone know at 8 (7 CST). Fingers crossed.

sounds like McClain’s folks got him to go to South Carolina

Yeah pretty sad the parents told him no to Neb because it was to far

Just came across this article a little while ago and found it a little interesting is reporting that Kenyon Frison has signed his LOI with Oklahoma this morning.

Well no surprises yet.. Frison to OU , Williams and Blair to Misery.. Still a great class.. Big O lineman , good D Line additions as well as good Skill player additions.. I mean think of it like this.

***QB position - Darlington*** ( The guy we wanted , beat out OSU) Yeah the concussion thing is scary but still the guy we wanted at the start.. Also added Bush - Nice back up plan // 6-4 LEFTY sounds damn intriguing.. Also gives us four Scholarship QB’s in the room.. If QB dosnt work out for him hes athletic enough to play WR or Safety..

RB - Wilbon - Adds a great back ( injuries questionable) but he is a big time back with big potential.. And is in our footprint.. Chicago boy..
RB / Flex WR - Lorenzo Stewart- Speed back that will help will be good at that slant WR position or RB with outside speed
RB/ FLEX WR Demor Pier El- Great Speed could play numerous positions and again is a tweener .. Also could be huge boost to the return game ( MUCH NEEDED)

***WR- Monte Harrison ****( Our top want at Reciever to start the year , might play Baseball but worth the risk) 5 Star caliber guy if people knew he was playing football..
Jariah Tolbert—Nice Big WR .. Should help to replace a guy like Enunwa ( remember he was a two star)  Could be a jump ball type guy that plays early if Monte decides to play ball
Glen IRONs—Fast cat that might end up a DB—Either way nice compliment to Tolbert and like D P El will help greatly in the return game—Between the two , should have found our new returner
Lockhart—Wont sign because of Qualifications, but could be here by August after completing summer school.. If he does he better come suited up

TE - FREEEEDOOOOOOMM - Love the name and the skill , should compete day one at TE.. If needed could move to DE but think were in better shape if he stays here ..

( Stoltenburg, and Willis could also come to this position if needed_

O LINE - GOT 4 Guys that we really wanted .. PIPE LINE BACK AFTER LAST COUPLE CLASSES??
**Farmer and Foster*** were top two guys at guard
** GATES *** Top want at Tackle and got us in the door at Bishop Gorman which weve been hitting on for a while
Stoltenberg- Local talent, deserving of a scholarship.. could play many different positions/

My thoughts on the Defensive side of the bal

DT—****** NEWEL**** - Top want at DT , big talented guy who was in the 300 mile radius

DEs- ** Joe KEELS*** - Pencil him as starter at DE alongside Gregory .. McMullen might unseat him but at the very least , he is the rotation day 1.

Deandre Willis- Another kid who could step in right away into the rotation.. needs to work on technique a little but is a nice pick up..

DE/OLB hybrid- Sedrick King- another on the lines of Gregory as far as getting to the QB.. Not there yet, but think Gregory before JUCO

MLB - Javeon Walton—MY PICK FOR STEAL OF THE CLASS.. WATCH THE FILM- 4 or 5 start guy in my opinion.. THE guy brings the wood to the ball carrier.. He attacks people with what appears like bad intentions and I love it.. If he played like he did his senior year , during his junior year he would have had a whos who list of offers.. THANK YOU COACHES FOR WATCHING SENIOR FILM

KAlu - great size , could be moved to corner but will probably start out as a safety .. talent to play early
Gifford - ANoter 6’3 type DB.. Might end up at the hybrid DB/LB position but either way , hes local and athletic
Cockerall- listed as a safety , but expect him to move to Corner.. SJB anyone.. as weve been conveting bigger Corners

Trai Mosley—Great at one on one coverage—Will end up being big for us in the future.. Not sure how quick he can pick up the D but if he does watch out

Chris Jones- Might be the guy with most upside .. Lower ranking but don’t let it fool you ... Plays physical like we like our DBs.. Overall nice get

Special TEams

Drew Brown - Brother of a kicking legend.. and might have more of a leg.. ( That’s not kidding ) Bondi better have his kicking boot ready to compete.. This kid should be fighting to start the second he steps on campus

REturners—Know I already mentioned these two guys but IRONS had 9 returns for TDS on the year and D PE EL can flat out fly in space.. Huge gets .. Also look at Stewart to get some chances at the return game too.. The guy with sure hands is the winner

That new guy Charlton Warren is all over this shit—kudos.  Boston is commited to Auburn, ain’t he?

Loss of Clink kinda sucked and that McCalin kid, really could use those guys.  Would’ve liked to see a few legit DTs in there, obviously, but other than that, pretty darn good class.

Jeebus, Sparty jumped 10m spots to #20 overnite.

Clinkscales won’t play a down of football this year.
Academic standards won’t allow for it.

We got 5 guys @ 2*s, which means undereval for one reason or another.  Who knows, maybe a few are diamonds in the rough.

That Jaevon Walton looks like the LB version of Randy Gregory, only meaner.

YEah I wouldn’t worry about our 2 stars most had great senior seasons and didn’t really hit a stride till then..And as we all know they get evaluated after Junior film for the most part.. Irons and Jones are both physical corners who should have been 3 stars.. Tolbert is a big WR who should also be a 3 star or higher if evaluated off senior film and I would put both Walton and Bush at closer to the four star level.. Transfers after junior seasons kind of hid Bush.. 6 4 lefty with good feet out of the team that won the championship in Georgias highest class.. Pretty sure if he would have been there to start the year he was four star type guy and as I said with Walton he’s dynamic.. Plays both stand up and on the line from the linebacker spot and really brings the boom on hits..

Walton looks like an angry human being—really brings the wood and great mobility.

Well, we’re not really keepin’ up with the Joneses, that is the top 10 Joneses, pretty big gap actually.  Bama 4th straight numero uno class, LSU hops over tOSU and FSU has 30 signed and most of em 4 stars.

So, we’ll see what happens.

Tom Osbornes recruiting classes didn’t keep up with Jones either, even when we were a top team in the 90s . We were better don’t get me wrong but that comes with winning.. ANd being in a state with less athletes is going to make it harder for us to keep up.. We do well with the instate kids we want imagine if we were like LSU or BAMA or Ohio State who had 60 or more DI scholarship guys within the state boundries?? Look at their rosters.. Ohio State gets the majority of their guys from OHIO and Michigan and that’s all they need… FLORIDA IS A PRIME EXAMPLE TOP 5 CLASS COMING OFF AN 4-8 season .. More than likely are going to lose their coach this year if they aren’t playing for the sec championship and still is a top 5 class , because of population and sun.. Even Kentucky is in a better position then us.. 200 miles away from the top population centers in ohio, tennesse, Georgia, Bama, etc.. We are doing well in recruiting for the things we have to overcome but we need a couple of really great years to get that type of recruiting class

I mean look at how great weve started off the 2015 class and still only ranked 12th so far..

Aaaah, FL.  I guess back in the 80s they said every FRN circulating around the state of FL has traces of cocaine on it and if the CIA ever stopped bringin’ in the cocaine there, their economy would tank.

I saw another article that insinuated it was Pelini.  However, I’ve never heard that about Pelini before, comments are usually he’s so straightforward, tell it like it is.

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