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It's not often that a player decides to leave his team during the season (where it becomes public) and returns. So when it happens, particularly with a good young player, it seems almost like a minor miracle. The Huskers had already lost a starting-caliber offensive tackle in sophomore Tyler Moore prior to the season. Moore is now set to transfer to Florida. Starting-caliber sophomore defensive tackle Chase Rome left the team in the week prior to the Arkansas State game. Now he has rejoined the team.


It's not unusual for young players to entertain the thought of quitting the team. The physical and emotional demands can be overwhelming at times. It's not even that uncommon for a player to very briefly quit (say for less than 24 hours), as former NU quarterback Eric Crouch seems to have flirted with in his sophomore year. But it's quite rare for the whole team and whole community to become aware of a player's departure, only to see the player return a week or more later. That's what's remarkable in Rome's case.

Tyler Moore might have regretted his decision to leave the team, but returning didn't seem like an easy option. As his father said, "The big question was how open would his teammates be after he left. That would have been a big gamble. They would have every right to be apprehensive about welcoming him back. That kind of weighed on his decision." You can surely imagine how awkward that would be, to say the least.

In Rome's case, and we certainly don't know all of the details, he opted to face the music. Not an easy decision. Hopefully, he can be integrated back into the team fairly quickly. Because he'll be needed. If the coaches are forgiving in his case, then players and fans ought to be as well. His return should help the team through a tough Big Ten season.

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Despite all the hype around college football, at the end of the day it’s still a game (yeah…...I know….good luck with that perspective).  Having raised five kids, the possibility/probability of indecisiveness during the teenage and shortly beyond years seems almost a cliche.  Kids that age are asked to juggle a lot of balls with a limited and as of yet unpolished skill set.  Rome’s involvement in the football program only adds to his burden.  I suspect his brothers in arms will welcome him back (and may have contributed to his return).  Also, don’t underestimate Bo’s involvement.  Word has it that behind the scenes, Bo is a lot more “guiding hand on your back” than the “my foot in your ass” that we see focused on so frequently in the media.  It’s ancient history now.  Welcome home, Mr. Rome.

Shows great character coming back. “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” Helen Keller

I wish some of these kids knew the story of DeAngelo Evans before they up and quit.  Sometimes the team won’t take you back after you show remorse for your decision.

I can’t ever remember hearing about a player that leaves a program then comes back. Great news though! We certainly need him on our front line. Good defensive rusher. Welcome back Chase Rome! I think the whole Husker nation is proud of you for tuffing it out and returning. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

I would still have him sit out for a game or to


My thoughts exactly. But unlikely, in my opinion.
A coach should show that there are consequences if you’re going to allow a revolving door policy.
I would say that he (Rome) would have been shoved out the door (and locked!) if this were to have happened ‘pre’ come to Jesus meeting with Tom Osborne a couple of years ago.
He’s on a shorter leash now, and damage control is working to his favor.
Div 1, FBS, or whatever it’s called this week, needs to get their sheite together and stop this BS of scheduling Div 2 opponents.
I am at the Mirage Casino in Vegas and can’t even lay any cash on Nebraska this week, and that’s just wrong!

Although…I am liking WVU minus 25.5 pts.

Well… if he played for USC he could just be docked 2 games pay.

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Yea, if he played for ‘Lame Kitten’s USC team.

Good one, Bill. Haa haa

Fantastic news!

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