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If you've made the trip to San Antonio to support the Huskers, bravo.  But perhaps you'll be unable to attend this game and instead will look to the football schedule for a Nebraska game to attend.  Whether it's the spring game or this fall, Memorial stadium is always a great place to take in an NU game.  But if you like to tour the country in support of your favorite team, it's never too early to start thinking about or planning your next journey.


Fresno State, Sept. 13
There are several advantages to making this trip.  First, if you don't like cold weather, you won't be cold in Fresno in September.  If you don't like it hot (highs average 91) this might be a trip to avoid.  You're also not far from wine country, which can make for some good/interesting tailgating or just a great trip beyond the game.  Unless the Huskers fall to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, you won't get another chance for NU football in wine country any other time on the schedule in the near to mid-future.  As a nonconference game, the stakes aren't crazy high, but some might consider that a good thing.  With Derek Carr graduating, this team probably won't be anywhere near the 11-win squad it was a year ago.

Michigan State, Oct. 4
In some ways this could be the marquee game of the season as the Spartans are likely to enter 2014 as a top ten team.  Temps will be moderate (highs in the 60's, lows in the 40's).  With MSU in the East division, the stakes won't be crazy high.  This is a game that wouldn't doom Husker hopes for a Big Ten or even national title.  Beyond the game I'm not sure there's much to do in East Lansing.  There's also no major airport closer than an hour and half away.  You may not get a very warm reception from the locals either.  There's an argument to save your money and instead look for a rematch in the title game.

Northwestern, Oct. 18
Those who've made this trip before know it's a fun one.  Husker fans will fill easily half the stadium.  Temps will be moderate (highs in the low 60's, lows in the low 40's).  The fact that it's so close to Chicago (and you can even get to Evanston using public rail) make this very friendly.  Of course, the airport options in Chicago are great too.  The only arguments against this might be that you've already done it or that you're not interested in seeing Nebraska beat a bad Wildcat team.  

Wisconsin, Nov. 15
The road to a division championship goes through Madison.  This appears to be quite simply the most important game of the season.  Beyond that though, it's much colder (highs in the 40's and lows under 30) and you also might expect a hostile reception.  Flights are available to Madison through Chicago.  Direct flights from Omaha to Milwaukee are available too.  If you want to tour a brewery, Milwaukee could be the way to go.  If you like to travel because your team needs you, this is the trip to make.

Iowa, Nov. 28
This will be another cold one like Wisconsin.  If the Huskers are in position to win the division, this could be the game that clinches it.  You might also get a hostile reception, but perhaps a better chance for a Husker victory than Michigan State or Wisconsin.  Falling as it does after Thanksgiving, your work/school situation might be more favorable than for other trips.  Then again, family obligations and an early kick could make this a hard one to get to.

Big Ten Championship
At some point, Nebraska has to win a game like this.  Facing Ohio State or Michigan State seems daunting.  This is another one to get to because the team needs you.  There will be cold weather, but thankfully the game will be played indoors.  Indianapolis boasts a major airport as well.  Of course, the Huskers have to play their way into this game first.

Bowl Games
It's nice to get away from winter, especially if you've got some time off over the holidays.  Big Ten bowls now include the Rose Bowl and often Orange Bowl.  The playoffs though could potentially mean a Sugar Bowl too.  The Capital One Bowl is still possible, as is the Outback, Holiday, Gator, Music City, Kraft Fight Hunger, Pinstripe, "Detroit" (TBD), and the Heart of Dallas or Armed Forces Bowls.  As you can see, the potential to go to California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, New York, and Detroit are all on the table.  But obviously you won't really know how things will shake out until December.   

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I guess it’s not only our head football coach that has a problem staying out of “trouble.” Seems he’s pretty successful, too. Maybe Nebraska should embrace the bad boy image. Comment on that one trolls.

Fuck it. I’m on board with that

Brasketball, one and done.  Oh well, still a great year, big steps in the right direction.


Wuts is youse talkin’ ‘bout?

Dogg, maybe Tim Miles’ 2 TFs?


ONOOOOOZZZZZZ!!!!  Timmay didnt win the conference, he didnt win the NCAA, got 2 TFs and maybe cussed once this year:  FIRE HIM!

They were playing a Texas team in the state of Texas!  Does that sound familiar?  I’m surprised they didn’t put one second back on the clock too!

It’s BOP’s fault…about the on the clock….and the loss.

I blame Bo, yah, Bo…

The fact that Bo Pelini stinks as a head coach has nothing to do with a Nebraska basketball coach who knows how to lose with class.

Bo has to go!

Go Bo Go!

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