Recruiting Picks Up in Wake of Eichorst Statement

Perhaps it was only a coincidence, but it was encouraging to see two new Husker recruits come aboard after NU Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst clarified Bo Pelini's status at Nebraska.  First, word came Sunday that Texas defensive back Chance Waz would be joining teammate Trai Mosley in Lincoln.  Then, four-star junior college defensive tackle Terrell Clinkscales  made his verbal commitment.


Waz's commitment not only addresses a position of need for the class, but it also gives Nebraska greater confidence that it will hold Mosley's commitment.  Waz had previously committed to Colorado, before opting for Nebraska.  Mosley, also a defensive back, had also been offered by Oklahoma.  

Clinkscales commitment can be a real game-changer.  The great arms race in college football is to find defensive tackles.  There's a real scarcity  at the position and an outstanding one or two can key a whole defense (recall the Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick pairing of 2009).  The tandem of Clinkscales and Peyton Newell, assuming both qualify academically, would be the most highly touted pair since 2005 (which brought Suh and starter Ola Dagunduro).  

If you watched Auburn-Alabama, you saw that one of the keys for the Tigers was that their depth on the defensive line kept them from wearing down.  You begin to see a nice group forming for Nebraska.  Maliek Collins was a four-star tackle and played as a true freshman.  Kevin Maurice similarly cracked the depth chart as a newcomer.  Randy Gregory made a huge splash at end in his first season.  Imagine how good he could be next year.  A.J. Natter redshirted as a four-star defensive end who can join the mix next season.  Tackle Vincent Valentine is the same size as Clinkscales and still has three seasons ahead of him.  Aaron Curry still has two years to play at tackle. Four-star end Greg McMullen and bookend Avery Moss both still have three seasons to play.  Four-star tackle Kevin Williams is still in the mix for a couple of years as well.  Jay Guy has another year at tackle as does Tobi Okuyemi.  Ends Walker Ashburn and Donovan Vestal remain as well.

That's the kind of depth you need to survive the long physical season in the Big Ten, with hard-hitting games week after week.  Nebraska could even consider whether there's a player or two on the defensive line that contribute on the offensive line, which isn't as deep heading into next season.

There's room for somewhere between four and ten more recruits could be joining the fold between now and signing day.  These two are an awfully good start.

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It all starts in the trenches!

Welcome aboard!  GBR!

Let’s hope the coaching side of things lives up to the recruiting hype being given to the NU recruits.  The latter concern is what matters at this point.

un realist, looks like all your ranting and bashing is falling on deaf ears. Let’s hope this is the begining of the end of the stooge paTROLL.

Another year of Bo leaving steaming piles on the field, oh yea?

I will believe it when I see it. He won’t make it past the bowl game. He better be prepared to throw a ‘hail Mary’ on every down.

3 Stooges= Pelini, Poopoochis, Beck.

Great get for us!  These two are welcome additions to this team.  No matter what happens some people just can’t find anything good to say.  Even if we got rid of this coaching staff they would be all over that we hired the wrong new staff and off they would go again.

Hey Red ~ look beyond your nose!  Of course the recruits at good pick ups.  Pretending we should expect the current coaching staff to somehow become bigger and better coaches than they have proven to be so far is relevant.  You and others may like to gloss over the obvious problem at NU—- coaching!!!—- but for those of us who want and expect better in that regard, recruiting hype is something we have heard before, and it doesn’t seem to pan out when game time arrives.  True fans are those who stick with the team but point out problems that exist and need resolution.  You and other Hare Krishna Husker Devotees are one of the reasons we continue, year after year, to live on hype rather than results.  Go ahead, live your fantasy world of accepting underachieving as “just fine”.  For others, we want the team to do better, not more of the same.
You suffer from the soft bigotry of low expectations.  The rest of us suffer from justified disappointment.

It DOES NOT matter what new players Nebraska gets - the results WILL NOT CHANGE. It is beyond comprehension that the powers that be at Nebraska have not fired Bo. THREE HOME ASS WHIPPINGS AND A 4TH PLACE FINISH IN THE DIVISION. Let’s see - that makes the Big Red about the 6th or 7th best team in the Big 10. Absoluteley UNBELIEVABLE how far this program has sunk…...UNEFFINBELIEVABLE!!

NU Realist,

red died a couple of weeks ago. He can’t hear you.

so, Larr, you evidently are okay with H——shit, (ha) calls and endless fundamental mistakes, countless wasted cash on hires, head coach telling the fanbase to fuck off, a coaching staff that cannot put a solid gameplan into play nearly week after week, players having to improvise when rheir coach’s plays blow up in their face, head coach telling the university fuck you fire me because i am getting paid regardless?

And you. You want to say that we are just bitching?

You’re goddamn right we are bitching. WE have every right to!

Do us all a favor and stay the hell out of the way why we attempt to get a respectable program back up and running the way it was before Perlman and Pedersen F’d it up.

I remember a respectable Nebraska football program, and this ain’t one by a long shot. Why would we listen to you when you want to keep it down? Mediocrity was what it was at the start of the season. It’s toilet bowl low now.

Just want to to make sure that we all understand you.

I’m just as disappointed as anyone, but I feel this takes time. On that note I would ask, is it you old farts that are out of time. Afraid you won’t be around for the resurrection of NEBRASKA football?

NU Realist,

Good lord, there you go again.  Did it ever occur to you that Bo is the reason they are coming here?  Next thing your going to try and tell us is that cancer causes smoking.  The kids did a dang fine job this year especially considering all the nay-sayers like yoursefl berating them and the coaches.  Granted Beck still confuses me at times but that said, a lot of what you have been writing isn’t helpfull from a motivational or recruiting point of view.

We beat Michigan by 3 points.  Michigan fell to OSU by 1 point.  Let’s see how MSU does against OSU and judge how close Nebraska was to excellence this year, sans the injuries.  Eichorst has spoken.  That should be enough for you.

Two year old video after one of the worst officiated games in Memorial Stadium.  I mean really, if the ball goes on this side of the poll it’s good, if it goes on the other side of the poll its bad.  How on the good God’s green earth you possibly screw that up I don’t know.


RE: Do us all a favor and stay the hell out of the way why [we] attempt ... 

Who exactly is “we?”  Have you and your “buddies” pitched in your allowance(s) to buy out Pelini’s contract?

Or perhaps you’ve convinced “yourselves” that the powers that be actually read your H——t?



Cancer does cause smoking.  Certain substances have been shown to relieve the pain.  I conclude that’s what’s happening here.

My question to all the BO-lievers out there is do any of you see any coincidence between BO’s program and two of the NFL’s most screwed up players Suh and Incognito. Suh cannot go a whole season without out a fine for being dirty and Richie well you all know the story. My opinion is that our top tier players are being coddled to making them think the world owes them something and another reason some of our top recruits have left the program stating zero reasons.

AZ: Please pay close attention to something called facts.
RC was a Solich recruit, and Callahan sent RC packing.

And recruits are stating they want to be like Suh.
So what’s your real issue?

AZ Husker,

Suh is getting a bad rap and let’s not forget he is playing in quite possibly the most screwed up city in America right now.  Anything that they can do to extract money from the talent, you can sure bet those liberals are going to do.  Playing dirty?  Please.  Untying the man’s shoe laces because you can defend against him.  Might be a boyhood angst thing to pull but hey, you know, sometimes life doesn’t like to get taken by the horns.

All you nay sayers should proceed with caution.

BallField, got news for ya, Pelini and his contracts are YOUR problem.

Do you remember ever thinking, ‘That Perlman, he’s a great guy’. He is your root problem. What an idiot (with a university checkbook)!

Sorry, bub. You and the fans attending the game will pay the price for his ineptness…for decades.

Tell you what, send me your address and I’ll give the first dollar, that’s fifty cents a piece, to buy out Perlman and Pelini’s contracts.

I have been telling you for 4 years that Pelini was a fraud, and this is his worst year yet, and now his behavior says it all.

Remember back in the good old days when most of us just thought Pelini was just a moron?

I’ll bet you $10 Pelini is gone before next season’s start.

This article was about the new recuits we got and you can’t ever get off the band wagon of getting rid of this staff long enough to read what I said.  It gets old to listen to the same old crap from you, when you get in a posistion with the University to make the necessary changes let me know!  Otherwise shut the f—k up when all we are talking about is the two new recruits!!  they look good to me and I think they will do this program a good service no matter what some of you negative butt heads think of them or this coaching staff.  Get a life you!

Why wouldn’t young recruits want to be like Suh?

Hell, he’s in the news every week, he is a madman and does whatever the hell he wants because he can afford it. Kids with brains of mush gravitate towards that stuff. Getting fined and going to jail are what they think is cool. It’s called self promotion and getting paid for playing a game, not unlike sitting around all day playing freakin’ X-Box.
It’s called getting rich for not having to learn anything useful in life.

Btw, people, stop playing the ‘woe is me’ card when talking about ‘who would want to come coach at Nebraska’ crap. Pelini has proven that all you have to do is say you are a ‘guru’ of something and Perlman will sign off on your contract. You get a sweet high dollar contract and not have to produce anything whatsoever.

Who wouldn’t want to come to Nebraska and coach?

You’re right. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Not me.


So three division titles in 6 years, defeating Wisconsin, Penn St., Ohio St.  Michigan, Michigan St., Iowa, these are not accomplishments?  I hate to break it to you but we may not have defeated Notre Dame last year, but we defeated the team that defeated them.  We may not have defeated Wisconsin this year, but we defeated the team that defeated them.  It is not a very interesting tale you tell.  Too pesimistic and in many cases without merit.  Yes, we stumbled a bit this year.  However, are you going to tell me that MSU, IOWA, and Minnesota are not good teams?

The facts do not seem to support your conclusions.

That is good to hear that you are not joining us maybe you just need to find a new team to root for.  Hey Auburn just won maybe you can jump on there bandwagon and leave this site for the people that are HUSKER fans through thick and thin.  Bye!


NU plays in the watered down division, similar to the old Big 12 North. Solich, Callahan and Pelini couldn’t capitalize on that fact. Bo is bearly treading water in a conference that is maybe, as a whole, the 4th best conference in college football.

So, no, with no real quality wins in 6 years.

Pelini might have a chance to beat a top 25 team if OU and NU meet in some bowl game. No reason to believe that fumbles, maniac behavior and bad play calling will change in the next 3 weeks.

If Pelini is doing what he’s paid to do, then why don’t you pay his salary.

I bet if a restaurant charged you $5 more on your dinner check, you’d raise he’ll about it. So, Nebraska fans can’t raise he’ll for paying millions of dollars for something they are not getting?

Nice try, bub.

NOBODY on this site, Bo supporters and Bo bashers, knows the coach like the players. When they step up to the podium and look the media square in the eyes and make statements like"I would fight the devil himself for this man”-Bell, or “I’ve spent 5 years with this man and I can gaurentee you I would not be as good a person, as good a man, had I been coached by someone else”-Sirles, I have a tendancy to believe them over anybody on this site. We see the coach on approx. 12 days for about 4 hours each day. The players see him for a lot more than that, they know him a lot better than we do. They see the coach take all the heat for the fumbles, interceptions, missed blocks, what have you. But they know, as a player, they are just as responsible for those mistakes. As a player, I never blamed my coach for my mistakes and I never saw one single player ever say “the coach didn’t do his job and prepare me”. They hold themselves responsible, and then they have to sit there and watch and listen to the media (paper, TV, and social) blast their coach for it. If you don’t think that has a negative affect on them you’re lying to yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremly disappionted in this season. Had we stayed healthy, I believe we have at least 3 more wins. Just remember, the game is not played for us, the fans. The game is played for the student-athletes. It’s played for them to grow and mature and deal with adversity. To become men. A majority of those players are probably more mature and better men than most of the people on this site. Myself included. The fact that we get to watch these games is a privilage, not a right. TV and the universities have really clouded that fact because of the money they make.

Eichorst’s endorsement of Bo means only one thing.  He’s endorsing the true dark side of NU football that has been here since TO (please read my past posts).  We have the Boneyard, the Skull and Bones and BLACKshirts for the defense.  We have Bell stating that he would fight the demons from the underworld (Bell doesn’t truly understand demons and the underworld, but he will).  Sam McKewon in today’s WH writes about the Book of Bo.  We have new recruits stating that they love Bo and how he fights against his perceived enemies (which is really you and me as we are the fan base).  Predictions:  Bo will get stronger, crazier and more defiant (“I’m not apologizing to anybody”), and he will act more like a cult leader as compared to a football coach.  Ron Brown will leave the staff as he will not be able to prosper in this environment.  Listen carefully as to how recruits and others talk about this program as the dark side is being revealed and affirmed.  Most of you will think I’m nuts, but a few will understand.  And as this program goes further into the abyss, it will become more obvious.l

That would be the difference between you and me.  I would ask why? Can you fix it? And if there was nothing they could or would do than I would raise “he’ll”.  but first off I would give them a chance to fix the problem.

OU7Times and Petey are correct.  From now until when BOP leaves, it will be the “Team” versus the naysayers.  I really believe the best thing to do is fire BOP and hire new head coach as soon as possible so recruits will see who HC is for the next five years.  Unfortunately, University can’t afford to pay BOP off right now.  No big doners came along to bail out the University when we had to fire Callie.  No such support is forthcoming from the phantom boosters either in BOP’s case.  Thus, we have a Catch-22 situation.  We are stuck with BOP through next season, then the contract buyout cost goes down.  Any recruit who has a brain knows BOP won’t be at NU beyond next season at best. 

Recruiting???  We don’t have a frick’n QB for next year.  What is keeping a 5 star wanna be from seeing an opportunity to start next fall and enroll early at NU?  Likely the psycho on the sideline.  What we have developing is a Cult like figure as the current head coach.  Players are his devotees and they don’t know any different.  If the players are now blind faith believers, we are in trouble.

But this isn’t about $5. This is about a contract (series of contracts) for millions of dollars. This is several instances of not getting it done and dragging the university through the mud in the process.

Becoming the laughing stock of college football should be taken seriously. That’s why I don’t believe that Pelini will be here next year. A bowl loss will be sufficient enough to kick the guy to the curb.

Worst case scenario is that Bo comes back, fires asst coaches and starts the drama all over again. The 6 year experiment now becomes a 12 year experiment. Meanwhile Nebraska loses position on the all time wins list. That took quite a few coaches a lot of time and effort to piss away.

I’m a bit over the Suh references.  The media’s done a hit job on that guy and everyone’s bought into it.

Correction: ‘To just piss away’.

“Unfortunately, University can’t afford to pay BOP off right now.  No big doners came along to bail out the University when we had to fire Callie.  No such support is forthcoming from the phantom boosters either in BOP’s case.  Thus, we have a Catch-22 situation. “


Osborne brought the big donors back.  That was one of the reasons why Callie was fired.  The Boosters were leaving the money in their own pockets.  It was Osborne who brought them back and the “major” donors who supported Callahan could be counted on one freaking hand with fingers left over!  I don’t care how many “pavillions” you’ve built.  The destructive dou of Perlman & Pedersen destroyed the walk on progam and took down the acknowledgements of our Academic All Americans.

Kids who come here to learn from us, and to play for us, should be recognized when they accomplish something like academic or athletic excellence.  That is what intellectual honesty is all about.  When you stop doing that, is when you get a President who gets a Nobell Peace prize 12 days into his presidency for all that he “Might” accomplish.

That political BS doesn’t fly here.  We have the coach we need to provide the program with the integrity it once and and will have again.  Eichorst deals with millions upon millions of dollars in budget deals on a yearly basis, if he honestly thought that Pelini had to go, trust me, he would have found the extrat 3 dollars from every citizen in this state to pay off Pelini’s contract.  The point is, it is only lame stream liberal lefties who can’t take getting yelled at or called out when they are trying to use the refs to influence the game that want him gone.  They want what they want and they always want someone else to have to pay for it.  Well my “friends” you may go forth be fruitful and mulitply somewhere else.

Fire Solich?  Fire Pelini?  Good lord, why not Obama.  At least Nixon had the decency to resign.

Honestly NU Realist, to say a flat out LIE like that is innexcuseable.  And some of the rest of you who have the opinion that oh for every supporter of Pelini on here there are thousands who want him gone.  Well I beg to differ.  The latest polls shows 71% support for Pelini with an additional 3% unsure.  The callamatous dinizens of anti-Pelini folks appears to round out the remaining 21% or so.  So read it and weep.

And of those “thousands” from what I can tell all of about 5 of you own an electronic device with access to the internet.


Demons and cult leaders?  Well, hmm.  I’d say that we just stick with the word extremists.  Kind of fits both of the archtypes really.  As for leaving the site, I don’t know of anyone who has been “driven off” only those who have an opinion that they find is not shared amongst the majority.  But I would refrain from using the word cult.

If wanting these kids to stick together and be everything they can be both academically and athletically as a team is something that others believe is something only a cult can produce, well then they must not know about Nebraska.  I grant you, if they lived in other places it could possibly be believed that the word cult is the only way they could know to describe an organization that wants what is best for the kid’s mind and the kid’s soul.  Their problem is simply one of a lack of experience.  So they don’t know what word to use to describe it.  That’s fine.  All they need to remember is…

There is no place like Nebraska.

Johnny,  Sticking together, supporting one another, and building that team spirit is great, but look at the words these kids are using.  Clinkscales: “. . . Bo is going to fight to the death. . . and Bell is going to fight the demons in hell.  Those are not normal types of statements from players.  And then McKewon from the WH states:  Pelini as a crusader in Hades best fits what he means to his players.”
Something weird going on here, and it’s not good!

Johnny not my word, that is what NU Realist used

Goodbye, Larr,
Well appy landings then.
I feel you just don’t get it. You want to be part of the ‘classy fans’ crowd, but you support a vile coach. No way around that fact. Pelini has NU by the nads and is taunting them now.
Hey, that’s your perogative, man.

Obviously, Eichorst took the high ground. He went the politically correct route. He left an opening by saying that he ...looked forward to Pelini coaching in the future.. The bowl game is in the future. Beyond that, we will see. Time will tell.

I find it funny ironic that someone (me) can state facts and figures to support my statements but you have absolutely nothing to say about scumbags taking tasteless cheap shots at my wife and family. That must be what you consider ‘classy’. I laugh because the dead guy doesn’t know me or my family. He’s just a coward behind a keyboard that can’t help himself and never debates on fact just filth.
Evidently, That type is okay with you.
Good luck in life and i would appreciate it if you never address me again.

I have said not a word that has’nt been said to me, by you, except the obvious, that your a stink’n sooner here to cause trouble.

I hear dead people.

Many people have stated that when TO took over he struggled to win the big games as well.  In TO’s first 6 seasons as the HC he had 8 wins against teams that were rated in the top 10. In BOP’s first 6 he has 1 (2010 against Mizzo), and lets not forget how easy the Skers schedule was this year.

I think you hit the nail on the head.

“At least Nixon had the decency to resign”.

It will be quiet for the next 3 weeks. I will continue to debate should someone want or feel the need to. I will continue to hold out hope that OU vs NU happens and let the chips fall even if they don’t meet up.

I don’t/won’t negotiate or converse with dead people, though.

Gentlemen, something has occurred to me that I wish to share with you in the best way I know how.  I wish I were capable of speaking about this issue as elegantly as some of the people who write for a living do.  And, for want of a better term, I will simply address it as the one single theme that seems to be missing from this entire discussion.  It’s called pride.  I ask each of you to please read what a USA TODAY writer has to say about the state of Nebraska football as it is today.  It makes me so sad.  Because it is so true.  Think about this for a moment:  when is the last time you watched ESPN, FOX,  ABC, or any other network and listened to glowing comments about our team.  When was the last time you could brag about leading the nation in rushing yardage?  Do you ever feel just a little bit left out when the prestigious awards are announced?  When was the last time you felt optimistic about our chances against a ranked team?  How did you really feel about Wyoming putting up over 600 yards against our team when they were still healthy?  Didn’t you feel just a little bit silly when one of the local scribes referred to the “Hail Mary” as a “signature” win?  Really?  Against a team that won ONE CONFERENCE GAME ALL YEAR?  How do you honestly feel about seeing our head coach embarrassing himself and the entire state of Nebraska after a loss to a team that quite frankly, deserved the win?  Do you feel a surge of pride when, after such a debacle, our very own administration deems it perfectly acceptable behavior?  One more thing, if I may…all of you Bo supporters, you are right.  By god, stick up for what you think is right.  For all of you who think we need some serious changes in our coaching staff, you are right, as well.  Hell, practically every sports writer in America has suggested the same.  But for me, all I feel right now is an overwhelming feeling of sadness.  Why?  I just read the article I mentioned earlier…again, I suggest you all read it.  Then, ask yourself one simple question:  is this really where we deserve to be?

That really sums it up best of all the arguments and debating.

I think we all needed to hear that, thanks, Captain!

I am assuming that would be ?

Captain, I feel the same way you do.  Why some others don’t, I don’t know. Maybe its a difference in age and the younger generation doesn’t realize what Husker football at what time meant. It was pride, it was smash mouth football, and it was also about good sportsmanship. The HC on this team shows none of that and he will never get there. The Husker Football program is JOKE now, and will only get worse with Bo at the realms.

10K fine from the BIG.  Wow!!!  First time ever for the Big Red.  The awards just keep coming!!!  And Captain, good thoughts and unfortunately their true.

Clinksales, Gregory, Newell, Val, Moss, Curry, McMullin, I’m liking this better all the time, on fact, that group could be SCARY!  Val was blowin’ up Hawks right and left the other day, ain.t seen that kind of DT action since Suh was on the scene.

I also like Clink’s reason for joining the team and supporting BOP.

Oh yea, Collins and Maurice, whichever one is #7, that guy is a load.  It’s possible our DL probs are getting solved in a BIG way folks.

If you go by star ave, we are sitting about #30 on Rivals at present.  When all is said and done, good chance we finish in the lower 20s, maybe higher.

You can bet that the 10K fine will not sit well with Perlman.  His ego is huge and now he has been embarrassed.  Won’t take much for Perlman to cut him loose if he can come up with the money.

The class is looking good!
Not sure about Walton, until he signs. Pulling players out of Louisiana, is big.
Haven’t lost anyone since July.
My, the Texas pipeline hasn’t gotten cut off, since the move to the B1G.


Neither SE or HP are stupid nor reactionary.  As soon as Bo made the post conference comments, they knew very well the B1G was coming with a fine.  This of course well before SE confirmed Bo’s stay.  And yes I’m sure it will come out of Bo’s paycheck, pocket change at his salary.

We don’t know much about SE, too early.  But HP is largely responsible for this mess.  Read some of my former posts about HP and Bill Ayers.  Hard to believe that he holds such a responsible position in Nebraska,  Mass. yes, but not Nebraska.  And believe me when he gets together with the other BIG chancellors/presidents, he will take some heat and he is not going to like it.  Bo was on a short lease and it just got shorter.

We get the point you guys hate Bo.. But really get over it.. Your hurting the program now.. The deciscion has been made.. THESE ARE BIG PICK UPS!! BAMA, OHIO STATE, Florida STate all wanted this DT.. AND DT IS ONE OF OUR BIGGEST NEEDS.. QUIT YOUR BITCHING.. GET ON BOARD OR SHIP OUT.. SECOND BIGGEST NEED DB.. AND WE GOT ONE IN THIS CLASS AND HELPED SHORE UP HIS TEAMMATE IN THE PROCESS

I have resigned myself to the fact Bop will continue as HC for at least next season.  So, I will quit harping on that point.  Unless BOP solves the “chaos” factor that defines his teams, no amount of raw talent willget this team to a higher level of consistent perfo rmance.  Negative turnover margin must get fixed.

I just don’t get how you guys don’t realize that your negativity is only hurting.. Look how quickly those guys jumped on board when Eichorst backed Pelini.. ..Unless your job is trying to hurt the program ( in which your doing a good job) give it up already ..

NU Realista

I agree Turnover margin needs to be fixed .. its pretty amazing that we were able to go 8-4 when we were what negative 20 in the turnover category the last 8 games..

But lets all be happy for one day .. Great pick ups .. Welcome to the Family.. Were a little dysfunctional, but damn do we love our football! GO BIG RED!


You are right. I will try to stop. But it’s awful hard.


Me thinks you gots more pertinent to worry ‘bout, like how Los Dos Stoopses if gonna beat a certain team that wears orange ‘n black—as in, prolly not gonna happen.  And after BOP beats Los Dos Stoopses inda bowl, well, Skers and Sooners will be tied @ 9-4.  I bet FL wishes they were 9-4.  Just noticed Meechicken is a whopping 7-5, hmm they were 8-5 last year:  FIRE HOKE!

Pop quiz:  what do OU and NU have in common in ‘13, the main thing that is?

I wonder how many of the TOs have come from the QB position @ NU the last few years.

Anyway, Sarkisian is new HC @ USC, they just can’t get over the inbreedin’ at that school…

I don’t think anyone expects OU to beat OSU this weekend. There is a reason that OSU is BCS #6 team.
I remember feeling this way last year also, but was surprised to see OU prevail. This year our QB situation is not as good against a better OSU team.
Stranger things have happened, my friend.

Petey Husker,

Bell’s statements that include demons and hell are normal words.  You don’t have to be a spiritual person to recognize that a young man in his late teens and early twenties finds these words used in the literature and liturgy he has grown up with and learns from.  Since football is a sport of great and fierce opposition involving statements like digging deep within oneself and rising out of adversity, the propensity to segway into dogma is a natural extension of these beliefs or thought processes. 

Hell I have heard professional football players talk as if they were soldiers fighting a war.  As a veteran, that was actually more offensive to me than anything bell said.  But my wish to tone down the rhetoric remains the same.  Bell’s use of inflamatory or exhuberant words denotes his committment to his coach and his team.  As a fan, I think we can tone it down a bit.

Alabama just lost a fan at the hands of another fan because the fan that shot her didn’t think she was a real Alabama fan because she wasn’t upset about the loss to Auburn.  Let’s not go getting like that. 

Good lord.  Shooting someone over a football game.  That’s got to be one of those…you know… special kinds of stupid.

Twauto ~ yes, it is relatively amazing NU still won games despite turnovers, lack of experience at QB, injuries, lack of a return game, and some chaos existing on the field and on the sidelines.  I believe UCLA is a better team than NU.  Minnesota played within it capabilities and played smart.  Michigan State had a QB who was on his game that day and the MS team showed discipline.  MS is a better team than NU is.  Finally, Iowa played smart and avoided no brainers.  Iowa and NU appeared to be otherwise evenly matched entering the game.  NU won all the other games.  I believe its best wins were against Michigan and PS.  Its worst win was against Wyoming, a team NU was injury free entering into that game, so no excuses.  While I am not a huge fan of TMart, he is clearly better than TO and Special “K”.  Had TMart been healthy, his ability to be a difference maker would have changed the outcome against Minn., MS, and Iowa.  I don’t believe the UCLA outcome would have been much different even if TMart had been healthy.

I pray Stanton is a difference maker.  If TO plays next year, they will need to keep it simple.  Same for the D - keep it simple.  Doing so will help minimize turnover ratio, and that folks is the key.  Turnover ratio must dramatically improve.  And no one better suggest that has nothing to do with coaching, because it does.  I’ve seen our players not hold the ball like they should be.  There are times when they reach with the ball.  Big ‘no, no’ in my book.  Avoid the reach even if that means not crossing the goal line with the ball.  I would bench a player if he continued doing that risk kind of ball handling.  Obviously, coaches are not succeeding in emphasizing the basics of good conservative ball handling.  Observers will see that in the games.  That is coaching.

Sometimes coaches get lost in the schemes and lose sight of the basics and fundamentals.  After all, this is all they think about.  Talk to anyone who is obsessive compulsive and folks migrate in their minds to far reaching details and can’t see the forrest for the trees.  We all believe that just would not be the case, but rest assured, it happens, and happens more often than we might otherwise think.

I am hoping Eichorst and someone like Tom Osborne can help BO get back to the basics in how he coaches and runs his team.  We will find out how ignorantly stubborn BO continues to be.  He is paid millions of dollars to run and manage a football team, not to be the players ombundsman and run interference with antagonists.  Coach them so they win the games they should and represent the team, the University and the State of Nebraska in an admirable way.  For the money he is paid, that is NOT asking for too much.


Rumor I heard today from a UNL insider is that SE & HP wanted to fire Pelini but TO didn’t and went the regents to fight for his life. Political battle going on right now.


Wouldn’t suprise me.  Any wonder why they held on to that audio tape for 2 years and only waited to reveal it after Osborne had completely left the University?  I mean, there is a real intelectual dishonesty being played out by the media and a handfull of “win at all cost” fans.  Just makes me sick that the belly-achers and the pencil pushers might throw us back into the era of mediocrity that the Callahan era was known for.

So they fine a guy who waves his hat around for unsportsmanlike conduct, but no fine is levied against Ohio St. or Michigan when their players actually get into a fight on the field.  Kind of makes you wonder how many B1G officials and NCAA folks will have to be fired before this conference gets out of the liberal, whiney funk its found itself in.

In our first 3 years in the B1G we are the third most winningest program in the conference over the last three years.  Yet, the way some people talk you would think that we never won a game.

I think the guy that held that tape was a coward but all Pelini had to do last Friday was get the kids to play hard and keep his nose clean. Players played hard and he lost it. I can’t reconcile his behaviour with what I think a coach at NU should be. Unfortunately greatness can be wiped out in a second by 1 stupid act.


True, those of us who grew up under Osborne can see there is a difference, a vast difference in how Tom carried himself and how Bo carries himself.  However, Bob Devany was firey and so was Switzer.  Right now it is as if Bo’s biggest problem is that he isn’t Tom Osborne.  I hate to break it to folks, but there is only one Tom Osborne. 

Perhaps if you give me a lock of Osborne’s hair and a healthy Ovum I might be able to do something but it is still going to be 25 to 30 years before his clone is going to be able to coach our team, and that of course is provided the Redskins are stupid enough to let him go early TWICE!

I don’t put TO on quite the pedestal that many do. He is just a man. If you look around though on any given Saturday there is plenty of highly competitive coaches holding their emotions under control.

We must assume Tom O. has talked to Bo in private to discuss Bo’s situation.  Tom O. is stubborn and sticks with people through thick and thin.  Remember Lawrence Phillips???  and some ohers???  To the extent Tom O. hired a semi-loose canon in Bo may work against Tom O. if he has had discussion with SE and Perlie Man.  The best Perlie Man can tell Tom O. is, “Tommy, I suffered through Pederson’s disasterous decision to hire Callie.  You come along and try to right the ship by hiring Bo.  Only consolation is at least you hired someone who wasn’t quite the utter disaster Callie was.  In the end, however, we are still stuck with a problem hire as HC that we can’t afford to pay off right now if we let him loose!”  Tom likely replies, “Perl, let me talk to Bo and try to get him to appreciate, once again, the error of his ways and his need to really change.  He loves his kids and they love him.  He has some of the “X” factor, but we know a lot of the “O” factor as well - obstinant, obstinant, obstinant!!!”  Perlie, “We’ll talk to him for sure.  T.O., you might as well prep him for the short leash he’ll be on going forward.  If he really loves his kids and this program, he’ll show us by his actions and changes he makes for himself and for the program that have to occur.”  JEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASUS CHRIST!!!

These comments are I kick man! Pure entertainment.
Realist, I’m not sure if you are aware but at least three of the top NU doners are pro Bo. $$$$ talks bud. And the NU athletic fund is like third or fourth in the country with around 120 million bucks so if they really wanted to buy out Bo, they would have pulled the trigger.
As far as those who are embarrassed by what ESPN, USA Today and the media have to say, get over it. Folks here in Philly tell me they love our passion but think we are kind of babies about being embarrassed about our coach or our team. Who gives a rats ass? They loved their phillies even when they sucked. Love your team and be ready to throw down if someone calls you out about it! Just leave the weapons out of it. Right Tide fans?
I live a few doors down from a recruiter for a major university in the area. He asked that I don’t mention his name or school. We chat often at some local HS games. One of the things he told me to tell my fellow Husker fans is this. A lot if the noise you are hearing goes unnoticed by the kids so desperately trying to get into a Div 1 school. They are told early on to not listen to “the noise” from blog sights, ESPN, etc. pay attention only to what your current coaches, your possible future coaches, your parents, family and your heart and head tell you. The rest is all flap. A kids dad once asked him about a Kirk herbstriet, mark May comment about his school changing conferences, his reply was “Son, would you rather stake your future on what Coach and I, who live eat and breath this stuff say, or a couple guys who put make up on every day to do their jobs?” The kid signed right away and is an academic all american. Kids listen to what they hear in their living rooms and around their kitchen table, not what they read on Twitter or hear on sports center. They follow and talk amongst their groups, that’s why you see kids go to the same school as their friends and families. He told me that what we think and hear about Bo is only a tiny portion of what goes on day to day and to not put much into his fiery attitude. He’s damn well respected among the other coaches and schools and he’s a good fit for NU.
Great to see we are picking up some good recruits. This team moving forward has a ton of youth, some great future talent and looks to be good group moving forward.
Beck still makes me want to throw a brick through the TV from time to time. Who the Hell throws on first down with the best running back in the B1G?!?
Embarrassed? Nah, I still wear my ratty dirty worn red cap with the yellowed N that I swore I would not replace till a championship is won. Yes it’s a little ripe and it may well get rank before I get to throw on a new one, but I wear it proudly because it stands for more than just our football team. It represents hard cold winters scooping feed bunks and firing up the IH, wet humid springs spraying, hot humid summers irrigating, long hours behind the wheel lugging hanging beef, crappy extra money earned sorting hogs, and many many days and nights off drinking away the hard times and wishing for better times. I love my home town, (Osceola) I love my state and I love to come home to family there and by God I do love my Huskers!!

Thank you Jersey Husker

Different mentality, so i’m not sure it equates to midwestern values.

Don’t you still think that the tape is what it is even though someone used it as an agenda is a totally different matter altogether.

So what do you think about Greg Sharpe knowing about it and not coming forth straightaway with information on someone who was considered devious to Nebraska football?

Anywhere else in corporate America, people who witheld this information would have lost their jobs over that one incident, let alone everything else since then.

That’s because Tom Osborne himself ran the asylum.

Jersey, those who are smart with their money spend it wisely.  That is why they have money to spend, if need be.  It was a total unnecessary waste of money to have renewed Callie’s contract, then fire him at the end of his first year’s renewal.  Big time financial bust on that scenario.  Now comes Pelini, who will cost millions of ore dollars to cut early from his remaining contract term in order to find someone better qualified to lead the team.  Rule is, you don’t spend money simply because you have it.  Especially when part of the money is amassed by rather expensive ticket and capital foundation fees season ticket holders must pay in order to support the program.

Now, Eichorst has come out with another/further endorsement’ of Bo Pelini. At least that’s one reporters take on it.

If S. Eichorst is serious and is going to actually support this ‘coach’ this tells me 2 things:

1. Nebraska has run out of money to even try to search for a new coach, due to still paying off Callahan, Pederson, who knows who the hell else
2. Now even Kronkite is saying that the war is un-winnable. In other words ‘It’s a big shit sandwich, and we’re all gonna have to take a bite’.


First off, if you think that there is not or never was a concerted effort to damage Nebraska football, you would be wrong.  The press want stories.  They are not too particular where they come from.  In the movie “The Natural” with Robert Redford, Wilford Brimley, Robert Duvall, Glen Close, and Kim Bassinger, Duvall’s character was on the wrong side of the story, and he knew it.  He was trying to destroy the team so that the owners could sell the franchise after buying out the GM, Brimley.  Duvall told Redford’s character (Hobbs), “Tomorrow, whether you are a hero or a goat, you are going to give me a great story.”

That is the media.  They thrive on blowing things out of proportion and sensationalizing the trivial and covering up the attrocities of the world.  Journalism isn’t what it used to be.

Coach Mangino complained about the officiating during a Texas game.  He was accused of being mean and embarrassing to Kansas’s program.  Consiquently he was fired.

Liech of Texas Tech, complained about the officiating during a Texas game.  He was accused of abusing some sportswriter’s kid.  Consequently, he was fired.  Colorado coach beat Texas in a game, but whoa, there is some cheating going on in the classroom and sex scandals.  Consequently, he was fired.  Solich complained about the officiating during a Texas game.  Bye Bye Frank.

Though I am glad we have left the little 12.  I cannot help but think that there is still this unfinished business that the powers that be in Texas want to have tied up.  However, as far as playing in the watered down Northern Division of the B12 comment.  It isn’t like Texas has been all that impressive to anyone since Nebraska left the little 12.

Lastly, as far as the $hit sandwhich comment goes.  The way I heard it, it was like this.  Life is a $hit sandwhich.  The more bread you have, the less $hit you got to eat.

There are tons of great kids out there for the taking. All of the Alabama’s, Oregon’s and such don’t have room for all of these kids, so the OU’s and Nebraska’s get the leftovers. Face it, we just can’t recruit like the big boys.

I take it you are a conspiracy theorist. You think things are better for Nebraska since leaving the Big 12? This is where the conspiracy theory is from, huh?

Someone once said that “winning solves all problems”. Look, NU had plenty of chances to win playing in what you call the little 12. They failed to capitalize on their opportunities. So they felt ganged up on and T.O. Saw an opportunity to move to a conference that was weaker as a whole. So far, it seems that it’s the same scenario in that you fall into a conference championship game by being the least offensive team in the division, only to fall to the real talent in the conference.

The problem seems to be that a series of horrible hires and money issues, still felt today, led to NU’s demise. Teams no longer got between the Huskers ears, it was the Huskers themselves. I have stood by and watched the once proud and mighty Big Red implode.

It’s just that once long ago it was like Nebraska as a team stayed on the field and played with a broken leg. Big strong mean and tough, now they go to the sideline to look for a band-aid for a paper cut.

Sorry bub, This team is in limbo and has no identity. The media sees this as the pack of starving wolves that they are and It sees a weak team and will exploit it like a bully. OU went through the exact same stuff throughout the 1990’s, as we all remember.

Now, The University of Nebraska does not resemble in the least anything like it was under the most humble coach ever yet, it has the angriest coach in college football.

So, with all that being said, why would a proud school like Nebraska after all the Solich, Pederson, Callahan and now Pelini, why wouldn’t they dump this embarrassing bunch and get a well proven coach instead of trying to jam square pegs into round holes with this bunch? It just doesn’t seem that all of the negative national pub and letting the fans be divided is worth it to me.

We will disagree, and that’s okay, brother. I just can’t figure the mentality of this bunch out.

NU left the Big 12 because the Big 12 was unstable with Mizzou openly talking about leaving and CU actually leaving. And NU had an offer from the B1G. The B1G has more fans and more money than what is available in the old Big 12 footprint. I have a hard time believing NU left the Big 12 because they thought it would be easier to win championships. It was about long term stability.


While I respect your loyalty to the B12, the fact of the matter is, Nebraska staying in the B12 and beating Kansas for the 90th time in 108 years was not going to make us a better football team.  Nor has it appeared to make Oklahoma or Texas better football teams.

I don’t know about all that. What I do know is that ‘You’ evidently found a way to pick your relatives by moving to the Big 10.

The Big 12 does have nearly half of it’s conference teams in the top 25 (O-State, Baylor, OU, Texas), and 2 of the 4 teams that left the Big 12 (Mizzou, TAM) are in the top 25.

To respond to your claim that it hasn’t seemed to help OU or Texas…Texas is in position to win the Big 12 this weekend and OU won it with K-State last year and 8 of the last 16 years, so your statement is not entirely correct. Show me any team in any conference that wins their division every year. OU has won half of the 16 they played for and that’s about as close as anyone can hope for.
I can honestly say that both Mizzou and TAM have elevated their level of play since joining the SEC. I doubt anyone could seriously dispute that claim.
Playing better competition is key to winning championships, so Pelini should have a conference championship winner any year now, right?


Our “quality win” against Missouri occurred under Pelini.
Additionally, the last time we played Texas A&M they needed the refs help to get within field goal range.  I am not stating that they are not deserving teams, however thier ascention into the top 20 comes from playing in less competative conferences.

The B12 is the darling of ESPN since the 300 million dollar deal with the Longhorn Network.  So even though Texas has not dominated the B12 needs to be lifted up by the sportswriters in order to make good on their investment.  Baylor, for it’s hype got taken out this year by Oklahoma St.  A team that is 7 - 35 against Nebraska all time, and a team we defeated 51-41 the last time we played them 3 years ago.

So no, I do not find the SEC to be worthy of all the hype.  Nor do I find the B12 with only 10 teams and nearly half of them within the state of Texas being all that competative.  The only saving grace to the B12 is Oklahoma.  A team without which the entire conference would blink into obscurity.

Yes, playing better competition is key to winning championships.  Michigan st has found that out.  I am certain that Ohio St. and Michigan won’t be that far behind.

Uh, the SEC is at least 7 deep of teams that could beat our and any team in the B1G not named tOSU ass, like, tomorrow:

aTm(well, maybe not this year so much)

And, FL generally puts more talent on the field than most teams of most other conferences—they just need a coach.

“The only saving grace to the B12 is Oklahoma.  A team without which the entire conference would blink into obscurity.”

Oh, k, sooo Baylor(10-1), Texas, Okie St(10-1), KState don’t count?  3 of those 4 teams would beat NU tomorrow, guess which ones?  WVU and TCU are good teams in the lurk, way better than the bottom feeder teams of the B1G.  The B1G this year is all about tOSU.  Sparty would finish at best 4th in most other major conferences this year.


I have to disagree.  If TA&M, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska returned to the B12,  Baylor would have at least 4 losses, possibly 5.  Okie St probably would have at least 3 losses.  Texas would have 5 losses possibly six.  It simply isn’t what it used to be.  The reason why the B12 is excelling right now is because most of the competition in the conference has left the conference.  Trust me, if K State could leave and go to either the B1G or the PAC 12, they probably would.  Heck, the MAC probably looks good to them right now. 

Iowa St. goes down and defeats Texas at Texas?  Yeah, that happened, after all the competition Iowa St. faced in the north left.  It was if there was no one else to fear.

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