Recent Roster Improvements Won’t Show Up in Recruiting Rankings

Nebraska added safety prospect Kieron Williams from the Air Force Academy Prep.  He was sought after by Iowa, Indiana, and BYU, among others.  But because of his time at the Prep program, he has chosen his destination college for 2014 late in the process.  Thus, those who evaluate recruiting classes may have moved on to the 2015 cycle without much thought to an available player like Williams for 2014 who still has all of his eligibility. 


Also joining NU is standout wide receiver prospect from the class of 2013 in Damore'ea Stringfellow.  Since he's a transfer rather than a graduating senior, he similarly seems unlikely to be factored into recruiting rankings despite the fact that he would have moved the needle positively for any school he joined in 2013.  Stringfellow has had off the field trouble but you suspect that the loss of the Huskies head coach this offseason was also a factor.  

Both players underscore why recruiting rankings alone are insufficient for judging the quality of a roster.  Nebraska began its mid-1990's dynasty with unheralded players.  The key was that they stuck around, developed, and ultimately performed.  A top recruit means little if he doesn't remain in the program.  An undersized or underhyped player can hurt your recruiting score but help your program.

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Pretty big additions there..added db depth to go with the great guys committed in the 2015 class and a talent at WR.. Should have a solid db core for years to come and as long as String leaves his past in his past he could be a game changer.. Wish both of these guys luck and welcome to the family

Stringfellow is probably the best wide receiver, national standings wise, thats ever came to Nebraska. This is a HUGE get! But I don’t see how it won’t effect our recruiting ratings? Will he be added to the 2015 class seeing how he has to sit out a season?
He was a high 4 star by everyone’s standard, a top 150 player at worst, and according to who you follow, the 3rd best player overall coming out of California and the 6th best receiver, and the 51st best player overall in the country in 2013. Wow. Now that’s re-loading…as soon as Bell leaves, there’s Stringfellow! Hats off to the coaches for hauling in this guy.
We’ll see about the DB. We can pick up 3 star DB’s easy. No one of note wanted this guy but hey, you never know who’s going to be the next 3 star turned 5 star on the field.

He’s not included in any rankings because of the transfer therefore no change in recruiting rankings..same with Williams ..he’s actually a 2014 recruit but they aren’t going to go back and change that.. So our team got a whole lot better in potential but it won’t be quantified until playing time

Ive got a theory about that String guy…

That String fellow was once asked if any PAC 12 db could tie him up in coverage, to which he replied, ‘KNOT!’

TDogg, that was kind of funny.

Too bad N doesnt have a quarterback even close to ready.  Stringfellow won’t have many chances without someone to throw completions.  He has to know that, which makes it surprising he chose N .


Nice trolling attempt, but…

String will not be eligible this year.  He’ll be working mostly with the backup QBs in practice.  So, they’ll all grow up together, see?

Plus we’re still heavily recruiting Sheriron Jones.

Plus, we were #2 on his list when initially recruited, so he’s already quite aware of the QB talent pool.

Who was #1?

Who’s on first.

When asked if he might ever consider changing from dreadlocks to a ‘fro, String exclaimed, ” I’m a FRAYED KNOT!”

Rut roh, we’ve dropped to #15 Rivals.

Keep ‘em coming, TDogg!

Red, I think #1 began with a Duh! Bull! You!

String looks like a shoe in to replace the Fro.

Dogg~ I believe the Fro is no Mo’.  He had it shaved off recently.  Now, he’ll be more exposed to concussions!!!  Natural padding is gone.  Too bad.  Question will be:  Can ‘No Fro’ still catch the ball?

I think this guy is going to be fantastic. Especially with a year longer to season and mature. He may top what the Fro has done. Beck must be salivating!
This is a true elite recruit, that many of the top programs wanted. Too bad it doesn’t reflect on our standings on the current recruiting class though, because as the year progresses, our standing is likely to fall. It helps recruiting and future recruiting to have a high ranking. I wonder what’ going to happen to our ranking when Monte Harrison goes for the pro baseball contract, which I’m sure he will?
T Dogg…funny! I loved it.

Fro-less?!  Blame it on BOP.

We’ve yet to see the best of Fro-less, been splittin time w Q the last few years.  This ahould be his breakout yr, maybe

Then there’s JT, Taariq, and that Gladney kid might make some noise.  Then there’s the Germans, Der Westerkamp and the like
Then in ‘15 we move onto the String Theory and Montay Harrison, should be a big time duo.

Never thought I’d live to see the day we’d be gettin loaded @ WR.

We also have that 4*  RB Bussey from the bayou that looks like a real good get.

P.s., theres a huge drop off from Bamas’14 class and everybody else.  3*s need not apply.

And yes, String has def added to our ‘14 class’ “net worth”, bah ha ha ha….

NU, apparently the ‘fro thing was a hoax.  Unless the hoax claim was a hoax.

So does the departure of Drake Martinez improve the class rankings?

Was DM on scholarship?  If so, what was special about him, other than being related to TM?  Did NU just accommodate this kid for the sake of TM and his Dad?

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