Prospects Decommit

While neither was totally surprising, it was still unfortunate to see two Husker recruits decommit in recent days. Florida wideout Dominic Walker is now headed to Auburn while Ohio safety Marcus McWilson now appears to lean to Kentucky.


If not for Nebraska's successful re-recruitment of Tre'vell Dixon, you might give up hope completely of the Huskers landing McWilson. But the window still seems open that McWilson will come to his senses and choose a winning program in Lincoln over the perennial doormat in Lexington.

These late defections may open the door for at least one additional recruit to be added to this class. No additional visits have been scheduled for the final weekend before signing day. But there's still time if Nebraska wanted to host players that previously were likely to go without an offer from NU.

The list of deserving walk-ons in Lincoln is long enough that the coaching staff might decide to focus all of their efforts on keeping the commitments they have. Still, we've seen Bo Pelini land some last minute prospects before, some of which weren't previously on the radar of Husker fans.

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Kentucky? McWilson must really like Coach Marrow. I can only hope Coach Marrow did not approach the kid to convince him Kentucky was a better option which would be very unprofessional but, he is an SEC coach now… That would seem to be a serious bridge burning for a new full time assistant coach especially within that Cardinal Mooney alumni.

Any thoughts on the availability of former DB Coach Marvin Sanders? Could he return to the staff?

I’m surprised that these coaches don’t have “non-compete” clauses in their contracts just as many of us do in the real world. Wouldn’t it be wise for Nebraska to start putting non-competes on our young assistants that prevents them from making personal contact with ANYONE Nebraska is recruiting?

Non-Compete would be a great thought, but how do you assign any value to what was “stolen” if it happened and you were to sue?

Further, as I recall Mr Marrow was a Grad Assistant - kind of hard to put a Non-Compete on someone not even earning a reasonable wage in the first place…

Let him go and sign with Kentucky.  How many Kentucky football players are in the NFL today?  My guess is a few.  While the Huskers have been turning out Super Bowl athletes for the better part of 20 straight seasons.  Is the “best” choice for him to play football with little chance of making an NFL roster, or woudl the “better” choice be to sign with Nebraska and join an NFL roster.  Bo is a hard a** as we know, but his record for putting DB’s in the NFL in the last few years is beyond reproach.  Good luck with Kentucky sir, but I still think the best choice is here in Lincoln.

“Non-compete” clauses are actually prohibited in many states, although I don’t know about Nebraska or Kentucky.  Although I’ve seen employers use them, they are unenforceable in those states.

I think Sanders cannot happen at NU, based on the reasons for his departure.  Maybe FAU has an opening?  Oh, he probably burnt that bridge, too.

I wonder how much playing time Mike Marrow will have this year?  Seems he didn’t get all that much last season, and the competition will be even greater this year, or at least I expect the younger guys to develop more.

Braylon Heard is transfering as well… Curious if will also head to kentucky.. I wish the kid all the,luck in the world as he has,worked his butt off to make it to college.. Good luck in the future Mr Heard, would have loved to see you graduate from unl but the important thing is that you graduate..Hope to see him playing ball somewhere in the future!

Losing bowl games the way OU and NU did this past season is going to hurt big time in recruiting. It’s already looking bleak.

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