Philip Nelson to Transfer from Minnesota

Philip Nelson has announced his intention to transfer from Minnesota.  Despite starting nine games and appearing in eleven for the team, there could be some doubt about whether he could hold off sophomore-to-be Mitch Leidner for the starting quarterback job.  The team was only 5-4 in Nelson's starts, but that's a bit misleading.  Nelson came in to deliver victories over Northwestern and Nebraska.


On paper, Leidner had better stats both running and passing.  Leidner is also bigger physically than Nelson (both taller and heavier).  Leidner's announcement might be a bit of a face-saving one.  He claimed he was seeking an offense that emphasized the pass.  Without his running ability however, he's not a very dangerous quarterback.  Clearly it was his legs that were the difference against the Huskers.  

The best wins for Minnesota all came with Nelson behind center.  From a depth perspective the team  would certainly be better served with him staying around.  From a chemistry and confidence perspective though, Leidner (and perhaps the whole team) could benefit from some clarity about who their quarterback will be.  Leidner won't be looking over his shoulder.

When your only true victory as a starter came against San Jose State, it's fair to say that Leidner is still very much unproven at this point.  Nelson's departure coupled with that of star defensive tackle      

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Hmm, didnt see that coming.  Neson played like he was John Elway or something vs Skerz.

Hey t-doggy dogg:......I read where someone said no one wanted to hear what u had   to say but I for one like reading ur stuff!  Just remember that most people don’t like hearing the truth and I say don’t stop writing,  I think its funny!!!  I’m out!

sweet T,

T Doggy here.  Yea, whatevs, I been in this game a long time, nobody’s stopped me yet.  Alotta peeps you find on here—or in general—are basically like Roman peasants cheering the beheading of Cicero.

history remembers Cicero…

yeah, you put it in a skillet to keep your eggs from sticking.

riled up tried to use his words
but instead, what came out were turds
of ‘duh wuh?’ confusion
and broken up delusion
as such was common with the herd…

Nelson was only a soph in ‘13 too, he played like a seasoned vet against NU, then he looked like a rookie again i the bowl game.

Speaking of transition, note Terrell Clinkscales decommitted from NU and is going to K State.  Top DT at JUCO level now lost to Snyder.  Ultimate slap in Pelini’s face, I’d say.  I sense something isn’t quite right at NU on recruiting side.

There is no place like Nebraska!!!  Others must know something Huskers fans are not aware of.

Lost Clink, well, that sucks.

Of course many fans maybe see it as a good thing since now we can go after some 2* unheard of, under radar replacement at the last minute, in other words, par for the course.

Yep, someone with their house in order, as opposed to someone so far behind the academic curve that they won’t be playing come first game anyways, on top of having to learn the defensive scheme.  Sounds like a punk little-hand-me-the-world-on-a-silver-spoon bitch.  I know the coaching staff was HOPING that he would get stuff in order, but come on, this is what a late recruiting push does, makes you a little desparate.  That’s what you should be focusing on TDogg.

Like I’m supposed to know Clink was an ‘academic liability, eh?  Well, why did they recruit him in the 1st place if there was a high probability that he wouldnt cut the ‘grade’, so to speak.

Guess he’s good enough for KState, apparently.  There’re plenty of 2* and/or NR guys out there we can go after, so ‘we’re good’, crap, we got like, what is it, 2-3 weeks to fill this class?  PLENTY of time…

Seems NU is hitting the JUCO circuit hard these past two years.  Normally, that means a program is weak at HS recruiting level.  K State was famous for JUCO recruiting to fill voids.  I hope NU is playing the same tune.

Yea, and the other thing is, they say we still have a ‘strong foothold’ in TX and FL.  Really?  What, we have like a dozen guys from TX and 1/2 dozen or so from FL?  Last I looked, UCF fielded a top 10 team with FL “leftovers”, pretty much.  The state of TX could nearly supply the entire NCAA D-1 roster from top to bottom with players given all the schools they have in D-1, aTm, TX, TCU, SMU, Baylor, Houston and on and on.

So, I dont know where we have a ‘strong foothold’ but it doesnt look like anywhere in particular and as such BOP and Co have to fly all over the univers to cherry pick as best as they can.  Yea, we’ve been getting some very good players, but we need more and this scrambling around at the last minute thing has got to change.

Both Slade and clink said we stopped showing them love like we were before.. Could that be because there was a suppose to be a recruiting dead period? Lol.. As I hear only some schools followed the rules.. But Clink had something like 40 credit hours to complete going into the fall semester and still has 30+ left due to a bunch of in completes.. If he wouldn’t have had the incomplete s he could have qualified on time so it was worth the gamble but the chances that a kid could complete a class load of 30+ credits is hard enough (that’s a lot of credits) but a kid that completed less then 10 last semester is not likely not going to qualify.. Hope I’m wrong because even if he’s going to k state I hope he gets the education

It does suck though cuz he’s a great athlete

Oh well, de-commits happen everywhere, including Alabama, Ohio St., Oklahoma, North Texas…
It’s always been part of the game.

OU7, quite right, just got one from Purdue, probably more from Louisville.

40 credits?  Lol, I mean, thats like a couple years college work right there and thats what he started this year with—allegedly. 

I dunno, back when I was coming thru, when you applied to an educational institution you had to, you know, provide transcipts, grades, small stuff like that.  Had to be able to read and write too, small stuff, you know, do some ‘math’, at least enough to able to balance the alleged checkbook that you would one day allegedly have due to your alleged J O B.  I suppose if they are paying these guys under the table in cash, that eliminates the particular problem of ‘math’.

I mean, seriously, how do they evaluate these guys they are recruiting, or DO they, before they spend 1000s and 1000s of dollars going on plane rides, partay partay inda ‘hood, yada yada yada.  Yea, I know, I’ve been called ‘racist’ for stating the fact that the the majority of the black athlete comes from the ‘hood and is generally exploited from start to finish and then returns from whence he/she came, used and abused and often with some trumped up, fabricated ‘degree’ in a subject that doesnt really exist—yea, they teach college courses on this very phenomenon. Lilly white Fan thinks they—the Blacks—come from the Burbs and are just like him/her.  THAT’s racist right there, to think that way.  In fact, it’s racist NOT to know these facts.

Just seems like there’s alot of time, energy and $ wasted in the recruiting process.  La’Travon Dixon last year, 1st he’s on, then he’s off, then he’s on, thenhe going to LSU, oh wait, something happened, he’s back ‘N’.  He gets here, oh wait, he has to go off to CC or some shit cuz, omg, how didnt we know that he cant read and write or something—i.e., grades werent happening.

I dont get it, dont they ‘vet’ these guys, just a little, WTF?  “Oh wait, he had to complete 40 credits and learn math and how to hold a pen in his hand instead of txting on his iPhone…it’s taken some work.”

Anyway, Clink ‘sailed’ on us, how KSU is going to make it work for him is anybody’s guess.  Yea, it’s easy for some to shrug it off, like ‘whatever’, they come they go, blah blah blah, but this is 2 key defensive players in less than a week and we can’t be losing guys like that.  Slade, “oh I didnt want to go to NU in the 1st place’.  Really, thats the best they can do?  Again, does anybody talk to these kids before they offer them and they ‘accept’.  The shit’s inefficient at best and incredibly wasteful at worst.  I mean, ANY other regular student has to SHOW something—academically—to even get in to any other course of study.

And that would be my 2 cents…

If he truly decommited bc we wernt showimg enougj love for him then oh well. Its final.weeks inrecruiting. Its not all about him, go cry a river

‘Ask not what love the University can show you, but what love you can show the University—Mr. Prima Dona’.

Anyway, they shouldnt even call it a ‘commit’ anymore until these guys sign on the dotted line and get in a uniform—alotta these guys have an attention span of day to day at best.  Otherwise it’s all just ‘light verbal’.

So a few days after Bama hires Lame Kiffin, their top QB prospect Ricky Town transfers to Kiffin’s previous gig.  Saban’s a real genious!


S’all good.  They still have David Cornwell, 4*, #3 Pro style QB out of Norman, OK, #2 player in OK, the guy that OU7 says The Fighting Stoopseses don’t need, because, you know, they don’t need anybody that they’ve lost—Belldozer can cover it.

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