Personnel Issues Abound Around Draft Time

The NFL draft is center stage both nationally and for those who would like to see whether Husker cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste will be selected tonight.  While the fate of Jean-Baptiste and other prospects are center stage, there are other NU personnel issues swirling about in both football and basketball.


Offensive Lineman Alex Lewis who transferred to Nebraska in the past year, now must face the consequences of a Colorado assault charge.  He'll have to spend 45 days in jail beginning very soon and likely winding up by June.  Alex quickly got on the field for the Buffaloes and seems like a candidate to start for Nebraska this fall.  He'd sought to get the sentenced reduced but has been denied.

Standout wide receiving prospect Monte Harrison, who was part of the most recently signed football recruiting class is projected as a first round pick in next month's baseball draft.  It's hard to imagine a player with that kind of opportunity walking away from the money that awaits him in baseball.  But chances are he'll pursue football right up until he's able to sign his contract.

Cal shooting guard/small forward Ricky Krecklow is looking to transfer after graduating from Berkeley.  He'd started 17 games in his time there and missed time with a broken hand.  Nebraska is on his list of potential schools along with Creighton, Butler, Baylor, and Missouri (which is his home state).  

Keanu Pinder, the lone commit so far to the basketball class of 2015, is opting for junior college.  The 6'8" small forward prospects had offers from Auburn, New Mexico, and St. Mary's and was drawing interest from some heavy hitters like Louisville and Indiana.  Pinder could potentially rejoin the Huskers after two years at the juco level, but certainly there would need to be a lot recruiting work done to make that happen.

Tonight and over the weekend, we'll learn the fates of Jean-Baptiste, Spencer Long, and Quincy Enunwa along with potential NFL free agents like Ciante Evans, Jeremiah Sirles, Taylor Martinez, and Mo Seisay.  Clearly though, the NFL draft isn't the only thing impacting NU players.

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Doin’ a bit o’ time in the pokey, probably be a good thing for Lewis, open his eyes to the real world a bit, maybe toughen him up some so he don’t go ‘round beaten up on little guys out in public no more.  Look forward to him joining the line up.

As to Harrison, this is Bubba Starling, The Sequel.  Why do we recruit these pro beisbol guys to play futbol?  Makes no snese.  Omg, cornplete waste of time, energy, $, and schollie.  Too bad, we can use another great WR.

SJB, 2nd round to Saints, Spencer Long, 3rd round to Redskins.  Good for them.

Q went to the Jets, 6th round, or 7th, cant remember.

Nice work by T-Magic and agent, getting a 3 year contract with the Eagles.
Couldn’t ask for a opportunity for him, in an offense like that. Already about my favorite NFL offense to watch and it just got more interesting.

Add Banderas to the personnel issues list.  Next man up, I guess.

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