Pac-12, SEC Get Best Bowl Draws Based on Odds

If you take a look at the odds for each of the Bowl Games this year, a pattern quickly emerges.  The Pac-12 has the best overage average line across the 9 games at -5.8.  The only Pac-12 underdog is Oregon State against Boise State.  The SEC has the next best draw, averaging -5.2 in 10 games.  Wisconsin is favored over South Carolina, and Auburn is an underdog to Florida State in the BCS Championship Game.

In fact, the Big Ten has a less favorable average line than Conference USA and the MAC.  The Big Ten has 7 games and is only favored in 3 of them.  Minnesota, Ohio State, and Wisconsin are the only favorites in the Big Ten.

Conference Average Line Favored Underdog
Pac-12 -5.7 8 1
SEC -5.2 8 2
CUSA -1.5 4 2
MAC -1 4 1
Big Ten 1.8 3 4
MWC 2.5 1 5
ACC 3.9 2 9
Big 12 4.1 2 4
SBC 4.25 0 2
AAC 6.9 1 4

Much was made about the record setting 11 games that the ACC was invited to play in, but outside of Florida State, the games should be a challenge for that conference to come away close to a winning record.

As for Nebraska, they appear to have the toughest draw of match ups in the conference with Iowa vs. LSU a close second.  The line usually moves for Husker games as it gets closer and I anticipate it my close a point or so closer than it is right now.  January 1 should be a fairly exciting day for the conference, but for the Big Ten to come away with more wins than losses is going to be a challenge.

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Wouldn’t have it any other way.

The PAC 12 gets “best bowl draws”?  I don’t think so.  Bowl game odds don’t mean anything beyond individual matchups, and the PAC 12 ended up with some really weak bowl games:  9-4 USC vs Fresno State;  9-3 UCLA playing in (gulp) El Paso?  It’s easy to be favored when you’re in lesser bowls.  And for those NB fans still getting used to BTen bowl situations, typically BTen teams are matched with teams ranked higher in their conference than the BTen teams are in their conference, i.e. #4 BTen vs. #3 SEC.  Not sure that’s the way it played out this year, but that’s the way it has been in past years.

I agree, that’s why I qualified it “based on odds”.  I think that the Big Ten has some of the more interesting games to play.

Nice being the underdog nothing to lose and everthing to gain. GBR

Here’s the “Us against the world” mentality again, loving it.  This team is scrappy and will fight to the finish.  Georgia had a rather uninspiring year and I feel could have trouble keeping their focus, e.g. the Nebraska-Washington bowl game.  I’m keeping a watch on how healthy both teams get, that to me will be the big key to who has the upper hand in the game.  The injuries Georgia sustained throughout the season nearly sent them off the tracks, and with Aaron Murray out at QB, it will definitely be an area to capitalize on for our defense.

I am hoping Taylor Martinez gets the start against UGA. I think that would make the line shift back to even, or at least when he was really healthy.


Agreed, I would like to see him play one more time.  If for no other reason than posterity.  But you have to understand that at this point, he has his future to consider.  I loved watching Rex run the ball last year, but even I had to come to grips with the fact that he needed to take care of his body first.

If he is healthy and he wants to play, I say then, let him play.  But if Armstrong is comming along, then why risk it?

Make that 2 B1G favs:  Wiscy will not beat SCar., no way.

Oh ye of little faith.  I will take Wisconsin by ten.

If Martinez is completely healthy, it would be great to see him play in this game.  I just don’t believe there is any chance of him being 100 percent healthy, though.  If this is the case, then playing him would not hurt him, it would hurt the team as well.

Armstrong/Kellogg combo should work well, especially as all of the receivers (Bell, Enunwa, Turner) should be healthy.  The running threat that Armstrong brings to the table will also help Abdullah gain some big yardage.

It’s encouraging to hear that the line should be healthy.  Of course, Spencer Long will be missed; but to have this line healthy makes one excited to see how many yards our backs (Abdullah!) may be able to accumulate.  Maybe a 200 yard game for Abdullah?  Have him finish with 1,768 yards on the season!

Wiscy by 10?  Haha, not going to happen.  If they happen to win it will be by less than 7.  I dont see how they’re the fav anyway, unless I’m missing something.  Is Shaw playing?  Clowny?

After giving it extensive consideration for a few minutes or so, I must say I think I like all of the B1G teams chances in all the respective bowl games.  Good or very good defenses possessed by all the teams give each a fighting chance and otherwise, just stick to the general strength of the conference which is a potent, punishing ground attack, again, characteristic of each team.

All teams are solid except Nebby is definitely going to HAVE to turn a corner like yesterday, as to the TO issue because thats just not going to cut it vs GA—or from here on out, FTM.  Mitten has some cleaning of slate to do too, but I think they are pretty much a toss up vs Purple Kats.

Sparta vs Tree should be a very compelling slugfest and therefore one of the most potentially interesting games on the bowl docket.

Also, one thing I’ve found th4e last few years for y’all sports fans out there is if you get on one of those online bowl mania type pools—for fun—it makes each and every game interesting or more interesting that otherwise as you have somewhat of a vested interest in each game.  Fun to do a stat breakdown of each game and see how your predictions go accordingly.  I’ve been amazed at picking games based on mostly defense and TO margin alone, having not seen certain teams play before, and have had a good deal of success predicting by those 2 stats alone.  Also, experience of the QB or lack thereof is a key consideration for outcomes.

So, Texas coach resigns under pressure with 8-4 season and similar decline for its program like NU.  Texas, like NU, needs to kick it up a notch but folks down south understand that fact.  Good for them.  NU fans don’t get it.  Too bad.

The Texas coach may have resigned under pressure, but it wasn’t due to a “. . . similar decline for its program like NU”

Mack Brown spent 16 seasons at Texas.  He was very successful, and there is no doubt that he will be successful anywhere he decides to coach.  His record is 158-47 and he has a Heisman Trophy winner and a National Championship that his team won in 2009.

Since 2009, his record is 30-20, with the Alamo Bowl against Oregon remaining to be played.  He had a losing season of 5-7 in 2010; an 8-5 season in 2011; a 9-4 season in 2012, and an 8-4 season (so far) in 2013, for an average of 5 losses per year since winning the National Championship.

To win the National Championship in 2009 and turn around and have a 5-7 season the following year is not a decline; it is a crash dive.  To lose five games per year since winning the National Championship isn’t too good, either.

Coach Pelini inherited a 5-7 team from Coach Callahan, a team that Coach Callahan had coached for four years and had produced two losing seasons.  Something that Nebraska had not seen since 1961-a losing season.

Coach Pelini has turned that team around and has three 10 win seasons and two 9 win seasons in his first five years, and is on the verge of another 9 win season this year.

No, NU fans get it.  We can see the difference between a declining program and a recovering program.  We know that there is a good coach at the helm and that NU is heading in the right direction.

We also know that the B1G has good teams in it, and to have a winning record in this conference (17-7) since joining in 2011 is really saying something.  Only Ohio State (19-5) and Michigan State (18-6) have better records.  Anyone who thinks that Nebraska is mediocre or “irrelevant” after coming into the B1G conference and immediately performing this well simply does not know football.

No, NU fans who understand the game of “football present” know this very well.  NU fans of “football past” will continue to think of Tom Osborne and Bill Devaney (while conveniently forgetting about Bill Callahan) and live in a deluded world where dominance in a conference such as the Big 8 seemed impressive.  NU fans of “football future” know that the program is heading in the right direction.

Fans can rationalize all they want, but the bottom line, Texas and boosters want a better than Brown could produce.  4 season losses r unaccaeptable to Texas program long run.  Aaprently, for Nu it doesn’t maintain same high standards and expectations.  U all suffer from soft bigotry of low expectations.  That’s the bottom line.

It’s not rationalization.  The stats and comparison listed above show that.  Saying that NU doesn’t maintain the same high standards as Texas doesn’t make sense.  Maybe that’s your point: not to make sense.  “Soft bigotry of low expectations?”  Seriously?  The “bottom line” is that your dislike of a coach is personal.

Anyone can quote stats.  What matters i swins and losses.  How may 4 loss seasons for Bo?  He’s had 6 years to prove up.  Everyone can rationalize all they want to justify acceptance of mediocrity.  Apparently Texas has higher expectations than NU has.  So, please excuse my 30 plus years as a faithful season.  ticket holder and NU supporter.  Lots of NnU. supporters deserve better thann what Pelini has delivered both on and off the field.  Learn to accept the truth.

Take your own advice.  How many ten and nine win seasons has he had?  You say he has had six years to “prove up.”  You sound like one of the “football past” fans.  Learn to live in 2013 where Nebraska isn’t playing in the Big 8, but the B1G.

You may be a “season ticket holder,” but you are most definitely not a “supporter.”

It’s amazing how you compare the Texas and Nebraska programs and say they are in “similar decline,” but when shown how wrong yo are, you retort with “anyone can quote stats.”

You really don’t present any argument, just to say that four loss seasons aren’t acceptable yet don’t mention the ten win seasons in such a short time. 

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what you think;  Coach Pelini is still the head coach here at Nebraska.

NY, how many of those 10 or 9 wins were against a ranked team. For the most part they were are garbage wins

woops, For the most part they were all garbage wins


Still trying to find a way to disparage Coach Pelini’s wins, eh?  Using the old “ranked opponent” argument?  Well, in that case, Urban Meyer’s 12-1 record is “garbage” this year also.  the only ranked teams Ohio State beat this year was #16 Northwestern (5-7) and #23 Wisconsin (9-3 and lost to Penn State at home!)  And when Ohio State finally played a team ranked near to them they lost.  So, using your logic, Urban Meyer’s wins are meaningless as they are against “garbage teams.”

Learn a new mantra, Seaman.  Coach Pelini’s ten win seasons were against the teams on his schedule.  He can’t control their rankings.


Michigan falls into the same category of “garbage wins.”  They lost to #22 Notre Dame; they beat #21 Michigan ( Nebraska beat them the following week in the BIG HOUSE ending a 19 game streak) and #2 Ohio State.  So, for the most part, Michigan State’s 12-1 record is against garbage teams.  Only one credible win.  Yeah, that’s great logic there.

New Yorker

Admiral isn’t a Husker fan, I don’t care what he claims.. He only shouts hatred , Same with NU REALISTA .. They wanted Pelini gone and the people whom have much more to go off of then them , decided Pelini was doing a good enough job.. They are like the little kid jumping up and down because mom or dad so no to the new toy.. .. The only wins is verse garbage debate is hilarious.. THE majority of the SEC teams only have GARBAGE WINS.. Missouri and Auburn were playing in the championship because they only played two or three hard OK teams.. Missouri, Lost two , won one.. Auburn won Two lost one.. Therefore they play for the National Championship.. Miss State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Vandy, Florida, Kentucky , NONE ARE HARD GAMES.. If any of those teams were in the BIG they would be right on the bottom with Purdue .. Every team in the country has schedules similar and only 4 others win as much as we do.. If I remember right the big talk was how screwed NEB got when the big ten put out their first two years schedule yet we still won 9 and 10 games.. You guys have to let go of the fire Pelini talk if you are real Husker Fans.. The administration is backing him with much more knowledge on whats going on then we have from reading the World Herald or Journal Star or whatever publication you may fancy.. GEt on board or go back to cheering on Texas or whomever you think is so great.. GO BIG RED

Excuse me!  Wanting a better coach than what we have is somehow being disloyal?  Give me a break.  Those of you who settle for less than the best are the problem for the program.  Any rationalizaiton that six years of what we have had with Pelini is something we should settle for are akin to the “king has no clothes” and you don’t even notice!  After four years of 4 loss seasons, Texas shows us that they want more.  Brown proved himself to be a winner, yet Texas doesn’t stand for mediocrity for too long.  They will at least try to do better sooner, rather than later after more damage has been done.  What does NU do?  Sit around hoping an immature coach will somehow “blossom” and becom the Big Red Rose or WTF!!!  You Jim Jones supporters need to see the forrest for the trees.  “Getting on Board” is more than blind faith and loyalty without question.  If you think otherwise, then you become part of the problem, not the solution.  What’s really amazing is your support of a man who was fined $10K for acting like an ass, causing a 15 yard penalty against the team he proclaims he loves so much, and a “if they want to fire me, they can go ahead” mentality.  Pelini simply isn’t head coaching material for the long haul.  Better than some, but not the best.  NU deserves the best.  If you don’t believe so, take a look in the mirror makebelievers.  Take a good long hard look.

NU who is the best??  Saban??  7 million a year and what is your donation portion of that?  And how long until we are under NCAA scrutiny for illeagally getting recruits here and accademically not hitting are standards?  What are you willing to sacrifice to get the “best”?  If you look at the records of all coaches Bo is one of the best out there.  Look at who USC settled for, a coach who doesn’t even come close to Bo’s record.  You want someone like Peta Carroll who wins and then leaves you in a cloud of muck over NCAA violations?  I don’t think we are settling, I think you don’t like Bo now or never have liked him from the start so you will do whatever to get rid of him.  Just relax, until you have the power to get rid of Bo there is nothing you can do but harm the program by bashing him every time you get on this post.  Is Bo the best? maybe not but I do see things turning the corner here with better recruits with more talent and speed coming into this program.  If you want to stop supporting by not going to games, buying merchandise so be it.  If you haven’t heard there is a waiting list on tickets so shouldn’t be to hard to get rid of yours and I know that the teams with the “best” coaches would love your support as well.

NU - Yes, it is being disloyal.  What a negative outlook you have.  You don’t support your argument with facts or even common sense statements. 

Once again you bring up Texas, comparing them to Coach Pelini’s team, and once again you do not present an accurate comparison.

Perhaps you do not know what the word “decline” means.  You must not know what it means, for your comparison of the Texas and Nebraska programs to support your statement that Nebraska’s program has been declining since Coach Pelini has been the head coach does not make sense.

Mack Brown has been the head coach for the Longhorns for 16 seasons, taking over the reins in 1998.  He inherited a Texas team with a record of 4-7 in 1997.  He immediately turned that team around, going 9-3 his first year. He had a five loss season in his second year, going 9-5.  In his third year, his team went 9-3.  He did not win a conference championship until his 8th year, and his team won the NC that same year.  His team returned to the National Championship game 4 years later, where he lost by two touchdowns to Alabama.  That was in 2009, and his record was 13-1.

In 2010, his record was 5-7.  That’s not a decline; that’s a crash dive.  Since playing for the NC in 2009, his record is 30-20.  He’s lost two games for every three that he has won.  He has an average of FIVE loss seasons, not four like you stated above. 

Texas’s program has declined, after the crash dive in 2010.

Coach Pelini inherited a team from Coach Callahan with a record of 5-7.  Nebraska’s program had “crash dived” under Callahan’s command, sinking so low as to have two losing seasons in a four year time span.  Nebraska had not had a losing season since 1961.  Coach Pelini righted the ship and turned that train-wreck of a team into a winner, going 9-4.  Three 10 win seasons in his three years in the Big 12, winning the North Division every year his teams played in the Big 12.  Upon joining a tougher conference in 2011, Coach Pelini only took until his second year in the B1G to win the Legends Division.  His record is 57-24 overall with a conference record of 34-14 (17-7 in both the Big 12 and B1G.)

Coach Pelini is passionate about football, and isn’t afraid to speak up.  He isn’t the only coach to do this; he gets a great deal of attention from the media because they don’t like him.  Why?  because he doesn’t take their crap and calls them out for it.  After asking a coach the same question a hundred times, perhaps the journalist needs to be fired. 

The same can be said for fans like you.  You run your mouth about how he needs to be fired, and when Coach Pelini doesn’t back down to the media and fans like you, you get mad and throw a little temper tantrum on blogs like this one.

This isn’t the Big 8 Conference;  There are more than just two good teams in the B1G.  Coach Pelini has beaten every team he has faced at least once.  He has recruited excellent players and if you have been paying attention, you’ll see that he is recruiting excellent players right now as well.  Yes, the players love him and future prospects aren’t running away.  You don’t mention that, though.

You are the one who needs to take a look in the mirror.  That “. . . good, long, hard look” you mentioned?  Yeah, you should do that.  Nebraska does deserve the best, you are right when you say that.  That includes the fans.  You’re not one of them, and you aren’t fan material “for the long haul,” to use your words.

larr ~ I am afraid you are responding in typical fashion.  Of course, hiring the best coaches doesn’t mean only Saban fits the bill.  There are coaches who don’t cost $7 million a year that can do much better than Pelini.  Clearly Pederson was not the right fit at NU as AD as evidenced by how he handled Solich.  TO rolled the dice with Pelini, thinking he would at least produce a top 10 defense.  Bo fizzled on that end.  Bo has failed to mature as a HC like he should have by now.  How many more years will NU drag out Pelini’s maturation process?  I do not agree that Bo is one of the best if he consistently has 4 losses each season.  Maybe 5 after Georiga game - I hope not.  Hail Mary play with NW could have easily made this a 5 loss regular season.  In the end, there are NU fans who are willing to accept less, and there are fans who want the team and the administration to do whatever it takes to become a BCS contender.  No one should enjoy being irrelevant on the national BCS scheme of things for the past 10+ years.  Texas obviously is willing to do something about there situation.  The only excuse I give NU is the fact they can’t afford to pay off Pelini right now with an early contract termination.  They were burned with Callahan and don’t need to repeat that kind of fiasco payment plan again.  My NU creds include my father playing football for NU back in the early 1940’s, my uncle holding the Big 8 discuss record in track & field, and yours truly attending NU for college.  My grandparents had season tickets since the 1930’s.  I believe I have standing to be critical when criticism is deserved of the program without being belittled or accused of ulterior motives.  If you don’t demand the best, you receive less than the best and the results will flow accordingly.

If we are going to put Bo into the level of possilbly 5 losses because of the hail mary than lets state the TO only had 2 Nat’l championships because of the kicked catch by Matt Davidson.  What if and yea butts, the bottom line is we won that game ugly or not, all banged up or not, we still won just like TO did with that catch.  I don’t think we are settling if you have a list of coaches that are willing to come here with better records please list your names.  I just don’t see that happening when you look at what programs with better recruiting hotbeds are “settling” for.


Nebraska lost its all-conference record-setting QB early in the season, and he only played in one B1G game all year.  Nebraska’s line was decimated by injuries; one of the best wide receivers has been out, and the other two have been playing hurt.  The second string QB is out, and a third string QB threw that “Hail Mary” pass you mentioned above.

A second string QB led a banged up, decimated O-Line to victory against Michigan in the BIG HOUSE, giving them their first home loss after 19 straight victories.

Against Michigan State, Coach Pelini’s team performed well against that #1 defense, gashing them for 392 yards of total offense and 28 points while Abdullah put up 123 yards rushing on a team that was allowing 43 yards a game.  If not for the turnovers from the inexperienced second string QB and second string running back, that game would most likely have been a Nebraska victory.  Nebraska’s second string offense did better against the Spartans than Ohio State’s first sting; putting up more points and offensive yards than the #2 team in the country did.

If you don’t think you’re biased against Coach Pelini, ask yourself this: Is Georgia’s 8-4 season the fault of their coach, or because of the injuries sustained to their team?  Should Georgia fire their coach as well?  When Nebraska beats Georgia this year, will it be a good victory for Coach Pelini or did his team beat up a “banged up” Georgia team?  Is it an excuse for Georgia to lose because they don’t have their “all-conference” QB, but not for Nebraska whose “all-conference” QB has been out for three quarter’s of the season?

In the loss to Iowa, the media reported that Iowa had “blown out” Nebraska.  The media didn’t say that Iowa had beaten a Nebraska team depleted by injuries using a third string QB.  If Nebraska had beaten an Iowa team that had the same injuries, the media would have reported that Nebraska was lucky that Iowa had their key players out and were using a third string QB and say that the victory was no big deal.

Think about that.

These same people who are “Lifetime” seasonal ticket holders that complain about BO are the same ones that complained about Osborne. Only difference is that we didn’t have social media so that we could all hear their well though out arguments.

I think the media’s bias against Bo is partly because Bo has at times treated the media so badly. No doubt the media asks a lot of dumb questions and needlessly speculates negatively but the HC still needs to respond politely with style—like Mack Brown does.


How did Mack Brown fare?  Oh,that’s right.  He resigned before being fired. 

Mack Brown wasn’t asked if he was coaching to save his job or berated by fair-weather fans after being the head coach a couple of years.  It took 16 years and a crash-dive of a program before that happened. 

The media bias against Coach Pelini has more to do with them not liking him because he isn’t afraid to stand up to them.  Coach Pelini has not treated the media any worse than they have treated him.  I have no problem with how he responds to the questions asked to him, and how they are asked to him, or what is being written about him. 

If you are anyone else doesn’t like what he has to say to the media, I suggest you don’t watch him talk to the media.  I enjoy watching a coach who doesn’t tiptoe around questions and when attacked, defends himself.  I’m proud to see that we don’t have some meely-mouthed little punk at the helm.  If they don’t like how he answers the questions, perhaps they shouldn’t ask the question in the first place.

You are free to believe what you want. I happen to believe that Bo is very unskilled at dealing with the media and it’s ended up hurting him. I don’t believe the media dislikes him because he stands up to them—it’s because he barks at them like he did to the reporter as he walked off the field at the half against Iowa. People tend to respect you when you stand up for yourself with logical and precise answers—just like Mack Brown has always done with the press—like a gentleman—and Mack was a straight shooter often speaking from his heart—not varnished coach-speak. The press doesn’t respect you when you descend into the defensive barking that Bo does.

I had high hopes for Bo and thought maybe he had turned the corner in controlling his temper but the Iowa game was a severe setback. Hopefully he gets some help in the offseason. At times he is relaxed and at ease with the press but when he goes into defensive mode his worst comes out.

Gage I don’t think the Iowa game was all Bo’s doing if SE had come to him prior to the game and expressed how he felt about his posistion as far as Bo continuing to be the coach of this team I don’t think we see this in Bo this game.  He probably felt the pressure of loosing his job, what all the nay sayers were going to be saying and writing about him.  I truly believe that Bo loves these kids and felt like he was done after that showing.  So yea he is going to be over emotionally about it.  And when you have turnovers and the reporter asks a “dumb” question like “what did you think of the turnovers”.  Ask a dumb question get a dumb answer, if you ask him what he thinks the team needs to improve on he probably comes back and says we need to quit hurting ourselves simple as that.  And when he answers a question and it is not the response the media wants to hear they continue to reask the same question over and over because they know he will get riled up.  If we hire a coach because of his speaking ability than maybe we do need to look elswhere but if we want this program to get turned around than just look at the talent we have coming back and if you still think the most important thing is how he handles himself with the press that is your choice.  I think we are on the brink of greatness here and it is because we are getting things turned around.  We will see how nice the press is to him when he does.  How was Mack in interviews his first few years do you know?  I have seen Pro coaches tell the press after a win why do you ask the negative question and than ignore them, with that person getting ticked because he wouldn’t answer the question.  It goes both ways, treat people the way you want them to treat you would be huge for the media.

I am amazed at how defensive some of you are to Pelini’s shortcomings.  Mack Brown lost his job because he was becoming an 8-4 Texas team with consistency every year now.  Had he pulled some of the extra antics Bo has, Mack would not have been coaching this current season.  Bo’s problem is he lacks the ability to consistently elevated the play of his young men week in and week out.  Any of you who have played ball know that the team is affected by the HC’s emotional and mental state.  So much of the game is mental, and during this last game with Iowa, Bo was “mental” albeit well beyond what should have been the case.  $10k fine, 15 yard penalty, foolish play calling, embarrassing press conference - all on Bo’s shoulders, and folks still defend him.  If it wasn’t for the cost of buying him out of his contract at this time, he would be gone.  His attitude sucked and his ‘they can fire me for all I care’ attitude crosses the line of what we are entitled to receive from a college coach paid $3 million + per year.  So, to cover his expensive arse, he claims allegiance to whom?  The University?  NO.  The Nebraska tradition?  NO.  He links up with the players.  It reminds me of liberal politicians who claim they should be able spend any amount of money so long as it is spent on the poor, the elderly, the children, or the environment!!!  In Bo’s case, he is telling us because I care about “the children” you must put up with my bone headed immature bullcrap.  Any self-respecting fan would tell Bo to shove it.  You have not right to hide behind these young men using them as a shield of protection from accountability.  Stand up straight, BO, and present yourself without the shield of these young men and account for your actions.  Don’t apologize.  Just explain why, under any circumstacne, your Iowa behavior should be tolerated for any reason on Senior Day, before 90,000 fans, a national TV audience, and a media that loves adolescent behavior live and in full color.

For those who complain about the complainers, take a good look in the mirror.  Soft bigotry of low expectations is staring back.

Mack has always been a gentleman—from day 1—probably why he has been able to hold onto his job for so long. Maybe a little too nice at times. You have to understand though that a lot of the media are basically junk yard dogs. Guys that have never buckled it up and often arrogant to boot as NY has pointed out. Idiots—in my mind—idiots with opinions and pens. Guys often trying to school the coach on X’s & O’s. But you can never allow yourself to descend to their level. That’s the cardinal rule. This “us against the world” mentality will never work.

I don’t believe how a coach handles the press is the most important part of his job. But all we see is the side the HC presents to the press. If the HC consistently handles the press poorly one has to wonder how he is handling other people behind the scenes. If a guy can’t handle people in front of the camera when everyone is watching—what is he doing when no one is watching. I stood up for Pelini vigorously for many years - but I’m tiring of it. I’d like to see Bo control his emotions.

I’m not a B-ball fan but I heard all the arguing about how NU could never get a decent B-ball coach. Well a lot of knowledgeable people think we scored big with Miles. So I don’t believe the argument that the NU football job is an unwanted job and incapable of attracting top coaches.

unwanted job and incapable of attracting top coaches.  That is the problem people here think we can go after the big name coaches.  Tim Miles was by no means a well know or what most people thought to be a top tier coach.  He is the exception to the rule, most people here are not going to want us to go after a unkown coach for the head coach here and I just don’t know of any coach right now that will come to Nebraska after getting rid of a coach with Bo’s record.  We get rid of Solich who by most standards was successful here, and than we get rid of another coach that wins 9-10 games every year just doesn’t make you want to jump up and down to leave anywhere to come here.  There are alot of jobs that will pay pretty good money and not have all the stress are fans and media are putting on these players and this coaching staff or the next one to come in.  We could maybe look at Division II to find an up and coming head coach, but when we got rid of Solich and Callahan I don’t remember people knocking on are doors for the job.  I couldn’t imagine going to work everyday with all the negative rumors and talk that he has to deal with.  I know he gets paid alot of money to do it, and he should use some of it to get training to become a better speaker but that really isn’t who he is.  That is why you here recruits talk about the fact that he is straight up and no smoke and mirrors there reason for coming here, they have heard the smooth talkers before and don’t trust them.  Comparing Mack and Bo are not fair because Mack was a head coach before the multi media avenues all started so he got a chance to grow into the posistion before all this crap started.  Did you see Ferentz say this is Fu BS on national TV after the official made a call, I did.  It happens all over the country and Bo is like Suh no matter what he does someone is watching and trying to catch him at anything.


You really don’t know what you’re talking about, and no amount of education will change that.  “Soft bigotry of low expectations?”  Whatever book you read that in should be discarded.

It’s quite clear that you don’t like Coach Pelini.  Get over it.  You’re taking it too personally.  To say that Coach Pelini is “hiding” behind the players, and comparing these young men to “children” is ludicrous.

You can’t present any logical argument to support your opinion, and quite frankly, reading your drivel reveals to me how poor of a writer you are.  All that comes across is that you hate Coach Pelini.

Give it a rest.  Quit while you’re way behind.  You’re just embarrassing yourself now.

That ‘soft bigotry…’ yada yada line is Rwalusta’s signature.  Which reminds me:  are Realist and Realista the same dude?  K, I was callin’ Realist ‘Realista’ months ago-like I started it, k—then suddenly ‘Realista’ shows up on the scene.

I demand an explanacione’!

Your support for an emotional misfit like Pelini who is fined $10K, causes a 15 yd. penalty against his own players, carries a chip on his shoulder into the locker room, and sets himself up for predictable ridicule from the media is amazingly sad.  Yeah, I and others don’t like Pelini, because he has shown over 6 years he can’t elevate the program to the next level the university and fans deserve.  The man’s immature and needs to grow up on someone else’s dime, not NU’s.  AFter next season, even you folks will be expecting Pelini to go.  Think beyond your Big Red Noses.

The media’s critique of BO doesnt mean DIDDLY!  Haha, get it…I said ‘Bo’ then ‘did…’

Oh, my bad…

Just for the record I like Bo but not a big fan of some of his antics that he does.  I would imagine if SE is any kinda athletic director when they found out about the tape or even when he walked into this place he has put out feelers with some of his connections to see if there is anyone that would be interested and qualified to coach this program in the event that Bo left one way or the other.  And if the response came back with some interested parties the time to get rid of Bo would have been after the tape came out, I am sure his contract could have been negated for that.  My guess is there is not a lot of interest in this posistion for a lot of reasons, firing coaches with 9 win seasons, recruiting is a lot of work, fan base expectations after TO, just a few.  Is there a lot of good reasons sure, sellouts, only game in the state, great facilities, just a few.  Bo has a short fuse no doubt and needs to let the press do what they do and make them look foolish instead of him, most of NU fans know that the questions they ask at times are pretty stupid!  I feel that the program itself is bigger than just Bo, it is the players, the University, fans, the state, the alumni all over the world.  And right now Bo is the coach for now, and sounds like next year like it or not.  I just feel the time has come for all of us to get behind the program and start to send positive vibes to this team instead of hating on Bo which in turn hurts the whole program.  Lets all get behind this team for the bowl game and for next year GBR

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