Ohio Wideout Commits to NU

Kevin Gladney of Akron, Ohio will reportedly take his talents to Lincoln. The wide receiver reportedly had offers from Legends division rivals Iowa, Michigan State, and Michigan. He is the ninth known commitment for the Huskers' 2013 recruiting class.


Listed at 6'1" and 175 lbs., Gladney is similar in terms of physique to current NU wideout Kenny Bell. Nebraska is set to lose two scholarship seniors  at the position after this season and another next season. That leaves just five scholarship receivers and a trio of walk-ons competing to make the depth chart when Gladney is a redshirt freshman or true sophomore.

Gladney certainly said some encouraging things when asked about his selection of Lincoln as his college destination. He said that he doesn't plan to take other visits and seems comfortable with the idea of being a decoy at times. Both things show a commitment to others that is admirable.

As the fourth member of the upcoming class from Ohio, Gladney is another example of the new territorial approach for Nebraska's recruiting efforts. By focusing in a fertile part of the Big Ten footprint, the Huskers simultaneously land quality recruits and play keep away from the opposition.

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The reference to LBJ absolutely *made* this post for me, Steve.  Thanks for some humor with my morning coffee.

From a Husker perspective, I’m glad to see them start to land some offensive players in this class. And - big picture - having 9 players in the fold in mid-June puts them way ahead of last year’s pace.

I’m excited about Gladney as a player. He seems to “fit” with what NU has been doing recently at WR. (Bell comparison)

I don’t think he’ll be pushed to play right away, which is good. He needs to add some good weight.

And it is especially sweet for NU to beat three teams from within the divisionfor a player. One for the Huskers, and one NOT for M, MSU or I.

PS - Iowa sucks.

BTW guys…in an interview, Kevin says that he is around 6’4” now and is closer to 200lbs.

This is exciting to me :)  Major ups, ability to find the ball and haul it in.  That’s awesome and something we’ve been missing since Purify was with us.

This kid has pretty good hands from the little bit of film Ive been able to see.. Excited to see another offensive skill player and the connection in Ohio working out again…

Welcome to N GLadney!! Looking forward to seeing you on the field!!

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