Nebraska’s Upset of Michigan State Makes NCAA Tourney a Realistic Goal

Nebraska is one of the few schools from a major conference never to have won a game in the NCAA basketball tournament.  This year's squad may be able to change that.


Michigan State is one of the most outstanding programs in college hoops.  Beating them anywhere would be considered an outstanding achievement.  But doing it on the road?  That buys enormous credibility from the selection committee.

The remaining conference schedule includes 5 teams below NU in the standings and the sixth is a home game (where the Huskers have shown they can compete with anyone and where four of the last six games will be played).
Three wins (plus another in the Big Ten tournament) keeps the door open for a ticket to the dance, where four or more would only increase the odds. 
Gone are the days where NU was irrelevant at this point in the season.  Last night in East Lansing, the Huskers showed that they've arrived.
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Not sure yet that they have arrived but they are getting a lot closer.  Beating Mich St is huge but it was only a few days ago that Mich put the wood to us.  We are still needing a big man to step up, I thought Leslie did real good when in there, I thought he manned up with Payne real well.  Pritchford played a real good game, Rivers made some great plays, the team is getting better every day and getting more confidence that they can play with anyone when they play aggressive.

Hard to imagine them making the NCAA….with road games at Illinois and Indiana remaining plus a home finale against Wisconsin.  They would have to win at least 3 home games and one of the two on the road….plus two wins in the Big Ten tourney.  That would give them 20 wins and a good chance at the NCAA’s.  An NIT bid is a sure lock.  What a great job Tim Miles has done.

I don’t watch much basketball, but I did watch the game yesterday. Really good win, but I also watched the first half of the Michigan game and that was ugly, but you cant say that they don’t make every game interesting.

Ray ... I think 19-13would get them in one of the last slots.. 4-2 in remaining games and one in the tourney .. The problem is they can’t have a bad loss.. Purdue , Penn state and now Illinois become must wins.. I think we also need Minnesota to lose a few games because I Dont think the committee would give the league 7 teams unless there was a surprise in the big tourney.. If we have two wins in the tourney that would mean we beat at least onequality team above us.. But either way the boys have to keep winning.. Still its a hell of a turnaround to even be mentioned on the bubble this late in the season as the toughest part of the league schedule is behind us.

Well, they’ve beaten tOSU and Sparty in the same season, I say that’s progress.

Tell ya what, I know my roundball pretty good having been my main sport back in the day.  Never followed Nebrasketball too close, but have watched a few games this year and looks to me like the best group of roundball aths I’ve seen NU put on the floor, EVER.  So, I think Miles def has this thing going in the right direction.  They’re 6th in the B1G, itsa a helluva lot better than last as was predicted AND they’re beating some good teams:  Indy, Sparty, Eyes, etc.

Creighton is kicking ass too in the Big East, rated #11 right now.

Watching Miles succeed with what he inherited as a program shows how solid coaching turn things around.  Watching Pelini stagnate over 6 years shows us how less than solid coaching can produce the bigotry of low expectations and excuses for failure.

Go Miles!!!


So, what you’re saying is a 50% winning record is better than 71%, yea, k.  New Math I guess.

Dogg ~ think beyond your bow wow nose!  Who makes the most out of the talent they have?  Miles by far over Pelini, and in a much shorter period of time than Pelini has had by way of progress.  Relatively speaking, the BB program is rapidly improving.  All the Pelini program provides is “wait until next season.”  Same record, year in/year out for Pelini.  How many more years of “same o’, same o’. 

Oh, shame on me!  I forgot.  2014 season is going to be different in football.  How silly of me not to play the annual “let’s pretend” next season will be better fantasy at NU. Dog man, I believe you understood what I was saying.

Roug!  Rough!


You and 7 are kinda like the blog morticians here who have taken a vested interest in the “death” of BOP.  Gonna be a long ride for ya-s…

TDogg you do know if for some reason NU doesn’t make it into the NCAA tourney it will be Bo’s fault.  I’m just saying!


Haha, good one Broheim, ^5, I take back all those bad things I said about ya.  Yeah, if Jack Hoffman dies of the brain cancer it’s clearly Bo’s fault.  If the Chinese dump the USA Inc. dollar, yep, chalk it up to BOP….

Realistinha prolly just has a man crush on anybody that looks like an insurance salesman…

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