Nebraska’s 2014 Recruiting Class Good Where It Counts

Husker fans could get down on the latest recruiting class because it wasn't in the top ten nationally or even the top 25.  Nevermind that some outstanding classes (in hindsight) emerge from outside the loftiest signing day levels.  Most classes are strong in some areas and weaker in others.  Given that, shouldn't NU fans be pleased that the latest recruiting class is strong along the line of scrimmage?


Nebraska netted three four-star offensive linemen as well as a versatile in-state prospect in Mick Stoltenberg who could be a tackle, guard, or defensive end.  While not counted in recruiting rankings, Alex Lewis has also joined this team and should be considered at least the equivalent of a top notch juco transfer.  He graded out as Colorado's second best offensive lineman, so he's already proven he can contribute at the major conference level.  Even your four or five star recruits can't say that.  

The defensive line features a four-star juco end that was offered by Alabama in Joe Keels.  Defensive tackle Peyton Newell was sought after by programs like Oklahoma, USC, and Georgia.  End DeAndre Willis may not get a lot of stars behind his name, but that didn't stop Clemson from offering him a scholarship.  Sedrick King may be skinny, but that didn't stop Louisville and Central Florida from fighting to get him.  We might moon over the ones that got away on the defensive line, but to overlook the ones NU did get would be a mistake.

If the receivers and defensive backs are more lightly regarded, so be it.  Particularly on defense, it's the play up front that usually determines how good or bad they look.  There's a reason that three-star defensive backs looked like standouts behind Ndamukong Suh and Jared Crick.  Randy Gregory and Keels could well have a similar impact.

Zack Darlington may not have been the top quarterback on the board, but if Ohio State wanted him, then that says he's no schlub.  Running back Mikale Wilbon is a four-star prospect.  The Huskers have the ingredients for a good "multiple" offense with a dual-threat quarterback.  If it appears they reached on some of the speed positions, that's not a departure from the days of adding Abdul Muhammad, Barron Miles, or Matt Davison.

A kicker like Drew Brown may not boost the star rating, but if he's on par with his brother than he's well worth the scholarship.

Don't be fooled by recruiting services, the raw material is there for this group to have a lot of success.  The key will be to retain and develop this group.

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It all starts in the trenches! 

We had so many “walking wounded” last year on both sides of the ball that it definately affected the out come of several games.

Being 3 deep at every position is not a bad thing.

I just hope people give this class a chance before everyone complains about where they were ranked.  These young men give alot of themselves in exchange for an education and entertaining us on Saturday’s.  I like the looks of this class and wish them all the success that they desrve.  Thanks for becoming our new class of Husker’s!  GBR

The future OL will make Zack a top 10 Nebraska QB once he’s finished playing here.  Just sayin…

Im tired of the positive BS Spin on this crap.we had 3 guys out of 24 that big schools wanted 3!!!! when harris sighns his baseball contract and he will this class is a fu**ing joke!!! wake up husker fans this BO crap is killing us!!! save your Bs Trolling crap im a husker fan that bleeds husker red!!!! sick and tired of being irrelevant in collage football!!! we all should expect more stop fu**ing settling for less and hopeing on a prayer!!!!

Laughing Stock,

We just finished our 6th year with 9 wins.  Bo is only the 5th coach to ever accomplish that.  EVER!!  We went to a bowl game and beat an SEC team.  3/5ths of our OL was riding the training table and we beat an SEC team.  Our quarterback was out the remainder of the season and we beat an SEC team.

So we didn’t get a championship trophy this year.  But I am to understand we are up for an Oscar.  So, EEEEEeeeeffffff UUUUUUUU!!!!!!

By the way Bruce Dern, if you are reading this, I talked it over with alot of folks out here and we are willing to forgive you for shooting John Wayne in the back.  We realize now it wasn’t personal, it was just business.

First and foremost, Laughing stock apparently didn’t get his degree from Nebraska or we let one slip..

“By the way Bruce Dern, if you are reading this, I talked it over with alot of folks out here and we are willing to forgive you for shooting John Wayne in the back.  We realize now it wasn’t personal, it was just business.” 

That is hilarious - but I will never forgive Bruce for that act, er, acting.

I agree that these recruiting rankings are sometimes nonsense.  I’ve seen a lot of 5 star guys play like 1 stars.  AJ Hawk and James Laurinitis were 3 star guys, among a ton of other HS kids who ended up being great, great players even tho they weren’t predicted to be.

On the other hand, I suspect if you ask Bo if he would trade his class for Alabama’s, he would say “no”, but the truth is that the real answer would be: “Are you out of your @#$%ing mind.  Of course I would!”

If you are getting mostly 3 star guys, the emphasis has to be on red-shirting, player development, and having upperclassmen on the field.  But it seems there is an advantage when these players first come into the program if they are bigger, faster, and stronger than if they are not.

What’s sad Johnny is that back in the ‘70’s (TO’s 1st 6 years) the Huskers beat SEC teams like today’s team beats MAC teams. Today the fact it’s a big deal when the Huskers beat an SEC team is proof we are irrelevant on the nat’l landscape.

I’m curious which three of these were the only ones to have offers from the big programs??
Keel- Bama, Missouri, USC, Penn State, North Carolina , Oregon
Gates- Bama, UCLA, USC, Oregon , Baylor
Wilbon- Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Tenn, etc
Zach Darlington - Ohio State, VA Tech , Arizona, Boston College, West Virginia
Tanner Farmer- Florida State , Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri
Trai Mosley - OU and Baylor
Foster- Florida , Georgia, UCLA, ETC
Harris - Michigan State, OU , ETC
Newell- USC , Wisconsin, UCLA, Wisconsin. Oklahoma, Michigan State, ETC
Kalu- Arkansas, Boise State, Wake Forest
Walton- Missouri, Intrest from Miami and LSu late
Sedric King - UCF just played in a BCS Bowl, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida
DeAndre Willis- Clemson , Ole Miss
Freedom- K-State, Iowa, Norhern Illinois
D Pier El- North Carolina, Boston College, West Virigina
Stewart - Baylor , Houston, Late interest from Texas

But I guess you probably have a problem with these guys?
Aj Bush - Cinncanatii , K-STate, Marshall
Glen Irons - SMU , Louisiana
Chris Jones- South Florida,  Purdue , Indiana
Tolbert- Utah, Tulane
Cockrell- Southern Miss, ULM
Drew Brown-  Interest from OU , K State, Texas AM but took our offer right away
Gifford- Iowa State, K-STate
Stoltenburg- Tulsa, K-State interest

Now which of these kids do you have a problem with us offering??

I’m pretty sure your not a collegiate coach, but since you must be so good at what ever you do I would love your opinion..

Do the two instate kids at the bottom give you pause?? Stoltenburg and Gifford are both athletic enough to play multiple positions and would have had many more offers If they hadn’t thrown their hands up the second the were offered to be Huskers..

No you probably have a problem with Drew BRown.. Brother of kicking legend in the NFL and Nebraska and who many who know how to evaluate kickers say hes #1 in the country .. But kickers don’t get many offers or evaluated so he must be bad..

Maybe you have a problem with 6-3 Tolbert .. A WR who is in the mold of Quincy Enunwa ( a two star out of highschool)
Or Was it one of the cornerbacks - Jones or Irons who play very physical and had break out senior years??
Cockrell?? Probably is in the two deep next year
No , It was probably the 6’4 Lefty QB with good feet who transferred after his Junior year..

Take your trolling elsewhere.. All of these kids were offered because they earned it… GO FLY A KITE.. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY ALL NEW RECRUITS.. We look forward to you working and earning your spot on the field!! GO BIG RED


The SEC in the 70s and the SEC now isn’t even close to comparable.. The SEC today was Nebraska-OU then.. I would say the big 8 but lets face it that was NEbraska OU

twauto22 you da man!!  Like Bo’s comment also on the fact the super bowl roster was riddled with 2 and 3 star players not all 4 & 5 star guys.  Doesn’t hurt to have them but at the end of the day if they don’t mesh with the rest of the guy’s it doesn’t matter what rank or how good they are people will not be happy in the locker room and team chemistry is alot in sports.  Time to “Git r done”


Well let’s see here
‘74 beat #18 Florida
‘77 beat #4 Bama

When is the last time the Huskers beat a team that ended the season in the top 10? I don’t know I’m asking.

I’m not saying we weren’t better in the 70 s I’m saying the SEC in general today is much better than the sec in the 70s.


I would generally agree but #1 Bama did beat the Huskers in ‘78. Today we get giddy when the Huskers beat an unranked UGA. We’ve fallen quite a ways despite a 9 win season.

UGA was ranked 23rd in week 16 and we weren’t recieving any votes.  So if you beat a team from the “best” conference when most thought you would not it gives a little reason to get giddy.

I think this is a good class, probably a top 25 class with fuller eval on a number of players.  Maybe wish there was more overall speed, but dont have 40 times on most of them.

Tdogg I agree I think so many of the star evaluations come from their junior year and not much movement up the star chain unless certain teams decide to go after you.  Pelini and company seem to go alot off their senior year which I think makes sense, see if they can continue at that level multiple years

30 years ago we expected to beat unranked teams from the “best” conferences. If they ended up close people grumbled. We expected to be competitive with everyone. We regularly played the best teams in the country.

just stating that you said an unranked UGA team and in week 16 before bowls started they were ranked #23.  They may have ended the year unranked but that would be do to the loss.  I think we all expect to win the games we were ranked above the other team but through the years all coaches for NU have lost to the Missouri, Iowa st when we shouldn’t have.  2009 & 2010 Bo lost 4 games each year by a combined total of 25pts, people want to talk about how we could have easily a couple more losses this year, well could of had a couple more wins those years and might not be having these conversations.  Does he need to make some changes, yes and I think we are seeing that in recruiting for 2015 already.  In 1978 we beat OK in the reg season but lost in the bowl (conference championship).  Anytime you play for a conference championship you will be getting another qualified opponent in that year.  Would be interesting to see how things played out in the Big 8 if we had to play OK twice a year.  It was a great rivalry that played to the National audience.
great website to look up old scores and schedules

Yo Gage,

I deer say, I’m not convinced you are koalified to make bear accusations as to our alleged irrelephants…

that Huskermax website is good. It was even better when it was originally Huskerpedia. Huskerpedia was even more user friendly, i think. Youncould go to archives as fast as lightning.
Still real good though.

Why is nebraska so proud of the 2014 recruiting class?

It is ranked somewhere between the 30 &40th; best class in the country. So huskers are content with a top 25 Finish? My the expectations of husker football sure have changed over the years.  They have developed the art of the “spin”! The coaches should be held responsible for the recruiting of a mediocre class. Looking forward to another year of average performance. Maybe Bo should be given another raise. Pretty soon the sellouts will stop. The stadium is not full now even though the tickets are bought to keep the record in tack.

Again if you guys are so sure at how bad we were at recruiting .. Tell me who dosnt deserve a scholarship in this class?  If your man enough to state how horribly we are doing tell specific kids you would not have offered and why you know better than coaches who evaluated them in person.. I’m waiting. If you guys have such shitty lives that all you can do is bash kids that have worked there asses off you are truly sad people.. And no I’m not settling for mediocrity I know to built something right it takes time.. We can start paying off players and cutting guys and over signing if you want the quick fix but that’s not the Nebraska way .. If you like that sort of thing take your alligiences else where..we Dont need you.. The athletic director gave Pelini his support , true fans will give it to him until our ad decides if he’s not doing his job.. I hope Bo is here for his career but even if you dislike him at least show allegiance to the program the ad and our athletes no matter who the coach is..

Welp, lets look at some objective material, real world facts, instead of subjective crybaby opinions, shall we?  Going into next season we’re stacked @ QB, RB, WR, OL, DE, LB.  CB position we take a hit with the loss of Evans and SJB, but we have solid experience coming back that will be starters and we have all kinds of up and comers that I think are going to be just fine.  Same deal @ safety.  DT, well, we’ve got the talent there with solid experience from ‘13, Val, Collins, Maurice.  Still youthful, but I really like what I’m seeing from those guys and it looks like Keels and Newell are going into the DT spot as they add 10-20 lbs.  Still young at that position, but I think they are going ti be ok.

Are we overall, on paper, on par with top ten teams?  Nope.  It’s really going boil down to coaching at this point if we are going to go all “Sparty” on this thing and do more with “less”.  Gotta shore up the areas that are well understood ‘needs shored up’.  I think we have the talent there to be competitive with anybody, it’s really on the coaches at this point.

Jonny stop for the love of God shoving that 9 win sh** down of throats.where the hell did it get us this year?25th in coaches poll and looking up at 27 other teams in the AP!! sorry twato I dont have the english language mastered. you 2 and many others are why this crap has become the norm. the irrelevance of the nebraska tradition and name our alarming if it doesnt stop soon we will be another Minnesota our the great and powerful army teams of the past!!! stop living in a fantasy fu**ing world wake up you are betting on the wrong pony!!! BO is a joke getting his on the job experience at the expense of the husker brand and tradition!!!

I’m betting on the University of Nebraska and its leadership because during good or bad times I’m loyal.. But I’m still waiting on you to name the specific kids and why they are not worthy of a scholarship if our recruiting is so bad.. And also please explain how you have more knowledge on these kids then the coaching staff?... Again I’m Still waiting.. Take your hater mentality and move on..  And when was it decided that being loyal to our team was against tradition because I’m pretty sure that was our first tradition..


Bo has done a better job with this team than Bill C. ever did and Bill C was an NFL head coach.  Recruiting is on the rise, the young men have game experience.  The academics are the best they have been in over 20 years, and our Academic All Americans are over 300.  Everything is moving in the right direction, so I see little to complain about other than turnovers and some questionable offensive play-calling.

@ Laughing Stock
Enough! Tired of your continuous derogatory BullSh*t. When was the last time you posted anything other than complete, utter, negative Bovine excreta? If you can’t contribute anything positive, just go away! Hopefully far, far away and pollute some other message board.
BTW, if 9 wins are so un-noteworthy, why is it that in the past six seasons since 2008 (Pelini’s first year as a head coach) only three major college football programs have been able to win nine or more games each of those seasons - Alabama, coached by Nick Saban; Oregon, coached primarily by Chip Kelly; – and Nebraska, coached by Bo Pelini?

- Sorry moderator, would like to be nice, but some of these nattering nabobs of negativity make that virtually impossible.

T Dogg

“I deer say, I’m not convinced you are koalified to make bear accusations as to our alleged irrelephants…”

Hilarious! I’m not unhappy with this recruiting class. I trust Bo’s (and staff) judgment far more than the recruiting “gurus” as I’ve discussed with you in the past.

But I’m not happy with the accomplishments so far of this team or the seeming expectations of many of the fans. Many of these same people that bash anyone that writes a negative comment about the team were quite happy 6 years ago to bash Callahan’s team. I find that a little “inconsistent”.

I agree people should have supported Callahan while here.. But comparing Callahan to Pelini is more ludacris then comparing Osborne to Pelini.. And anyone that expects any coach to come in here and have the success Osborne had in his last five years without giving him the time to it is even more ludacris.. You could hire Nick Saban today and we would be worse off for the next three

If you look at the top 25 in the final rankings I can see at least 12 teams that didn’t even make a bling on any persons list of top 25 teams 20 years ago.  Than you add Texas, Miami, Georgia and I am sure there are more, that didn’t even make the top 25, and divide the 30 or 40 5 star recruits amongst these schools.  With us being out in the middle of nowhere, where it gets kinda cold, no beaches, and ask a kid to leave from close to home and go 500 -1000’s of miles away from family and freinds and expect us to have a top 10 class is being unrealistic.  5* players are rare that will come in and have an immediate impact, and the rest of the 3-4* all need development to be a starter.  I understand the services get it right and that the statistics show that as well most of the time, but I think most would agree that last years defense improved a bunch from the beginning of the year to the end and is heading in the right direction.  Garrison is doing a heck of a job on the O line, we brought in some great talent there. These young men that have commited this year and previous years desrve the chance to show what they can do without someone with little knowledge of them as a player or person complaining how poor they are. We need to eliminate the number of turnovers, cut down more on the penalaties, build a return game again,and just have a good sound game plan on offense without trying to get to fancy at times.  People blame the coaches entirely for the fumbles, I have asked this before is it the coaches fault when a basketball player misses a freethrow?  I mean there is no one in his face, he has shot 100’s of these in practice each week since junior high, or did they just have a little mental lapse for a few seconds.  These guys are human and mistakes will happen, they just need to grow from them and get better.  It has been a problem in the past and maybe there is some other drills they will be implementing in the future.  It is just time to get behind this team and get the momentum rolling in the right direction instead of all this bickering about the quality of athletes.  Judge them at the end of their careers if you want.  Love the team GBR!

Nice article on huskermax talking about our walkons, Jeff Jamrog thinks it’s the best walkon class since 83, others say ever. Now, if pelini is ruining shit so bad, why have these young men come to break their back, on their own dime, for a wanna be coach when they could have played on scholarship at a lower level? Anyone? Also, if husker nation is SOOOOO against Bo, why would mom and dad let little johnny come to Lincoln to fight for playing time? I think your rhetoric has just been proven to be full ‘a manure… you know who you all are.

It’s just possible that most of these walk-on’s grew up dreaming of playing for the ‘N’, and it has nothing to do with playing for Pelini.

I can’t imagine a kid laying in bed dreaming of going to play for Pelini and winning 9 games. You know, because he is one of few coaches to ever do it for 6 straight years.

However, I can imagine a kid laying in bed dreaming of playing for the ‘N’ because it’s pretty much the only Div 1 college in the state of Nebraska and it’s a subculture. I would image nearly every kid has at least 1 NU football shirt in his drawer, not to mention mom dad and grandparents.

You must have forgotten…‘There’s no place like Nebraska’.

Are we talkin’ cow manure, pig manure, or just plain ol’ chicken shit?

Chicken shit, and ou, I’m just commenting on everything I keep reading on here about how much of a failure this program and coaching staff are and how fractured the fan base is. You bring up good points, however, why jump on a sinking ship? Unless it’s not really sinking….  And to have kids from new York state and Wyoming I believe walk on, come on man, wake up and smell the excrement as listed above. This program is in good hands, it may not be getting where we want it as fast as we want it, but our walkons should have sent a clear, resounding message.

The Albatross Twins

Well, if it actually true that the Corn Nation were equally divided, then Memorial Stadium would be half full, ay?  Last time I looked,  we still own the sellout streak.

Andrew and Doggie,

Nebraska football has gotten further and further away from the very things that made it great. Starting with lame hiring. Perlman is the biggest culprit, and Yes, T.O. Had his hands in nearly all of it too.
Tom recommended Solich as head coach. Tom was in on Petersenson’s hire. Tom approved Callahan’s hiring, and he brought in Pelini.

Let’s not bore everyone (again) with ALL of the contract buyouts and wasted money because of the lame hires and horrible character these individuals exhibited. I think this is why Osborne stuck with Pelini after he betrayed the fans and university. Osborne knew that this was just another nightmare he was involved in letting happen so he went down with Pelini trying to make it work. This is why we see signs of reckless behavior (again) with Pelini now that Oz is gone from the program.

All this talk and celebration about 9 win seasons is also distressing. You all celebrate 9 wins like you used to celebrate winning championships.there are a lot more conversations about reaching the ‘9 win’ mark than any talk about winning a conference championship anymore. Talk about a national championship is rarely ever even mentioned here anymore. Now it’s falling back on ‘Well, at least we have the sellout streak’, yada yada yada…

Another thing is Nebraska used to be included in talks about hard nosed dominant football. Well, not only is that not the case anymore but Nebraska is usually included in talks about teams that struggle to win against what experts perceive as ‘lesser talent’. ‘What’s happened to Nebraska?’ they say.

When you think about it, some really good points have been brought up why change should be made, but the usual goofs resort to personal attacks instead of facts and it’s become more of a pissing match than anything else.

You have to wonder about someone who actually remembers Osborne’s teams and what we’ve seen the last 15-16 years at Nebraska calling this mindless circus college football.

I look for a totally out of control Pelini on the sidelines. He’s totally full of himself since he won the blinking contest with the university. He made an ultimatum to Nebraska and won.

The Nebraska ‘brand’ will only suffer even more.

I would like to know how Pelini betrayed all the fans?  He was talking about the people who left at half time of a game we won.. Let me repeat that a game we won.. One more time a game we won.. I was pissed as an actual fan to see them empty out , he has every right to call out those fair weather fans but he didn’t do it in public he did it behind closed doors. Again we won that game.. Won not lost. And your right we are getting farther and farther away from what made this program great.. That was loyal fans who supported the program through thick and thin, not ones who only criticize..

When Pelini cussed the fan base he said ALL of them.

You realize the game you are referring to was many many embarrassing losses ago, right?

The disturbing thing is Osborne stood behind that clown after that, too.

Wake up, guys.

The fans also left before Miller got hurt.

You seem to forget that part.

Anyway you want to spin his comments, he is still an irrational being. That’s been proven time and time again. It’s one thing to think what he said and another to say them out loud.

Especially to the ‘voice’ of the Huskers, of all people. He needs checked for brain cell activity.

I can’t wait for the 2014 season to see how it turns out!!!
Will it be injuries, low rated recruits, coaching or lack there of, turnovers, penalties, a Big 10 championship run, A national Champ run, Winning big games on national TV, meltdowns on TV, etc. etc. etc. 
This drama is too exciting!  Pass the AED
As always GBR!

I agree, Buzz.

Bo Pelini on Nebraska fans: “Fuck you, fans.” “Fuck ALL of you”.

Note the quotation marks. Not my words, Bo Pelini’s words.

Now, you may have been raised in a family where that is ‘normal’ conversation. You may work for a boss who talks to you in that manner. You may even let your kids talk to you like that. That’s your problem, not mine.
He’s gotten away with it once, he’ll do it again. He has been rewarded time and time again for his bad behavior, so no reason to expect him to act differently now. After all, he is the model for consistency.

Only a fool keeps someone as a coach who talks to you like a dog. Underachiever is about the best thing that can be said about him.

Lol you obviously have an allegiance to Ou so go back to them.. The administration and players have supported him even if you hate Pelini, which you do, support them.. If you won’t support the coach, the administration who kept said coach, or the players and their families who back the coach .. Then I hate to tell you but you are not a fan.. You are a hater.. I’m done with you .. Grow up

Thats funny.

You are right on one thing, though. I am done with Nebraska as it is known now. The chancellor and silent ‘Bob’ (Eichorst) and everyone down the staff. Every week getting made fun of and a coach that thinks he’s bigger than the university. Call his own shots and acts the ass all at the expense of U of N.

I loved Osborne and the way his teams were streamlined. Juiced and ready to play, anyone, any place.

You are not the voice of true Husker fans who demand and expect the best. Most true Husker fans don’t enjoy nail bitter games against Wyoming, getting run with 70 points in conf champ games and getting run by frealing Iowa.

but Twauto does.

Yea, I’m pretty much done with Pelini and his fumbling bumbling act of a carnival coaching job.

Good leave.. And you are wrong most true Husker fans enjoy the Huskers win or lose.. Do we want better yes, but I don’t see how bashing the current coach or players does anything but hurt the program.. And if you want a new coach, I don’t see how bashing recruiting and hurting the current class will help the new coach if one is hired.. Again Grow Up..

You need to get your facts straight.

I didn’t say anything about his recruiting. I didn’t say anything about the players. I said the coach, staff and chancellor were crap and ruining Nebraska football.

You must have me confused with someone else that enjoys quality things and value for the money.

Are you serious? You are worried about people bashing Pelini? I figure he pretty much deserves every bit of it.

Poor guy.

This is a thread about recruiting.  Recruits are our players.. But if you want to ahead a bash Pelini go ahead but know your hurting the program..

OU7times - I pretty much agree with everything you have ever posted. I also really think that the Huskers have enough talent to win a Big 10 championship - I don’t get overly concerned with star rankings and recruiting rankings as I KNOW that coaching is 75 per cent of the outcome of a football team’s season. That’s where the Big Red lacks. Bo did an excellent job his first two seasons but the program is stagnant now in my opinion. I wonder what excuse the Bo supporters will come up with in 2014? We have pretty much heard them all the last 4 years…..the Big 12 and its refs are out to get Nebraska because they are leaving for the Big 10, switching conferences and a new style of football, too many injuries, etc. It really gets old.

Hey, didn’t Runza recently come out with it’s new ‘Fan Pack’ to determine who the ‘True Fans’ are?  Everybody loves Runzas, well, ‘cept for the haters…

OU - You do know you continue to bash Bob and Mike Stoops best friend right? You are aware they are Godfathers to each other’s children right? Sooo Bob must be some bright bulb then too right?
Look, Billy C brought in a great class, won with Solichs’ kids, developed NO ONE, then left the cupboard bare. Bo comes in, desperately tries to bring in better kids based on Big 12 run and shoot, learns in year 2 that we now go to big 10, has to redevelop again and is now going into basically year 3 of that plan. Last years injury count was brutal and was cause for at least 2 losses, as well as having the youngest, greenest D in Husker history. Moving forward into 14 looks stronger than the last three years. He has to be given next year to prove can take a team to the next level. If not, then let’s make a change. I’m all for it if there is a guy available who can make it happen. The continued ranting about his personality, smarts, psychological status etc. is quite frankly ridiculous. Save it. It’s getting old.

For those who are less than impressed with this years class (I wish we had another DT or two but am happy overall) next years class is ranked 13th on Scout.  Not a bad start for 2015.

It looks like about the whole class will be redshirt candidates. ‘Cept the JCs, Mosley, Drew Brown and hopefully a couple of returners. That would be best anyway, the team doesn’t need much immediate help.
Sheer numbers, make this a good class. Players will come in, look around and see 30 players at each position group. The cauldron of competition will force a few guys do that little bit extra, to win playing time.
They’ve got excellent O-line recruits. They’ll bring in enough DE and DB “guys,” that at least one or two, will step up and play.
Everybody else, will need that redshirt and a couple more years, to crack the 2 deep.
Unless they can bow up, on special teams.

Not a bad lookin’ group of players a’tall, I’m looking forward to the spring game, (even if it means i’m getting older), nice to see some serious depth in some key skill positions as well.  Hopefully those redshirts from last season have spent their time wisely in the weight room and training table getting ready for their shot in the Big Leagues.  I have always liked the walk-ons and Jucos, they come ready to play, and usually have some serious game experience beyond sand lot High Schools where they’ve competed against opponents with 2 or 3 more years of playing time.  GBR

Just checking back in, looking for any additional worthwhile comments; analyses; background info; etc.; relating to Husker football.  Being overseas, am unable to attend games or even watch Husker football on TV.  On-line viewing of after-the-fact video highlights, sports articles, blogs, message board comments, etc., are the only means available for following the football program.  Most of the articles and blogs are generally quite informative, but am really disappointed at the relative lack of meaningful message board comments – a few thoughtful and cogent inputs here and there, but mostly just an excess of anti-coach/program rants and pro-coach/program retaliatory responses. Having said that, after suffering through all the vehement invective, here is some nastiness in return:
      Find the anti-coach/program rants to be just tedious repetitions of the same old vitriolic drivel:  Pelini hates Nebraska, hates Husker fans, can’t coach, can’t recruit, an embarrassment to Nebraska, no championships, no titles, no…, etc. etc. etc., over and over and over and over, ad infinitum/ad nauseam; and always from the same few HUA nattering nabobs of negativity like White Trash, Drug Problem, Halcyon D(azed), OU7misses, 16year(old)no-no, Ridiculous RC Rick, Carny’sker, and others of their ilk.  No longer bother reading their overly negative diatribes, but still have to spend time bypassing their postings while looking for informative positive input. Understand they are probably unable to contribute anything useful, since they all suffer from the same debilitating vision impairment, but wish that they would go pollute some other message boards instead of clogging up the Husker boards with their repetitious drivel. 

    Of course I want a better outcome for the program, titles and championships, no lop-sided losses, fewer turnovers, and better special teams play, but believe the current coaching staff will be able to accomplish this. Think a coaching change at this time would be a major setback for the program.  Sorry for the overly hostile tone of this rant, but find it impossible to be nice when expressing my frustration regarding the meager amount of meaningful information and the excessive amount of negativity found on these boards. Realize many of those who are posting have nothing better to do with their lives than exchange rancorous insults, but Good Lord is it irritating!


@ OUmisses
About all anyone can expect from you - just another HUA nobody.

Your comments only came about a week late. Quit stirring the pot.

Dennis Rodman’s l’il buddy, Kim Jong Lite, went to preppy school in Switzerland.  Alot of those blue bloods do, now I wonder why that might be…

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