Nebraska to Begin Spring Minus Two Likely Starters

Bo Pelini revealed the names of three players that won't participate in spring football due to injuries.  Guard Mike Moudy, wideout Alonzo Moore, and cornerback Daniel Davie will be out.  Moudy appeared to be the likely starter at right guard in 2014.  Moore appeared to be near the top of the depth chart at receiver, likely to one of the first on the field in two or three receiver sets.  Davie appeared to be a contender to contribute, thought he appeared likely to be a top reserve rather than a starter. 


Assuming Moudy can get healthy, missing spring doesn't seem too costly.  As a senior and a veteran contributor, he's already familiar with the offense.  His absence can help prepare the bench at guard.  As long as he's healthy by fall, he should be ready by the start of the season.

Moore is a real up and comer at receiver.  Developing timing over the spring with a new quarterback would have been nice.  He had an opportunity to be the #2 or #3 receiver on the team.  Jamal Turner may grab hold of the #2 spot if Moore's out.  Jordan Westerkamp could similarly grab hold of one of the top 3 spots at receiver.  So while the team has good options, Moore might fall behind where he'd like to be.  

Davie had so far been most noticeable on special teams, but was contending for a two-deep spot in the secondary.  Unlike the shoulder injuries afflicting Moudy and Moore, Davie's got a knee issue to deal with.  Sometimes those can take a long time to heal.  It will be telling whether Davie is practicing with the team by early August or not.   

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Interesting discussion in the Bleacher report.  Quoting from Adam Rittenberg, “. . .perhaps the issue comes down to having a clear identity. What is Nebraska’s signature under Pelini? Elite defense? Up-tempo offense? At times, Pelini’s teams have shown flashes of both, but the Huskers’ hallmark often has been unpredictable play and predictable end-of-season records.”

Hey Kool Aide Drinkers ~ I hate to burst your NU bubble, but there are respected sports commentators who happen to be suggesting what I have been criticized for in discussing Pelini and his mediocre results for the NU FB program.


Obviously the sports commentators read your blog posts and form their opinions accordingly.

Honestly if I read 20 articles I might get one original piece of work.

I guess I read too much.

Dear BallField ~ rather than deflect from topic, please explain why commentators, such as one I quote from, are wrong unless you simply cannot resist personal attacks against those who speak the truth!

NU rather than deflect from the topic why don’t you respond to this article.  Your hate for Bo has been noted many times and is old news.  I hope these players get healthy and can contribute to the team soon.  This will give some younger players a chance during spring to get some reps with the ones and two’s.

Just got two more commits for 2015 rivals has us at #10. Great job so far coaching staff.

Larr ~ you use the word “hate”, not I, concerning Pelini.  Objective obsservers suggest NU can and should do better concerning who the HC is.  Thus, those how attack the messenger are the ones who cannot cope with the truth - not I. 

As to all the hype about high quality recruits, until the existing coaching regime can demonstrate an ability to coach players up to their full potential on a consistent basis, don’t get too excited.  Pop goes the balloon.

How’s the Kool Aide!!!  Add more sugar.

NU…hang in there buddy…I know it seems like the only people who read your posts are the folks who embrace mediocrity…they probably eat at Jack in the Box and consider it gourmet quisine…buy their business attire at Walmart and consider themselves well dressed.  The fact is, many of your supporters (yeah, like me) are a bit disgusted with the whole charade of the idea of our head coach embarrassing everyone remotely connected with the program, and then, receiving support from our voiceless AD.  If this guy ever decides to move on, he could be paid well to protect a shiek’s harem in the middle east someplace…meanwhile, after peeking at next season’s schedule,  there appears to be at least four more losses which will certainly make the Kool-Aid schmucks dance in the streets…good luck,uy

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