Nebraska on Doorstep of NCAA’s

Nebraska's win over Indiana may have been enough to send the Huskers to the NCAA tournament.  They now are guaranteed a winning conference record in a conference ranked second in the RPI.  The way RPI ratings are calculated, NU stands to get a boost from an already top 50 rating, just for taking the court with Wisconsin this weekend.


The Huskers could certainly solidify their chances with a win over the Badgers and/or additional wins in the Big Ten tournament.  But a quality win at Michigan State (and one at home over Ohio State) is probably enough to show that the win-loss record in conference was not simply a mirage.

NU basketball hasn't been in this good of a position in eons.  Thank the new facilities and new coaching staff for breathing some new life into a once laughable program.  It's nice for Husker fans to go into March with more at stake than just gambling interests.

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Maybe i should watch basketball more…

sephos ~ your observation is correct.  NU BB is on the rise, due in part to some excellent coaching and player development. NU’s three top BB players are sophs!  While bloggers on this post have constantly stated BB is not FB when it comes to comparing coaching abilities.  While that is true, this year’s BB development at NU does illustrate that good coaching matters and that with good coaching comes steady progress and improvment.  While there are those who like to place blame on anyone but Pelini, he is in part to blame for NU FB program’s consistent 4 loss seasons and lack of consistent player development. 

For NU BB coach Miles, keep it up, man!  You are the boss!!!


“steady progress” - faulty logic application.  This is Mile’s what, second year?  Look at NU record before Bo and his first 2 years.  Two data points makes not a trend.

Much progress under Timmay.

I watched a few Brasketball games this year.  Definitely THE BEST—most athletic, best shooting—Brasketball team I’ve seen put on the floor EVER, I’m talking 50 years here.  I was like, “who are those guys, they look pretty GOOD?”  Then I saw the jerseys and was like, “wow, that’s Brasketball?!”

  They actually look and play like a real basketball team, so much so, that we may have to take them out of their ‘special’ category, i.e., “Nebrasketball”, created for the certain “special” style they used to play, i.e., alotta scrappy short guys that can’t shoot, and call the The Nebraska Basketball Team—an up and coming force to contend with.

Good god realista, put a dirty nebrasketball sock in it. Sour f***in grapes we have here people. Someone needs to smash him into a pulp, add some sugar, and see if there’s anything worth saving. I bet you’re the guy in a group conversation that keeps going back to the same old talking points, the one everyone is sick of hearing run their suck. Steve, would you please make an article devoted only to bitching about Bo so this bumpkin and co. can get it out of their systems and we can move on to talking about basketball on a basketball post. PS realista, coach Bo just got a contract extension thanks to the intelligence of our AD, how does that float your boat?

I think you guys look way to into these things. If we have a good team that’s winning a lot of games that’s great, lets go for the gold. If our team isn’t as top tier as we hope it to be then that’s okay as long as the players are enjoying playing as a team and they get what they are there for, an education. Either way is much as a good thing as another to me. I primarily watch football as that is the main focus of the state. I’m not a huge basketball fan but these guys look like they are having a lot of fun doing it so its fun to watch. You can’t ask anymore of any basketball or football player than to play their hardest. Guess some people aren’t satisfied until you are #1. Real Nebraska fans enjoy the games win or loss and through good times and hard. Just my opinion not looking for any flak from this comment. Stay classy.

Right on Sephos, stay classy. That is the biggest difference between Miles and BOP, weather winning or loosing, Miles has class. I recently watched the movie (Division 111). I am sorry to say that, but it did remind me of a few moments of Husker Football under BOP.  Bo will have a good chance this year to turn things around. Lets hope he can

NU Realist,
“While bloggers on this post have constantly stated BB is not FB when it comes to comparing coaching abilities.  While that is true, this year’s BB development at NU does illustrate that good coaching matters and that with good coaching comes steady progress and improvment.”

Not to play the devil’s advocate here NU Realist but…

Didn’t Nebraska’s Womens Basketball defeat Iowa for the B1G Championship this year?  What coaching changes took place there?

And not to flog a dead horse when it comes to blow out losses but….

“The trophy presentation has been in the making for coach Connie Yori’s team, which pursued a championship in each of their first three years in the Big Ten. One week ago, Nebraska had an opportunity to gain a share of the regular season title but was blown out at Purdue.”

So…  With regards to Football, I am sticking with Pelini!

Johnny ~ this is the season you will either be proven right about BOP or proven wrong once and for all.  If BOP plays his cards right, and puts his foot down like a HC should with Beck, then every effort to produce a more dominant running game should occur.  There are many NU fans who are growing tired of the excuses and rationalizations.  This is year number 7, for God’s sake!  Just like Obama and his excuses so many Americans grow tired of listening to.  Only so many years can pass before the man at the helm has to claim ownership of not only the good, but the bad and the ugly.

Pay little attention to the verbal hype coaches and supporters spew forth.  I will begin to believe if NU is 4-0 following the Miami game and shows signs of more error free ball and better control of the line of scrimmage.

NU Realist,

He just got a contract extension to 2018.  I think his job is safe.  It’s not about you.  It’s not about me.  It’s about these kids.

Don’t get me started about Obama.  I mean, if Bo were President, Louis Lerner would be running laps until her legs fell off.

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