Nebraska Lose Defensive Tackle, Add Defensive Back

While hardly an even swap, Nebraska lost the commitment a four-star defensive tackle prospect but added a defensive back commitment to the fold.  The disparity may be in the eye of the beholder. 


A four-star defensive tackle (even a junior college player like Dodge City’s Terrell Clinkscales) is a rare and special find for any recruiting class.  A three-star defensive back like Jacksonville’s Chris Jones isn’t quite so rare a find, though at 6 feet you have to like the length for a secondary player.

The decommitment by Clinkscales suggests that the Huskers had perhaps cooled on the prospect.  It sounds as though he’s in danger of failing to qualify academically.  So while his name might appear encouraging to fans that follow recruiting, if he’s not likely to be accepted to a four-year college than he shouldn’t be taking up a roster spot for someone that might actually contribute.

NU’s addition of a four-year player like Jones doesn’t come with that baggage.  The secondary has often been a place where a smart and gifted athlete can get on the field early.  So Jones not only appears to be a better fit in the classroom but might ultimately provide more snaps and more snaps by the end of his career.  The Huskers stole him from a future division foe (Purdue) which also provides the added benefit of playing keep away.

Seeing a top tackle drop out seldom seems like good news.  But if the player was unlikely make it to the field, then he’s better off appearing as a name on Kansas State or someone else’s recruiting list.  Meanwhile, poaching a promising player from a division rival can make a difference both in your team and one you’d face every year.

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I want to see CJ’s HS teammate, DeSean Blair, flip to NU now.

Poaching Purdue(0-8, last in B1G), I guess it’s becoming a bit of a habit.  No further comment on that.

So, no DTs in this class as of now—hope that changes.

Welcome Chris Jones!


Surely you recall R Gregory was originally a Purdue commit?
Just because a team didn’t win the NC, doesn’t mean they don’t ever get any quality players.

OTOH, because of Purdue’s record, I think S Hanway’s trumpeting the “one less for them” mantra is a bit lame in this case.

Triumph—Peyton Newell is highly regarded 4* by most rankings that is slated to play DT for us. NU recruited him harder than any player in this class I think.  Played DE in HS but well built frame that by all accounts is expected to be a force. 

Hopefully they Red Shirt him to give a year in the weight program with Valentine, Curry, Collins, & Maurice in the two deep at both spots.


I would normally agree on redshirting, but when the position is thin, the injury risk increases over the course of the season, and thus the need to pull the redshirt.  And, if he’s really that good, he may not be here 4-5 years anyway.  It’s kind of a rock versus hard place deal, Pelini has stated he made a mistake two years ago, I don’t knkow what is current philosophy is now that his young D line has some experience, but I’d hate to see the 2-deep get injured in the last games of the season and have no one of experience to play in an important game.

Wouldn’t a program first establish a recruit’s ability to transfer from junior college to 4 year university academically before advertising fact a player has committed?  Especially when the hours we are talking about with Clinkscales fall soooooooooooooo short???  Doesn’t make sense.


Yea, I’m down w Newell.  Need more DTs, though.


K, I’ll give ya Gregory.  Alot of other teams wanted him though, and some good ones—check his offer list:

Bottom line, we are 41st or so on Rivals, thats just not going to cut it in the long haul.

The point is, we shouldnt be having this issue with DTs especially, I’ve said this muchos times:  BOP is supposed to be the D guru,  Kaz is supposed to be a quality DL guy, DTs should be lining up to play @ DONU and….they ain’t.

This is why this is a damn joke. all u damn Boleavers our now seeing what a joke this coaching staff is. their isnt any coaches with experience on this staff 2 get into the living rooms of 4 and 5 star get what you pay for. the 41st ranking is a direct result in Bo not willing to hire any experienced coaches only his buddies if the recruiting doesnt get better we are going 2 continue to get our asses handed to us!!! do u think a 41st ranked class can beat ohio st.? im saying hell no!!! the name of the game is recruiting we need 2 get a whole lot better at it and asap!!! this is inexcusable to me and should be 2 all husker fans!!!

Laughing Stock—I think your missing the mark on NU’s primary problem:  When NU was winning National Championships under our beloved TO they were not pulling down great classes (ranking wise). Second How about Mich ST this year we had the “talent” to clearly beat them, but we didn’t due to repetitive problems in turnovers and ST.  That is why we lose key games.  You could try and say better talent wouldn’t make mistakes but if that is all it was USC, TX, etc would ALWAYS win.

Your statement isnt without some merit, I think recruiting could be and should be better, but I will give BO his due in that the classes the previous two years have been vastly improving.  I’m worried how this years class will go because with the well known disadvantages we now have a divided fan base half of which want Bo’s head on a platter.  The longer dead period in Dec/Jan isn’t doing us any favors.  Hopefully we can at least address the major needs with some quality players…...Cheers dude

Triumph—Concur Would LOVE more DTs.  Seems these days in recruiting DT is one of the toughest quality positions to land.  Any quality DT especially the “real” big boys 300lbs and they have an offer list the size of a phone book with tons of options.

Ball—I hear ya on the RS, but I would make every effort to preserve the RS unless Newell is shamefully better than the 4 DTs we gave pt to last season.  Significant long term injuries happen you burn it unless your in the 2nd half of the season in which case you evaluate your options i.e. are we contending for a conf championship or is the barn burning down around us as parts of the fan base have promised.  RS linemen (O or D) is almost always a solid path to future success IMPO…My 2 cents free of charge….

On the subject of DTs and some other stuff:

Class O’ 2014

1)—Bama—4 DTs, one is 4*, rest 3*s, 2 DEs, a 4 and 5 *

2)—tOSU—0 DTs(odd), 2 DEs, 1 4* other 3, they had 2 5 * DEs in 2012, 4 LBs, 1 5*, 2 4*, 1 3*.

3)—TN—2 DTs both 3*, 4 DEs, 3 4*, 1 3*, 6 LBs, 3 are 4*, they also happened to get a 5 * RB that is 6’3” 230 LBs

4)—FSU 5 DTs, 2 are 4*

5)—aTm, 2 4* DTs, 3 DEs, a 5 4 and 3*

6)—LSU, 0 DTs, 2 DEs, both 4*

7)—ND—1 DT, 4 *, 4 DEs, all 3*

8)—Aub—3 DTs, 2 4*, 1 3*, 3 DEs, both 4*, they also got a 5 * LB

9)—FL—2 DTs, both 4*,  3 DEs, 1’s a 4 *

10)—The U, 4 DTs, 1 4*, 3 3*, 4 DEs, 1 5 *, 2 4 *, 1 3 *

Amazing how the teams that have dominated the BCS bowls and NCs, oh, for the last decade or more, dont seem to be at all concerned about Rival’s * ratings—no correlation t’all.

Oh yea, they say defense wins championships…

....35)—NE, 0 DTs, 2 3 * DEs(includes Newell)

Welcome to the family Jones.. As you can see were a little dysfunctional but the stars won’t matter when your kicking ass in black.  Everyvfamily has thatvweird cousin or unle Ed its just ours are the most vocal idiots youll ever find..Our best players in the past few years have gotten shit from some of these guys that think the recruiting sites have more knowledge then coaching staffs.  O well .. Show them with your play..

Triumph listen to Will Muscamps comments on the star ratings. Whenvat Texas he said if they offered a kid that was a two or three star they would move up a star or two the following week. Dont tell me coaches at those schools give a shit about rivals ratings . they evaluate and offer based on film, same as we do..  If Bama offers a kid jumps a star.. Sure makes it easier to get there… Ex Knevel was a two star kid last year ( not rated) and Alabama offered .. Next day 3 star ..Dont tell me someone evaluated him that day.. And if he would have signed with Bama he prob would have gotten the fourth .. But he was only a star when we offered , does that mean we shouldn’t have ?

Lol, TX and FL, they just ride their bike downtown and pick out 4-5 * guys like they were shopping for groceries at an open marketplace…

I suppose Muschamp feels ‘bad about having a 9th rated class—maybe he can do something with this one.

Losing Clinks is disappointing, so, give me a minute…
Okay, I’m over it now.

Some time back, I realized a “verbal” isn’t a commitment. Then, I realized the player has to have his grades and scores submitted and accepted by the clearinghouse. The list is quite long, of guys who fit one of those, especially the academic part.
Besides, that’s all before acclimating to school and of course, the never ending competition.
To this day, post Osborne, the only ones who didn’t arrive, that I stayed mindful of, were Crawford, Ngata and Danieal Manning.
All three, Nebraska could’ve used and all via different circumstances.
Nebraska, moves on.

Triumph hit it right on the head…The star ratings are based off of the school, not the player’s talent.  Players want to hold a trophy, and they will sign with the coach that gives them the best opportunity to do so.  Add all of the intangibles with a good coach (successful offense/defense, sound play calling, TV time, uniforms) and you can pull top recruits.  But it all starts with winning, winning big games, and winning big games often.  Everything else falls into place once you win 11 regular season games.  11 is the magical threshold now with the conference championship game and bowl game.  If you don’t compete for the conference championship, nothing else.  Recruits are watching this, and that’s how Oklahoma, Ohio State, Bama, LSU, Oregon, Florida State pull the guys they do.

Anyone else think that maybe recruiting isn’t as good this year because of everyone wanting Bo’s head.  If a player thinks the coach is walking on thin ice for his job I would believe that has an effect on there decision making.  Maybe not so much a posistion coach, but when a head coach goes most likely the whole staff is changed and than there talent they had to come here may not be what the new coach is looking for.  For all of you that keep barking about getting Bo out of here you need to evaluate what you are doing to the program.  It is all over the media how the “fans” of NU want him gone.  I would have to give considerable thought to signing with my son on going to a school where the future is unknown.  Quit complaining our job with this school is to show the love and compassion for the program, time to get on board or just jump ship and find another team!


T Dogg

I like your comparison between the teams with the top ranked (DT) recruiting classes with the teams with top ranked on field performance. There does seem to be a relationship between the two but there is something else that should be considered in my opinion. In order to have a top ranked recruiting class every year (year in and year out) don’t you have to sign a lot of recruits every year? If you are signing a lot of recruits every year it means you are losing a lot of recruits either to transferring early to other schools, flunking out or leaving for the NFL. The teams that do it year in and year out must have low graduation rates. In my opinion that is short changing the athlete. Am I wrong? The stars are added not averaged.


You are 100% correct.  Bo is our coach and now that he
is the Fifth coach EVER to have 9 wins in his first 6 seasons,
I would like to think the anti-Bo crowd can go forth be fruitfull and mulitply somewhere else!

We are getting some great young kids coming to this University and Bo is bringing them in.  They are sticking to the academics and graduating.  I will take an athletic scholar like Ameer Abdula over a Johnny Football any day of the week and especially so on Saturday!


Maybe, Bama does I guess.  I think you gotta WIN stuff, like meaningful stuff, like CCs, BCS bowl games and such and suddenly top recruits sorta start showing up at your doorstep—sorta like women, I suppose.

P.S., having done some more research into US history since our last ‘chat’ on the black athlete, it appears you are correct as to the good amount of ‘mixing of the genetic pool’, so to speak.  It was a common practice pre 1865 for sure—nowadays we would call it ‘rape’, FTMP.

Good call.

T Dogg

It would take a comprehensive study to figure out whether the ‘mixing’ has helped athletically or whether it’s only helped for other health related things like the immune system, etc. It is common knowledge more genes is better.

Bo’s the best!!! While he hasn’t won a conference title since he took over, and has been blown out by many a team during his tenure, his four-losses per season record and mediocre bowl W-L record is something to be really proud of.  Turn over margin rate nationally is great!!!  After the Iowa game, I was amazed how he could balance a 2 x 4 on his shoulder (nice big chip) and remain standing.  Bo’s a class act and never an embarrassment to the fans and university.  After all, who else in the country loves his players more than Bo???

I wonder if 5 losses per season for the next 6 seasons will work, ‘cause if 4 aren’t enough, let’s try 5.  Bo cares—- he really does!!!  $3 million a year worth of care.

Go Big Pink!!!

Nu maybe you don’t agree that Bo should be here, I can deal with that.  But what I think is amazing as a True Husker Fan you never have anything good to say.  This program is bigger than Bo, but you can’t get past him to say anything good about the program.  You talk about turnovers , and putting all the losses on him, you think everything that goes wrong is his fault.  I know he is not perfect by no means but come on you don’t think when a player fumbles that no matter how much time is spent drilling and talking about it that it could be the player made a mistake?  When it rains, wind blows 30 mph, cold as hell that is his fault also to not train them to deal with all these different elements.  You hate him so divorce him and the program and move on. I really doubt that you are even a true husker but some lonely person that gets off by attacking other people.  When you do nothing but attack the program you only hurt the program.  If you are so smart about how to coach than why don’t we see you on TV making millions, you have all the answers.  Get a life!


All I know is the brothas gots bigger “springs” on average.  One thing I was reading said the “black gene” is almost always dominant, but who knows…

I could have used bigger ‘springs’ in high school for high jumping. Ha ha! Fast forward about 1000 years, if the end hasn’t come by then, and I bet with the serious mixing of our world that ‘race’ will almost be a discussion of the history books. Level the playing field.


“Anyone else think that maybe recruiting isn’t as good this year because of everyone wanting Bo’s head?”

Hmmm, maybe.  But, BOP’s classes have average around #25 over the 6 years, last year’s was the 2nd highest @ 17th(Rivals).  Right now we’re sitting @ about 31st if you go by ave * rating, so it’s about as per usual.  Actually, if you look at it, this class isnt too far off from, say, OU(15th), a couple players here and there difference.  The 5 * guys really bump the thing up.

Anyway, maybe 25% of recruits in general “don’t read so good” or can’t “do the math” so no worries there:  oblivious.

Bottom line:  we won’t be a top 10 contender, year in and out, ifin’s we don’t gets more *s.


Oh yea, I was going to add as to your “coach on hotseat” hypothesis that FL and TN(see above) certainly seem to offer evidence to the contrariano.

So how far do we move up if we get Gates..? I bet we move into the top 25.. O line class would be pretty damn salty then.. Our top targets going into the year at guard were Foster and Farmer.. ( Farmer was a two\3star that everyone bashed when he committed because only Illinois wanted him other than us, now a four star rivals top 100) and Gates was our obvious top want at Tackle..

I forgot we were still in for Frison too.. If we get him we would probably have a top 5 o line class.. That’s where the battles won

Tdogg Fl 13 of 21 recruits from state of Florida, TN 9 of 34 are from TN and I am guessing 27 of the 34 are within 300 mile radius.  So we are always comparing apples to snickers.  It is now and always has been harder to recruit to NU, so anything that makes it not as appealing is going to hurt recruiting.  I don’t follow FL or TN much but I don’t think I see or hear as much about there fan base wanting their coaches fired as much as NU.  Atleast we are getting some PR out of it just not in a positive way.

Forgot to add this also “TX and FL, they just ride their bike downtown and pick out 4-5 * guys like they were shopping for groceries at an open marketplace…”


I give it 10 yrs or so ‘til “End Times”, so you best get busy.  Yea, mixed race is like “all the rage” the last couple decades at least:  trendy.  Just axt Russell Wilson and his blonde.

Ok, well, I’ll lay down my take on the ‘brotha’ thang and if peeps wanna call me racists—w/o even knowing my race, albeit—so be it, even though I deny all such allegations—as does my g@y black friend and thats the truth.

So, back in the day, 15th century and what not, Los Euros Aristocracy—Spanish, French, Portugues, Brits, mainly—when they was wanting to gets ‘help’ for, you know, the hard labors of El Nuevo Mundo, well, they came down in Templar made ships of the age( ) to W Africa mainly, cuz like an easy coast to coast thang AND they basically plugged into the already existent slave trade amongst fuedalistic African societies of the time—yea, the Euros didnt invent slavery, necessarily.

Anyway, was sorta a ‘farm stock’ mentality, hate to say it, wanna get the ‘strongest ox’, so to speak, so—and this is the important thing—they didnt pick out the weak ones, feel me?  Yea, they brought over the biggest, strongest ones money could buy AND once they got here, whilest they weren’t ‘mixing it up’(raping ‘em) for ‘fun’ and such, well, they did sorta of a planned cross breeding thing as to make ‘em even bigger.  I know, sounds bad, but they actually applied heavily racist laden genetic science of the day as suchly.

And there you have it:  bigger ‘springs.  Plus, African Muricans have by and large done PHYSICAL labor type jobs throughout their ‘illustrious” dispossession here and that tends you keep ya strong.  Also a big reason why the ‘back to Africa’ movement caught fire during the entire 20th century—think Marcus Garvey, Stokely Carmichael, Nation of Islam, and to some degree the Black Panthers.


Uh, FL was like 4-8 in ‘13 and they kinda stunk it up big time the end of the previous season.  Muschamp’s seat was hotter than BOP’s, no question about it.  TN, well, they went like 5-7 this year too, but it’s been hotseat city there ever since Fulmer got canned—their fans have Bama like pride and impatience.

The way I look at it at this point, last year’s class can make up for this year’s class deficiency. Last year’s class has some serious depth and we saw over this past season that they are pretty talented at the top as well. Gerry and Banderas flying around as true freshmen in September? Amazing. Keep an eye on Boaz Joseph next year too. Kid is a stud.

The King has no clothes, folks.  Take off the rose colored glasses and see him for what he is - an emotional misfit who creates chaos and inconsistency within the team.  At times, he does well, and other times he blows it.  6 years of 4 losses per year.  Keep him on and expect the same for years to come.  NU can do better.  Those who adore Bo need reality therapy!!!  NU is irrelevant in the football big picture.

“The King has no clothes, folks” (not a good mental picture there) I know Bo has some issues and he has some good points.  Rose colored glasses would have gotten TO fired as well because he couldn’t win the big game.  TO had a degree in Psychology, Bo’s is business I don’t expect the same demeanor on the sideline.  Unless you weren’t watching any of the Bowl games you wouldn’t have seen numerous coaches losing their cool, throwing headsets, yelling at players and making funny faces.  And those that can’t look past some deficiencies may need some also.  Maybe we can get a discount if we go together.  I do believe if SE had a plan of a new coach of someone that he thought would want to come here he had plenty of reason this year.  Just maybe they have more knowledge of the situation than some of us on the outside looking in.  We don’t have to like all that Bo does but he is not the “program” and right now we need to build some momentum as a fan base to get this thing going in a positive direction.  Just like in basketball a steal that results in a dunk at home can change the whole scope of the game.

Tdogg my point in a round about way is that teams in hot bed areas it won’t affect as much as us out here in no mans land.  We are asking kids to go 600-1000 miles from home and if the coaching staff leaves, you can’t call mom & dad and cry on their shoulder.  It makes it tougher to go this far from home if there is alot of uncertainty in the staff.  SE should have made a statement long before he did and I for one hope he learned something from this last year.  To get a kid that has alot of options to head here right now may be a tough sale under these conditions.

For those who need reminding, TO never ran the board with 6 years in a row of 4 loss seasons.  Check it out.  Thus, to suggest TO is the same as BO is pure rationalization.

Nu I would not compare TO to Bo, there will never be another TO in college football coaching.  My point was you said looking thru rose glasses, TO was about fired for not being able to win the “big” game.  Look where he went after those rose glassed people gave him more time.  Comparing any coach now is irrelevant because to many things have changed in college football.  The Big eight was percieved as the dominant conference just like the SEC is now.  You seen teams in the Big 8 with 3 losses still ranked high just like now with the SEC, they play conference championship games now against another quality team, recruiting has changed, scholarship limits just a few.  So comparing records to me is irrelevant.  If TO would have had to play OU again for a Conferenc championship he may have lost more games in a year a few more times that would be speculation though so things are different now than at that time.  That is why when you look at the quality of programs over the last decade that have not had the record NU has had, you have to give that some merit unless your hate for Bo is so great, than no matter what he does you will still find something to disagree with.  Do I think he is the greatest thing since apple pie? No, but he is the coach of this program for now or until whenever so I will support him until he is no longer here.

T Dogg
Fascinating study but the fear of being called ‘racist’ would stop it from ever happening out in the real world but that shouldn’t stop us from speculating here in relative anonymity. Your theory that the slavers picked through the people being collected for the biggest, healthest & strongest makes sense and records surely indicate that West Africa is where they opperated. One also wonders if the same tactics were employed in the collection of the women. Unfortunately no doubt rape was also common once the people were on this side of the pond and in the hands of unscrupulously powerful land barons that could get around the social mores of the time. No doubt also in many areas conditions were so bad that many with physical problems succombed to the stresses of their immediate area. The study that will never be done would focus on whether the mostly unacceptable mixing of that day and the acceptable mixing of the modern age has rendered any positive athletic benefits. Of course there was some plantation owners that treated their slaves with dignity so we can’t conclude that all black Americans today have some white genes. The study would need to compare the two.

In one sense, going back metaphorically to the world of dogs, selective breeding yields genetically weak individuals that can be athletic champions (grey hounds) while mixing yields genetically stronger individuals that are not as athletically gifted (mutts). No where is this more obvious than the Cheetah. Fastest animal on earth but no genetic diversity and genetically weak. Cats in Africa and cats in Asia have identical genes just like identical twins.

And like you—I doubt the end won’t come for a 1000 years.

Yea, I think there will be another T.O. someday. Guys are already pushing incredible amounts of wins already. Coaches Petersen, Meyer, Chip Kelly when he was in college football (he may be back) are already accomplishing as much in their first years as head coaches.

It’s not like T.O. was a god. He just had a way with players that made hime unique in that sense. Coach Switzer had a way with his players as well as Coach Wilkinson.

Heck, I even think that someone will come along and even beat Coach Stoops amazing home record for wins which sits at an astounding 81-5 (.942 pct), and that will be a HELL of a trick, but you and I won’t live to see it.

We talkin’ King Louis or King Phooey har’? 

—Realistinho, TO never had to plat 13-14 games on average neither.  Point irrelephant.

—larr,  point well taken.

—Gage, I guess there were many many slave uprisings throughout the history of it’s practice.  Anyway, I would think if a big strong African Murican hooked up with a big strong African Murican woman—of whom I’ve seen some mamas out there built like LBs—well, I would think that would produce a bigger stronger offspring than a l’il disheveled slave master and the same woman—dig?  Also, a big part of why the terms ‘dis, dat, yo, der,”, etc, is because in W African languages, say in Angola, ‘th’ and ‘er’ and other things werent part of the pronunciation repertoire, just as a Chinese guy would say ‘splings’ instead of ‘springs’.

Anway, speaking of large cats, panthers anyone?

Must see vid on Bobby Seale:

of course the full 56 second video is out there where everyone is hooting and hollering….......
this after he punched a player in the face in the handshake line after semifinal loss for state title last Nov.

Whatever ‘video surfaces’ are, they musta pissed him off…

From what I have seen on him I doubt they would have had to say much to piss him off.  The kids there all laughing at this sure makes you wonder what is going on in there heads.  He looks a little “skinny” in some of the pictures, hope he has “fun” in prison.  Act like a thug get treated like one

Yea, they really should arrest more of the violent thugs….in uniform:

perception you assume he did nothing to deserve this, I assume he had it coming.

yea, he was probably try and walk across the street.  Well, ya gotta get both sides of the fuckin’ story, dont ya?  Police brutality is a given in the country.  But you’re probably a cop lover.

And everyone in jail is innocent to.  Give me a break, they are all out there going after the ones that aren’t doing anything just walking across the street minding there own business.  I am sure it happens from time to time just like innocent young men for no reason body slamming security officers punching opponents in the face accidently.


you’re clearly outta your league here, but I won’t fault you too much as you, like most the rest of us, had to go thru the 18000 hrs, or whtever, of Prussian/Pavlovian/Leipzig/Skinnerian style indoctrination they call ‘public education’.

So, here’s some home work for you:

1)  90% of people in prison are there for victimless crimes:  why is that?
2) Currently, 25% or so of African American males are in prison:  why is that?
3) What do General Armstrong Kuster and J Edgar Huber(Hoover) have in common?
4)  What is ‘cointel pro’?
5)  Why do the UK police force have black and white checkerboard designs on their unis and caps?
6)  Why is the GW Monument an Egyptian style obelisk set in the middle of 2 intersecting ovals?
7)  What are the ‘fasci’ on the flanks of the congressional podium, what is their origin and what do they stand for?
8)  Why is the USA symbol and eagle?
9) Why are most police badges throughout the world some variation of an octagonal shape?
10) What are the chances of 2 presidential candidates of the ‘2 parties’ being fraternity bros of Skull and Bones(Yale) during the same time period?

Take all the time you need.

I don’t know about you, but I saw a cop in RIOT gear subduing a male.

Seems to me that if i am an innocent citizen and I see cops in RIOT gear, I probably have no real good reason to be in the area at that point.
I guess the guy could have been protesting and an overzealous cop is ‘taking care’ of him. But why would we have to assume that from this picture?

So tell us, what is the story behing the picture? Or did you just pull a picture, story unknown, out to make all cops look bad? Just curious what your agenda is?

Seems to me that the burden of proof is on proving the cop is doing something wrong.

I’m no civilian cop lover especially, but I don’t portray ALL cops as hulligans.

It all doesn’t matter too much anyway in the end. The government is allowing poisonous pesticides on our vegetables anyway…for years now.

And we wonder why the U.S. leads the world in cancer.


Well, one would never expect you to come out in proetest of anything other than the continuence of BOP as HC @ NU.

Civils rights protest, good chance the guy getting strangled ‘for his protection’, probably part of that movement, which Huber declared as the #1 threat to the status quo, so declared open, cointel style war on African Americans.  Result:  FBI murders MLK, Malcolm X, Huey P Newton, Fred Hampton and many many more—gestapo style raids in keeping with Huber’s heritage as a Swiss/German Nazi White Supremacist Freemason type guy.

That would be my guess.


You DO know that Monsanto’s main gig is chemical warfare agents, right?  Napalm, Agent Orange, shit like dat.

Currently, 25% or so of African American males are in prison:  why is that?
maybe cuz they haven’t caught the other 15% yet (Just kidding)  T I really am not going to get into this on here, if you need some platform to vent your frustrations about how the black american is treated please find some other outlet to do so, this is about NU football.


I know you know nothing of these subjects and care even less, it’s apparent in your responses, but here’s some more ‘schoolin’ for you:

Malcolm x(Little):
—1925, Born Omaha, NE
—1926, Home was burned to the ground by the KKK in Omaha, NE, family moves to Milwaukee then Lansing, MI.
—1929, Family home burned to ground in Lansing by KKK(Black Legion)
—1935, Earl Little, the father, murdered by being thrown under a street car in Lansing by KKK.  Mother has breakdown and is institutionalized for next 30 yrs or so.
—1965, Malcolm X murdered by FBI(Huber) as he was THE #1 face of the African American revolution at that time.

Who was prosecuted and convicted from the lifelong white racist terrorism and murder of Malcolm X and his family throughout his lifetime?  Answer:  nobody.

So, the fact that you immediately assume guilt of the MSU recruit and have no knowledge or interest of the systematic oppression and outright officially declared war on the African American male and community, well, I’ll leave it at that.

And please, please dont reply.


p.s., dont even think about trying to tell me what to say or where to say it, dig?

T Dogg

Remember I lived 18 years in Africa so I have a hard time working up much sympathy for black Americans playing the victim card. Sure things were tough and unfair but that’s been true for humans every where on this planet from the beginning of time. My ancestors fled from persecution to come here and arrived in poverty. The truth is I don’t know of many places in Africa where it’s better than here. This land, even as it’s failing, is still a land of opportunity regardless of what color your skin is and playing that card is not accomplishing anything but sounding like an excuse.

You want victims—check out southern Sudan.

Well, uh, let’s see, the Euros started their colonialization and systematic taking over their land, since most the white folk had died off from the Black plague and such, yada yada.  Well, then, since feudalistic Europe in and of itself was pretty much an economic hell whole, they basically had to go down to Europe and steal and kill, enslave, ‘colonize’. because, oh yeah, Africa is the richest continent on the planet in terms of natural resources. So, they get that going, then decide that aint enough, so they bring em over to the New World to do the heavy lifting here—which is a gross euphemism.  All the while the Brits had India and China in their back pocket too.  You know, The British Isles, well, it’s essentially a buncha rocks—aint shit going on their, gotta steal it from other lands.  I suppose you dont have any sympathy for the Native Americans either—genecide doesnt count, I Guess, in your world view.  Anyway, the war on the African peoples in Africa and America and all over the world where they’ve been transplanted against their will and systematically kept at the low end of the totem pole, and this is FACT, not fiction, and combine that with a declared war on the Afro American population since Rosa Parks decided to ‘not obey’ on the bus, onward, specifically by the CIA and FBI, murdering brutally(shot MLK in the mouth) any would-be leader of the people that would dare to stick up his/her head—other than all that stuff, you are ‘correct’, why the hell feel sorry for ‘em?  They let some up thru the ranks as per the ‘neo colonialism’ card, they have Obama in there to hopefully quell down the African folk here and abroad as the Anglo/US/Euro imperialistic empire in falling apart at the seams—along with white supracxy—all over the world due to revolutionary uprisings all over the place, like South America is basically throwing the Anglo Amero Euro bums outta their since 2000.

No, what you are voicing is the uninformed voice of white superiority and quite unawarely, I might add.

“go down to Africa” ^^, that is…

T Dogg

I suggest you make a trip to west Africa sometime so you can see the difference in opportunity between here and there.

T Dogg

What I don’t have sympathy for is people playing the victim card regardless of their race. Horrible things happened—they have to every race at some point in history—you have to rise above it. Playing that card and dwelling on the injustices of the past will not help you or anyone deal with the future.


I recognize your willfull and quite complete ignorance on and inability to comprehend the subject and history.  Lemme see, ‘opportunites’ in West Africa, howsa ‘bout Sierra Leone diamond mines?  Hey, if things go south for ya here in the declining USA economy, maybe you could go ‘back to Africa’, get yourself a job there.

“Many of the world’s diamonds are mined using practices that exploit workers, children, and communities. A million diamond diggers in Africa earn less than a dollar a day. Miners are dying in accidents, child labor is widespread, and corrupt leaders are depriving diamond mining communities of funds badly needed for economic development.


Diamond miners who work in small-scale mining – panning or digging for diamonds – produce about 15% of the world’s diamonds. But their wages do not reflect the value of their work. An estimated one million diamond diggers in Africa earn less than a dollar a day. This unlivable wage is below the extreme poverty line. As a result, hundreds of thousands of miners lack basic necessities such as running water and sanitation. Hunger, illiteracy, and infant mortality are commonplace. Even within developing countries, diamond mining communities are often the most impoverished.”

“The most recent issue in regards to child slave labor is the diamond-rich region of Sierra Leone, where many children, aged between seven and 16, work tirelessly as SLAVES in the diamond mines near Koidu Town, the capital of the Kono district of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is ironically a former British colony….” (neo colonial)

How about Congo?  I dunno, you might be way too old to slave away in the Coltan mines there:

“Their bodies caked in dirt from the river beds they are forced to work in, African children are enslaved in lethal mines to power our love affair with the mobile phone.

The child miners of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) risk death to dig for a highly dangerous ore used in mobiles, laptops and games consoles.

The massive demand for COLTAN - short for columbite-tantalite…”

Hmmm, maybe not taking apps for, I’m assuming, caucasian bourgeoisie types, there.  Ok, howsa ‘bout start a lucrative business in Angola:


“Trafficking in persons: current situation: Angola is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor in agriculture, construction, domestic service, and diamond mines; some Angolan girls are forced into domestic prostitution, while some Angolan boys are taken to Namibia as forced laborers or are forced to be cross-border couriers; women and children are also forced into domestic service in South Africa.”  Haha, South Africa is the place that Mandela ‘freed’ from the white man,  right?

Anyway, I could go on all night, and I know you will deny realities that are put right in front of your face, so I ‘ll round itr off with some Omali Yeshitela, watch and learn:

T Dogg

Those are all excellent reasons why you are better off here than there and why playing the victim card is hollow.

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