Nebraska Gets Ninth Win Versus Georgia

It was by no means an easy victory, but Nebraska did enough right (particularly on defense) to gut out a 24-19 win over Georgia on a less than neutral field.  NU won the turnover battle which was ultimately the difference.  Bo Pelini got his ninth win for the sixth straight season which gives hope for the Huskers to creep back into the final rankings.


Georgia struck first with a second quarter field goal.  The Huskers were forced to punt but recovered a fumble that set up their first score.  A five-yard pass to Quincy Enunwa made it 7-3.  The Bulldogs answered with a field goal but Nebraska managed one of their own after nearly scoring a touchdown on a pass from Tommy Armstrong to Jamal Turner.  UGA managed to add 3 more before the half to narrow the Husker lead to 10-9.

An interception set up the next score for Nebraska with Ameer Abdullah plunging in from the one-yard line to go along with his 122 yards for the game.  Georgia mounted another field goal to make the score 17-12 before a 99.9-touchdown pass from Armstrong to Enunwa gave the Huskers a 24-12 cushion. 

NU needed that cushion as an Armstrong interception set up a Georgia touchdown pass to Todd Gurley that made it 24-19.  Gurley led his team in both rushing and receiving.  From there the Husker defense held tough by forcing a punt and twice repelling Georgia in the red zone, getting the ball back on downs.

Perhaps not a dominant effort but a strong enough statement that the Huskers can still compete with quality teams.  Not a bad way to start a long off-season.

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Congratulations Bo, great win. Now may be all these clowns on here will get off your back.

Don’t underestimate the value of this win.  This game should give NU a big lift in the off season, spring ball and recruiting.  Most importantly, CA and a host of others played extremely well.  We have to be really proud of the fact that NU got the lst win for the conference.  Won’t take the time to write about it now, but I have a theory that NU’s move to the BIG in the long run is going to provide some recruiting challenges although lately it seems to be doing relatively well in that area.  And, of course, this win will help all of us enjoy the remainder of the games in good old, cold NE.  Many of my friends go south for the winter, but I have to stay.  Hope everyone has a good off season, and we’ll see you in the late summer/fall.

Great win for the huskers, now we have something positive to work with this off season.  Big ten needs to win some of these bowl games but they are hanging tight with these SEC schools that are suppose to be the best in the country.  GBR

Bo haters, you have been handed your notices. Didn’t see any crazy sideline behavior to complain about and the team played well against adversity. It should be a nice way to wrap up recruiting. Bo is here to stay folks.

Andrew I noticed they hadn’t been on here complaining yet.  I am sure they will be here soon dispensing there negative comments.  Good job coaches and players.  I am sure espn will find a way to put a spin on this to still make nebraska look bad.  GBR!!!!!!

WOOOOHOOOO!  Good for BOP and the team!  Ameer once again carried the load with 122 yds on 27 carries.  TA now has wins vs MI and GA on his resume as a RS FROSH starter—and a Bowl win,  Good for him.

Key to the game, we didnt turn the ball over(only one INT) and won the TO margin and limited the # of penalties—p.s., I think that personal foul call on Alexander was complete b.s., HELLO, you gotta be able to hit a guy.

I was running and jumping around the living room on the 99.999999 yd TD pass, wow, that was awesome!

Great game.

BOP by the numbers:

6 years HC
9.5 wins per season
3 division wins, 3 CCG appearances
70% winning average.

Forecast calls for warmer hearts, back in Nebraska.

Pelini goes 4-3 in bowls, this early in his career. Since Nebraska clearly got out “stated,” I’ll attribute this to a well managed game and fantastic effort, plus well executed audacity.
As the Rose begins, (I can’t believe I’m going to watch this game) Nebraska is the B1G’s lone standard bearer.
Has to score points, in the B1G community.
Wow, I need to hurry up. Sparty is poised to take a pounding.

Such a big game and play, for Armstrong Jr. But, just enough of a reality check to motivate him to supreme effort and improvement.
Still though, I fully expect reports of high level, intense QB competition, in the coming months. The best player, must be the guy.
Bo’s loyal. Happy to see that video journalist, Kellogg Jr., trot out on the field and horrified, too.
That kind of season.

I can’t wait for the quarterback race between Stanton and Armstrong.  Hope Amer stays for his senior year.  The only way to shut up all the tools on ESPN (SEC shill) is for us to win.  GBR!!!!

The amount of SEC ass kissing during this broadcast was a complete joke. Proud of our coaches and players today, showed class in victory.


Journalist. “You know Georgia is going to come out and make statement what wii you need to do?”  Bo. “We’re going to come out and make our own statement!”  Do these people write down their questions before they ask them?  If not they should, than they could see how stupid they are and why some of these coaches have hard time dealing with them.  I think ESPN should be more neutral on these bowl games, it is so obvious who they are for and lack of knowledge they have of the other team.

Sparty looks like they might give some Tree hiney and take this thing here in the 2nd half.

GA’s ‘statement’ was only that NE’s rookie QB is better than theirs, Gurly was hurt, their 2 main WRs and safety were stupid and got suspended or injured and WOOOHOOO, Nebraska kicked their butt!

Any more ‘statements’?

And mark richt wishes he was still rooting for Nebraska lol

What a way to end an up and down season. The team played hard in all 4 quarters. The coaches did good, and Beck had a simple game plan that worked, and welcome back Black Shirts.

Aw, sheet.
Sparty’s tryin’ to win this thing.

Where is NURealist and OU7 and all of the other haters??  Who gives a shit - they can stay away.
GREAT WIN!  The hungover nation was watching and we played very well - scrappy, tough, and with a never give up attitude - Just like their coach. Great job Bo and Papuchis - what a great way to finish the season.

My, a “rustbelt giant” might’ve been awakened.
Nebraska might have to play them twice, next season…
Ha funny, Dantonio dodged the bucket.

Still here.

So your sphincter wasn’t puckered when the GA tight end dropped the ball that would have sunk Pelini? Gurley was way less than 100%. Georgia handed that game to Nebraska who took it.

Georgia played uninspired football and key injuries with a subpar QB who couldn’t throw deep.

Give Armstrong a lot of credit, he also won got to win a game with a hail Mary play.
Congrats to Nebraska players who deserve something nice.

Congrats also to Michigan State who dominated Stanford.

Alabama awaits lol!

Good job Sparty, they proved they were the better team.  Respek. 

I underestimated them this year, but just goes to show you what a great defense will do for you and NU giving them 3 bona fide gifts in redzone—you can thank us later Sparty. 

Maybe next year.

That’s #3 Alabama. Nothing to lose and everything to gain by playing them. Some consider them the best team in the country. At least the best coach in the country.

Win lose or draw it is a prestigious game with awhat should be a top 25 ranking regardless.


Now…we can all take a huge breath and let it out..slowly…slowly…..slowly….....ahhhh, that’s it. We win! We can enjoy the off season now! A season that ended with a win over a ranked team. Not bad. Didn’t think they were gonna do it. Over one of the best programs out there. An SEC program to boot. Who cares if they were down…so were we. Big time.
9 wins in his first 6 seasons as a head coach…who took over a losing team. Anyone ever do that in college football history? Yep. One guy. His name…Bo Pelini.
I was really proud of our defense. They played very well. They went form like #116 in the country to ending up being #36 in the country. Next year should be awesome in regards to our front 7. We loose Ciante and SJB so I don’t know about our secondary. We actually got a couple turnovers to go our way this game and not too many flags or screw ups. That’s a little different. They punched it in when they needed to.

The front of Max, has one of the best pictures I’ve seen, in a while.
Pelini and Enunwa grinning ear to ear.

The best way I can describe this team in the bowl game is that they showed what they had showed all season. When opponents give an inch, the Huskers take an inch and a half (enough to win). If the Huskers give an inch, the opponents can take a mile. Those dropped passes were the free mile. Richt has got to be kicking himself or team for not taking advantage of those opportunities.

Arm Strong is UN QB next year.  If you look at the D at the beginning of the year compared to the end of the year. It looks like a totally different D.  Don’t know how or what Pap did, but it worked. He deserves the credit on the D side. Bo kept his cool and didn’t have any mental brake downs. This is BOP best win since he started. Could UN finish as a top 10 team next year. Your fu**ing a right they can

Johnny Stanton next year gives us a better chance at winning most games. I am NOT sold on Tommy Armstrong and he seems to think that he has the #1 spot guaranteed for next year. It should be an interesting spring. Remember The last QB that transferred? He thought he had the QB position secured too.

Great win today!


I am glad NU won.  However, one game does not a season make.  Nor does this victory mean all is well at NU.  So, celebrate the win.  BOP and the team have a lot to prove this next season.  All I can say is BOP. Has lost 4 games a year.  If his coming season falls flat again, let’s not have anymore talk about how BOP is the man.

@ Greg,

“Bops”?  I’m assuming that would be me, as in, the good old days when you were my very 1st interweb sports ‘friend’.  You warned me back then, and after all these years I must say you were right:  interweb ‘friends’ are not your/my’ ‘frineds’.  Anyway, I will refer to you as ‘Flim’, capisci?

Ah, So much can be said about the Murican mind control propaganda weapon that IS the Murican boob tube, I could write a book, a few books about it, but will refrain save for I cant let a few things go before, thankfully, the bowl/CFB season is over and I can once again put the boob tube into 9 month hybernation until the next go ‘round.

Fiesta Bowl, well, for a minute I thought I was hallucinating Notre Dame as Baylor—elitist, Texas private school—must think they are the Domers now with their shiney golden lids.  Nike, of course, the usual culprit, and it seems many of these schools have gone all “Duck” on us as they’re rockin’ a differnet alt. uni about every week and if it were not for the fact I know its now big biz for Phil Knight, et el, I would speculate that some of these schools must have insecurity issues.  Well, when all the Indonesian slave labor that makes the shit goes on general strike, we’ll se who has the last laugh.

And that reminds me, the breathtaking nature of the deletion of pertinant information about the real world as portayed by said boob tube, one would think we’re still living in a Mayberry RFD world, though that never existed in the 1st place.  Anyway, if all the Samuel L Jackson Pimpin’ Quicksilver debt cards werent bad enough and the warm and fuzzy armed forces propaganda—that is the prime purpose of Muircan college football anyway—werent enough, I must inform y’all that when you’re watching those new bright shiney FIFA World Cup 2014 ads they’re now rolling out of Brasilian stereotypes of golden beaches, Corcovado, samba dancers and what not, plz be informed that said ‘Cup’ nearly brought down the entire Brasilian greedy elitist govt over the past 18 months or so as millions have been in protest there over the the $ they are wasting on the ‘Cup’ stadiums and shit the would be increase in public transportation fares that were to pay for the thing.  Well, they had to back off on all that since, you know, the peeps nearly brought down the govt over it. 

Here’s a picture:

Ongoing this day.  They dont show the real side of the military either—you know,the genecides and stuff—so I dont know why I would expect the propaganda weapon to show any degree of honesty regarding the World Cup, but hey, it’s Murica, and thats about all ya need to know…

Haha, UCF kicked Baylors behind, gotta love it.  B12 champs go down, hey are they the ones that humiliated the ‘mighty’ Stoopids 41-12—yea they were.  Good thing Sooners didnt have to play UCF I guess.

Anyway, in case y’all also hadnt noticed the newest armed forces propaganda ads, well, now they want your kids not only before college but after too:  “become an officer in the military after college”  yada yada, you know, cuz not so many jobs out there anymore for the heavily in debt youngsters.  Cradle to grave, ‘serve’ Murica(translated, the international bankster corporatocracy).

see, now I feel bad. These still aren’t the good ‘ol days?
Actually, I started on the brn at the same time as the litr- August of ‘06. I’ve gone by “greg morrow” here, almost the whole time. “greg” the first few months. I first “met” you, at right about the Cotton bowl against Auburn.
I don’t get after Nebraska fans, hardly ever anyway. Not since, well, ‘07 and Okie State, or so. So I don’t go on litr anymore and this blog is too neat and tidy. I hate to make a mess.

I’ve never got the impression the brn staff wants to discuss politics and I try to be a team player.
So, I’ll keep this brief:
Any muricans who are victims, as an identity, are victims of their own inventions. Personal responsibility isn’t for everybody. You gotta wanna.
I once watched “city of god,” which, come to think of it, is the less charming Brazilian version of “the outsiders.”
I’m not burdened by the messes of some peoples lives. I step around such people, almost every day.
In terms of way down south latino, I haven’t regularly purchased bananas in years.
I’m more of a lemon guy.


“Johnny Stanton next year gives us a better chance at winning most games.”

And this is based on what, again?  Maybe I missed something, but JS, to my knowledge, has zero snaps for Big Red to date.


Uh, I’ll take your word for it…huh?  Lol.

Early bird B1G coaches hotseat as presented by T Dogg:

#1)  The infamous Brady Hoke, the ‘real
Michigan Man’....trending downwards:  11-2, 8-5, and now 7-6, 8.6 wins per at a breathtaking clip of winning 0.66% his 1st 3 seasons.

One more 8- win season and he’s outta there, is my take.

yeah dogg, baylor smashed stooopid, and ucf beat baylor, and s.carolina beat ucf, and GEORGIA beat s. carolina. and NEBRASKA beat georgia. Turners dropped TD prolly allowed ou fans “sphincter” to get back down to lifesavor size. yuk yuk rest assured alabama will give ou7 a BUMMER SUMMER.

riled up,

I guess we essentially beat OU then, I’ll take it.

To those who like to say we’re irrelephant, THIS:

The Strongarm/Q 99.9999 yd hookup was #4 on the Sports Center’s 10 best plays last night and I daresay they actually talked about us—in positive tones.  I also think the Taxevader Gator Bowl trophy is much bigger, shinier, and generally nicer than that of the Rose Bowl.


Well, we all know the formula, cut down the mistakes—turnovers and penalties, pound the rock more—and we can run, more or less, with the big doggs, perhaps be one again someday soon.

BOP til ya drop inda big cit-eh…

Decent ESPN article, pretty much tells it like it is:

T Dogg~appreciate the espn commentary.  I am sure it is not what die-hard fans wish to read:

“Nebraska, in October and November, was minus-16 in turnover margin. That ranked dead last in the nation; no other program was worse than minus-12. Since 2008, Nebraska is minus-31 in turnover margin—106th nationally, the worst by 42 spots among programs that won 70 percent of their games.
Nebraska couldn’t get out of its own way this season. When penalties struck, the timing was often bad. When they missed tackles, it happened in bunches.
In other words, the Huskers operated regularly like the opposite of a championship team.”

Now, there are those who refuse to place blame on the current coaches.  It is one’s right to believe such non-sense.  In the real world of football (I played my share), coaches have everything to do with quality execution occurring on the field come game day.  There has been something missing in the equation on how BOP prepares during the week leading into game day execution. 

As to the post -game analysis, I am concerned NU had significantly fewer plays from scrimmage than GA did.  NU’s inability to consistently produce an offense that is capable of meaningful ball control, and thus taking time off the clock from the opposing offense, reflects Beck’s (BOP’s) philosophy that big play pass options utilized significantly as part of the overall game plan must be the strategy for NU offensively.  99 yard TD pass completion was sweet, but low percentage as an outcome.  How sweet would it have been to march down the field grinding out the yards, using up the precious clock and then scoring?  Give me the latter, please!

The defense rose to the occasion and the offense avoided no-brainer mistakes.  That is significant improvement over the not-so-impressive game performances in November.  The NU victory is significant for the program.  It shows the team and players have what it takes to be a top 15 team next season.  Small consolation, however, from the days when NU was a likely top 5 ranked team.  Let the die-hards rant that today’s college football is not like the 1990’s.  While that is literally true, apparently there are teams and programs that still excel at the highest levels on a consistent basis in this modern era of college football excellence.  NU has not been one of those programs in the recent era.

BOP announced after the Arizona bowl game win that NU football was back.  We have seen he is not the best person to make such judgment calls in the absence of a W-L record that proves up on such proclamations.  My grandma used to say “If wishes were fishes we’d have some fried.”  Die-hards are trying to ‘fry them fishes’ believing wishes are reality.  I think everyone needs to see if 2014 produces some real results and outcomes with real fishes in the fry pan.

Good read…  Disciplined football is what we have been missing at NU and I think we are all wishing to see.  The win over Georgia proves that this team can beat nearly anyone IF they win the turnover and penalty battle.

“I am glad NU won.  However, one game does not a season make.  Nor does this victory mean all is well at NU.  So, celebrate the win.  BOP and the team have a lot to prove this next season.  All I can say is BOP. Has lost 4 games a year.  If his coming season falls flat again, let’s not have anymore talk about how BOP is the man.

Somebody throw a bucket of water on her and see if she melts.

So you blame the coaches when we fumble and throw inteceptions, but when we beat a ranked SEC school you still can’t accept this coaching staff.  Maybe your agenda is to get them fired so your real team can hire them?????  I still think this staff has some learning to do but I do believe that they have been getting bettter this year as the season went along.  And for running less plays, didn’t know that was part of the score but if so the likes of oregon and baylor probably lost most of there games this year than.  And playing flag football doesn’t count in making you an authority on who is to be blamed for fumbles.  I would imagine “in my years of playing HS football” that the blame should be shared on the players and the staff.

It’s weird.  I might as well have been wearing a red shirt with a big “N” on it and an ear of corn on my head yesterday.  I was jumping up and down screaming for the Huskers.

Given the terrible image of the BIG, that game and Sparty winning the Rose, strikes a blow against BIG bias.  Wisconsin could have beaten SC and Iowa was competitive with LSU.  I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of this SEC’s poop doesn’t stink thing - and Nebraska had a big hand in it.  If my Bucks can figure out how to defend the forward pass, we might be able to help as well.

Well, the B1G bowl pairings are about as tough as it gets—it’s not like any of our teams were playing Rutgers, like one team know.  So, it’s an opportunity for the conference to get better.  I hope tOSU beats Clemson too, however hard that is for me to say.

Wiscy and Lolwa went about as I expected:  they hung pretty well, but SC and LSU had just too many hosses for ‘em.

Sparty is a damn good team and I am happy for them.  Blue collar all the way and D’Antonio is a class act thru and thru.  They were about the only team I ever actually liked from the B1G before we joined as they were the only ones ever having a chance to beat Mitten and ‘Nutz and I much preferred Nutz to beat Mitten.  Does anybody like Mitten except Mitteners?  I dont think so.

Anyway, good job Sparty, good job Skers, way to represent.

Actually, I always respected tOSU much like we respected OU, just not a big fan of Urbz, I guess.

And OU had the tight end caught he ball they would have still been behind by 4 because what if’s and yea butt’s would have meant that Turner catches that TD pass.  We won and that is that!


Are you saying Nebraska had it’s hand in SEC poop?!  Eeewww…

Actually, normally I would be inclined to root for The Fighting Stoopids over Bama any day of the week, but 7 is being such jerk of late, dissing on BOP and anybody who opposes, that I dunno, might be pulling for Bama in the smashdown.  It’s inevitable anyway..

One problem I have with the offense the last few games, or maybe this season in general is they haven’t been getting the ball into Kenny Bell’s hands near enough.  Gotta fix that next year.

Tom Cudd even said as much that the dropped passes (easy catches at that) made the difference in the game,

I think Eichorst and Perlman should give Pelini a $2mil raise and a new 10 year contract on a very convincing win against beat up Georgia and a second string QB.

Btw, Dogg, weren’t you the one who said you wanted the rest of the Big 10 to lose their bowl games? Now you are saying you want tOSU to win and that you’ve always had respect for tOSU?
Which is it?

Flip flopping again I see.

I don’t blame WinOSU for rooting for Nebraska. I’d wish Bo Pelini anything that will keep him on my schedule as an assured win too. Smart thinking on his part.

Not convinced that Pelini is head coaching material.

TA redshirt freshman and second string QB their’s was a Junior redshirt so he has been in their system for 4 years.  Why do you make excuses for other teams but if the same thing happens for us you blame the coaches?? I think you are hoping Bo gets fired so maybe Bob Stoops will hire him as DC for Oklahoma??  you sure are tricky almost had me.

Your name calling again. So, i will explain in debate form Without all the name calling why I am not convinced that Pelini is still not the right guy at Nebraska.

Yesterday was another smoke and mirrors job from Pelini. He walks away from that game convincing himself he is worthy of his salary. The insulting to one’s intelligence is that he thinks the fan base is stupid enough to think he is the right choice.

If Nebraska wasn’t ‘pot comitted’ at this point, he would already be gone. Pelini does have a knack for winning games at just the right time to save his job. More times than not it has to do with the other team’s mistakes (like the game yesterday). Playing a really pedestrian backup QB and Gurley’s injury really cost Georgia big time. Pelini gets credit of course because Gurley’s gimp invests didn’t allow any YAC to get the first down near the end of the game. A healthy Gurley’s blasts through that defender to the end zone. Lynch’s dropped pass on 4th down was all on him. The defender didn’t force the drop. Georgia was very uninspired and it showed from the beginning, but since they were still in the game late they showed a little effort at the end.

Congrats, Pelini got his 9th win with 4 losses again. No conference hardware and didn’t even sniff one.

It’s very simple, If just getting 9 wins a year is all that makes you happy, great.
You should be very, very happy.

No, we don’t even want the guy near our football program. We fell for his BS in the national title game against USC. The result was the most points ever allowed by OU in a bowl game. He was deemed a miserable failure and sent packing.

No way in hell we’d have him back.

The Nebraska players should be congratulated. Especially the quarterbacks who have resorted to I provision (not unlike many QB’s) but rally have saved the coaching staff’s bacon throughout the year.

Enjoy your bowl victory.


Clemson’s team speed on defense was impressive to us when we last played them.  However they had a tendancy to over-run their blitz’s.  Might be something to watch for.  Delayed hand offs, flea-flickers and rollout play-action passes were effective against them.

Nebraska vs Clemson all time series. (1 - 1)
1/1/2009 vs. Clemson (7-6) W 26 21 @ FL Gator Bowl
1/1/1982 vs. Clemson (12-0) L 15 22 @ FL Orange Bowl

I’m with you. Loved every minute of MSU’s triumph over Stanford. I’m pulling hard for the B1G teams most likely because we haven’t been here long enough to have built up any animosity. Hasn’t always been this way. Back in the day I was for NU and every team playing OU. Took many years to overcome that pain. Now I’ve overcome that and I’ll be hoping OU beats Bama - quite a bit of loyalty to old Big 8 and 12 teams with the exception of Texas. Loved every minute of the Duck’s beat down on the Horns but was pulling hard for ATM. Strange the way it works for sure. For the time being the B1G teams have shown no animosity to NU, most likely because we haven’t stopped any of them from getting where they wanted to go. Hopefully that will change.


“Dogg, weren’t you the one who said you wanted the rest of the Big 10 to lose their bowl games. “

Uh, no, I said I didnt THINK any or many B1G teams would win their games and so far I am correct in that assessment.

Eat mo’ chikin’....reed mo’ betta…

tOSU’s biggest problem is in the passing game, both offensively and defensively.  Corners are weak and thats where SParty attacked them heavily.  Expect more of the same from Clemson.  Hard game to predict, Clemson often doesnt show up and even when they do, they are mistake prone, but they have some wicked talent on boths sides and Boyd aint no slouch, he single handedly beat LSU last year.

Ohio State will beat Clemson.

OU7Times is correct.  One game does not a season make!!!  Pelini is lucky on his timing.  But luck only lasts for so long.  I support Texas’ decision to let Brown go after four years of 4 loss seasons.  NU’s acceptance of the same under Pelini shows us the difference in expectations.  Husker fans keep rationalizing why Pelini and 4 loss seasons are acceptable.  Texas decides enough is enough.  There is little confort in beating GA when the team is not at its best.  Figure out why the very first play NU ran was not a N-S run using Abdullah, but a sweep toss play using Enunwa who loses 6 yds.  Are you kidding me???

Pelini and crew have some fantasy that their players are in sinc from the first play on.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  You need to iron out the nerves and kinks first.  Such a call is on the coaches.

GA ran how many more offensive plays than NU did in the game?  Grossly lopsided.  You will never have a conference winner without an offense that can control the ball and eat up the clock.

One other point.  If the NU kool-aide drinkers refuse to fault the coaches for the horrible turnover ratio NU has created for its play these past several seasons, then Pelini and crew should be given no credit for having a game that uncharacteristically produces few turnovers.  So, God bless the players who must figure that out on their own.  Asserting that coaching is not to blame for NU’s ills means coaching is not to credited for NU’s wins.  Why are we paying BOP $3+ million dollars a year?  Answer: so he can rant and rave, and act like an arse on and off the field but at least he’s NU’s arse, so we love him without question.

Next year’s four losses will be Fresno State, Michigan State, Iowa and Wisconsin.  Watch out for Miami.  Of these games, only Miami is a home game and as we now know, home field advantage is a myth in Lincoln anymore.  Judging from NU’s mediocre pre-conference play this 2013 season, Miami’s a real threat to Pelini’s “We’re back” jibberish.

Go Big Pink and hooray for all the fan rationalizations accepting mediocrity as the new standard for NU success!!!!

Noteworthy programs that went 9-4(or 4 losses) in ‘13
VA Tech
TX Tech
Ole Miss
PSU (7-5)

Colorado 4-8(lol)
NW 5-7
FL 4-8
TN 5-7

This just in:

Bama, 5 plays, 1:49 minutes, 7
OU, 6 plays, pick, 0

Bama, 1 play, pick
OU, 1 play TD, 7

7-7, ok, this just got interesting.

‘This just in’

OU one play drive for a TD. 7 points off of the turnover


Very interesting indeed.
And no one is better at halftime adjustments than Nick Saban. If he needs to.

14 point lead for OU at the half—I’m loving it!

Love the play calling. Extremely creative for Josh Heupel or anyone for that matter.

I certainly hope OU can go toe to toe in the 2nd half. Saban is a mad scientist ate game plans and adjustments.

OMFG, the Stoopses got r dun.  Knight played out of his mind.  Hats off to them.

Yes, I agree.

I believe this is the best OU game I have ever witnessed. 1986 OUv NU takes the back seat now.

Very, very proud of those guys and Coach Stoops had fun. He’s been the butt of ridicule for his BCS record.

A Great game plan and execution. I just wished they didn’t allow 800 yards of offense.

Their gameplan pretty much worked to perfection, spreading Bama out pretty well, but their DL basically owned Bama’s OL and McCarren and that was the biggest factor, IMO.

I didnt think OU had the hosses, but they had just enough and played about as well as I’ve seen.  Knight was on fire, the 1st half mostly.  Made the plays when they needed in the 2nd.

Worst tackling job I have ever witnessed by OU.

Bend but no break, I guess.


Well, Bama WAS able to run on them, but the early TOs got them behind the eightball and having to pass and OUs D pretty much took that away, especially the 2nd half.  That Derrick Henry on Bama is a beast—frosh.

Knight played out of his mind, Manziel-esque and he won the day.  32/44 completions, 350 yds, he did in one game about all he had done the whole season—against Bama.  I’m still trying to think of the ones he missed.  Good for him, good for OU.  Stoops also had those guys ready to fight 4 qtrs.

TO margin, +4 OU, there you have it.

45-31, same as the score in the NU/GA game last year.

That was an awesome game! Henry reminded me of Dupris. Forget the 800 yards and remember the disbelief on those Bama faces. Sweet! Too bad Musberger wasn’t there to eat dirt. Actually I liked it that he wasn’t.

Earlier I was thinking I’d pull for Mizzou but now I’ve switched to the Aggies - Oklahoma Aggies that is. Time for recruits to see there is other places than the SEC where good football is played.

I’ve got Okie Pokie and tOSU I s’pose—both are more or less toss ups.  ‘Eyes more the run, Clemson more the pass.  If Pokies get into their game mixing in a strong rush attack I think they take Mizzou.

Yeah, I don’t have any of those old Big 12 biases, so I was all Boomer Sooner last night.  That was incredible what they did to Bama. 

The SEC is a really good conference with a bunch of really good coaches players, but the hype has gotten out of control.  Last night Reece Davis joked, “What does this loss do to Alabama’s national championship hopes?”  But I’m sure that penis with big ears, Finebaum, is on the radio today talking about how that Alabama is still the best team in the country.

It might be that we look back on this bowl season as the beginning of the end of the myth of the vast superiority of the SEC.  I hope so.

Look, it’s important that we hang together and support one another right now.  There is a 4 team playoff coming and the perceived weakness or strength of the BIG will be a factor on whether your team or mine gets in it.

Once we have 4 teams in the top 10 at the end of the year, then we can turn on each other - viciously.  :)

I see quite a bit of animosty between other B1G teams because there has been many years for it to grow just like there was for NU in the Big 8 with CU/Mizzou/K-State. But I usually pulled for them in bowl games except OU. Ha ha! It’s like tOSU and UM. I doubt very many UM fans pull for tOSU vs Clemson. Times change though and I agree. Plus blood is thicker than water.

“OU7Times is correct.  One game does not a season make!!!  Pelini is lucky on his timing.  But luck only lasts for so long. ”

Um..  Yeah, it only last so long, like six freaking years and counting.  Another thing you may want to consider with Texas is when a coach has been a head coach for 16 years and decides to hang it up is different than trying to railroad a coach that has only been a head coach for 6 years.

By the way, um…  Here is Mack Brown’s record for the last 5 years.
Year W/L
2013 8 5  
2012 9 4 *** 
2011 8 5
2010 5 7 **
2009 13 1 *
( * Beat by Nebraska in the B12 Championship game but refs gave it to Texas on a last second FG.)  Not exactly nine win seasons.
(** Nebraska played Oklahoma for the B12 championship)
(*** Nebraska played Wisconsin for the B1G Championship)

Mack is a class act.  His absence will be felt.

Pelini’s Record as head coach.
Year W/L
2013 9 4  
2012 10 4  
2011 9 4  
2010 10 4  
2009 10 4  
2008 9 4
2003 1 0


Times change.  I was pulling for Michigan against K State - as useless as it was.  I’ve actually developed some pathos for them. God bless em, they just can’t pull themselves together.  That mystique they used to have under Bo is gone.  They had it for a while in Carr’s early years and then it faded, and they can’t seem to find it again.

Michigan’s slide is a primary reason for the BIG’s perception problem. As much as many Buckeye fans don’t want to admit it, Ohio State and the BIG needs a very strong Michigan program - especially now that a committee is going to pick 4 teams to play for a national championship.

Ohio State’s poor showing against LSU and Florida in nat champ games, and just the conference’s overall performance in OOC and bowl games causes me to feel that we have earned that perception.  Now we have to earn our way out.

The BIG East has a chance to be a monster akin to the SEC West if Penn State and scUM can return to form.  In the BIG West, we need Nebraska to party like it’s the mid-90’s and Wisconsin to be a top 10 or 15 team, and then an Iowa or Minny to step up another notch.

I’m an Ohio State fan first and a BIG fan second.  I only have to despise Buckeye league opponents on fall saturdays for a few hours.  The rest of the time, I can pull for them to beat the tar out of other conferences.  If nothing else, our mutual hatred of all things SEC should tie us together.

Ha ha! I’m with you but I doubt many Michigan fans feel the same way you do. tOSU has been getting the upper hand now for over 10 years and the angst on their side of the fence has been smoldering and only getting hotter in the same way Huskers fans felt about OU in the late ‘70’s until the late ‘80’s. We have a whse in Grand Rapids and I can tell you the guys there have a hard time cheering for the Buckeyes under any circumstances. But I think you are right—the SEC has earned respect while the B1G has lost it—and the only way we are going to get it back is by winning our out of conference games. I don’t like the new conference divisions. Like you say the east is a monster and the west might be very weak some years. It’s almost impossible for large conferences with old rivalries to find a way for them to continue so this is the price the B1G has to pay. I’m betting many years the 2 best teams in the B1G will be in the east just like the south in the Big 12 in the years right before NU left. It’s only taken most of us a couple years to become B1G fans. I’ll be pulling hard for the Buckeyes tonight.


Whoa, I fell asleep before I could finish pronouncing his name.  Most boring broadcaster EVER.

Welp, it’s official, no can root for tOSU in this one, just cant get past the Urbz thing and kind of sick of Brax too.  Maybe if they were playing Bama I would, but as for tonight, GOOOO Da BO!(and Tajh).


Da Bo and Tajh WEEEENT!

Good gosh almighty.  Has any QB lost as much confidence as Braxton Miller?  Ugh.

Best thing about this season being over: now we get to look forward to next season.


Okz, I take back all those bad things I said about Brax—oh wait, I didnt say bad things.  Oh wait, I said I hated on him, I take that back.  The guy showed me a true champion last night, I thought he was down for the count about 1/2 dozen times, but he stayed in there and kept making hella plays:  respek!

Urbz, uh, dude gets under my skin.

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